7 Best Illegal Golf Drivers in 2022

If you don’t play in many golf tournaments, the non-conforming golf driver could be a great choice to consider.

Non-conforming drivers are able to go past the limits of the USGA and offer players benefits that the major golf manufacturers cant with their conforming clubs.

There are many non conforming drivers on the market, but some are quite a bit better than others. We put together a list of the best illegal golf drivers in 2022.

Best Illegal golf Driver: Money Club High Launch 520cc 10.5° Driver


  • 10.5 degrees of loft is good for high launch 
  • Lightweight graphite shaft
  • 520cc for extra long distance


  • The sound is a bit harsh

The Men’s Money Club is the best non conforming driver on the market. This club got its name for a reason, and that reason is that you can count on it.

One of the things you will notice is that the Money Club High Launch is very consistent. If you are going to get an illegal golf driver, you may as well get something that you can count on. 

The Money club comes with a loft of 10.5 degrees and a 520cc club head size. The current USGA limit on club head size is 460cc, so this is the main reason the club is illegal. Larger club head sizes typically lead to an extra distance for the players

Another great feature of this driver is the fact that it is made with a premium lightweight graphite shaft. The regular flex graphite shaft helps golfers to get some extra club head speed as well.

When you combine that extra speed with the large club head, the results are quite impressive. 

Runner Up 1: 515cc Non-conforming Custom Golf Driver


  • Spring effect on the club face
  • Large golf driver but not too large
  • One of the more affordable golf drivers


  • Face feels a little hot and can feel hard

If the Sooolong is not the best choice for your game, the 515cc Non-conforming is a great choice.

We like the 515cc size as it is just a little closer to the 460cc legal limit.

If, at some point, you decide that you want to switch back to a conforming driver, you will find that transition is a little less complicated.

This is a perfect driver; if you have been struggling with distance, this 515cc driver will help you gain it back.

Golfers are finding that this club is giving them 20 to 30 more yards. The face on the driver is the Forged SP 700 Beta Titanium Face.

This face has a spring effect that allows the ball to jump off like a trampoline.

If you are not worried about the rules of golf and playing with an illegal golf club, this is a fairly priced, easily customizable golf club to consider.

Intech Golf Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

Best Illegal Golf Driver for Distance


  • Large club head
  • The traditional looking club head
  • Lots of distance
  • Lightweight shaft


  • Sound is not great

Most of the time, people are looking for distance when they decide to look into illegal golf drivers.

The Intech Golf is a very long driver when you are looking for pure distance. Again the Intech will surpass the USGA legal limit by about 60cc. This allows for a much larger club head and sweet spot. 

One of the things we love the best about the Intech golf driver is the Behemoth shaft that it comes with. This is a very lightweight shaft, matched with the large clubhead size to make sure that you can swing this golf club fast. 

One of the main factors that golfers need to consider when it comes to illegal golf drivers you have to consider that the shaft is just as important as the club head.

If you have a golf shaft that does not match the swing, you will still struggle to get the distance you need.

Heater Ghost 175 Gram Ultra Lite

Best Illegal Golf Driver for Slow Swing Speeds


  • Great for slower swing speeds
  • Very lightweight
  • Lightweight shaft


  • Not great for a faster swinging golfer

Sometimes a lack of distance is caused by slow swing speed. If you are lacking in club head or ball speed, the Heater Ghost 175 Gram Ultra Lite is a good driver.

Sometimes golfers that are new to the game or need some help when it comes to speed will look for a non conforming driver. 

One of the things that makes this driver stand apart from the crowd is that it also has a very lightweight shaft. The Heater Ghost is a highly engineered driver that offers quite a bit of performance for a very low price. 

The Heater Ghost reminds many people of the TaylorMade Superfast driver that came out many years ago.

Geek Golf Fail Safe 3 (FS3) Driver

Best Cheap Illegal Golf Driver


  • Very fast ball speed
  • Higher trajectory
  • Crown waves on the club head for better kinetic energy
  • Fair pricing


  • Not the best feeling driver on the market

Some of the non conforming golf drivers on the market can get quite expensive. This is a bit disappointing since you are not able to use these golf drivers in tournaments.

However, the Geek Golf Fail Safe 3 is a very fair price and a really smart club to consider for golfers. 

The Geek Golf Fail Safe is built for distance, trajector and tons of kinetic energy. If you want to hit the ball a long way, this is the club to do it with. 

One of our favorite things about the Geek Golf Fail Safe is that it comes in three different lofts. Many illegal golf drivers only come in one loft, and sometimes the shaft options can be limited as well.

