6 Best Set Of Golf Clubs Under $500 in 2022

Golf is considered an elitist sport, and golfers can find reliable golf club sets under $500. These golf club sets can provide maximum functionality and enhance the players’ performance on the field.

Every golfer needs to have a golf club set. There are different types of golf club sets based on the brand and the player’s mastery of the game. Novice players are encouraged to get golf club sets to help them learn the game and enhance their movement and mechanics.

Golf has been my favorite sport since I was a teenager. Apart from having many years of experience playing golf, I have also helped in coaching young golfers. In my experience as a golf enthusiast, I have mastered the art of identifying the best golf club set depending on the players’ needs.

While most of the golf club sets in the market are pretty costly, golfers can still find affordable golf club sets which are reliable. The main factors to consider are the golf clubs’ quality and whether the club set meets your golfing needs.

In this detail, we cover the best golf club sets under $500. Our guide also covers the key factors to consider when shopping for the best golf club sets. Read on and discover the affordable options you have for golf club sets.

6 Best Golf Club Sets Under $500

Best Set of Golf Clubs under $500–Tried & Tested

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set







  • Great Distance
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely customizable
  • Balanced weight hence better control
  • Impressive forgiveness and field performance



  • Suitable for lower swing speeds
  • Lacks ball workability
  • Only available for right-hand orientation

The TaylorMade Golf M2 golf club set comprises four-iron to nine-iron and a pitching wedge. The set, however, lacks a sand wedge. The shaft selection of the golf club set is suitable for all players.

TaylorMade has ensured the club set has maximum versatility, the irons either have graphite or steel shafts. Golfers can also select the stiff or regular flex. The fluted hosel, which focuses on the heel’s weight, gives the irons lightweight capabilities.

TaylorMade has opted for a thinner blade on the clubface, saving weight. The thinner blade also provides ample forgiveness, sought by cavity back golfers.

The clubface has been constructed using TaylorMade’s patented Speed Pocket Face Slot design and technology. The club’s leading-edge is 1 mm thin. Golfers enjoy reduced speed loss thanks to the face slots when making strikes.

The center of gravity has been reduced to 1.2mm, to give the club a thinner face. TaylorMade has ensured the weight is focussed on the bottom part of the clubface, hence less weight above the golf ball during impact. The slotted front and weight design ensure the irons are highly forgiving.

If you are looking for a reliable golf club set with innovative technology but at an affordable price, the TaylorMade Golf M2 golf club set should be among your top choices.






Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set







  • Good combination set
  • Includes golf bag and two head covers
  • Constructed for maximum performance



  • Set combination is unsuitable for low handicaps
  • Uniflex steel shafts aren’t ideal for all golfers

Callaway has a high reputation for producing high-quality golf club sets. The Men’s Strata golf club set is affordable and provides players with good playability. It’s suitable for all types of players, both experienced and novice players.

Callaway presents a set of golf clubs suitable for the make golfers who want affordability and performance at the same time. The club heads are made from stainless iron, giving golfers ample forgiveness and control. Callaway has equipped the driver’s head with a 460cc forged titanium construction to provide golfers with an easy launch and distance.

The driver’s forged titanium head quickly gets the golf ball out of the tee, launching it hastily. On the other hand, the three wood is equipped with a giant aerodynamic head that launches the ball far and high. Callaway has ensured their maximum balance in the set, creating control and forgiveness.

For the golfer who has a swing speed of around 90 mph, the Callaway Golf Men’s Strata golf club set will provide maximum performance. The set has a Uniflex steel shaft that is lightweight. The shaft’s grip is firm and comfortable, perfectly balancing softness and stiffness.

The set’s forged titanium driver has a large sweet spot that has a soft feel and creates good ball contact. The sound might be loud for some golfers. Nevertheless, the Callaway irons have a powerful sound that is moderate and a soft feel when it comes into contact with the golf ball.












  • Forgiveness is key
  • Maximum coverage with the 11 golf clubs
  • Deluxe stand golf bag
  • Has more consistency



  • Lacks the feel provided by more costly golf clubs
  • Not suitable for professional golfers

If you are a novice golfer looking for an affordable set of golf clubs to start golfing with, the PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 would be an ideal choice. The design and construction of the Golf X9 V2 make them suitable for amateur golfers wanting to master the art of playing golf.

The PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 provides golfers with ample coverage. The set includes a 4-hybrid, 3-hybrid, 3-wood, mallet putter, stainless steel irons, pitching wedge and a driver (titanium matrix 460cc).

The stainless steel irons range from a five-iron to a nine-iron. The hybrids have been engineered to replace irons, difficult for novice golfers.

The hybrids and woods in the X9 V2 golf set are graphite shafts. The irons and wedges, on the other hand, have steel shafts. The shafts in the set come in stiff or regular flex, and the length can be enhanced by 1-inch, suitable for tall golfers.

PROSiMMON features a comfortable stand golf bag. The bag has pop-out legs, padded backpack straps and a 7-way divider. PROSiMMON doesn’t make golf club sets for professional golfers, especially those with 120 mph swing speed.






WILSON Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Sets







  • Perfect launch angles
  • Great performance
  • Outstanding value
  • Sleek looks
  • Steel shaft irons have high accuracy
  • Durable gold bag 



  • Putter is too light.
  • Athletes need time to get used to the big driver’s head
  • Lacks a sand wedge. 

Wilson has used a different approach when making its golf club set. The brand focuses on making golf club sets for beginners. Unlike other brands which design their golf club sets to be suitable for novice players with slower swings, Wilson presents a golf club set ideal for beginners with high speed and power in the field.

The Wilson Men’s golf club set comes with a five wood, driver, five hybrid, putter and a 6-SW. The clubs have a lightweight design, suitable for golfers who want more distance. Despite being lightweight, they come with immense stability, lacking in most beginner’s golf club sets.

The hybrids in this golf club set provide tremendous control and distance, making them ideal for long shots. Wilson has used durable and robust material construction on the golf club set, hence guaranteeing golfers a durable set even when they become mid handicappers.

The set is available in various color combinations. Unlike most golf club sets, the Wilson Men’s golf club set is available for left and right-handed golfers. When buying the Wilson Men’s golf club set, you get a regular stand, tall stand, long stand, and senior cart.

The scoring clubs have lightweight features, improving shot-making and better greenside control. Additionally, the set comes with a lightweight premium golf bag. The bag features a self-activating stand, a rugged handle top, adjustable shoulder straps, and numerous pockets.






PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set







  • Available in various size options for young golfers
  • Suitable for young beginners
  • Available for both left and right-hand orientation
  • It comes with a rain hood
  • The golf bag is made of durable and sturdy material
  • The graphite shafts are high quality



  • Limited club coverage
  • The golf bag becomes slightly heavy when loaded with all the clubs

Golf is an exciting game since it welcomes all kinds of players, both young and old. Most parents might find buying a golf club set very costly; however, there are very reliable, and cost-friendly golf club sets for young golfers. The PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 junior golf club set is affordable and dependable for junior golfers.

The PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 junior golf club set comes in various colors and sizes depending on the child’s age. The available size options are:

  • Orange: suitable for golfers aged 3 to 5 years, with a height range of 3’0” to 3’8”.
  • Pink: suitable for golfers aged 3 to 5 years, with a height range of 3’0” to 3’8”.
  • Pink: suitable for golfers aged 6 to 8 years, with a height range of 4’4” to 5’0”.
  • Red: suitable for golfers aged 6 to 8 years, with a height range of 4’4” to 5’0”.
  • Pink: suitable for golfers aged 9 to 12 years, with a height range of 4’4” to 5’0”.
  • Blue: suitable for golfers aged 9 to 12 years, with a height range of 4’4” to 5’0”.

The set is also available for both left and right-hand golfers. To get the best golf club suitable for the player’s height, you should look at the various size options.

The woods in this set have graphite shafts, while the irons feature junior flex. The design construction of the woods and irons are more giving. The PreciseGolf has used the ergonomic lift handle design for easy and convenient golf bag carrying.

