Best Rated Golf Clubs For Seniors in 2020

Golf is a fantastic individual sport that is accessible to people of all ages. Though a physically demanding game in its own right, it doesn’t require the physicality of football or basketball.

At its best, it is a serene and graceful sport. So it is no wonder that seniors constitute a significant part of the amateur golfing community. There is a lot about golf that makes it the perfect sport for people above the age of say, 50 or 60, especially retired folks.

There are many born again golfers out there, people who did not really have the time to pursue golf in their younger days. And there are many regular players who, with the passage of time, are finding the physical exertions of the swing a bit too much to handle.

If you are looking for more information on the best clubs for seniors, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of senior grade golf clubs and highlight some of the best options available in the market today. They include:

Our Best Clubs for Seniors

Why You Might Need Senior Golf Clubs

Granted, golf doesn’t look like a physically demanding sport. Sure, there is no running or jumping, just leisurely strolls on the course. But interspersed within those strolls (or rides in the carts of course) are short moments of explosive energy that makes incredible demands on the adult human body.

Ask any pro golfer, and they will you about the times when they had to fight through the pain to make that bombing drive from the tee on the final hole. Its no joke, the golf swing can tax our entire body, our arms, legs, and back, the whole works.

And as we get older, our muscle mass decrease, and our bones and joints become less flexible and makes it harder for us to swing the club effectively.

The ravages of time can get even the best of us. Some people are lucky enough to be able to wield their regular clubs with relative ease well into 50’s or 60’s.

But by the time they hit 70, the effects of old age manifest fully. Swing speeds drop drastically and distance is affected, a lot. That is why you have to consider looking at senior grade clubs.

There is no point in being ashamed of it, since it is like a rite of passage every golfer has to make at some point or other. And shifting to senior clubs at the right time is also a lot safer for fitness and health.

Senior Clubs: Flex Levels

Truth be told, there is not much difference between regular golf clubs and senior grade clubs save for one key aspect. And that is shaft flex. The shaft is one of the most important parts of the club. You can think of it as the motor of the club, coming in different lengths and weights, as well as flex values.

The latter determines how much the club will bend during the swing. The more flex it has, the more it will bend. That builds up the level of potential energy within the clubhead and as it makes contact with the ball, that energy is released.

Players with higher swing speeds will do better with stiffer shafts. Those with slower than average swing speeds (like many seniors as well as women and junior golfers) will benefit from the added boost that extra swing can give to their shots.

Manufacturers grade clubs into various categories based on the amount of flex in the shaft. They include, in increasing order of flex (and decreasing weight):

  • X Flex: extra stiff shafts, only for the best players who can swing at high speeds.
  • S Flex: stiff, for better male players with higher than average swing speeds.
  • R Flex: regular, for normal or average golfers. The most commonly available.
  • A/M Flex: Senior flex, since “S” is already taken by Stiff flex, “A” (amateur) or “M” (mature) is used to designate this flex level. Also suitable for better women golfers and some junior golfers.
  • L Flex: Ladies flex. The shaft with the highest flex level.

For senior golfers who have issues with swing speed, the A or Senior flex is the shaft of choice. If that doesn’t work too well, they can try the L flex for the most assistance.

golf club

How To Figure Out If You Need Higher Flex

There is no hard and fast rule that golf players have to stick to a particular flex level. It all depends on how hard and fast you can swing the club.

There are plenty high handicappers below the age of 50 or even 40 who prefer higher flex (A, or even L in some cases) clubs because of the speed and distance boost they get from it.

If you are wondering if you too can benefit from shifting from regular flex to a senior flex, here is a simple test to figure it out, using a regular flex driver:

  • Use the driver a couple of times on the tee-side (or a driving range). Check the average distance you get on your shots.
  • If the ball can cross the 250 yard mark on a regular basis, you need to think about getting S flex clubs (stiff only, extra stiff is only for tour level pros!)
  • If the distance is somewhere between 230-250 yards, stick with the regular clubs, you are doing fine with them.
  • If the shots all fall within the 200-230 yards range, you might want to consider upgrading to Senior flex clubs for some extra juice in your shots.
  • If you are consistently getting below 200 yards with a regular flex driver, you definitely need something in the L flex range.

Also check in which direction the ball is landing. If it fall more to the right, you might definitely need a softer flex. If they land consistently on the opposite side, try a firmer shaft.

A Few Words On Hybrids

For higher flex shafts, graphite is the material of choice. As we all know, golf clubs fall into different categories.

For the longer clubs, like drivers and fairway woods, graphite is the choice material even on regular shafts. Where distance is the main concern, added flex gives a vital advantage, even for regular adult players.

Irons and wedges on the other hand, almost invariably have steel shafts for better performance. But some seniors might find it difficult to gain sufficient distance and height with steel shafted irons.

For them, many manufacturers do have graphite shafted irons with greater flex, especially in longer 2-4 irons.

But a better proposition might be the newerhybrid clubs which have higher flex (with modern graphite or composite shafts) and added forgiveness. It is not uncommon to find senior iron sets with all hybrid clubs instead of woods and irons.

