7 Best Driver Shafts for 95 Mph Swing Speed: A Complete Buying Guide for 2022

Choosing the right driver shaft is very important when trying for a power shot to reach 95 mph.. We all have a different play style; so, the driver shaft will depend on your individual needs, behavior, and habits.. 

Gaining a high-speed swing depends on several factors regarding your driver shaft including torque, weight, material, flex, and more. Small head driver shafts are also considered to be one of the best specifications for a 95 mph swing. 

So if you want to choose the best driver shaft for the best swing possible, you need to look at the quality of the shaft, not just the brand. If you’re interested to learn about the best golf drivers, you can check out this detailed post on the 9 best golf drivers of all time – expert review 2022.

We are a team of professional golfers, and we love to review golf equipment. After considering the price and performance we concluded that the new Mitsubishi Bassara e42 x5ct Driver/Fairway Shaft is the best shaft to attain 95 Mph swing speed. Besides, this article will discuss six more driver shafts to help you choose one that fits your needs. 

Our Best Driver Shaft for 95 Mph Swing Speed in 2022

Best Driver Shafts for 95 Mph Swing Speed – Tried & Tested

1. New Mitsubishi Bassara e42 x5ct Driver/Fairway Shaft








  • Feels great in your hand
  • Regular flex for better delivery
  • The spinning shaft is lower
  • Best for a powerful swing



  • Driver shaft is too expensive
  • It comes without any adapters or grips

This driver shaft makes it comfortable for us to grip the club and get the best possible flex possible at the time of making the swing. 

This driver shaft has a regular flex which is essential to attain a 95 mph swing speed. This regular flex shaft is an excellent fit for golfers who tend to take a mighty swing regardless of having a clubhead suited for speed.

The Mitsubishi bassara e42 x5ct driver/fairway shaft feels great in your hands. Moreover, it makes it very easy to control the club during a swing and control where the ball will land..  

The downside of this driver shaft is the price. Since the driver shaft is made by Mitsubishi, the brand name is sufficient for raise the product price.







New Aldila NVS 65 Graphite Driver Shaft 








  • Best medium weight shaft 
  • Best ball control
  • Feels great in the hand
  • High launch



  • No adapter or grip is given with the kit
  • Price is high

The New Aldila NVS 65 graphite driver shaft is a 65 gram shaft that is perfect for shooting the golf ball high. This driver shaft works best with Cobra and Titleist products

With this kind of driver shaft, players find it easy to get a good grip before attempting a power swing at 95 Mph. The new Aldila NVS 65 graphite driver shaft has a high launch compared to its predecessors. This driver shaft has a lot of power behind it. 

The Aldila NVS 65 graphite driver shaft is what you need to elevate the golf ball high enough to send the ball a long distance. 

Weight is neither too low nor too high, making it the best shaft to choose if you want to switch from a low-weight shaft to a mid-weight shaft.







3. Fujikura New Pro 70 Stiff Flex Shaft








  • Lower launch
  • Balls cover long distance
  • Better force transfer
  • Stiff shaft
  • Provides power and speed to the ball



  • Not forgiving
  • Price is a bit on the high side

Fujikura is one of the biggest driver shaft manufacturers in the market, and this driver shaft is one of its top models.  

The Fujikura new pro 70 stiff flex shaft is a 44 inch shaft that helps you achieve lower heights for your golf balls. Unfortunately, this driver shaft does not come with an adapter or grip. 

One of its charming features is the force delivery.  Fujikura’s new pro 70 stiff flex shaft smoothly transfers the strike power from your hand to the ball. 

There are many great golfers out there who have an excellent arm for a powerful swing. But, unfortunately, this power gets lost in between the arms and the golf ball during their swing. 

Fujikura’s new shaft manages to eliminate this very problem, making the ball go faster than any other shaft. Thanks to this feature, you can cover a lot of distance by keeping the ball’s height low when it’s in the air. 







4. Ust New 2018 Proforce v2 hl Golf Shaft








  • High swing power
  • Better power distribution
  • Proforce tip technology 
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Shaft provides better grip which helps in shooting the ball further with less force.



  • Not for all golfers, some need low launch speeds
  • Less control over the ball

The best way to get high-speed swings is by choosing a shaft that transfers the energy better than any other shaft in the market. Achieving a 95 mph swing speed is a breeze with the Ust new 2018 proforce v2 hl golf shaft. 

This shaft uses recoil technology that transfers energy from your hands to the ball through the outer shell of the shaft more efficiently. This will allow you to gain high momentum and speed while hitting the ball. 

This driver shaft is perfect for those who wish to hit a powerful shot that lasts long in the air and covers a long distance. The ProForce is fitted with the latest tip technology that enables stability and power at the same time. 

Players can somewhat control where the ball will land after the swing. However, the most fantastic feature of this driver shaft is the choices we get. You get to choose from two different weight options and two flex options. The first is 50 grams and the second one is 60 grams. 







5. Alpha Platinum Unbreakable Graphite Wood 46″ Golf Shaft








  • High launch
  • High power
  • Lots of options to choose from (weight, material, and color)
  • The brand is offering a lifetime warranty 



  • The grip is not great, it takes more power to shoot long shots.
  • The price tag is big

The Alpha platinum unbreakable graphite wood 46″ golf shaft is best for shooting high power swings that can reach up to 95 mph.It uses graphite, which is the best material in the market for making driver shafts. 

