7 Best Drivers For A Slice in 2022

A slice is potentially the most frustrating shot in golf.

If you are slicing the golf ball, you are likely losing lots of distance and scoring much higher than you should be.

The good news is that many golf manufacturers release golf drivers specifically to help fix a slice.

We have put together a list of what we believe to be the best drivers to fix a slice

Our Best Drivers for Slice in 2022

Best Driver To Fix Slice: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver


  • Designed to help increase distance
  • High launch driver with low spin
  • Advanced engineering with artificial intelligence


  • Not the best for a fast swing speed player

One of the most important technologies on the market for a senior golfer, new player or high handicapper is the draw bias or offset technology. When a golfers swing starts to slow down, they are going to end up needing something that helps straighten the ball out. The decrease in swing speed ends up causing the ball to travel a bit to the right as opposed to staying straight. 

The brand new Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is designed for distance and to help golfers straighten out their shots. We love the fact that the draw bias is installed in the club head of this driver. This means that when you are setting up, the club doesn’t even really look that offset. 

However, when you swing it, the golf club ends up staying square at impact and giving golfers a bit more distance. Whether you are a senior player, a new golfer, or someone that needs a bit of help to straighten out their swing, the face architecture and AI included in the B21 can make all the difference. 

For a low spinning yet high launching club that will help you get rid of your slice forever, take a few swings with the Big Bertha B21. 

Runner Up 1: Cleveland Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver


  • Counterbalanced shaft
  • The very high moment of inertia
  • Turbocharged cup face


  • Not adjustable

If the TaylorMade driver is not for you than the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Draw is going to be the next best choice.

The TaylorMade driver focuses on getting you the maximum amount of distance and ball speed, in addition to learning to hit it straight. 

Cleveland is more about forgiveness and consistency than anything else.

Unlike many drivers on the market, the Turbo Draw is not adjustable. Making this club a fixed loft and lie allowed Cleveland to save some weight and lower the center of gravity. 

With the low center of gravity, you can get plenty of loft on your drivers, and it will feel as though this is a much more forgiving golf club

The Cleveland features a turbocharged cup face that has the variable face thickness that many manufacturers use to give players maximum results on off-center hits.

Since the sweet spot is so large, the distance you get from this driver is quite substantial.

It is not necessarily going to be the longest driver on the market, but if you have not upgraded your driver in the last three or four years, you should see an increase in distance.

Runner Up 2: TaylorMade M2 D-Type Driver


  • Higher ball flight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Forgiving clubface


  • Not the latest release

By now, you may be noticing the trend with TaylorMade and the draw bias drivers. They tend to manufacturer one driver a year that is built to fix a slice.

The M2 happens to be one of the best drivers for a slice because of its great sound and feel

If you are a new golfer, ready to upgrade from a beginner set but not quite ready for the very expensive new SIM Max driver, then the M2 could be an excellent choice for you.

The M2 features Geocoustic Technology that helps it sound and feel better than many of the other TaylorMade drivers in the past. 

The M2 features a six-layer composite crown that keeps it quite a bit lighter than other drivers on the market.

The adjustable loft and the speed pocket technology help if your swing speed is not the fastest around. 

The M2 club head is forgiving and long design that will help golfers who need some updated technology in their golf bag.

Read our TaylorMade M2 Driver review.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Best Value Driver for Slice


  • Very low pricing
  • Sleek look
  • Large sweet spot


  • Not great for a faster swing speed player

Golf drivers seem to get more and more expensive every year. Where a new driver used to cost around $300, it is now over $500.

This is a lot of money to spend on a driver for a slice. If you can break away from the brand name club than you can find cheap golf drivers for a slice. 

The PGX Offset Golf driver stands out as a great choice. This club is equipped with anti-slice technology and plenty of launches.

The offset is going to help golfers who need to square up the clubhead as they come into the impact position. 

Another great benefit of the PGX is the sleek design and coloring. This is a great looking club that does not look like it costs only a fraction of the other drivers on the market.

When you go for a cheap driver, there are a few things you will miss out on. The distance technology and ball speed are not going to be as fast.

You may give up a few yards, but you will probably gain some consistency. 

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver

Best Premium Driver for Slice


  • Top of the line technology
  • Lots of ball speed
  • Very long
  • Slightly closed clubface
  • Adjustable


  • Very expensive

We move from the cheap to the expensive with the TaylorMade SIM Max-D Driver. This is a draw bias club, and it is the update of the M2 and the M6 that we have featured earlier on our list.

