Best Intermediate Golf Clubs in 2024

The intermediate golfer is caught somewhere between the low handicapper and the beginner. Intermediate golfers can have a great day on the course and shoot the round of their life, or they can have a round that makes them look like a beginner again.

An intermediate golfer needs a mix of performance and value in their golf clubs.

Many intermediate golfers want to purchase one complete set with everything necessary to help them succeed. With all of the changes in lofts on clubs and hybrids and wedges changing each year, a complete golf set is a great way to go.

Here are some of our favorite options for the best intermediate golf clubs.

Best Intermediate Golf Clubs in 2024

Best Intermediate Golf Clubs Overall: Tour Edge Bazooka Complete Set


  • 460 cc driver with lots of distance and forgiveness
  • Good set makeup
  • A perfect mix of forgiveness technology with feel


  • Not as forgiving as some oversized club head sets

Our top choice is the Tour Edge Bazooka complete set. This is a packed set that comes with a good mix of Driver, fairway, hybrid, irons, and a putter. You also get a very easy to carry stand bag that will make walking the golf course a breeze. 

We love the Tour Edge Bazooka because it gives the intermediate player the forgiveness they need, but it also provides a ton of performance. Although this set will work for a beginner, it is much better suited for a player who has some experience playing golf. 

All that being said, you will want to make sure you are not a very high swing speed player. If you happen to really go after the ball, the shafts on the Tour Edge will probably be a little weak for you. This is more for a golfer with medium swing speed

The putter that comes with this set is very nice, and the black design makes it easy to see and line up on the green. If you have any issues with alignment or distance control, you will be impressed with the short game tools this set provides. 

Another thing to mention about the Bazooka set is that if you were to purchase each of these clubs individually, you would pay a lot more than these costs for the package. The value of this set is fantastic, and it is one that should stick with the intermediate golfer for many years.

Read our Tour Edge Bazooka review.

Best Alternative #1: Callaway Strata Tour Complete Golf Set


  • More playability than basic Strata set
  • Easy to launch
  • Plenty of distance
  • Good set makeup


  • Still won’t have the same feel as high-end Callaway golf club

If the Tour Edge Bazooka is the best golf club set for you, then we have other high-quality choices. The Callaway Strata is often thought of as a beginner’s set of golf clubs. What many people don’t realize is that they also make a tour version. 

When we talk about tour in this sense, it is not that these are for low handicappers; they are just a step up from the beginner set. The club heads are not as oversized, and they have a much better feel

The Strata Tour set also comes in two flexes, a regular and stiff flex. This is not an option on the beginner golf club sets. The stiff shaft is perfect for the intermediate golfers that have a bit more clubhead speed than a beginner or high handicapper. 

The Strata Tour Complete comes with a fairway wood, hybrid, irons, and even a sand wedge. The set makeup itself is going to be plenty to get you through a golf round without any trouble.

You won’t have to upgrade your Strata Tour set for quite some time, either. The technology is relevant, and it will not hold you back from scoring or hitting long drives.

Best Alternative #2: Wilson Profile Platinum Complete Golf Set


  • Plenty of distance
  • Forgiving
  • Fairly priced for the quality of the clubs


  • Would be nice to have 3 wood or another hybrid 

Wilson is known for making some of the best clubs golf has to offer for a beginner set. However, they also take care of the intermediate players.

This golf bag full of clubs is going to be more for the golfers that have spent some time on the golf course. You don’t have to be a low handicapper to hit these, but you will enjoy them more if you have a general idea of how to play. 

The Wilson Profile set comes with a driver, five wood, five hybrid, 6-SW, and a putter. We love the fact that the sand wedge is included to make this complete golf set a better choice for those who care about their short game. 

You may need to add a three wood or an extra hybrid somewhere along the way to make sure you have all the gaps in your bag covered. The Driver of this set is a higher-performing club with a black PVD finish to help reduce glare and keep it looking good for years to come. 

The irons will feature a steel shaft, and the fairway wood, hybrid, and Driver will have a graphite shaft.

This is a perfect set makeup for the intermediate players. Each club has a low center of gravity to help with both launch and control.

The face on the irons is quite thin, so you will get a jump off of the golf clubs each time you swing. 

Best Premium Intermediate Golf Clubs: Cobra XL Speed Complete Set


  • Traditional cavity back irons
  • High performing fairway wood
  • Includes two hybrids
  • Great for hitting draw and fade type shots


  • More expensive option

High-quality complete golf sets can be hard to come by. Most manufacturers will look to sell their higher quality clubs separately without putting them together as a set.

The exception to this rule is Cobra. Each year Cobra puts out a very high-end complete set that works for a wide range of golfers, especially those in the intermediate range. 

Unfortunately, the Cobra XL Speed is going to be more money than any of the others on our list, but you will not be disappointed by its performance. With this set, you get two fairway wood golf clubs, two hybrids, 6-9 irons, PW, and SW

Each club has a low center of gravity to help make this a forgiving and high performing complete set, but there is also a ton of feel with these golf clubs.

If you like to hit shots around the green that go after the pin and spin, these golf clubs will allow you to do so. This is a set that can take intermediate golfers to the low handicap range. 

