Best Adjustable Golf Drivers in 2021

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Years ago if you wanted to adjust your driver, you went and bought another one!

This is no longer the case in terms of golf equipment. Just like all other industries that have moved towards custom and adjustable products golf has followed suit.

So what can be adjusted on a driver?

Loft, Lie and Center of Gravity can all be adjusted. Shafts are also much easier to switch in and out than in years past but the Loft, Lie and Center of Gravity are the most important things that are being used to help golfers play better.

Almost all manufacturers offer some adjustable options in their Driver line up. It can be hard to tell what can be adjusted and what remains stationary.

In this review, we will give you our thoughts on the best adjustable golf drivers on the market.

Our Best Adjustable Golf Drivers In 2021

Best Adjustable Driver Winner: Cobra King F9 Speedback

The Cobra F9 Speedback is not just one of the best adjustable golf drivers of the year but it’s also one of the best drivers on the market.

The Cobra F9 Speedback is greatly improved from the F8 and F7 versions that Cobra King put out. This Driver is guaranteed to increase ball speed, improve launch angle and provide top of the line technology throughout.

The Cobra F9 Speedback comes with the largest ever carbon crown that wraps over the top of the Driver onto the body. This has allowed for a more lightweight head and an extremely large sweet spot.

The F9 has both adjustable loft and an adjustable center of gravity.

The CG can be put in the front or the back position to change the launch, spin, and trajectory.

Combine the CG adjustability with the MyFly8 loft adjustments and this Driver can be configured to work for a Scratch golfer and a 25 Handicap golfer.

The settings on this Driver are what make it so unique, and a perfect option for such a broad range of players.

Read our Cobra F9 Speedback Driver review.

Runner Up 1: Titleist TS2 & Titleist TS3

The Titleist TS line of Drivers this year is, in my opinion, one of the best adjustable golf driver you could buy. These clubs have been designed to work for a wide range of players.

The Titleist TS2 and TS3 drivers come with adjustable weights, lie, and loft.

They are both part of Titleist’s Speed Project. Titleist has had some of the lowest dispersion rates on the market for many years, but their speed technology was slightly behind.

The settings on these drivers make them extremely versatile, even when buying a stock club off of the shelf.

Titleist fitting charts and systems are extremely easy to follow.

If you are looking for something to get you some higher launch and lots more ball speed the TS2 is your best choice.

If you are wanting to keep your ball flight down, play around with the center of gravity and keep spin down as well the TS3 Driver would be a great adjustable option for you.

Read our Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver review.

Runner Up 2: Callaway Epic Flash

The Callaway Epic Flash comes in two different models. First, there is the Callaway Epic Flash designed for the slightly slower swing speed/higher handicap player.

Then they developed the Epic Flash Sub Zero for the high swing speed option for the low handicapper.

Not only is the Epic Flash adjustable but it’s really easy to adjust. It has a sliding weight on the clubhead that will allow you to move it from draw bias to fade bias.

The loft is also adjustable on the Epic Flash.

Callaway used both their Jailbreak and their Flash Face technology on this club. The idea is that you can now get even more ball speed across a larger sweet spot.

The Epic Flash has some great stock shaft options depending on if you are looking for something lightweight, or potentially a bit heavier.

Everything you want to be able to adjust on the Epic Flash Driver is adjustable. With the variation in settings and a 16-gram slidable weight, this club is a good match for a wide range of players.

TaylorMade M4 & M4 Draw

Best Adjustable Drivers For Fixing A Slice

The TaylorMade M4 Draw is not what most would consider a highly adjustable Driver, yet it is adjustable and it’s great at fixing a slice.

It’s impressive how long this driver has been on the market and how it continues to sell.

The TaylorMade M4 and M4 Draw both come with the adjustable loft on the hosel. You can adjust the original loft on the Driver up or down several degrees depending on the ball flight/forgiveness that you are looking for on that particular day.

The M4 was built with an entirely new face curvature to offer more forgiveness on off-center hits, especially those on the low heel and high toe.

The M4 Draw Type or D Type Driver is very similar to the M4 model except that it is slightly adjusted to help close the clubface a little at impact. Most slicers come into impact with an open face on the Driver and the M4 helps battle against that.

Just like the M2 and M6 Drivers, the M4 was designed to increase ball speeds, increase sweet spot and be a more forgiving adjustable option.

Cobra King F7 & Cobra King F8

Best Adjustable Budget Drivers

The Cobra F7 and F8 Drivers have dropped in price over the last few years. Although they may not be jam-packed with the latest technologies they have more than enough to get the job done.

The pricing on these Drivers was closer to the $400 range when they were released and now most are selling under $200.

Cobra F7 Driver was designed with an extremely lightweight black carbon fiber crown. The F7 has an adjustable Center of gravity as well.