The TaylorMade SIM Max is one of the longest golf drivers on the market. It is made with a combination of carbon, titanium, and steel.

The weight is low in the head and near the heel as well. This helps golfers square up the clubface and hit a straight drive.

We love that the SIM Max is adjustable. The 2-degree loft sleeve helps golfers feel as though they are playing with a custom driver built specifically for their game.

The clubface of the SIM Max driver is very large, and it makes it easier to hit the ball in the center. You will notice that the same Speed Pocket technology that set the M6 apart from the crowd has only been improved in the SIM Max.

Sometimes with a long and forgiving driver, you have to sacrifice a bit of feel. TaylorMade improved both the sound and the feel with this driver; you will feel as though you are hitting a premium players golf club even though this is a draw bias model.

Cobra King F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver

Best Anti Slice Driver for Seniors


  • Fairly priced
  • Really lightweight
  • Heel weighting
  • Large sweet spot
  • Offset


  • Not an adjustable driver

For senior golfers, sometimes, a slice is caused by a slowing of the swing speed.

In order to get the slice fixed, a golfer may need to increase their swing speed closer to what it used to be. With a regular shafted heavy driver, that can be difficult. 

The King Cobra F-Max Airspeed is one of the lightest drivers on the market. This is not an adjustable golf club; it has a low and fixed center of gravity.

The crown on the F-Max is made with a carbon fiber material that helped Cobra save another 10 grams when they designed this club. 

When choosing a driver for the senior golfer, the shaft is an essential component. The shaft on the King Cobra Airspeed is a 40-gram Cobra shaft.

This is about as lightweight and forgiving as you are going to see a golf shaft in a modern-day driver.

The flex and the weight will only add to the golfer’s ability to release the golf club and send the ball headed towards the target. 

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed is an offset club, so it is much easier to hit it straight if you are struggling with a slice.

Many senior golfers are finding that the Airspeed driver is helping them get their swing speed back, their distance and start to hit the ball straight again.

Cobra Speedback F9 Driver

Best Anti Slice Driver for Lower Handicappers


  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to manage ball flight
  • Lots of distance and ball speed


  • Is not built explicitly as an anti slice driver

A slice is a miss that even better players have to deal with from time to time. Some golfers’ swings are just more prone to an occasional slice.

If you are a lower handicap player that knows a draw bias or offset driver is not going to be the right fit for your game, then something adjustable might do the trick. 

We love the Speedback driver by Cobra because it has an incredible feel and a ton of adjustability.

This aerodynamic clubhead design is perfect for golfers who like to work the ball, want plenty of distance but may need to set the clubface slightly closed. 

The Speedback has a large sweet spot, but you can still work the ball if you want to.

Overall this is a very high-end driver that works well for a wide range of handicaps.

Why Am I Slicing My Driver?

Slicing the golf driver typically has to do with the angle that your club face makes when you hit the golf ball. The slice is a frustrating golf shot because the ball is hit with an open club face, and there are often several reasons why the club face is open at impact. 

Some players swing the club steeper than they should, and this adds to the overall issues with a slice. In addition, there are golfers that tend to release the club a little bit late, and that will also make the ball slice. 

The club that you are currently using is also sometimes a problem when it comes to slicing a golf ball. If the club is too stiff for you or there is not enough draw bias, chances are you could end up with a slice. 

What to look for when buying an offset driver?

The offset driver is the most forgiving type of golf driver on the market. For golfers that slice the ball and need that extra forgiveness in the club head, the offset driver can do the trick. With an offset club head, you will have no trouble straightening the ball out and hitting straight shots again. Here are a few things to look for when buying an offset driver. 

Center of Gravity 

The center of gravity in an offset driver should be quite low. A lower center of gravity can help a player hit the ball higher while decreasing the overall spin that a player gets from their driver. A low center of gravity is important to help players that slice the golf ball and need help straitening it out. 


The higher the loft of the driver, the easier it is to hit the ball straight. The only problem with a high lofted driver club head is that you won’t be able to get quite as much distance. Luckily the golf drivers for fixing a slice have become more forgiving even in the 10.5 to 11.5-degree loft range. Therefore this tends to be one of the best lofts for the golfer that slices the ball. 