Furthermore, the company guarantees the quality of the product by giving out a lifetime unbreakable guarantee. This is a mid launch shaft for those who want to take control of the ball while shooting it far enough to make them satisfied. 

They have achieved lower weights thanks to the high modulus fibers used in manufacturing the shaft. As a result, it comes in two weight ranges, 45 grams and 75 grams. 

The shaft also has two length ranges of 46 and 41 inches long, and the tip size is 0.335 inches, which is perfect for shooting powerful shots. The wood shafts are 46, and the iron shafts are 41 inches each. 







6. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Stiff Shaft








  • Get tailor-made adaptors
  • Comes with a grip
  • Moderate spin shaft
  • Low spin



  • Product is costlier than its competition 
  • The accuracy of the shaft is bad

The new Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Stiff Shaft is a stiff shaft that comes with an amazing grip that helps golfers to achieve powerful shots and a better energy distribution This driver shaft provides low spins which are best for achieving 95 mph swing speed. 

Furthermore, the driver shaft has a moderate launch that provides moderate height to the golf ball,t making the ball go a long distance and attain high speeds. The downside of this shaft is that you will not get much accuracy. The control over the ball is lost but there will be the power behind the shot. 







7. Grafalloy New Prolaunch Red 64 Gram Driver Shaft








  • Get the lower ball flight option
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price
  • Great stability and spin



  • Shaft feel in hand is not great
  • It can’t be used to hit the ball high







Grafalloy new prolaunch red 64gram driver shaft is a very light weighted driver shaft. With this shaft, players can look forward to swinging the golf ball far with very little effort.  

The best thing about the Grafalloy new prolaunch red 64gram driver shaft is that they offer it for a very reasonable price.You get stability with this driver shaft and a very clear spin control during your swing. 

Both of these are required to attain the 95 mph swing shot. In addition, the Grafalloy new prolaunch red 64gram driver shaft is born to provide improved stability. When we dug into its specification, we found out that they have used Micro Mesha tip technology to provide us with enhanced stability. 

Besides, pro golfers tend to avoid clubs with shafts that shake after taking a shot. This is something that has to do with a player’s personal choice, nevertheless the new prolaunch red driver shaft has managed to eliminate that. 

In addition, the Grafalloy new prolaunch red 64gram driver shaft offers the option for lower ball flight. Using this feature, you can quickly achieve a powerful swing that will generate enough torque to achieve high speed and cover a long distance. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Driver Shaft for 95 Mph Swing Speed

Finding the best shaft for your driver is a challenging task. This is because different drivers have different swings, and the market has so many options that it would confuse anyone. 

Truth be told, no single feature will determine for you  your perfect driver shaft  . You should hire a professional fitter for that. If you can’t afford to do that, then make sure to consider these things when buying a driver shaft for 95 mph swing speed:

1. Weight

If we look at elementary physics, the heavier the object, the more challenging it is to get initial momentum. In simpler terms, you would have to do more work in order to get the heavier shaft up to 95 mph speeds. 

If the weight of your driver shaft is higher, it will make the golf ball fly low and with less spin. For example, if you wish to attain 95 mph speed, you will need a driver shaft that is low in weight. On the other hand, if you choose a lighter driver shaft your ball will fly high and at a very high speed. 

You will also be able to get a good spin with it. If you see that your golf ball is either starting left or hooking, then it is advised to choose a heavier driver shaft.

2. Flex

The flexibility of a driver shaft is one of the most important factors if you wish to attain higher speeds. If you choose a driver shaft that is too stiff, then you will find that the launch shots have a very low spin, and the golf ball will attain only a fraction of its height. 

The parabola created will be very short, and the distance will also decrease. On the other hand, if you happen to choose too weak of a shaft to increase the flex it will provide you with too much spin, and will cover a high shot and long distance. 

If you want to attain higher speed swings, it is best to choose a driver shaft that has high flexibility. 

3. Material of the Shaft

The material is a very important thing to consider while choosing a driver shaft. Experts suggest that using a steel shaft is not considered a good idea if you are trying to attain higher speeds during the swing. 

Steel driver shafts are heavy and make it harder to take a swing. So it’s best to use a lighter material like graphite. As we mentioned above, a heavier driver shaft will produce lower golf ball height and less spin. That is not good for someone who wishes to attain higher swing speeds. 

4. Length 

The length of your driver shaft is very important. It changes the way you feel about our golf club. According to professionals, the length of the driver shaft changes the strict point too. 

If you choose a long driver shaft, then you will generate a less consistent strike on the golf ball and will end up hitting the ball closer to its heel. So this is a good combination for you to make the swing fast and obtain high speeds. 

On the other hand, if you happen to choose a shorter driver shaft for your strike, you will end up with a consistent strike pattern each time you hit the ball. 

5. Torque

Torque determines if the driver shaft will twist or not. A driver shaft will have low chances of twisting if the torque is low. A twisting shaft will make you feel uncomfortable while making the shot. 

In addition, the swing will have low momentum. Players who love to swing hard and gain momentum and those who like to hook the ball will like choosing a driver shaft that has low torque. 

6. Price

If you are going to choose the best driver shaft that suits your needs and style, then you must look at its features rather than the brand and the price. To do that, you must understand what you need. 

You must check the body height and the length of the driver shaft you need. Similarly, you will need to test your other limits and compensate them with a driver shaft that will enhance the speed of your swing. 


Choosing the best driver shaft  to obtain your best swing is hard, and we understand that.  Hopefully, the above guide will help you to select the best driver shaft for attaining 95 mph swing speed that fits your needs and budget. 

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