6 Best Club For Driving Range You Need to Purchase in 2022

One of the things that will get you started as a new golfer is purchasing the right club. You must know that golf clubs come in different shapes and sizes, used for various purposes. There are clubs like the driver, which can be used when the ball is on the tee. There are also clubs you can use in a driving range.

A driving range is the best place to practice as a new or experienced golfer. Here, there’s no competition, and you are free to try out new techniques and swings before moving to the main golf course. You need to select the best golf clubs to brush up on your skill when playing in the driving range. One of the best clubs we would recommend to new golfers is Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set.

We have closely followed the golfing industry and understand which golf set fits different golfing levels. As a result, we will be helping you to select some of the best club for driving range in this article.

Our Best Club For Driving Range In 2022

Here are the Best Club For Driving Range – Tried & Tested

We have compiled a tried and tested list of the best clubs you can use at a driving range as a golfer. Additionally, we described each product’s features and pros and cons in our review. In the subsequent section, you will get a detailed review of each product.

1. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set


  • It comes with a flexible and lightweight design to improve forgiveness
  • It has a low cost, which can help you save money
  • The manufacturer designed the set with all the tools you will need to get started as a new golfer


  • Professional golfers might not find the set suitable
  • The set does not include a sand wedge
  • The bag’s zipper is not strong enough

One of our top picks for new golfers who want to up their skill in a driving range is the Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set. We made this pick because the product is ranked first on Amazon as the best seller in the ‘complete golf club sets’ category. It’s a 12-piece set made from aluminum and alloy steel. Let’s get right into the bag and see what you will get when buying this golf club set.

Features and Benefits

Strata Driver, Fairway Woods, and Hybrid

The driver is one of the essential pieces in this set, specifically designed for beginners and mid-level players alike. It has a size of 460cc and gives a sweet grip so that you can hit more accurate shots.

Besides the driver, you will find the oversized three wood, which offers more forgiveness to new golfers. It also has an aerodynamic head that helps you get your shot quickly at 15.5 degrees of loft.

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There is also the hybrid with 26 degrees of loft, which is a perfect alternative for long irons. You can take on different shots in the driving range with the hybrid.

Strata Irons and Wedge

Another long club you will find in this set is the six iron, which has 28 degrees loft. You will also find 7, 8, and 9 irons and a pitching wedge in this set that offers you a great deal of control and forgiveness on the golf course.

Strata Putter and Stand Bag

The last club you will find in the set is the putter, which helps you come correct with your putts and eventually get the ball in the hole. It is composed of a rubber grip and steel shaft, suitable for new golfers.

The bag is the final piece in this set that houses all the components we have mentioned earlier. It comes in different colors, including black, blue, and white, with five convenient pockets.

2. Wilson Golf Ultra Complete Set


  • Fancy looking bag with many pockets
  • Enlarged impact surface on the clubface
  • Excellent club combination for beginners
  • Irons gives more forgiveness to beginners


  • The 5 Hybrid uses a steel shaft instead of graphite
  • The bag’s handle is poorly designed but with a good strap
  • The bag doesn’t come with a rain cover

The second club set we would recommend to new golfers is the Wilson Golf Ultra Complete Set. It is made from titanium and weighs 16.05 Pounds with all the pieces you need to get on the golf course.

The set includes a 460cc driver, 3 Woods, Two Head Covers, 5 Hybrid, and a bag.

Features and Benefits

Driver, Low Profile 3-Wood, and 5 Hybrid

The titanium driver in the set has a 10.5 degrees loft, suitable for beginners just starting. Its design and feel help you to deliver better shots on the ball.

The low-profile 3-wood in the set is a perfect choice for new golfers who want to boost their confidence in a driving range. It is made from titanium and has a graphite shaft with 15 degrees loft.

Another wood in this set is the 5 Hybrid, which has 25 degrees loft. It is different from your regular hybrid because it has a shape of a fairway wood. The 5 Hybrid should be your preference when taking long-range shots through a tiny space to the fairway.