The adjustability of a golf driver can help golfers change the face angle and be able to get the ball to fly straighter. The only issue with adjustability is that it can sometimes lead to a driver being a bit heavier. If you want a club that will work for you as you are slicing and then still work as you fix your slice, adjustability is key.

Draw Bias 

Some golf drivers have a draw bias on the outside of the club head, and others are going to have an internal draw bias. The key is when purchasing an offset driver to fix a slice; you want some kind of draw bias. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have some of this figured out, you likely still have a few questions about the overall forgiveness and anti slice features of a golf driver. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Can I add extra weight to my driver to reduce a slice?

Adding extra weight to a driver to reduce a slice is only a fix if a golf club shaft or club head weight is much too light for a golfer’s swing. There are numerous reasons why you can slice a golf driver, and because of that, you need to consider the cause before you start adding weight to the club head.

After buying a draw driver, should I continue working on my swing?

Purchasing a golf driver with draw bias is not going to be a fix to your slice. You will still need to work on trying to straighten things out. In addition, golfers need to spend the time to increase their overall performance as a player and try to become better. With a draw driver in your hands, this is going to be much easier, but it is not a magic solution.

Can a draw bias driver actually correct my slice?

A draw bias driver is capable of fixing a slice; however, you must also work on your golf swing to reduce the spin that is causing the slice. The combination of draw bias and a bit of work put in by the golfer can lead to a much better experience on the golf course.

What to Look For When Buying A Driver for Slice?

Now that you have the inside scoop as to the best drivers on the market, you have to start narrowing down which one is for you.

Here are a few of the most common questions asked about how to choose the best driver for your game. 

Does Draw and Offset Drivers Fix Slices? 

Many golf drivers are made to be draw bias or offset. These two things are done both designed to help a golfer fix a slice that they should be struggling with.

The common misconception that golfers have is that these features are going to fix a slice completely. This is not true. 

The draw and offset features on a club head are to help make a slice better, but it will not fix it completely.

Golfers will have to work on their technique, their fundamentals, and their consistency to fix a slice. Equipment can make things easier, but it won’t be a magic fix. 

Why Am I Hitting A Slice With My Driver? 

There are many reasons that you may be hitting a slice with your driver.

Here are a few of the most common. 

  • The driver is not the right shaft flex for your game
  • The driver is too long for you
  • You are not releasing the golf club as you swing through the impact position 
  • Your clubface is open at impact
  • There is too much body movement for you to square up the golf club consistently 

How Do I Stop Hitting A Slice? 

In order to start working on fixing your slice, you must first figure out the reason behind your slice. If your slice is equipment related, you will have a really easy fix.

If your slice is linked to the fundaments of your game, then it is going to take a bit more time. 

One mistake the golfers make is they try and start fixing the slice with the driver. Most of the time, you can work on the technique needed to fix your slice using a seven or eight iron instead.

Once you get the swing movements down, you can then switch to a driver and try it out. 

Swinging a driver takes a lot of work, and standing on the range hitting drive after drive after drive is probably not going to be the quickest way to fix your slice.

Spend time working on the motions needed to fix your swing, regardless of what club that you have in your hands.  

What Golf Shaft Is Best For A Golfer That Slices? 

If you are purchasing a new driver, you must choose something with the proper golf shaft. Many times golfers play with a club that is too stiff for them, and it leads to a slice.

If you don’t have the clubhead speed or the timing to hit with a stiff shaft than you should not be using one. It is not all that difficult to get your clubhead speed measured; you should have an idea of how fast you swing a driver. 

If you purchase a draw bias driver and it is not the right shaft flex for you, there will very likely still be issues with keeping the ball straight. 

If your swing speed is 90mph or less, then you should be swinging a regular shafted club. If you are swinging less than about 77 mph, then the senior shafted club will be the best choice.

Since the shaft of the club is probably the most essential part to consider, make sure that you are choosing something that will help fix your slice, not make it worse. 


A slice is something that you are going to want to fix as soon as you possibly can. Traditionally the longer a slice stays around, the longer it will take to get rid of it.

The M6 D-Type driver is the best driver for a slice.

You will immediately see how this corrective face angle can help your golf ball head straight down the fairway.

The M6 is reasonably priced, and you are not going to have to sacrifice any distance for the increased forgiveness that you get with this club. 

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