Titleist TS2 & TS3 Drivers Expert Review: 2024 Edition

You are a Titleist person or you are not.

If you are a Titleist person, you likely don’t try other clubs. You love every new design they put out. You trust it’s the right one for your game and you know you are getting high-end technology and performance.

This brings up the question, what if you are not a Titleist person but you may want to become one?

How do you know what it takes to be a Titleist person?

Can anybody play with these Drivers?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that in years past this was just the players’ company. Once your game got to a certain point you were capable of carrying a Titleist in your bag. Before that point, you may get the old side-eye from your playing partners.

In the last few years, Titleist has started putting out products that work for all players. Do they still cater to the low handicap golfer, sure.

If you are not a lower handicap and still want to give a Titleist a whirl, that is perfectly acceptable with the different models they now offer.

Titleist TS2 & TS3 Drivers Review

In this Titleist TS2 Driver review, we will also cover the Titleist TS3 Driver.

The last series of Drivers that Titleist put out was the 917. For the true Titleist fans, this was an improvement from the D series but nobody was yelling from the mountaintop about these clubs.

The Titleist TS2 and Titleist TS3 Drivers have greatly improved things. Offering distance gains, better ball flight and increased ball speeds. If you haven’t already hit one of these clubs this Titleist TS2 Driver review will help you decide which one might be the right fit for you.

Titleist ts3 ts2 drivers

Features and Benefits

Player Handicap

As I mentioned earlier Titleist used to be the Players option. With these TS2 and TS3 Drivers, they also appeal to the mid handicappers as well.

This was Titleist Speed project, they needed to find a way to deliver more ball speed, so that the average player can benefit from using their clubs as well.

With this Titleist Driver golfers of all handicap levels will have a chance to put a Titleist in their bag and finally see the benefits from it.


The TS3 comes with a highly adjustable CG Weight. The goal behind this weight is to allow golfers, and teaching professionals to set the club up in a way that maximizes launch and spin.

The SureFit Weights will allow you to change the swing weight on the club and therefore influence how fade or draw bias the club is. The club comes standard with 6 different options that you can change out at your liking.

The TS2 also has an adjustable weight located in the back sole area of the club. This weight distribution will promote greater ball speeds even on mishits.

In addition to the adjustable CG Weight, the TS2 and TS3 Driver also come with adjustable loft and lie.

Titleist developed this system several years ago and it makes Loft and Lie adjustments very simple even for the average player. The loft and lie adjustments can help increase or decrease launch angle as well as draw and fade bias.

Your Titleist Driver will come with a fitting chart to help you figure out this whole process but it never hurts to jump on a launch monitor at some point and make sure you are getting the most speed out of your Titleist Drivers that you possibly can.

Shaft Options

Since Titleist is known for working with better players, they are also known for working for the most demanding players.

The guys that are not just going to accept the stock shafts that are offered.

The people that want options and the ability to upgrade.

Titleist put together a strong package of Stock shafts on the TS3 and TS2 drivers, they also have tons of custom shaft options that you can choose from (usually at an increased cost.)

The five stock shaft options are . . .

  • Mitsubishi KURO KAGE Black Dual Core SFW 50
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue SFW 55
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60
  • Project X Even Flow T1100 White 65

If you are unsure about which of these is best for you, here is a quick review. If you need to get your ball flight down go with the heavier shafts. If you need to increase clubhead speed, ball speed and launch go with the lighter weight shaft.

Outside of that shaft options can sometimes just be based on personal feel or what the Trackman says when you get fitted.


Titleist has always had a classic look to it. Black titanium crown and very sleek appeal.

When they released the 917 series it had kind of a silver look to it and it was not well received by the die-hard fans. With the TS3 and Titleist TS2, they have gone back to the blackhead. And again it looks hight advanced compared to the 917 series.

Another thing Titleist worked on with this ball speed project was the Sound of the Driver. The 917 series never had that perfect traditional Titleist sound. The TS3 and Titleist TS2 have changed that and they are back to sounding how a TS Driver should.

As far as feel is concerned, many people will tell you that you can just tell when you have a Titleist golf club in your hand. I tend to agree with this. I can blind test many Drivers, Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, etc. but I always know when I have the Titleists in my hand.

Even if you went for a fitting and tried out several golf clubs across other companies, there is no denying the feel in the Titleist Drivers is superb.


Titleist has always had some of the lowest dispersion rates out there, with these drivers they are now competing on distance as well (lowering of weight to increase clubhead speed).

Their Driver was just too heavy in the past to compete especially for the average golfer. The TS3 and TS2 Driver have changed this and the ball speed that these Drivers are producing are not matched to those of competing companies.

Seems like the Titleist Speed Project (hence the TS2 & TS3) has worked out very well.


As mentioned several times in this review, the golfers who play Titleists don’t expect a ton of forgiveness. They want something that allows them more feel so they can shape shots.

The face on this driver is thin with less bulge, therefore it is not as forgiving as some other options. In this TS3 and TS2 Driver, it’s not looked at as a negative that the forgiveness is less, it’s almost expected.


titleist tS2 driver review

Check out the review video below:


Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

This Callaway Driver has very easy to use sliding weights, potentially easier to use than the removable weights on the drivers discussed in this review.

Price point is a little higher but still in the same general range.

Read our Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver review.

TaylorMade M5

The TaylorMade M5 was (similar to Titleists) designed for players, it also has adjustability, and a similar price range.

Just like the Titleists, several tour players use the M5 Driver.

Read our TaylorMade M5 Driver review.

Titleist TS4 or TS1

As part of Titleists speed project they wanted to create a Driver that works for every swing. There are two other options that they put out this year as well.

The TS4 is for the player with high spin looking to reduce spin a little (gives more forgiveness and still offers distance). The TS1 offers easy distance and forgiveness

Why Is A Golf Driver So Important To Your Game? 

The golf driver is a very important aspect of your golf game because it is the way that you start off every hole. If you don’t start with a great drive, chances are you are going to end up struggling to score well on that hole. A golf drive that is straight and down the middle will give you confidence for the rest of the hole. 

Great players can tell you that when the driver or the putter is off, it can become very difficult to score. If the irons and hybrids are slightly off most of the time the player is able to recover and still have some great holes. In the end, you must ensure that the driver you are using is a perfect fit for your game. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

As you can imagine, we get asked quite a few questions about both the TS2 and the TS3 golf drivers. Each of these clubs has some impressive technology to offer, and it can be hard to choose which one is the best for your game.


When you talk about brand loyalty and the game of golf, Titleist will always be part of the discussion. The fans are loyal, they are serious about their games and they expect a high-level product.

This TS series has improved so much from the 917. The look is better, the feel is better, the ball speed is higher, the carry is longer and there is a Titleist TS Driver for every swing out there.

Having the lowest dispersion rates out there, and now competing on distance the Titleist name is one that is going to be around for many years.

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