Hybrids are designed to make life easier for higher handicappers. These modern designs have bigger clubheads and cavity backs and are more forgiving. They have taken the amateur golfer market by storm. And they are are becoming very common on the senior and ladies pro tours.

There is no reason why the casual senior golfer cant also benefit from them if they find the going tough with steel irons.

Best Senior Golf Clubs Reviewed

We have looked at complete golf club sets designed by the manufacturers specifically for the senior golfer. You can always look at buying your clubs separately to build up your own highly customized set of clubs.

There are many great senior grade clubs in the market to choose from. Check out our driver review for seniors for some great options on drivers. But if you are more interested in buying a complete set of the best clubs for seniors, read on.

Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set

This is a comprehensive all in one package for seniors from Wilson Golf. The set includes a massive 460cc titanium head driver, a long lofted fairway wood, a hybrid, cavity backed irons starting from the 5-wood all the way up to a sand wedge, and also a putter.

This is no beginner’s kit disguising itself as a senior club set. All the shafts are graphite (except the putter of course) and all are in Senior Flex A/M.

The grips are soft and comfortable to hold, while you get evenly spaced and higher lofted clubs that give you an added boost in terms of launch height.


  • Complete all in one set, includes everything from driver to putter, bag and covers for every club.
  • All the clubs have dedicated senior graphite shafts, two height options suitable for average height and taller players.
  • The higher lofted clubs give satisfactory launch height, the cavity backed irons are very forgiving.
  • Fantastic value for money, one of the most affordable kits.


  • Not for complete beginner golfers, the club composition hints at more experienced senior golfers.
  • Minor durability issues with the driver and fairway woods.

Majek Golf Senior Men’s All Hybrid Complete Full Set

As the name suggests, this is an all hybrid sets aimed at senior male golfers.

There are a total 8 clubs in the set, 7 of them hybrids starting with #3 all the way to #9. The last club is a pitching wedge. As promised, all clubs have graphite shafts in senior flex.

There is also a bag available with the set. The hybrids are lofted starting from 19 degrees for the #3 to 40 degrees for the PW.


  • A sensible choice for a really elderly golfer (70+) or someone learning the game.
  • The hybrids offer extra forgiveness and increased loft with their cavity back design.
  • The graphite shafts assist in giving more distance to shots.


  • Not for the “younger” and more experienced seniors.
  • No driver, woods, proper wedges or a putter.

Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons Graphite Set

The Adams Blue is a very well known and much respected line of clubs from Adams Golf. This particular full club set is available in several flex options, one of them being senior.

There are no drivers or woods or a putter for that matter, but that might actually be a blessing since it is always better to look for the ideal driver and putter on your own.

What you do get are some two hybrids (#3 and #4) and six irons (#5-#9 and PW), 8 in total with graphite shafts in senior flex.


  • The irons come with high flex lightweight graphite shafts, excellent for seniors.
  • The proprietary Easy Launch technology assists in helping shots fly high.
  • Increased forgiveness in both the hybrids as well as the irons.
  • A great option for senior golfers looking to upgrade to a lighter and more forgiving set of irons.


  • Not a complete set, since there is no driver or putter, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Tour Edge Men’s Hp25 Graphite 17 Pc Set

This is a complete set from Tour Edge aimed specially at seniors.

The set includes a driver, a #3 and #5 wood, #4 hybrid, irons #5-SW, along with an anser style putter. The 460cc titanium driver is optimized for forgiveness and launch speed with high MOI.

The fairway woods are nicely oversized and easy to hit. The hybrid and cavity back irons are forgiving and easy to hit.


  • A complete set made specially for seniors.
  • Easy to use clubs with extra forgiveness and graphite shafts.
  • The bag is decent quality design, with backpack straps as well as a handy stand.


  • The added driver, woods and putter may not suit every golfer, always a risk with these full sets.
  • They could have added more hybrids instead of the so many irons.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Progressive Hybrid Set

Another all hybrid set in the list to round it off, this one from Pinemeadow has graphite shafts with senior flex on all the hybrids. With 6 times more CG than a classic iron, these clubs offer increased launch angles and better sweet spots.

The progressive sole width offer a nice transition from the long iron substitutes to the shorter ones. The 8 club set starts with a #3 and goes up to a PW. The set comes with head covers for all the clubs.


  • An excellent option for senior golfers struggling with their traditional irons and fairway woods.
  • The hybrids offer improved distance and forgiveness on traditional irons.
  • With graphite shafts, they are lighter and easier to swing, perfect for seniors.


  • Not a full set, you will have to buy driver and putter separately.
  • May not be the best option for more experienced seniors.


We have tried to include a good mix of complete sets as well as iron set replacements for seniors in our shortlist. Whether you want to buy a complete golf set depends entirely on your status as a golfer.

If you are new to the game, that might be a great idea and the Wilson Men’s Profile XLS is a complete package for the budding senior golfer. For more experienced seniors looking for an upgrade to their steel irons, the Adams Blue Combo Irons set is one of the best in the business.

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