TaylorMade M6 Driver 2024 Review: Performance & Alternatives

The TaylorMade M6 Driver was probably the most talked-about Driver among amateur golfers. It’s been heavily marketed by TaylorMade, and for good reason.

The M6 maxes out on both distance and performance. Sure, all companies claim to do this with their latest release, but TaylorMade made a good run at it with this Driver.

The TaylorMade M6 pushes the edge of the legal limits when it comes to ball speed. They used 50% more carbon than they did with the M4, to store more weight in the correct places within the head.

Keeping the weight (46grams) of it low and back in the clubhead helps get some extra speed but forgiveness as well.

I know, I know.. All the terminology can get quite confusing.

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

In this TaylorMade M6 driver review, we will go through the pros and cons of this golf club and help you determine if it would be a good fit for your game. 

It’s great that this club is Speed Injected, has Twist Face and of course the Hammerhead 2.0 but what does that all translate to for you.

Most of your playing partners are probably not very impressed by the fact that you have a Speed Injected Driver unless of course, it means you start taking their money!

Speed Injection means that they individually check to make sure each clubhead is as “hot” as it can be.

If the clubhead is not at the upper end of the legal limit it is injected with a tuning resin to ensure this happens.

The Twist Face technology is a club head bulge design that leads to forgiveness in the right areas of the club.

The most important takeaway is that this Driver is as long and forgiving as it can legally be under the current rules of golf.

That does not always mean it’s the correct fit for you and your game.

Here is some more information to help you make sure this is the right club to put in your bag this Golf Season.

In this TaylorMade M6 Driver Review, we will analyze how it compares to other M Drivers as well as how it compares to other Drivers on the market.

taylormade m6 driver

Why Is A Good Golf Driver Important?

A good golf driver can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. Like anything else in life, it always makes sense to get started off on the right path. With a great golf driver, you can get started playing and be on the right track right from the start. 

A drive that lands in the middle of the fairway and gives golfers the extra roll and launch they need will make the overall round quite a bit easier. Great driver play improves iron confidence which will help with wedges and putting. The entire game is a cycle, and it starts with the driver being an essential club to hit.

Features and Benefits

Player Handicap

Although TaylorMade would like to think that this Driver works for all Handicap’s the players who shoot low will likely want something with a bit more feel.

The sweet spot on this Driver is large. It’s designed to be more forgiving in the bottom left and top right areas of the clubface. (Twist Face Technology)

These areas are the most common mishit for the mid handicap golfer. We think this Driver works best for the 9-20 Hdcp range.


The TaylorMade M6 is adjustable. The Lie and the Loft can be adjusted into 12 different positions. Regardless of the loft that you purchase you can increase or decrease by up to 2 degrees.

This is important to keep in mind when choosing what loft you may want on your M6. If you want something really low lofted to hit those windcheaters you may want to choose the 9.5 and decrease the loft from there.

Shaft Options

The stock shaft options on this driver are very solid. You can choose between the Atmos 5 and Atmos 6. Both shafts can be ordered in the Lite, Regular or Stiffest driver shafts

The Atmos 6 is a heavier shaft and will have a low to mid launch, as any heavier shaft would. The Atmos 6 is also offered stock in an X Flex which is a great option for those fast swingers who don’t want to order something custom.


The M6 line of clubs uses the black, silver and red color scheme. The top and face are almost all black with a thin silver line just above the face.

The sound of the M6 is not going to scare young children or make you wish you brought earplugs. It’s relatively pleasant although a bit louder than the Taylormade M5.

As far as the feel is concerned, it’s designed to be a forgiving club head, really low HDCP players will not like how difficult it is to feel a mishit, they will be looking for more feedback than what this club has to offer.


Probably the longest on the market in addition to the Epic Flash and the Cobra F9 Speedback. TaylorMade did everything they could to get this club to be as long as it can be.


There are no moveable weights in this Driver and that was done to help create something that offers pure forgiveness.

Keep in mind, that also makes it so you won’t be able to get your launch and spin exactly how you might want it.

The good news is that when testing this Driver, our ball speed was rarely affected by mis-hits. Important factor for the amateur golfer.


The M6 has a fairly standard price point for a modern-day top of the line Driver.

TaylorMade M6 Driver Final Verdict

The TaylorMade M6 Driver is worth considering adding to your golf bag. With the M6 driver,, you will get incredible performance when it comes to both distance and launch. TaylorMade has led the way with increased ball speed technology over the last few years. Although the TaylorMade M6 is not the latest golf driver release on the market, the technology in this club is also in the latest SIM 2 Max drivers. 

The overall look and workability of the M6 also make it a great choice for a wide range of players. Whether you are new to the game or have been in it for quite some time, the M6 could be an excellent fit for your game. 

Choosing The Right Driver For You 

Finding the right golf driver can be a bit of a challenge because of the number of options on the market. With so much great technology out there, how can you narrow it down to just one golf driver? Luckily there are a few key things that you can do to ensure you end up with the right golf driver in the bag. 

You must highly consider what your goals are as a player. Do you want distance? Forgiveness? Higher Launch? 

Once you understand your goals find the driver that is most well known for those specific things. For instance, the TaylorMade M6 driver is known for high ball speeds and lots of forgiveness. Therefore a player that likes to work the ball may consider something like the TaylorMade SIm 2  golf driver instead. 


Callaway Epic Flash

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver has been one of the best selling options for Callaway in the last few years.

The Epic Flash offers top of the line distance and in addition, it has a sliding weight to help control ball flight a bit more.

The advantage to the Epic Flash over the M6 would be that sliding weight, the disadvantage would be a tad less forgiveness.

If you are looking for lots of shaft options the Epic Flash has you covered, whereas the M6 just has the two stock options.

Read our Callaway Epic Flash Driver review.

Cobra Speedback F9

For some reason, Cobra doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This Driver may have changed that for them. There is a ton of engineering that went into this.

The adjustable weights and loft make it so there is a combination for tour players up to 25 Handicaps.

Don’t forget about the new Cobra Connect Technology that gives you electronic feedback to help you tweak the weights and lofts.

Read our Cobra F9 Driver review.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo

This is a new driver and is going to beat out the M6 on the price. You won’t get as many shaft options and it’s also not adjustable.

If you are looking for a solid go-to club off the tee without having to think about ball speed and launch options the Turbo would be the way to go.

As a brand new option, it offers a great deal of value for that price.


The TaylorMade M6 Driver is likely the best Driver that TaylorMade has put out to date. It’s not the perfect fit for every handicap and it certainly doesn’t offer the same adjustability with the weighting that many high-end drivers do.

Yet it will get more distance and more forgiveness than their previous models. The TaylorMade Burner was a Driver that impressed people, it had a great sound and feel. It was just easy to hit.

Ten years later people are still playing this Driver and we feel as though the M6 will be the same way. It’s a club you can put in your hand on the first tee and know that it has your back.

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