Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review – Performance That Defies Convention 2022

If you read any Callaway Mavrik Max driver review, it will always have something about the technology that went into designing this futuristic driver. The material used to create the Callaway Mavrik Max is six grams lighter than traditional materials, the technology used improves ball speed and overall clubhead efficiency. This article will look at all these great features and more.

After Callaway’s 2019 success with the bestseller Epic Flash driver, it was always going to be interesting to see if they could improve on what was seen as their best driver yet. Callaway is now pushing boundaries by using Artificial Intelligence in product design. The Mavrik Max driver continues this AI trend, and it certainly looks like the company has hit the nail on the head. 

The Mavrik Max driver has been featured in the top 10 of most performance lists and charts in its first year of production. It tested at a mile an hour faster when tested against other drivers of the same specifications and was near the top for accuracy. The combination of speed and accuracy possessed by the Mavrik Max defies convention and appeals to a wide range of handicaps. 

Tests have been conducted with Mavrik Max all over the world, in varying weather conditions. Indoor tests have brought different results than those done outside. Beginners and high handicappers also found the Mavrik Max a great option with its ease of launch. Callaway added great features that allow for the adjustment of feel and even forgiveness, as you will find out in this article. 

There is a lot of comparison with the Epic Flash, but, as you will see, the Mavrik Max is in a class of its own. 

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review











The Callaway Mavrik Max Driver is a tech-packed club designed to help a wide variety of players hit the fairways, but it still has a classic look. There are slight improvements on the Mavrik Standard, but the Mavrik Max does not excel above the Standard in terms of looks.

Design and Looks 

Callaway shaped the Mavrik Max driver like the Rogue and Epic Flash. The difference on the Max comes in that its sole is flatter than the standard version, with a large footprint. Callaway designed the taller face for a much easier strike, which is one of the great features of this club.

The color scheme is black laced with orange and white accents like all the other Mavrik drivers, with a carbon fiber crown. There are widely varied views on the orange trimmings. The good news is that the club is fully customizable if you are someone who does not like the color. It also spots two interchangeable weight slots near the heel and rear. 

Callaway slightly changed the sole shape from the “Cyclone Aero” shape on the Standard; the Mavrik Max has a flatter crown and a sweeping sole from front to back. The design makes the head appear larger than the Standard but is a 460cc, which is the legal limit and the same size as the  Standard. The Max Standard still looks better overall than the Mavrik Max, in our opinion, but looks are the very last thing on anyone’s mind when using the Mavrik Max.

Sound and Feel

There are very few, if any, negative reviews about the Mavrik Max driver. Most of the critics and professionals who tested this driver professed love for the sound and feel of the Mavrik Max. 

The small clickiness found in the Max Standard is present, along with the solid sound of the whack. We can best describe the sound produced by the Max as a kind of muted crack that is more natural than what the Standard had and delightful to hear.  

The feel is even more stable and solid than with the Standard. The Mavrik Max has a confidence-inspiring feel that a good game-improvement driver should always have. There is a 14g weight at the back of the club and a 2g weight at the heel that allows you to change the feel. The heavier 14g weight tends to result in a maximum moment of inertia. 

Key Features of Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

The technology invested by Callaway into the making of the Mavrik Max causes it to stand out amongst its peers. All the features found on the standard version are there, but with improvements. Let us take a look at the stand-out features below.

  • TSC Triaxial Carbon is a new, six-gram lighter material used for the crown. It allows for the saved weight to be used in bettering the moment of inertia and that all-important forgiveness. 
  • Jailbreak Technology places more impact load on the face and increases ball speeds by placing vertical bars behind the face, connecting the crown and the sole.
  • FS2S Titanium gives the Mavrik Max better overall performance because it is lighter than regular titanium. Callaway used FS2S titanium in the design of the face. 
  • Flash Face SS20 is the AI generated face that improves ball speeds over a large area of the face and is a step up from the Epic Flash’s Face. 
  • New Cyclone Aero design has a flatter crown with a sweeping sole from front to back, which helps with overall club performance. 

We have already touched on the two interchangeable weights that allow you to adjust shot shape bias and forgiveness. Placing the 14g weight in the back gives maximum stability and forgiveness, while putting it on the heel provides maximum bias for faders and slicers. High handicappers and beginners will find this feature extremely helpful as it can turn average shots into great ones.   

Performance of Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Over the past two years, golfers and reviewers have tested the Callaway Mavrik Max in different conditions, with most of these tests resulting in almost the same conclusion. The Mavrik Max is head and shoulders above its peers in performance. Callaway designed this club for maximum distance, forgiveness, and launch. 












If we compare it with the standard version, Mavrik Max comes up shorter. This can be attributed to it having a higher moment of inertia and forgiveness, leading to more spin with less carry and rollout. The Mavrik Max designers went for the maximum distance that these club specifications  could allow for and achieved it. 

