Aspire Golf Club Review: An Honest Assessment

Every golf player needs to have an effective golf club. The proper golf club may significantly improve your performance in the field. However, to achieve this, you need to pick the best golf club depending on your golfing needs. We can help you do so in this Aspire golf club review.

Aspire is a well-known brand that produces a wide variety of golf clubs. The company has golf clubs for all types of golfers, from kids to adults. These clubs are suitable for both novice and experienced golfers, as well as those in between.

When shopping for a new golf club, you must go for one that fits you and your playstyle. Every golf club has distinctive dimensions to ensure players have enhanced performance. 

For the past two decades, I’ve played golf professionally and even coached young golfers. In my many years of experience, I’ve used a wide range of golf clubs. I’ve managed to collect a lot of helpful information when shopping for new golf clubs.

In this detailed review, we cover the best golf clubs from Aspire. Additionally, we include a detailed buying guide. Our guide has important metrics that athletes can use when shopping for their new equipment.

6 Best Aspire Golf Clubs

Let’s continue with our full Aspire golf club review.

6 Best Golf Clubs: Aspire Golf Club Review

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set






  • Ultra-lightweight for female swing
  • Graphite construction for enhanced durability
  • Multiple sizing options
  • The bag has a rain hood and stand
  • Excellent course coverage



  • The grip is slightly cheap
  • Available only in right-hand orientation

The Aspire PRO-X golf club set is designed for female golfers. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced golfers. This golf club set’s features make it easy for novice golfers to learn about the game while also enhancing the skills of experienced players. Aspire equipped the PRO-X golf club set with the latest golf technology used in the industry.

The set is equipped with industry-leading aerodynamics. As a result, it has increased head speed. The CG has been strategically placed to provide athletes with consistent distance across the golfing face and reliable launch. Aspire used Tour Pride grips for enhanced grip so you feel comfortable out in the field.

The faces of the golf clubs have a new design that’s thinner and lighter. This design makes these clubs more robust and durable. Aspire has used customized Premium V6 ladies flex shafts, which make the clubs more user friendly to female golfers. The graphite material construction ensures the durability of the golf clubs.

The Aspire PRO-X golf club set comes in two main sizes. The Standard size is for women of 5’3″ to 5’9″ height, while the Petite size is for female golfers who are shorter than 5’3″. The set also comes with a stand and back strap for convenient carrying.





Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set






  • Titanium driver head
  • Very wieldy, from putter to driver
  • Excellent course coverage
  • The golf bag is lightweight and has a stand
  • Lightweight graphite shafts
  • Durable golf clubs



  • Available in right-hand orientation
  • Hard to find in the market
  • The grip isn’t reliable

The Aspire X1 golf set is suitable for female golfers who want to stand above the competition in the field. The complete set combines both style and performance. Every piece, ranging from the hybrids and woods to the wedge, has been designed to fit together perfectly.

This golf club set has matching golf headcovers and a bag. The lightweight material makes the clubs suitable for female golfers who prefer lightweight golf clubs. Additionally, the graphite shafts are 40% lighter and durable.

Aspire has crafted the graphite shafts according to the player’s height. The two primary sizings are Standard and Petite. Standard is for female golfers with a height range of 5’3″ – 5’9″, while Petite is for female golfers with a height of 5’3″ and below. Furthermore, the set has the most extensive golf driver approved by the USGA, achieving maximum distance and optimum performance.

Aspire has used innovative weight distribution in making its golf clubs. These clubs have a low profile face, providing a more optimal hitting surface. The Aspire X1 golfing set features a lightweight golf bag with a strap and a stand for more accessible transportation and navigation in the field.





Aspire XD1 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Set






  • The putter has a kinked hosel that enhances visibility
  • Very generous driver
  • Wood has 100% graphite shafts
  • Irons are equipped with True Temper shafts
  • Plenty of unique features at an affordable price



  • The putter has limited roll control
  • Irons aren’t workable
  • The golf club set bag isn’t durable.

