Best Left Handed Golf Clubs in 2021

The problem with golf clubs for left handed players is not the quality of the set or the technology in the club; the issue is availability.

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer will make a set of left handed clubs. Ordering clubs custom is one thing; not being able to order clubs at all makes things even more difficult. 

Even with the limited availability in golf clubs for left handers, we found some really excellent options. These are complete golf sets that are going to be geared to the mid handicapper all the way up to the beginner.

Our Best Left Handed Golf Clubs in 2021

Best Golf Clubs for Lefties: Callaway Strata Complete Set


  • Several different options for clubs
  • Golf set makeup
  • Nice stand bag


  • Smaller sets don’t have a sand wedge
  • Need the Tour version for faster swing speeds

At the top of our list is the left handed package golf set made by Callaway. The Callaway Strata set is probably the most popular package set on the market. In fact, many of the right handed versions of this set have sold out; this is a benefit for the lefty golfer.  

The Strata Set comes in several different options. You can get a 12-piece, 14-piece set, or 16 piece set. Each one will be available in the left handed golf configuration.

As you move from one set to the next, you get an extra club and an extra headcover each time. The pricing is very fair on the Strata sets by Callaway, and their clubs are incredibly forgiving

If you have some extra clubhead speed and need something stiff, the Callaway Strata Tour is a great choice.

Read our Callaway Strata review.

Best Alternative #1: Wilson SGI Complete Set


  • Forgiving putter
  • Lightweight clubs, steel-shafted irons
  • Plenty of distance in the longer clubs


  • Made for beginner to higher handicapper 

If the Callaway Strata are not the left handed golf clubs for you then you should take a look at the Wilson SGI Complete. This is a great set for the beginner to high handicapper that comes with all the clubs you will need to get on the course and have a great time. 

The Wilson driver is a 460 cc club head with a huge sweet spot and lots of distance.

The irons have a very low center of gravity designed to help the left handed golfers get the ball up in the air and headed towards the target. 

The set comes with a sand wedge that is rather easy to spin, and lots of workability included. If you want a great all-around set of golf clubs, the Wilson is a sturdy and well-known option that will last you for years.

Best Alternative #2: Cobra Golf XL Speed Golf Set


  • Easy to hit high performing clubs
  • Very nice golf bag
  • Comes with two hybrids and two fairways


  • Priced higher than other options

If you need left handed golf clubs and you don’t mind spending a little extra money this Cobra set will be one of the best left handed golf clubs you can find. The set comes with two fairway woods, two hybrids, all the irons you need and an impressive full-size golf cart bag. 

With the Cobra Golf XL Speed set, you are not only going to feel like a golfer, but you will look like one too. Cobra makes golf clubs that can both perform and compete when it comes to technology. 

This is a set that works for a beginner but will absolutely work for a mid handicapper as well. You can purchase this set and have it for many years.

The low center of gravity and lightweight graphite shafts will help you get a tremendous amount of distance as well.

Best Value Golf Clubs for Lefties: Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Set


  • Good left handed golf set makeup
  • Stainless steel shafts in irons
  • Lots of forgiveness


  • Not great for the faster swinging player

The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 is a new release, and it is available for left handed golfers. This is a complete set of golf clubs with everything you will need to have success on the golf course. We love that this set comes with a mix of hybrids, woods, and irons

The irons are a stainless steel design with quite a wide sole. The sole will help you launch the golf ball the way you need to because of a very low center of gravity. The 370 set comes with a sand wedge and a blade-style putter perfect for the left-handed golfers that want a classic look to their clubs. 

The lightweight stand bag rounds out this complete golf set option available in both the uniflex or senior shaft. The uniflex is going to be very close to a regular flex shaft.

Best Left Handed Golf Clubs for Seniors: Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Set


  • Lightweight and forgiving
  • Very affordable clubs


  • Don’t get a golf bag
  • You have to purchase a sand wedge separately

Not only are the Pinemeadow golf clubs left handed, but they are also priced amazingly well. With this set, you are not going to get the golf bag, but with the room, you will have left in your budget, you should have no trouble finding a golf bag to work. 

The Pinemeadow golf clubs are known for being easy to hit and for being best for players with slower swing speeds. If you don’t quite have the speed you used to, but you want clubs that will still travel a long way on the proper line, the Pinemeadow is a great choice. 

Seniors need golf clubs that are easy to launch and easy to control; the PGX offers both of these things. The only issue we have is that you won’t get a sand wedge with the set.

Left Handed Golf Clubs Buying Guide

As we mentioned, it’s not that left handed golf clubs are not as good as the right-handed they are just harder to find. Most companies will make a left handed version of the golf clubs they produce but not all will.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when purchasing new clubs. 


If you swing with a decent amount of club head speed, you will want to be careful which shaft you purchase in your golf clubs. Golfers with a fast swing speed need a stiff shaft.

These players are usually able to hit a seven iron about 160 yards or more. If this is you, then you will have some very limited choices in left handed golf clubs sold in a set that all contain stiff shafts. 

You may have to look into golf clubs that are sold individually and put the set together. The only problem is that this gets expensive. 

Full Set or Individual Clubs

There is no question that there are some great left handed golf club options out there when you look at individual clubs. The problem is that one club could very easily cost as much as an entire package set. 

Depending on your involvement in golf and your love for the game, spending more money may make sense. The Cobra XL Speed is the perfect set to fill this gap. The price is a little higher, but you get a very high-quality set of golf clubs for the left handed players. 

Stand or Cart 

The golf club sets either come with a stand bag or a cart bag. If you are a golfer who likes to walk the course, make sure you choose a stand. These bags will come with a special strap that helps you carry the clubs much more natural and allows you to put them down wherever you need to. 

The Cart bag is great for cart golf and storage, but it is terrible when trying to walk. 


Almost all golf clubs for left handed players and right handed players come with a significant amount of both forgiveness and distance technology built-in. There are select blades built for the very low handicap players that you may find difficult to hit; however, these are not the norm. 

When looking for forgiveness, find clubs that have keywords like a low center of gravity, large sweet spot, high launching, and wide sole. These things will all make the game of golf much more fun. 

Set Makeup

The biggest thing you want to make sure of when looking at the set makeup of a set of clubs is that you have a good variety. You will want to choose something that has some hybrids, some fairway woods, irons, and a really good wedge.

If your set is missing any of these components, you need to factor that into the cost. 

Some sets come with just a pitching wedge as the wedge for the set. Unfortunately, the pitching wedge does a terrible job of helping you get out of bunkers. Do yourself a favor and purchase a sand wedge of some kind, even if it is used. 

The putter that your set comes with will be something that you will have to experiment with. The putter does not need to match any of the other clubs, so if you have one that you like better don’t hesitate to replace it and sell the other one. 


The best left handed golf clubs on the market are out there; you just have to search a little harder than a righty. If you don’t feel like searching, we can’t blame you.

That’s why we put this list together, and that’s why we believe the Callaway Strata is one of the best choices of golf clubs for lefties out there. 

As long as this type of set will match your game, you will get a tremendous amount of forgiveness at a very fair market price. Each club is built to help you hit the ball longer and straighter, and that’s hard to complain about.

The choices between the sets give you some flexibility in how many clubs you want and how much you want to spend.

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