6 Best Drivers For Slow Swing Speed in 2022

When you don’t swing the club very fast, distance can be an issue. There are plenty of drivers on the market that will help golfers with a slow swing speed get the distance that they need.

A driver for a slow swing speed player is usually very lightweight, forgiving, and has a hot clubface to help promote extra distance.

Here are our favorite drivers for the golfers with the slowest swing speeds.

Best Driver for Slow Swing Speed: Cobra F-Max Airspeed Driver


  • Very lightweight
  • Heal biased
  • Comes in an offset version
  • Easy to launch


  • Won’t work well when swing speeds increase

At the top of our list is the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Driver. This club easily earns a spot at the top because it is built with the slower swinging golfer in mind.

Everything about this club is lightweight and forgiving, and it is all designed to help give players more club head speed than they have had before. 

A few years ago, Cobra started creating clubs that were not only lighter in the clubhead but also in the shaft and the grip as well. The club is a 270-gram driver, which is incredibly low when it comes to the standard weighting for a golf club. 

If you struggle to get the clubhead speed you need, the Cobra will increase it. In addition to the extra speed, this is also a heel biased driver, which helps golfers who tend to get a bit of left to right ball flight on their shots.

You will be able to hit this club straight, and the low spin will help it continue down the fairway. The only downside of the Airspeed is that you may need to switch drivers if you start picking up some clubhead speed. 

There is no better choice for golfers shopping for drivers in the slow swing speed category than the Cobra Airspeed.

Runner Up 1: Callaway Rogue Driver


  • Jailbreak technology
  • Large sweet spot
  • Forgiving club head
  • Fair pricing


  • Sound and feel is not as great as the new Mavrik

The Callaway Rogue is not the newest release, but it is certainly capable of helping golfers that do not swing the club all that fast.

With this club, you are going to see the ultimate in distance and performance the second it leaves the clubface. 

With the Callaway Rogue, you are getting a great technology combination because Callaway decided to pair up with Boeing on this driver.

Callaway was looking for a way to help their club travel faster through the air, and Boeing was certainly the right resource. 

The distance you can get with the Callaway Rogue and its carbon composite crown is some of the longest that golf has seen. You also get some great shaft choices with the Rogue with lightweight options as low as forty grams.

Runner Up 2: Cleveland HB Turbo Launcher


  • Fairly priced
  • Lots of ball speed
  • Lightweight


  • Not adjustable, so you are stuck with the loft you purchase

As great as an adjustable driver is, if you have a swing speed that is a bit slower, then you should be looking at something without adjustability.

When a driver is adjustable, there is added weight in the hosel, and this will potentially slow down a golfer with a very slow swing. 

The Cleveland HB Turbo Launcher has Turbocharged Cup Face technology. This helps golfers get the speed they need even if their swing speed is lacking slightly. T

he HB Turbo Launcher has the Hibore crown that players have become accustomed to in the Cleveland woods. 

This Hibore crown allows for a lower center of gravity and a much higher launch. Slow swing speed golfers tend to struggle with the launch in addition to distance.

The newly designed Miyazaki shaft is a counterbalanced design with more weight towards the player’s hands. This allows for a higher MOI at impact.

Epic Flash Star

Best Premium Driver for Low Speed Swing


  • Very lightweight
  • High launching
  • Carbon crown


  • Very expensive

The Epic Flash Star is one of the highest performing and most expensive golf drivers.

You will not find a golf driver on the market more lightweight and able to help the slower swinging golfer than this Epic Flash Star. 

The Epic Flash Star features a T2C Triaxial Carbon fabric, which has helped to lower the center of gravity and provide a much higher launch on this club.

Generally, players with slower swing speeds tend to struggle with ball flight as well. With the Epic Flash Star, you will not have to worry about ball flight

Inside the Epic Flash Star, you will notice that the internal Jailbreak bars will stiffen and help golfers get some extra ball speed off the clubface.

Callaway used Artificial Intelligence when creating this club, and you can truly tell by the performance that it offers. 

The only real downside to the Epic Flash Star is the pricing. Because of the premium materials that were used to put this driver together, the price is high.

Callaway Mavrik Max

Best Driver For 90 MPH Swing Speed


  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Very low center of gravity


  • Expensive new release

The new Callaway Mavrik driver is one of the most technologically advanced clubs that golf has ever seen.

Callaway used Artificial Intelligence to perfectly place the center of gravity in this club and give golfers with a slower swing speed the best chance at more distance. 