Now that the golf bag is everything about a golf club set but this bag is a really lovely addition to the set. It is a cart bag, so you won’t be happy if you were looking for a stand bag bit; you would get a 14-way club divider and plenty of room to store whatever you might need in your bag. 

If you were to try and put this complete set together by buying these pieces individually, the set would cost well over $1000. When you do the math, the Cobra is a premium set, but it is still an outstanding value.

Best Value Golf Clubs For Intermediate Golfers: Palm Springs Golf Visa V2


  • Low center of gravity
  • Easy to hit club
  • Forgiving
  • Great set makeup
  • Very affordable


  • Golf bag is not as high quality as other options

Sometimes the reason you are looking for a golf set of clubs as opposed to buying individuals is because of the price. We can certainly understand that golf clubs tend to get very expensive very quickly.

Luckily there are some good options out there for the intermediate golf player that still offer some good performance for the lower price

The Palm Springs V2 may not look as fancy or impressive as some of the other options on our list, but when you break down the actual components and their quality, you will see that they have a lot to offer. 

Included in the V2 set, you get a driver, a 3 wood, two hybrids, and 6-PW and putter. We don’t love that you will miss out on the sand wedge being part of this set, but with the money saved, you can easily add one in.

Each of the irons is a cavity back design with the ability to launch and get plenty of distance. The irons are all fitted with a steel shaft, and we think that is a good thing for the intermediate player. 

The putter is a bit of a mix design between a mallet or blade putter. If you have any issues with distance control, the putter will be a great fit for your game.

Clubs for golf are not always better when they are expensive. Sometimes you can find a match for your abilities and strengths that is actually cheaper than other clubs on the market.

It’s crucial to find a balance of what works for you, not just what the most expensive club is.

Best Intermediate Golf Clubs For Women: Callaway Strata Complete Set


  • Great set makeup for a female golfer
  • Comes with two hybrids
  • Mallet putter for extra forgiveness


  • Not the best for very fast swinging players

The Callaway Strata Complete Set is the perfect choice for the intermediate woman golfer. Once you have made it past those beginning stages and you feel as though you can take your golf game to the next level, the Callaway Strata Complete set could be a perfect choice. 

This set comes with a new 3 woods, Driver, 4 & 5 hybrid, 6-9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, stand bag, and four headcovers. We love the fact that two hybrids were included as well as the sand wedge. Sand wedges are so important for the female player working on trying to score lower. 

The Callaway Strata complete still offers plenty of forgiveness and performance. The Mallet putter that comes with the set is very easy to work with. It helps golfers establish great distance control regardless of the speed of the greens. 

Intermediate Golf Clubs Buying Guide

As you can see, there are some great options out there for the intermediate handicap player. Sometimes, the problem is not finding clubs that work for this handicap range but determining which one is the right choice to buy.

In this guide, we will help you understand a bit more about what an intermediate handicap player is and what clubs will work best.

What Is An Intermediate Golfer? 

People have a general understanding of what it takes to be a high handicapper or a low handicapper. Most consider a high handicapper to be people that shoot scores well into the hundreds. Low handicappers are those that can break eighty. 

The golfers that fall between are the intermediates. These players may shoot 96 one day and the next shoot an 88. Intermediate players may play only once a month, or they may play every Saturday morning. This group of golfers is probably the largest of any of the other groups in the game. 

Complete Set? 

Does it make sense to purchase golf club sets or to purchase individual golf clubs and put a set together? This will really come down to the preference of the individual players. Some people don’t want to deal with the expense and frustration of putting together complete sets. 

Getting to grab something off a shelf that has the stand bag, and everything included can certainly be the way to go for the lower maintenance choice. The golf club sets available on the market today are much better than they were many years ago. 

You will get more technology and be able to hit certain shots that may not have been possible in the past. Some of the full set options are going to be better than the individual clubs on the market, and others will lack when it comes to distance and feel. 


If you want more distance out of your golf club, you are not alone. Players have learned that getting more distance can make the game of golf much easier. Distance will lead to shorter shots into a green and make the round that much more enjoyable. 

All of the sets that we looked at on our list are going to provide as much distance as possible while still managing price and forgiveness. If you want a golf club that gives you top of the line distance, you may spend $500 for just one club. Many golfers will find that the distance between the high-end drivers and the full set drivers may only be a few yards. 


By the time you call yourself an intermediate handicap golfer, you will probably be ready to swing with steel shafts in your irons. Even if you are not ready for a stiff shaft, the steel can give you some control over your shots and keep you in play. 

Steel in the irons will help you start learning what it feels like to control a shot instead of just swinging and hoping. Graphite shafts are going to be best for the golfer that has very low clubhead speed. The graphite will help get you some distance, but you will sacrifice a bit of control.

Set Makeup

There is no right or wrong set makeup for the best intermediate golf clubs. As you noticed from our reviews, there was a wide range of set makeup available. One thing that we think is very important to consider is that the set has a variety of clubs. 

Of course, you will want a driver and a putter and a few irons, but it is important that you get a fairway wood and a hybrid as well. You can always add in some extra clubs to make the set more full, but the best options will have a very thorough set makeup, to begin with. 