The men’s XD1 golf club set from Aspire is among the best golf clubs produced by the company. The set is categorically designed for male golfers and is perfect for athletes looking for accuracy, forgiveness, and distance. Aspire XD1 men’s golf club set is the ideal golf game improvement set.

Aspire designed the Aspire XD1 set with features suitable for all male golfers with different playing abilities. The features will improve the athlete’s game while building better all-around confidence. The set includes Titanium Driver, Hybrid, Putter, Stand Bag, 6-PW Irons, 3 H/C’s, and Fairway Wood.

The Aspire XD1 set golf club set comes in two main sizes: Regular for players below 6’1″ in height, and tall size suitable for players 6’1″ and up. The clubs have a graphite shaft on the wood ones and steel shafts on the iron ones. Due to this, the clubs have both lightweight and durable capabilities.

The putter grip design ensures athletes have a firm grip on the clubs. Unfortunately, the set comes in just one color combination and is available only for right-handed golfers.





Aspire XD1 Teenager Complete Golf Set






  • They’re designed to enhance the swing of teenage golfers
  • They are customised to meet the age and height of teenage players
  • Durable and robust.



  • Only available for right-hand orientation.
  • Not suitable for teenagers who are taller than 5’6″.

Aspire makes golf club sets for all young and adult golfers. If you’re looking for a reliable, functional golf club set for your teenage golfer, the Aspire XD1 Teenager Golf Set will be the best option. Aspire specifically designed this golf club set to enhance the swing of teenage golfers.

The Aspire XD1 teenage golfers set is suitable for golfers aged between 13-16 years, who have a height range from 5’1” to 5’6″. The set includes a classy bag and eight golf clubs. The cubs have been designed to provide teenage golfers with a smooth transition from junior golf clubs while enhancing their game improvement and skills.

The woods are equipped with higher lofts to provide the teenage golfers with more distance and speed. The woods have graphite shafts, while irons, putter and hybrid have 100% steel (True Temper) shafts. To ensure maximum performance in the field, the weight and height of the set have been optimized to match the golfer’s age and height.

Aspire equipped the golf set with a Deluxe Dual-Strap golf bag to carry along the eight golf clubs, which matches every style of teenage golfers. There are plenty of storage options, and the bag can also be used as a backpack. The set also includes matching headcovers for the woods.

The included putter grip ensures the players enjoy a firm grip when golfing. Unfortunately, the golf set is only suitable for right-handed golfers.





Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children






  • Available for different age groups of young golfers
  • 100% graphite shafts for enhanced durability
  • Irons are more oversized and lightweight
  • Different head sizes and weights for different players



  • Only available for right-hand players
  • Not suitable for junior golfers taller than 3’8″

The Aspire Junior Plus golf club set is specifically designed for kids. Aspire has included different head sizes and weights depending on the age of the golfers.

Younger golfers have lighter and smaller golf clubs, while older players have golf clubs that are slightly heavier and bigger. The Aspire Junior Plus golf bag is available in various colour combinations, and the set is suitable for five different age groups:

  • Ages 3 to 4
  • Ages 5 to 6
  • Ages 7 to 8
  • Ages 9 to 10
  • Ages 11 to 12.=

Players need to have a height of 3’0” to 3’8″.

The 100% graphite shafts have been designed to enhance every player’s strength and swing speed, regardless of the players’ age or height. All the Aspire Junior Plus golf set shafts have a Progressive Flex System. The system matches the shaft’s flex to the player’s specific age group.

Aircraft-grade aluminum construction is featured in the golf set for enhanced durability. Irons are 15% bigger and 20% lighter than the standard junior golf set clubs. Hence, it’s easier for the junior players to hit the clubs.

The Aspire Junior Plus golf bag comes with dual straps and a robust stand. The dual straps can transform the golf bag into a backpack. A lift handle is also available for more accessible transportation. The primary color combinations of the set are pink, red, and blue.





Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set






  • The best golf club set for tall male golfers
  • Colourful and lightweight golf bag
  • Outstanding accuracy and ample forgiveness
  • The set is equipped with a 4/5 combination



  • Only available for right-handed athletes.
  • Lacks an option between eight-iron and Sand Wedge (SW)





Male golfers looking for more accuracy, forgiveness, and distance should consider grabbing the Aspire X1 Men’s golf set. Aspire gas specifically designed this golf set to improve the playing abilities of male golfers while increasing their confidence in the field.

The white, green, and back color combinations of the Aspire X1 golf set make it stand out from others. Aspire has equipped the clubs with a non-slip rubber grip and men’s grip size to ensure the players have the most optimal grip. Like most Aspire golf club sets, the Aspire X1 golf set is available only for right-handed players.

The set’s irons offer good flex, while the unique engineering of the clubs enhances accuracy. Aspire has engineered the set’s 460cc Titanium Driver to have a low COG. Thus providing the athlete with an exemplary performance boost.

Aspire never forgets the player’s height and size. The Aspire X1 Men’s golf set is available in two main sizing categories; suitable for all adult male golfers. The feature combinations of this golf club set provide ample forgiveness in the field for golfers.

Things to Consider When Buying: Aspire Golf Club Review

Golf clubs are an essential set of sports gear needed by every golfer. With the significant number of golf club sets in the market, picking the best golf club set becomes very challenging. Depending on the athlete’s ability and budget, buying a golf club is a reliable investment for every golfer. That’s why it’s essential to do some research before making any decision hastily. When shopping for the best golf club set, it’s essential to consider the following vital factors and read other reviews.

Grip Thickness

The grip thickness of the golf club can significantly affect the golfer’s swing. If you buy a golf club with an incredibly thin grip, your swing will have significant hand actions. On the other hand, a thick grip will create a devastating effect by restricting your hands. Testing the club’s grip will help ensure you pick the best golf club set.

Types of Golf Club Sets

When shopping for a reliable golf club set, you should ensure that you have all the necessary items. A great golf club set will have the following critical golf equipment:


When checking the driver of the golf club set, you should focus on the driver’s model, shape, and loft. The ideal loft varies depending on the golfer’s speed swings. Drivers have two main shapes: traditionally shaped lofts and square-shaped drivers. The square-shaped drivers are becoming more popular and preferred by most players. Drivers are available in three main models: Neutral, Offset and Draw. Novice golfers can opt for the standard driver models.


The ideal wood varies depending on how the athlete wants to use it. Wood is either used to replace the long irons or hit off the tee. Golf club sets come with various wood numbers. The wood head designs can either be Offset, Neutral, or Draw. Golfers can opt for steel or graphite shafted woods. The head of the wood determines the durability of the wood. Most brands use composite, steel, or titanium to make the wood’s head. 


They’re numbered like the golf woods. Golfers who want lower flights and more travel distance should go for the lowest numbers. Irons come in two main options, based on their weight:

  • Perimeter-weighted irons
  • Offset and draw weighted irons

Irons are designed using two main manufacturing processes: casting and forging. Steel and graphite are the primary materials used in making the irons.


The best wedge will improve the player’s game. Golfers have the following wedge loft options that they can choose from: pitching, sand, lob, approach or gap wedges. The bouncing angle of the wedge is also an essential factor. The best bouncing angle range is 10-14 degrees.


Most novice golfers might not see the importance of a putter. Putters can enhance the player’s performance in the field. Golf putters are available in three main types: blade, mallet, and the half mallet. Putters have a length range of 33″ to 35″.


Aspire has an impressive reputation for making the best golf club sets for all types of golfers. The brand spends plenty of time and resources coming up with features and products which meet a specific user. The ladies’ and kids’ golf club sets are designed differently from the men’s.

Novice and experienced golfers will significantly benefit from any of the above Aspire golf club review. These Aspire golf club sets aren’t only reliable and durable, they’re an excellent long term investment for golfing enthusiasts.

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