Callaway Strata Review 2021

The Callaway Strata Complete Set is the top-selling beginner set of golf clubs on the market. It can also work well for high handicappers, so you won’t have to worry if you are not a beginner.

There are several different types of Strata sets on the market, and each has its own positives and negatives.

In this Callaway Strata review, we will discuss everything you need to know about this set to make sure it’s the right fit for you. 

Callaway Strata Review

In this Callaway Strata review, we will explain exactly what you get with the Callaway Strata golf club sets and a few alternatives if this is not the best pick for your golf game. 

Callaway Strata Complete 12-Piece Men’s Set Review

What Is In The Bag: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Iron, PW, Putter, Sand Bag, 2 Headcovers

Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Men’s Set Review

What’s In The Bag: Everything in the Complete + Sand Wedge, 1 Additional Headcover

Callaway Strata Ultimate 16-Piece Men’s Set Review

What’s In The Bag: Everything in the Plus + 4 Hybrid, 1 Additional Headcover

Features And Benefits

Player Handicap

The Callaway Strata set comes in four different options. You can choose between the Callaway Strata 12 piece Complete set, the 14 Piece Plus Set, 16 Piece Ultimate Set, and the 16 Piece Tour Set

As you move from the Complete to the Tour, you will add both golf clubs and pricing as well. All of the Strata sets are designed for the beginner to a higher handicap player, except for the Tour. 

The Tour model has a bit of different design when it comes to head shaping and technology. It will not be quite as forgiving, and it could be a good fit for a middle handicapper that doesn’t get the chance to play golf all that often. 

Shaft Options

With the Strata golf clubs, you will get a graphite shaft in all of the woods, hybrids, and the driver. With the irons, it will be a steel shaft. The shaft is a uniflex option that is designed to work well for slower swing speed golfers. 

The Tour set does have one stiff shaft option as well for the faster swinging player. However, the Stiff shaft in this set is not going to be quite as stiff as it would be on other stiff shafted options.

Outside of that Tour set, you won’t have many choices when it comes to the shaft.


This set of golf clubs comes with a nice stand bag with a matching rain hood. The irons look like a traditional set of irons, and the driver has a large titanium classic looking head. Overall the look and sound of this set of clubs are quite impressive for the price. 

Callaway makes excellent golf products. The Strata is not going to perform in the same way that the new top of the line Mavrik does; however, for the person that needs to buy the Strata set, that level of performance is not necessary.

If you can’t feel what more spin, a hotter clubface, and artificial intelligence are doing to help your game, it is certainly not worth paying extra for it. 

On the 12 piece set and the other smaller sets, the feel is going to be very much a beginner golf feel. There will be lots of forgiveness and distance with not much workability.

This is not a downfall of this set as most complete set options do not rank all that high when it comes to feel. 


The Callaway Strata are very forgiving golf clubs. From the driver to the three wood to the five hybrid everything is built to give you a large sweet spot.

All of the clubs have a low center of gravity and a wide sole. If you ever struggle to get a golf ball up in the air, this set will help you to get back in the game.  


One of the reasons we think this is such a great choice is that there are several different options. If you don’t want something that is very expensive, you can go with the twelve-piece set.

If you want a more premium option and don’t mind spending a bit more, you can go for the tour model.

Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Alternatives

If the Strata does not seem like the best option for you, there are undoubtedly other complete set golf clubs on the market.

These three sets are our favorite alternatives to the Strata.

Wilson Golf Ultra Plus Package


  • Similar makeup with one fairway wood, one hybrid
  • Forgiving
  • Low center of gravity


  • Does not include a sand wedge 
  • The golf bag is heavier than Callaway

The Wilson Golf Ultra Plus Package Set comes with a driver, three wood, five hybrid, 6- 9 iron, PW, and a putter. These clubs are priced right around the same price as the Strata, but some will say they have some different features to help get some extra distance. 

The Wilson Golf Ultra Plus Package set is very easy to launch and has quite a bit of offset as well. As you move up towards the five hybrid the golf set gets more forgiving. Each of the clubs with a very large sweet spot to help improve your results. 

Pinemeadow Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Set


  • Great pricing
  • Easy to hit
  • Lots of golf clubs


  • Not as forgiving
  • Very lightweight golf clubs

The Pinemeadow Men’s Pre would be considered a budget pick. If you think the Callaway is a bit more money than you would like to spend, you can pick up this Pinemeadow for a great deal.

If you like playing with irons, this is a great choice. You will get a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and pitching wedge when you purchase the Pinemeadow. 

In addition to a wide range of irons, you also will get a fairway wood and a three hybrid. We like that this is a more traditional makeup as far as clubs are concerned.

If you have been out of the game a while and want to come back to something similar to what you had maybe 15 years ago, this is a great choice to consider.

Cobra XL Speed Complete Golf Set


  • Cooler pocket
  • Two fairways and two hybrids
  • High performing
  • Lots of distance and speed


  • Priced quite high

Since we gave you an excellent option for a value alternative, it’s only fair that we give you a premium choice. If you want to step it up a bit from the Callaway than you can take a look at the Cobra XL Speed

This will come with a cart bag, a driver, two fairway woods, 3 hybrids, 6-9, PW, SW, and putter. You will not need to purchase another club to put in your bag for the rest of the time you own this XL Speed. 

The technology is going to be a little more advanced with the Cobra option, so your pricing on this set of clubs will increase quite a bit. When you see the difference in the feel and performance, it may be worth the extra money.


Hopefully, this Callaway Strata review helped narrow down which of these clubs would be the best for your game.

There is no question that Callaway knows what they are doing when it comes to manufacturing a golf club. Choose a set that matches both your budget and your golf skill, and you will be ready for the course. 

Overall we do recommend the Strata for the beginner golfer looking to stay on a budget. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a mix of value and performance in your first go-around as a golf club owner.

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