The golf bag also has a rain hood to cover the clubs during a rainy gaming session. The whole set includes a 6/7-iron, 15” driver, hybrid wood, 9-iron or pitching wedge, two head covers, putter, and a stand bag.






STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets







  • Beautiful design
  • The driver has a large sweet spot
  • Irons have progressive sole width
  • Durable quality
  • Milled face putter



  • No offset hosel
  • A bit pricey
  • The bag isn’t stable

Female golfers who want exceptional performance in the field at a cost-friendly price should go for the STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets. The set has been designed to offer maximum performance. Golfers have the flexibility of choosing the number of pieces they want when purchasing this golf club set. The set comes with 16, 14, or 11 golf club sets.

The STRATA Golf Packaged Sets for women is available in four primary color combinations; gold, pink, teal and purple. The set comes with immense versatility, and it’s available for both left and right-handed players. It’s suitable for female golfers who want to make better and accurate shots.

The whole set comes with a driver, 4 headcovers, 3 woods, 4 & 5 hybrid, pitching wedge, 6 to 9 irons, stand bag and sand wedge. The woods feature a 460cc forged driver that is lightweight and has a massive sweet spot.

Additionally, the driver has a titanium head designed to provide more distance and forgiveness. STRATA has ensured the fairway wood has an aerodynamic head shape and is more forgiving, hence suitable for long and high flying shots.

On the other hand, the irons have a stainless steel material construction. The stainless steel construction ensures athletes enjoy an excellent performance by combining forgiveness and control. The mallet putter and the visual alignment aid provide the golfer with maximum accuracy while in the field.






Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Club Set

The market is flooded with different golf club sets from different brands. All these golf club sets come with various features suitable for different golfers. Some will have features ideal for young golfers, while others will be better suited for female golfers.

When picking a golf club set, it’s essential to consider your golfing needs. The following key factors are crucial when shopping for a reliable golf club set:


Every player wants to achieve added performance when purchasing their new golf club sets. Many brands now market their golf club sets with claims of added performance. The overall performance of a golf club will determine its efficiency in the field. 

Distance and forgiveness are critical factors that determine the performance of a golf club. The golf club you buy should meet your golfing needs and enhance your performance in the field. Overall forgiveness, distance and consistency should be the key metrics when determining the performance of a golf club set.


The golf club’s grip is one of the essential things that one can’t overlook. The handle needs to have the best grip since it’s the only point of contact between the athlete and the club. Comfortability should be prioritized when determining the best grip. 

Golf clubs will have different sizes and textures for their handle, depending on the brand. Some grips are more suited for humid weather conditions, and some for specific players. There are players who will prefer a smaller grip, while others will prefer a larger one. The grip can also be tapered or non-tapered, depending on the manufacturer. Grip solely depends on the personal preference of the athlete.


The shaft plays a vital role in determining the shot’s outcome. Athletes playing with proper shafts will have more successful results in the field compared to one using an improper shaft. There are two main types of shafts: steel and graphite shafts. When analyzing the shaft, it’s essential to consider the flex, weight and bend points. Heavier shafts have low ball flight, while lightweight shafts have more distance coverage.

Appearance and size

Golf club sets come in various sizes and appearances. While appearance depends on the athlete’s personal preference, the size options depend on the player’s height. Golfers should pick a golf club set that is most suitable for their heights. Most brands have assize guidelines, especially for young golfers. Some golfers will prefer having more extensive golf club sets, while others prefer smaller ones.


Highly-priced golf clubs tend to have a lot of more impressive features for golfers. Low-cost golf club sets are lowly priced for a reason. But this doesn’t mean that low-priced golf club sets have low quality or offer poor field performance.

Interestingly low budget golf clubs are the best for beginners. They offer all the necessary features, ample forgiveness and distance, which is crucial when learning the game. Additionally, affordable club sets are the best option for young athletes to continue learning and mastering the game.

Overall our list has the best golf club sets under $500, from a very reliable brand. The golf club sets are equipped with the best-golfing technology that enhances the players’ performance at all times. In our list, we have included golf club sets for all kinds of players ranging from junior athletes, to male athletes and  female adult athletes.

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