Pay attention to the short game offerings in a full set of golf clubs. If the set does not offer a new sand wedge, you will want to add one in. For an intermediate to get to the lower handicap level, a lot of work needs to happen in the short game area. 

Even the best golf club sets do not include a lob wedge. If you end up hitting a lot of shots out of bunkers, the lob wedge is an important club to keep in the bag. You can usually add one for anywhere from $30-$100. Keep this in mind when doing your budgeting. 


If you seek forgiveness in your golf clubs, then there are some keywords that you should be looking out for. For starters, it is important to make sure that you choose a club with a low center of gravity. 

The center of gravity is going to make it much easier to get the ball up in the air and headed to your target. Many golfers in the mid handicap range have the misconception that launch is costing them distance. This is just not true. The longer you keep the ball in the air, the higher it will go. 

Another key factor when it comes to forgiveness will be the size of the clubface or sweet spot. In all of the sets that we reviewed, the irons were perimeter weighted cavity back clubs with lots of forgiveness. As an intermediate, you are still going to need this as a blade or forged feel would make the game much too difficult. 


Although the golf bag should not be the sole determining factor in your choice, you should always pay attention to the type of bag you purchase. The two main types are a carry bag and a cart bag. 

The cart bag is great if you happen to play a lot riding in a golf cart. If you are walking, you will need a carry bag. The carry bag comes with a special strap that will attach the clubs to your back and allow you to feel almost nothing when they are in position. 

Carrying a cart bag around the course for eighteen holes, you will end up feeling like a caddy on the professional tour as opposed to a golfer. Cart bags are terrible for walking, and you should be aware of that before you decide on the final set for you. 

How to Choose Good Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Golfers that are considered intermediate or average typically don’t spend their weekend grinding on the range or dreaming about shooing in the low 70’s. These golfers are in it to enjoy everything that the game of golf has to offer and to have fun on the course. 

However, along the way, if these players could use some equipment that was player friendly and made sense from a performance stand point, they would like to be more than willing to do so. Here are some of the most important things for intermediate players to look for when it comes to golf clubs. 

Get Fitted for Golf Clubs

Many intermediate players will consider getting fitted for a set of golf clubs. Although this can be a great idea, many of the clubs that will be recommended will be high in price. If you are an intermediate golfer on a budget, the complete set is the best choice, and they typically cannot be ordered custom. Some players that are taller can find tall versions that are usually about one inch taller than standard. 

Individual Clubs Versus A Golf Set

Complete golf sets are much easier to put together, they have a very low price tag, and they come as a complete solution. However, you will lose a bit of technology and performance for the convenience and the pricing. If you are a serious player about decreasing your scores, the individual clubs could be a better choice. 

Individual Clubs

Individual golf clubs will cost quite a bit more money, but they can be custom fit and tailored to players’ needs. One of the things that we like the best about the individual golf clubs is the fact that you can combine a few of them with a traditional intermediate set, and it can become an affordable but more custom golf option for players. 

Set of Golf Clubs

The set of golf clubs is your best choice when it comes to affordability. The set is easy to purchase, there are limited options available and it will ensure that you have consistency throughout your entire golf bag. 

Brand Name Versus Generic

Brand name golf clubs go through quite a bit of research and development but they also have very high marketing costs. These costs make it so that golfers will have to pay more for the brand name clubs. The brand name golf clubs are generally better for longevity. Generic brands offer better value and for the average golfer, there may be very little difference in performance. 

Brand Name Versus Clones

Clone golf clubs are made to look like the brand names yet they are offered at a much lower price. It can be a little challenging to select the best clone golf clubs. There are many different brands, and it’s likely that you haven’t heard of the majority of them. With clones you have to make sure that you get something with a high quality golf shaft otherwise you may struggle with the overall performance from this club. 

The Club Head

The club head of the intermediate golf clubs you choose will likely be a bit offset to make it easier to hit the ball straight. In addition, the sweet spot should be large and the center of gravity low. These are all important features to ensure the best performance from the golf clubs. 

Golf Club Shafts

Shafts used in intermediate golf clubs are typically steel regular golf shafts. These will work for a wide range of players to help create consistency and better overall control of the golf shafts. If you choose a club with a graphite shaft make sure you are ready for a bit more trouble controlling the shot, even if it does go further. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the questions that we are most commonly asked about the best intermediate golf clubs on the market.


The best intermediate golf clubs have a great mix of distance, forgiveness, and value. These are the club sets golf manufacturers work the hardest on.

The mid handicapper is going to represent the largest sector of the golf population, and the idea is to help this group move from intermediate clubs to the low handicap clubs. 

We love all of the options we covered in our review, but the Tour Edge Bazooka really stands out as a premium choice. You will get a perfect mix of clubs, the bag, and the clubs themselves will have a sleek and professional look to them, and you don’t have to worry about snapping the club heads off the first time you go out. 

Tour Edge makes a quality product built to last. You will have the Tour Edge clubs for quite some time, and they may just be the set that takes you from the intermediate level to the lower handicap level.

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