What Are The Best Clubs For Women in 2020?

With the excitement of the U.S. win in the 2016 Ryder Cup and the summer temperatures extending into the fall in much of the country, it has been a great few months for golf fans.

Although there was a sad good-bye to one legend, there is still anticipation for just when (or if) another will step onto the course again.

If you’re in the market for women’s golf clubs for yourself or a gift, here are some things to know to make the best choice.

And keep looking for Tiger out there.

Our Best Clubs For Women

Buying advice

The number of features available when buying golf clubs can make the process seem overwhelming.

Although there tend to be fewer club options for women, it is important to understand what each feature means to help choose the best clubs for women.

Women’s vs. Men’s Clubs

Women’s golf clubs are shorter and lighter than men’s clubs since on average women are shorter in height and prefer the lighter weight. The size of the club head is also smaller to reduce the weight of the club.

Because women generally have a slower swing every effort is made to keep additional weight off the club to help add speed.

Standard women’s clubs are one-inch shorter than men’s clubs, but some manufacturers also make petite women’s clubs that are two-inches shorter. Traditionally, women over 5’7” were recommended to use men’s clubs.

However, some manufacturers like Wilson and Founders Club have started offering a “tall” option that they claim can accommodate women up to 6’1”.

Women’s drivers often have a higher loft, or angle. Women’s clubs also have more “flex” or bendability.

Women’s clubs will usually have a smaller grip size, although some manufacturers will customize this. Many manufacturers offer women’s clubs and bags in brighter or pastel colors (Golf Clubs Guru).

woman playing golf


Steel and graphite are the most common shaft materials. Steel is less expensive, but the trade-off is that it makes the club heavier to swing. Graphite clubs are lighter and allow for more weight and size to potentially be relocated in the club head.

Shafts are also rated on “flex,” or how much they bend. More flex adds more distance by using the shaft to release an extra snap on the ball. An “L” or Ladies rating is the most flexible and most often found on women’s clubs. The remaining flex ratings, in order from most to least flexible, are “A” Amateur/Senior, “R” Regular, “S” Stiff, and “X” Extra-stiff (Golf Information).

Club Heads

Despite their names, woods and irons are now made in a variety of materials. Titanium has several advantages because it is light and durable so the club head can be made larger, but it is also quite expensive so some golf lovers choose to splurge on a titanium driver only.

A larger club head provides a larger sweet spot, but the trade-off is in distance if the club is heavier. A steel face on a wood club helps provide the wood more durability without adding too much extra weight.

Hybrid clubs mix materials and do the job of both iron and fairway wood, and can provide more consistency than a low-numbered long iron.


The loft of the club is the angle of the club’s face, which affects the ball’s flight path and distance. Women’s clubs tend to have a higher loft because women have been found to “sweep” the ball – make contact without hitting the ground – more often than men.

A high degree of loft is better with a sweeping swing since the ball comes in contact with the club lower on the face (Golf Information Guide). The loft for each wood and iron will vary according to its number, but it would be good to choose a driver that starts at 13 degrees or higher.

woman playing golf

Buying for Beginners

When shopping for a golf novice, a set with fewer clubs will be the best choice. A beginner is going to be learning their swing and making simpler choices on the course and fewer clubs will make that process easier (Frank Thomas Golf Equipment Help Center). Many experts recommend:

  • A driver and 2-3 woods (a 3, 5 and maybe a 7-wood)
  • About 5 irons (a 5, 7, 9, sand wedge, pitching wedge)
  • Putter

For a beginner, the bigger mallet putters are considered a better choice than blade putters, which are flat (like those used for miniature golf). Mallet putters have a center of gravity behind the putting surface.

This helps the golfer make a straight shot because she can hold the club steady on the swing, so it is more forgiving and more likely to hit the ball square.

Other clubs like the 3, 4 and 5 hybrids or irons can be added later, or if they come with the set, they can be stored until the golfer is comfortable with the more basic clubs (HittingtheGreen.com).


Some of the best clubs for women for 2020.

Adams Idea 12-piece Complete Set

Adams always brings interesting new technology to their beloved clubs. In this set, several clubs feature cut-thru and wraparound slots, which act like air pockets, to expand the sweet spot and improve off-center shots.

The woods have a lowered center of gravity so the weight of the club is where it helps most, at the end of the arc of the swing. The set contains 12 clubs including driver, three woods, three hybrids, four irons and a putter.


  • Complete set from a technological leader.
  • Yes! C-technology putter.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Two attractive colors available


  • Among the more expensive options.
  • No bag stand included.

Callaway Strata 11-piece Complete Set

In the ladies’ Strata collection, Callaway offers both this 11-piece starter set with 7 clubs and a 14-piece set that includes three additional irons. (The other pieces counted as part of the set are the bag and accessories.)

The 11-piece Strata collection offers a nice variety of clubs recommended for beginners including some hybrids and a mallet putter.


  • Good starter set.
  • Mallet putter.
  • Bag stand included.
  • Graphite shafts on all clubs except putter.
  • Low price.


  • No pitching wedge included.

Founders Club Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

This 11-club set from Founders Club features a driver, one fairway wood, two hybrids, four irons, a pitching and a sand wedge, and a mallet putter. It also includes an impressive golf bag design with seven zippered compartments and separate storage for a towel, gloves and umbrella.

A pink ribbon decal indicates that Founders Club donates $5 toward breast cancer research for every set sold.


  • Large set includes 11 clubs.
  • Mallet putter.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Available in petite, standard or tall shaft sizes.


  • Bag does not come with a shoulder strap.

Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Hybrid Club Set

If you’re looking for a petite set, Golf Girl has put together a good thing in a small package. Includes 10 clubs – driver, wood, hybrid, six irons and putter.

A bag in pink or lilac with storage, like a unique full-length clothing bag, is included.


  • Oversized driver and 3-wood.
  • Designed for petite golfers.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Standard size and left-handed sets also available.
  • Low price.


  • Blade putter may not be best choice for beginners.
  • No bag stand included.

Wilson Ladies’ Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set

With the Wilson Ladies’ Profile XLS set, golfers have three shaft size options designed to provide a more custom “fit in a box.”

The driver is a titanium composite and the 10-club set (except the putter) has graphite shafts and a soft grip.


  • Titanium composite driver.
  • Choice of tall, standard or petite shaft height.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Soft grips.


  • No bag stand included.
  • Light gray bag color is only option.

Cobra Max Women’s Complete Golf Set

For the serious golfer ready to invest in her game, step up to the Cobra Women’s Max complete set. Cobra Max irons earned Gold on Golf Digest’s 2016 Hot List for their ability to correct bad swings.

The set includes a driver, two fairway woods, three hybrids, five irons and a putter.


  • Professional quality clubs.
  • 15-degree driver.
  • Driver, fairway woods and hybrids have offset design to help square club face at impact, reducing slice.
  • Graphite shafts.
  • Two bold color choices.


  • Set available right-handed only.
  • High price, for serious golfers.
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