Irons and Pitching Wedge

You will find four irons in the set, including the 6, 7, 8, and 9. They are cavity-backed to help you improve your range and reduce your mistakes when taking shots. Also, each iron is made up of a large sole and stainless steel shaft that enhances your precision and accuracy on the golf course.

The pitching wedge in the set will improve the forgiveness of your off-center hits and help you hit the ball better in any situation. Additionally, the wedge enables you to add the right spin to the ball.

Two Head Covers, Putter, and Ergonomic Bag

Two headcovers are included in this set to help you protect the 3-wood free from external damage.

Another essential piece in the bag is the compact-blade style putter. It has the characteristics of a mallet and the design of a blade.

The bag is durable and comfortable to carry around with a firm strap.

3. TaylorMade RBZ Driver


  • The club’s head is aerodynamic, improving your swing velocity
  • It comes with a high-quality shaft
  • You can adjust the loft angle of the driver


  • It doesn’t come with fancy moveable weights and carbon fiber
  • Simply not the best choice for professional golfers

Our third pick for golfers that want to train in a driving range is Taylormade RBZ Driver. It’s made from titanium with a 10.5 degrees loft and all you need to get on the driving range. The set contains a 460cc titanium head, adjustable long sleeve, tie shaft, and the RBZ driver.

Features and Benefits

Large Titanium Head, Adjustable Loft Sleeve

The maximum volume of the driver’s head is 460cc, made from titanium, and increases your swing speed before hitting the ball.

Another incredible feature in the driver is the modifiable loft sleeve that allows golfers to adjust the loft angle of their driver’s face to their preference.

The second unique feature of the driver is the patented speed pocket that provides you with an incredible response after an impact on the ball.   

Tie Shaft, Titanium Core, and RBZ Driver

The Matrix White Tie Shaft in the set is light and responsive, providing you with the needed power for each swing in a driving range.

The Titanium Core in the driver helps boost your launch angle after an impact on the ball.

The RBZ Driver allows you to launch the ball farther and improves forgiveness in the driving range.

4. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge


  • It’s durable and provides greater accuracy on the ball
  • It comes with aggressive grooves that improve your spin
  • It’s affordable but with high quality


  • The grip is small when compared to other wedges
  • Higher handicap golfers may not like it

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is another alternative you can buy as a new golfer who wants to practice in a driving range. It comes with steel irons, an aggressive groove, a classic blade shape, and an innovative sole. If you want to get the best wedge to take some of your shots, you need to get the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge.

Features and Benefits

Construction Material and Classic Style

The wedge ticks all the boxes when looking for comfort, durability, and quality. Also, the manufacturer designed its head with a reliable stainless that helps you get the job done in the driving range.

The designer didn’t hold anything back when designing the wedge with a classic and unique style.

Performance and Grip

It also comes with aggressive grooves that help you get a maximum spin on the ball and boosts your confidence in the driving range. The blade’s shape has a sharp angle that saves you in tight situations.

The model comes with a convenient grip that boosts your confidence before hitting the ball. Also, the golf club is lightweight and doesn’t cause pain when you’re playing the green.

5. Taylormade AeroBurner Irons


  • It has an aerodynamic design and is affordable
  • It provides improved accuracy and forgiveness
  • It comes with an alignment aid


  • You might get mishit feedbacks on long-range shots
  • There is also the issue of ball ballooning as a result of too much spin

The Taylormade AeroBurners Irons are included in the list because they offer you speed and forgiveness while playing. It comes with a white clubhead and white shaft, which puts some golfers off because they will need to incur more maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits

Max COR and Speed Pocket

The Coefficient of Restitution (COR) of the clubface is pegged at a maximum limit that is legally accepted. As a result, the clubface transmits the right energy to push the ball through long distances.

The 4 – 6 irons included in the Taylormade AeroBurner Irons have more face flexion, improving your launch angle and the ball’s speed.

Low and Deep Centre of Gravity

The center of gravity of the Taylormade AeroBurner Irons is low and deep, increasing your launch power in the driving range. Also, it gives you better forgiveness and stability on the green.

6. Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2


  • Fair price with excellent quality
  • It has a great body design 
  • Delivers shots with longer range and accuracy


  • It might be hard to resell because the manufacturer is not popular 
  • It might be hard to trust the product because it’s from an unpopular brand

Another club we would add to our list is the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2. Although the brand’s name is not popular, it recently gained popularity by delivering quality and durable products. This product is made from 450 Hyper Steel, with a variable thick face that improves forgiveness and range.

Features and Benefits

The model comes in 3-wood, which most users complained is oversized and basic. Truthfully, beginners will find the club helpful in so many ways, including improving their shots and accuracy. Another fantastic feature of the model is the slight offset in the hosel. The feature helps the ball launch into your preferred destination with a great roll.

Although the model may not match up with other products in terms of distance, its performance is top-notch. Additionally, the product has a great body design to deliver your shots from any range on the green.

Things to Look Out For Before Making a Purchase

This section will explain five things golf players can look out for before making a golf club purchase.


Before buying a golf club, the first thing you need to check is its durability. Truthfully, there are counterfeit products out there that don’t stand the test of time. You don’t want to pay more money for less durable products. We would advise that you buy from reputable brands that have a name to protect. Before making a purchase, check the material the product is made from and check previous reviews about its durability. It will give you an insight into the product’s quality and what to expect. Additionally, you can ask professional golfers which durable golf club you can buy as a beginner.


The second factor you need to consider before purchasing a golf club is the clubhead’s swing speed. However, you need to consider your height, gender, and skill level before making your choice. For example, short players cannot swing faster than tall players because they are closer to the ball than taller players. Additionally, professional golfers will not find “A” or “L” shafts suitable because the swing speed won’t get the job done for them. They would instead go for a stiffer shaft with a higher swing speed that will give them more power on the ball.


One of the most important factors you need to check before getting a perfect golf club at the driving range is the club’s performance. As a beginner who wants to get a club that fits, you need to prioritize the club’s performance on the green above other factors. Most buyers make the wrong decision by purchasing an expensive golf club that doesn’t serve its purpose. So, the club’s price is not a criterion for getting the best performance on the golf course. We would advise you to go for a golf club that suits your level of experience and allows you to perform optimally on the golf course.


Another thing you need to check before making your purchase is the club’s forgiveness. It doesn’t matter your experience level; you need to choose a golf club with incredible forgiveness to deliver top performance on the green. The benefit of selecting clubs with great forgiveness is that they help you achieve higher driver distances and increase golf rating in no time. Most top brands in this article provide golf clubs with greater forgiveness and accuracy. However, you can check players’ reviews and ratings to know more about the club’s forgiveness and other features.


We must admit you have the budget for the club you want to buy. Interestingly, there are quality clubs with low prices and high performance. You don’t need to go beyond your budget to get quality products. All you need to do is to check the prices of all the clubs from top manufacturers and pick one that fits your budget. Additionally, you can meet professional players on the golf course to recommend clubs within your budget range.


Can I use wedges at the driving range?

Yes, you can use wedges as an alternative for drivers in some situations at the driving range.

Can I use my driver at the driving range?

Yes, your driver is your perfect choice for taking most of your shots at the driving range.


Overall, we have reviewed the six best clubs golf players can buy for a driving range. All the clubs on our list are quality products from reputable brands. Additionally, they are flexible, lightweight, and offer incredible forgiveness on the golf course. 

Our first pick is the Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set, ranked first on Amazon as the best seller in the ‘complete golf club sets’ category. The second product on our list is the Wilson Golf Ultra Complete Set, an excellent club set for beginners. TaylorMade RBZ Driver is also included on our list because it comes with a high-quality shaft that will deliver amazing shots on the green. Other clubs in our compiled list are Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge, Taylormade AeroBurner, and Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2.

In the previous section, we explained things golfers need to check before making a club purchase. They are price, performance, forgiveness, speed, and durability.

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