The Callaway Mavrik Max is made with a new FS2S Titanium face that is considerably lighter than other options on the market.

The lighter face not only promotes more speed but some extra forgiveness as well. Callaway did not do away with their Jailbreak technology when they created the Mavrik. 

The two Jailbreak bars will sit behind the face and help to promote a very high MOI.

One of the reasons we recommended the adjustable Mavrik Max as the best choice for the slower swing speed players is the ability to customize the launch.

Sometimes with a slower swing speed, you will not get the ball flight that you want, but you can make adjustments to the Mavrik Max to make it a better fit for you.

Callaway Epic Max Driver

Best Driver For 85 MPH Swing Speed


  • Designed using artificial intelligence
  • Very high balls speeds 
  • Adjustable driver with OptiFit hosel 
  • Up to 20 yards of shot shape correction


  • In addition to being one of the fastest drivers from Callaway, it is also one of the most expensiveWon’t be as long as the new SIM Max

Callaway has a brand new line of drivers on the market called the Callaway Epic Max. The Callaway Epic Max driver is created using Artificial Intelligence to make it one of the fastest drivers of all time for Callaway. 

For golfers that have a swing speed of less than 85 mph, speed is going to be essential. It is nearly impossible to get the ball speed that you need if the driver you are using is not helping to promote an impressive launch and speed right off the club face. 

The Epic Max driver has saved 19 grams of weight from previous versions. This was redistributed and used to make the Jailbreak Speed Frame even more effective.

Overall we are really impressed with the forgiveness this driver has as well. 

When players start to swing the club a little slower, sometimes the forgiveness in a driver needs to be increased as well. If you are losing speed or feel as though your driver needs an upgrade, this is a really smart choice to consider. This is also a great beginner golf driver.

Buyers Guide

Now that you know the best drivers on the market for the slower swinging golfer, you have to narrow down, which is the best choice for you.

There are a few key questions to ask yourself before deciding on your final purchase. 

What Shaft Is The Best For My Swing Speed? 

The shaft that is best for your swing will match your strength, ball flight, and speed. If you swing the club faster, you need a stiffer shaft. If you swing the club slower, than you need a more flexible shaft. 

Generally speaking, if your swing speed is over 95 mph, then you should be swinging a stiff shaft.

If your speed is more than 75 but less than 95, then the regular will be the best choice. For the golfers who have a hard time reaching 75mph with their swings, the senior shaft is the way to go. 

Most of the time, golfers swing their drivers faster than any other club in the bag. If your irons are regular, your driver will sometimes be a stiff shaft, which is perfectly acceptable. 

How Do I Increase My Swing Speed On My Driver? 

There are many different ways to increase the swing speed on your driver.

Here are a few of the most efficient ways to get it done. 

  • Get in better physical shape
  • Increase the efficiency of your swing, make sure your mechanics are really good
  • Swing with a weighted club at times to help increase your strength
  • Make sure that the golf club you are using is not too heavy for you to swing 
  • Don’t hold back and try and control your shots, fully release the club and finish your swing each time. 

Check out our 10 Golf Swing Tips that will help you improve your game.

What Loft Is The Best For A Slower Swinging Golfer? 

One of the things that slower swinging golfers are going to struggle with is launch.

The more speed you have, the higher the golf ball is going to launch. For faster swinging players, sometimes launch can be a problem as they start to hit the ball a bit too high.

When this happens, the faster swinging golfers must switch to a heavier shaft to control the flight. 

If you struggle with speed and distance, you will not want less than 10.5 degrees of loft. There is a misconception in the world of golf that the lower lofted golf clubs will travel further, and this is just not true. 

The golf ball needs to stay in the air for quite some time to get the most distance possible out of your driver. Another significant factor is low spin. A high launching, low spinning driver, will still travel a very long way. 

Slower swinging golfers will struggle with golf clubs that have 9 or 9.5 degrees of loft.

Going to 12 degrees can be a great option for forgiveness, but sometimes it can cause too high of a launch.

If you are unsure which loft is best for your swing speeds, you will do well with an adjustable lofted driver. 


When we do reviews of the best drivers on the market, we always try to come up with a good range of options that will leave all golfers a few great choices.

Taking the time to find out the best driver for low speed swing, there can be a bit exhausting.

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed stands out as the best for the slower swing golfer. This is the most lightweight driver Cobra offers, and it will help you increase how far you can hit the golf ball.

With Cobra continuing to keep the pricing on their clubs extremely fair, you have no reason not to give the Airspeed a try today.

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