This is also the beginning of the Cobra Connect technology so you can log in to an app on your phone and see how each adjustment is directly affecting your swing.

With the Cobra F8, the adjustable weights were eliminated. Cobra took performance data and statistics and put together a design that could deliver both distance and accuracy consistently.

There is a model called the F8+ that is designed for lower handicap/higher swing speed golfers. Still, both come with the adjustable loft. The Cobra F8 Driver is a very clean and sleek looking club and for the price, it is offered it’s hard not to give it a try.

The shaft options on the F8 are within the Aldila brand and they are some of the best shaft options on the market.

Cobra King F9 Women’s Speedback

Best Adjustable Driver For Women

Just as the Speedback is the leader for the Men in our review of the best adjustable drivers, the Speedback pulled through again for the women.

The F9 Women’s Speedback Driver was designed with a CNC Milled face to get some of the highest ball speed in golf today.

This is the longest, fastest and straightest Driver that Cobra has ever released for Women.

This Driver works for all handicap levels but I think the lower handicap players will finally feel like they are being given some attention with this option. It has incredible feel while still offering some forgiveness.

This Driver is also longer than other previous Cobra models. If your game from the tee is not that strong, it’s time to take a look at an adjustable upgrade like this.

Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver

Best Adjustable Driver For Seniors

The Epic Flash Star Driver is a pretty incredible option that has been newly released by Callaway. As successful as the Epic Flash Driver’s have been Callaway realized there was an entire group of people that they had missed.

The Epic Flash Star is designed for people that are looking for extremely lightweight options.

The stock shafts available in the Epic Flash Star are 30 and 40 grams. There are no Drivers like this one on the market. This club features a fixed hosel which is different than other options in the Epic Flash line but it was done for a reason.

The fixed hosel saves almost 50 grams off of total driver weight. The available lofts are 10.5, 12.5 and 13.5.

You still have the option with the Epic Flash Star to set the club as either Draw or Fade bias.

The only reason we gave this Driver ⅘ stars is that the price is still very high and it may not be a viable option for all senior golfers.

What to look for when Picking Best Adjustable Golf Driver?

Adjustability in drivers can mean different things across different companies. We are going to try and clear this all up for you a little bit.

Adjustability in Loft

Drivers can either come set with a loft or be adjustable by 1-3 degrees up and down. Standard Driver lofts are usually 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5.

It’s important to choose a loft based on your current ball flight and the adjustability you might like.

I think that 10.5 makes the most sense as you can get yourself lots of extra launch (forgiveness) if needed or you can take it almost as low as 8.5 degrees on some models, should you need that.

Adjustability in Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity has become a key golf term. The center of gravity on a driver will increase or decrease its forgiveness and workability.

Many players like to adjust the center of gravity to help with launch angle and spin.

Some models come with weights that are removable and interchangeable. Others will have a sliding weight that can be moved right on the clubhead.

Be sure to pay close attention to the fitting guide that comes with the Driver to make sure you are setting it up properly for yourself.

Adjustability in Lie Angle

The way the driver sits with the lie angle will affect if the clubface is open or closed. When you change the loft on the club the lie angle is adjusted. For some players, it needs to be adjusted back (sometimes based on height).

Some clubs are now offering a clubface that doesn’t change based on the loft but the majority will, and will leave you adjustable hosel options to get it back to neutral.

A small tip of advice is to set the Driver to Neutral when you first get it. Always set everything to Neutral and see from that point how you must adjust it to help your game. I also like doing it this way so that you can truly feel the difference once you adjust.

Shaft Options

With all the ability to change the driver, it’s important to mention shaft options. Many drivers are now sold with interchangeable shafts. This is a great option for several types of players.

If you are a new golfer looking to improve fast you can buy a lighter, mid-launch, more forgiving shaft and when you are ready to upgrade you can just plug it right into the head you have become accustomed to.

The other time I love the replacement shaft is for golfers who are aging out of the Regular or Stiff shaft and moving to Senior or Regular.

If you don’t want to wait a few years before buying a Driver and you want new technology in the head immediately, buy a Driver with an interchangeable shaft and switch the shaft out when it’s time.

This will save quite a bit of money from buying a completely new club.


There is no doubt that the Cobra F9 is one of the most technologically advanced Drivers on the market today.

My favorite thing about this Driver is that it has all the adjustability that you need to improve your game, and the price is fair. It can be difficult to justify a $500 plus spend on a driver but with the release of the F9, you no longer have to.

With the advancements in this Driver, I’m curious to see what Cobra can come out with next. Can’t imagine how it will be any better than the F9.

Keep in mind that the Titleist TS2 and Callaway’s Epic Flash are also amazing options should you feel as though the F9 is not what you need.

Sometimes people are pushed away by the Cobra name thinking that it is purely a game improvement club but this could not be further from the truth.

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