The distance of the Mavrik Max is the same as that of the Rogue driver of old, which is pretty decent.


This is where the interchangeable weights come into their own. The 14g rear weight ensures that mis-hits do not lose too much distance and go too far off line. You can imagine what a sweet spot strike will do for you when hit with this club. Unlike many drivers with changeable weight, the weighting system on the Mavrik Max makes a meaningful difference and is very useful. 

The Mavrik Standard is impressively forgiving. The Mavrik Max takes that forgiveness even further. By allowing a computer to design individual Mavrik faces, Callaway has managed to dial down spin variation, giving the effect of a higher moment of inertia. Mavrik is 13% more accurate than Epic Flash, even though it has a lower moment of inertia.  


The Mavrik Max is one of the easiest hits in golf, and that’s not an exaggeration. Testers could set up and be on the fairway in a solid ball flight within minutes. 

Most golfers find it a bit more difficult to shape shots with the Mavrik Max, but this is typical of all game-improvement clubs.

Pros and Cons of Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

The Mavrik Max was designed to supersede all expectations, especially coming after the champion Epic Flash, and in most regards, it does just that. Let’s check out some of the pros and cons of the club below.




  • Easiest launch ever 
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Solid and stable 
  • Interchangeable weights that work and make a helpful difference



  • The colors might put some golfers off
  • It does not work well with high swing speeds


Is Mavrik Max a good driver?

According to the official Callaway website, the Mavrik Max has a 4.8/5 customer rating, and it is 100% highly recommended. Global Golf gives it a rating of 4.9/5, while at CGPO, it has a rating of 4.8/5. People who have used this driver say it is very easy to launch, has a solid feel, is very forgiving, and the draw bias is a great help for those who struggle with slice. It is one of the best selling clubs on places like Amazon.

Callaway used AI technology to design the Mavrik Max, giving it a rare but great combination of speed and accuracy. Golfers and reviewers have tested it in different weather conditions worldwide with awesome results. The Max was designed for maximum distance, maximum forgiveness and launch. You also get a high ball flight with this club. High handicappers can also use it because it is easy to launch.

Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson use the Mavrik clubs on tour, which tells you that it is a very good driver.  

What is the difference between Mavrik and Mavrik Max drivers?

  • The Mavrik Standard has more appealing looks than the Mavrik Max.
  • The cyclone aero shape is different. The Max has a flatter crown and sweeping sole from front to back.
  • Mavrik Standard has mid-spin and moderate draw bias, while the Max has a high moment of inertia and maximum draw bias.
  • The Mavrik Max launches more effortlessly than the Mavrik Standard.
  • The Mavrik Max has interchangeable weights to adjust the feel and forgiveness, unlike the Mavrik Standard.
  • The sound of the Mavrik Max is more natural than that of the Standard.
  • The head of the Max is designed to look bigger, but it is 460 cc, just like the Standard.
  • The Mavrik Max was designed with materials that are six grams lighter than the Standard, giving it a better overall performance.

Is Callaway Mavrik driver good for high handicappers?

The Mavrik Max is a great option for beginners and high handicappers because it is very easy to hit. It makes your misses less severe with an ultra-stable design meant for high launch with maximum draw bias. 

The club has interchangeable weights. There is a setting for maximum forgiveness and a slight draw bias, while the other increases draw bias. High handicappers suffering with slice will find this very helpful. 

A full range of shaft options is available with the Mavrik Max, from lightweight and fast to stiff and heavy. So no matter what speed you generate, there is an option that suits you and your game.  

Final Verdict

The Mavrik Max driver is an awesome club.  The AI intelligence method of production by Callaway worked for them again. 











Changing the sound to a more natural muted crack like whack was a masterstroke. We were impressed that the feel can be changed by adjusting the weight system.  

The ball can hit the fairways with great regularity thanks to the bias and the forgiveness. As a game-improvement club, the Mavrik Max does a wonderful job of upping one’s game. 

High handicappers and beginners have options when it comes to shafts, and it suits them because it is so easy to hit and launch. 

We did find it hard to shape our shots, but that is to be expected with game-improvement clubs. Some of us were put off by the bright orange trimmings, but this was easy to overlook with all the other great features of the club. 

Callaway continues to come up with winners in the driver range, and the Mavrik Max is a really big winner, in our opinion. 

Note to the writer: Overall there was quite a lot of extremely detailed and useful info for the reader regarding this product. You did a great job with following the outline, using the right localization, and using proper links as well. There were however a few places in this review that needed slight clarity as some of the things you wrote often needed much more context or explanation, or were overly vague. There were also quite a few wording errors, the most significant being that you regularly misspelled the driver as “Marvik” instead of “Mavrik” which is a big concern. You also want to be careful as things become overly promotional and exaggerated in several places considering this was supposed to be an objective review of the product. But other than general clarity and wording issues in specific places, most of the content in here appeared well-researched and useful for readers.

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