7 Best TaylorMade Drivers 2024: Find Your Perfect Match

TaylorMade, as a company, is very focused on speed. They want to give players the highest ball speeds on the market, and they do a great job of it.

Luckily there are several TaylorMade Drivers currently on the market for you to choose from.

We have tried to narrow down, which are the best, and give you some insight as to which one will make the most sense for your golf game.

Here are the best TaylorMade drivers on the market

Our Best TaylorMade Drivers 2024

Best TaylorMade Driver: TaylorMade SIM Max


  • Adjustable loft
  • Highest ball speeds on the market
  • Very forgiving
  • Speed injection technology


  • Expensive newer release

The TaylorMade SIM Max is the latest and greatest when it comes to the Taylor lineup. Everything about this club screams new and top of the line.

It takes everything that Taylormade has learned about speed and forgiveness in the last few years and combines it into a high performing and incredibly impressive driver. 

The SIM Max has a revolutionary new shape and provides a very high moment of inertia. The Speed Injected face that was introduced on the M6 has returned with the SIM Max.

If you want to make sure that your driver is as close to the legal limit for speed as possible, the SIM Max is the way to go. 

The Twist Face technology also helps to make sure that the SIM Max offers players tons of added forgiveness when they get to that impact position. If you tend to miss the ball slightly off the clubface center, the SIM Max will have your back. 

Available in a SIM, Sim Max, and SIM Max OS, there is a SIM driver for any golfer out there.

Best For Beginner: TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver


  • Very low pricing
  • Large sweet spot
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Plenty of distance


  • Not as long as the newer SIM Max

A beginner does not always need to spend $500 on a driver with all the latest technology. One of the best drivers on the market for a beginner is the RBZ Black.

This is not the newest club, but it has some great ball speed, is perfect for mid to slower swing speed golfers, and is forgiving enough to help promote straighter shots. 

The RBZ Black has an adjustable loft sleeve and was known for being a forgiving driver that offered plenty of distance for golfers.

The Matrix White Tie shaft that is used in these drivers make it high launching as well.

Best Value: TaylorMade M6 Driver


  • Large sweet spot
  • Produces straighter shots
  • Speed injected face


  • Sound is not as great as the SIM Max driver

When we say that the M6 is the best value, we don’t mean that it is the cheapest driver on the market. This club is packed with distance, performance, and forgiveness, and all of it is offered at a very fair price. 

The M6 features the speed injected face technology that the SIM Max has. The very large sweet spot is injected with a high performing resin to ensure that each driver offers very high ball speed levels. 

The Speed Pocket technology has been improved since its original release, and golfers feel as though they get effortless distance with these M6 drivers.

We love the high performing Fujikura Atmos shaft and the low spin that the clubhead produces.

Even though this is not the latest release from TaylorMade, this is a driver you will have in your golf bag for a very long time.

Best For Lower Handicap Golfer: TaylorMade M5 Tour Driver


  • Highly adjustable
  • The smaller, more traditional size club head
  • Lots of workability
  • Long distance


  • Not all that forgiving

Even though TaylorMade focuses a lot of their equipment on the higher handicapper, they always make a driver or two that will work for the lower handicap player as well.

The M5 Tour was one of the best low handicap drivers that they ever made. 

This driver was wildly popular on Tour, and there are many PGA Tour wins attributed to the M5 Tour’s use.

One of the most interesting things about this driver is that the head is smaller than the M6 or the SIM Max, yet players don’t notice a lack of distance. 

This is a club built for high swing speed players who also like adjustability. The inverse T track makes adjusting this driver to fit your needs effortlessly.

This is the kind of driver that will listen to what you want and allow you to manipulate your shots in any way you choose. 

Best Cheap Option: TaylorMade M2 Driver


  • Speed pocket technology
  • Great forgiveness
  • Easy to launch


  • Not the latest technology, won’t be as long as the SIM line of drivers

The M2 driver is several years old, which is partly why the pricing has decreased so much. The good news is that the lower price has nothing to do with this club being poor quality.

