Experts Pick 7 Best Cheap Golf Drivers For 2024

Finding budget golf drivers can be a job in and of itself. The latest and greatest technology is heavily advertised and promoted while the older models kind of hide in the background.

The question is could these older options, that are quite a bit cheaper, fill a spot in your golf bag.

The good news is that we did the work for you here and came up with some of the most affordable golf drivers that feature all the performance you need at a much lower price. Clubs that are worth putting in your bag, even if you are on a budget. Or if you are looking for a beginners golf driver.

In this review, we will give you our thoughts on the cheap golf drivers on the market.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Best Cheap Golf Drivers In 2024
TaylorMade RBZ Black
  • Speed Pocket technology
  • Matrix shaf
  • Adjustable loft
Cleveland Launcher HB
  • Miyazaki Graphite Shaft
  • Hibore crown
  • More distance and control
Callaway X Hot
  • Loft and lie adjustability
  • VFT Face
  • More accuracy
TaylorMade M4
  • Most forgiving
  • Increased Speed Spot
  • Titanium head
Wilson Staff C300 Driver
  • Adjustable weights
  • Adjustable loft
  • Low center of gravity
TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Black
  • Large titanium head
  • Loft sleeve on the hosel
  • Speed pocket technology
Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver
  • Very lightweight
  • Sleek black clubhead
  • PGX Offset driver

Best Cheap Golf Driver: TaylorMade RBZ Black

The best thing about the TaylorMade RBZ driver is that it was not always on the inexpensive Golf Drivers list. This club has some excellent features that made it quite expensive when it was first released.

The TaylorMade RBZ Black Drivers feature a 460cc titanium head, designed to increase ball speed.

The Driver comes with adjustable loft sleeve installed in the hosel, this makes it easy to adjust the loft to what you need.

There is just one stock shaft option on this club although it is available in the Stiff, Regular and Senior Flex. The shaft is a Matrix shaft that TaylorMade has used in many other products.

TaylorMade offers its Speed Pocket technology on this clubhead. That translates to lower spin and higher launch even on mishits. If you are looking for an all-around forgiving and long driver for a price less than $200 this is a perfect option.

Read our TaylorMade RBZ Driver review.

Runner Up 1: Cleveland Launcher HB

The Cleveland Drivers tend to hit the market a bit high and then come down through the year.

That is exactly what happened with the Cleveland Launcher HB, however, this is still a solid Driver choice even at this lower price.

The Cleveland Launcher HB Drivers feature the legendary Hibore crown that Cleveland came up with several years ago. The clubhead will look different than some of the others on the market but the sweet spot is enlarged.

This club was designed for golfers who were looking for both distance and control.

It comes stock with a Miyazaki Graphite Shaft weighing in around 50 grams. Cleveland tends to go for lightweight shafts to help increase overall speed.

This Driver is not overly complicated, there is no adjustability but it is one of the best options for a simple golf driver for an amateur player. Now that they are less than $200 they also join the Cheap category and that can’t hurt a bit!

Runner Up 2: Callaway X Hot

The X Hot Driver does not get half the attention that the Epic Flash and Rogue Driver do.

It’s a solid option, at a lower price. Although it does not offer all the adjustability and features that some other Callaway Models do, the questions becomes, do you need all of that?

This Driver does offer loft and lie adjustability. It can be set in either the open, square or closed clubface position.

One of the most technologically advanced features on Drivers at this time is the VFT (which stands for Variable Face Thickness).

Even at this price, you will get that feature on this Driver. The VFT Face leads to better forgiveness and an increase in accuracy off the tee.

Read our Callaway X Hot Driver review.

TaylorMade M4 & TaylorMade M4 Draw

Best Cheap Golf Drivers For Fixing A Slice

The M4 Driver was one of the most forgiving releases that TaylorMade has put out in a long time. The Draw model is specifically made to help combat a slice.

This was by no means cheap driver when it was released but it has lowered in price through the years.

If you have a medium swing speed this titanium headed driver is perfect for you.

The Draw Model is designed to help close the clubface at impact and correct a slice.