Having the chance to choose the best loft for your game makes this a really great choice for those seeking value and performance. 

The low loft of 7.5 allows the fastest swinging players to be able to get the trajectory that they need. 

Magic Distance Anti-Slice Long Custom Draw Driver

Best Illegal Golf Driver for a Slice


  • It can be made custom to your needs
  • Large offset
  • Will fight against side spin
  • Trampoline like effect off the club face


  • Not an excellent choice for the golfer that hits hooks and slices, for slicers only

A slice is probably the most frustrating shot in golf. If you told some golfers that they might have to give up golf tournaments if they wanted to fix their slice, they would likely gladly give it up. This is because the slice can feel nearly impossible for some players to hit with. 

When you purchase the Magic Distance Offset Slice Killer Draw Anti Slice Custom Driver, you can get long and straight shots, even if you put that side spin or slice spin on them.

Most of the time, I am a golfer that hits a draw; however, when the slice comes out from time to time, I get extremely frustrated. Part of what makes a slice so challenging to watch is that it also loses distance in addition to losing direction. 

The Magic DIstance Offset Slice Killer Driver keeps your golf ball closer to being on the line with the help of the offset, high loft, and the 700 Beta Titanium Face.

You will quickly notice the large club head size and how much room there is for the ball to strike near the sweet spot. 

For more information, visit our definitive guide to the best drivers for a slice on the market.

Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw

Best Illegal Golf Driver for Seniors


  • Draw bias
  • Lightweight shaft
  • Beta titanium face


  • Not good for faster swinging players

For senior golfers that don’t play in tournaments, there is almost no reason not to try out golf drivers that are illegal.

The Power Play Juggernaut does not conform to the rules of golf, but it offers seniors the performance that they need in a driver. 

The Juggernaut is a 515cc club head that allows a lot of forgiveness even if you miss the center of the club face. The clubface is made with beta titanium that increases the Moment of Inertia.

The Juggernaut is an offset club that helps to increase the ability to hit the driver straight. 

Conforming drivers offer much more for the senior golfer than they did in the past, but these illegal golf drivers increase the sweet spot and the speed that golfers can get.

As a senior golfer, you want the game to be as fun and as easy as possible, and the Juggernaut Beta Titanium Face is one of the best illegal golf drivers for that. 

Non Conforming Driver Buyers Guide

Now that you have an idea as to what you can expect from a performance and cost standpoint, it’s hard to narrow down which one is the best for your golf swing.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you purchase a non conforming driver. 

What Is an Illegal Golf Driver? 

Non conforming drivers do not meet the USGA requirements for being fair to use in a tournament setting.

The main reason that a golf driver is illegal is that it does not meet the 460cc requirements set forth by the USGA. 

Conforming golf drivers can be no larger than 460cc. This helps keep the sweet spot a standard size and the distance fair for everyone.

The rules of golf are critical to keep intact so that the game’s integrity stays in place. 

What Golf Shafts Are Available In The Non-Conforming Golf Drivers?

Even when swinging the longest hitting illegal driver, you will miss out on performance if the shaft is not high performing. This is where you need to be careful when you purchase an illegal driver.

The best non conforming driver will give you a few shaft options to choose from, including stiff, regular, and even senior shafts. 

If you seek lots of distance and have a fast swing speed, you must make sure that the driver you choose can accommodate that speed. The last thing you want is a shaft that breaks after a few uses. 

Do Major Manufacturers Make Illegal Golf Drivers? 

Most major golf manufacturers make conforming drivers. The majority of golfers want a club that they can use in tournaments and one that the USGA says is legal.

Since most golfers don’t want to get themselves accustomed to a non-conforming driver only to have to switch to conforming drivers for tournaments, these clubs can be a little tricky to find at times. 

Even though the major manufacturers like to stick to conforming drivers, there are plenty of look-a-like models on the market. The Heater driver we reviewed is a TaylorMade look-alike with a very hot face and lots of distance. 


Some golfers believe that drivers should all conform to the rules of golf. Other golfers will take whatever advantage they can get to increase performance off the tee box.

The Money Club High Launch 520cc 10.5° Driver is the best illegal driver that we came across.

If you are going to play with an illegal club, you may as well play with one that is extremely long and ready to give you that extra performance that you are looking for.

Always make sure that all of your clubs are legal before participating in a USGA sanctioned golf event or even a tournament at your own home course. The game is only fair when everyone has the same advantages when it comes to equipment.

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