If you have an older driver in your bag and need to update to a 460cc high performing club with an adjustable loft sleeve, this is the club for you. 

The M2 is the driver that kicked off all of this speed pocket and high-performance technology in all of the current TaylorMade drivers.

The M2 has a larger sweet spot than the previous M1 drivers and can give players plenty of distance. You will notice that the speed injected face technology was not part of this line of drivers, but you still get plenty of distance

This is a perfect driver for golfers who need an upgrade but don’t want to break the bank in the process. 

Best For Forgiveness: TaylorMade SIM Max D


  • Speed pocket technology
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Draw bias


  • Not great for golfers who hit the ball straight

The best TaylorMade driver for forgiveness is the new SIM Max D. Each time Taylor comes out with a driver; they usually make a draw bias version to help the golfers who are prone to a slice.

If this describes you, the SIM Max D will be a great option to consider. 

The SIM Max D features the same twist face and loft sleeve that the standard SIM Max has, but it has a few additional technologies to help straighten out a slice.

The SIM Max D has an internal draw bias that will help golfers close the clubface as they get to the impact position. If you are prone to slices with your drivers, this is a great choice. 

The SIM Max D also has some great launch and low spin as well. Although this new technology is not cheap, it can be very well worth it if you start getting the distance and forgiveness you need off the tee. 

TaylorMade Driver Buying Guide

Now that you know which TaylorMade drivers are the best out there, how will you choose the one for you?

We will help you with that by answering a few of the common questions related to these drivers. 

What Does The Loft Sleeve Allow You To Adjust? 

The loft sleeve will allow you to adjust the drivers’ loft, lie, and face angle. Not all drivers are adjustable, but the ones that have the loft sleeve will allow you this benefit.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have as much pressure on you when initially buying your club. You can purchase something within the range and then fine-tune it to work for you when you get it. 

Adjustability is a great feature for those working to improve their game, and they need something that allows for some growth and change of technique. 

What Handicap Golfer Should Use the TaylorMade SIM Driver?

As we mentioned in our review, the SIM is one of three golf drivers in the series. There is the SIM, SIM Max, and the SIM Max D.

If we had to break this down into handicaps, we would suggest that single-digit handicaps stick with the SIM Driver. 

The golfers with 8-20 or so will probably enjoy the SIM Max driver. Golfers with above a 20 handicap will do the best with the SIM Max D draw-biased driver.

Of course, these rules are not set in stone, but you will want to choose one that helps you improve your game and does not hold you back from becoming a better player. 

Are the Stock TaylorMade Driver Shafts Good For All Golfers? 

The most recent TaylorMade drivers come with the Fujikura Atmos shafts. These shafts are built to produce very high levels of ball speed.

Although you can purchase a SIM driver with any shaft that you want, the stock shafts are incredibly high performing. 

Golfers need to remember that the stock shafts are the ones that go through rigorous product testing as well.

The TaylorMade company makes sure that this is the best possible clubhead/shaft combination before releasing the club to the masses. It is one of the top golf driver shafts.

What Is The Best TaylorMade Driver Ever? 

Everyone will have a different opinion as to which TaylorMade driver stands out as the best. Some will say it is the old Burner; some will claim that the new SIM Max is the clear winner.

However, if you look at the stats and what has sold the most, the M6 stands out. The M4 driver is not all that far behind.

It’s hard for us to convince ourselves that the speed pocket technology doesn’t have something to do with that. 


Hopefully, you now feel better equipped to choose your new driver. Although each club on this list has some great features and benefits, the brand new TaylorMade SIM Max stands out as the best choice.

The ball speed is unmatched, the feel and sound are just about perfect, and you will be amazed at how forgiving this club is. 

If your budget doesn’t have room for the SIM, Max don’t feel bad about going for the M6. This is truly one of the greatest golf drivers that the game has ever seen. 

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