The M4 Models, both Draw and Regular have an increased Speed Spot from the M2 models released prior. It’s also much more forgiving than the M3 Models.

Wilson Staff C300 Driver

Best Adjustable Golf Driver On A Budget

Wilson generally gets the name as a beginners club. Wilson Staff has come a long way over the last few years with bettering their technology.

In addition to adjustable loft providing a large range in options, the C300 also comes with adjustable weights in the head.

Three interchangeable weights are placed in the clubhead offering customized shot shaping.

The center of gravity in this club is located low and in the back to try and give increased launch and decreased spin.

TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Black

Best Cheap Golf Driver For Women

The Women’s TaylorMade RBZ Driver did not just win because the Men’s was the overall winner, it is the best cheap golf drivers for women.

The Women’s TaylorMade RBZ Driver features a large titanium head and a loft sleeve on the hosel that gives women some options as far as loft is concerned.

This is not just a beginners driver as this club features speed pocket technology allowing faster swing speeds to get some extra distance as well.

TaylorMade always claims to have a larger sweet spot than its competitors but with this clubhead for women, they may have achieved that.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Best Cheap Golf Driver For Seniors

This is for sure the winner when it comes to the lowest priced option on the market, but it is a solid option for the senior golfer.

The PGX Offset driver is very lightweight. It has an offset club head that will allow players who slice to hit the ball quite a bit straighter.

For such a low price option this driver does have a sleek black clubhead that makes it look like a more premium club.

If your swing is faster and you are looking for something with adjustability and increased ball speed this is likely not the driver for you.

What to look for when Picking A Cheap Golf Driver?

If you can find a driver with adjustability that is also affordable, you are getting a great deal. Anytime you can adjust the club to fit your swing better you have found a great deal.

Pay attention to the Center of Gravity on a club if you are looking for something forgiving. If it is positioned low and in the back of the club, chances are you are getting a golf club with some extra forgiveness.

You want something with a large sweet spot, a lightweight graphite shaft and as close to the newest technology as possible.

Shaft options may be limited on an inexpensive driver. All shafts for golf drivers are going to be graphite but make sure that you are choosing something light enough to get you the speed you need.

Keep in mind that just because something maybe a few years old (but still new) does not mean that it’s bad. If it is still being produced it probably means it was a great option, to begin with.

What are the disadvantages of a cheap Golf driver?

You know that adage, you get what you pay for. That can apply to golf clubs as well. Sometimes what you get with an inexpensive pick will not have as large of a sweet spot, it will not have the same core materials, and may not promote the same level of accuracy.

This to be careful of are buying something that is not what you need just because it is cheaper. A stiff shaft 8.5 degree driver leftover from 2017 is not going to help your game just because it is $150.

Save money, look for something used if need be but don’t buy something that is not the correct product for your game.

Another point of concern is those who have a very fast swing speed. If your swing is very fast and you buy a lightweight inexpensive club there is a chance that you could break the club.

It doesn’t happen often but I have seen it in the past. Making sure that your club can withstand your strength is important.

Players with very low handicaps are going to have a hard time finding an inexpensive club that provides the feel they are looking for. Sometimes you can wait a few years and a solid release (like the Cobra F9) will start to drop in price.

However, truly buying an inexpensive low-cost driver can prove to be very difficult for a low handicap player.

If your clubs are from your Uncle Ted’s garage and your driver has a wooden shaft, you can buy any driver on the market and see a world of difference.

This would be the perfect time to buy something that doesn’t cost quite as much as the newest technology. Use it to make the game fun again, there is a reason Uncle Ted was hiding those things in the garage!


The ultimate best cheap golf drivers on the market will change from time to time. As companies release a new product they will drop the price on the older models.

For the time being, we truly believe you are getting some great value with the TaylorMade RBZ Driver.

If for some reason the extremely forgiving and long features of the RBZ Drivers are not for you, don’t forget about the Launcher HB and the Callaway X Hot.

Finding golf clubs for sale and sale golf clubs can be rather tricky. Take our suggestions here, we have done the work for you. These are some of the greatest options you can find at some of the lowest prices.

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