5 Best Woods of 2024: Ultimate Selections and Buyer’s Guide

With all the new technology released in 2024, it is difficult to narrow down and select the ultimate best 5 woods.

There is no question that fairway woods are getting longer, more forgiving, and higher launching.

Although finding the perfect option for your game can be difficult, we will provide you some guidelines on making sure you pick the club best suited for your game.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For 5 Woods On The Market In 2024
Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood
  • Priced a little lower than competitors for a new release
  • Perfect 70 compression for 85 mph swing speeds
  • Adjustability of loft
Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood
  • Flash Face and Face Cup Technology for forgiveness
  • Three models to fit all player types
  • Adjustability in some of the models
TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood
  • Available in three models (SIM, SIM MAX, SIM MAX D)
  • Draw bias option for those that slice the ball
  • V Steel technology for better turf interaction
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood
  • Priced lower than average this is a great value
  • Only available in 3 or 5 wood
  • Only available in 3 or 5 wood
Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood
  • Increased ball speed from previous models
  • Fast ball speed across the entire face
  • Low spin for more accuracy

Best 5 Wood 2024: Cobra Speedzone


  • Priced a little lower than competitors for a new release
  • Three models to fit all players
  • Adjustability of loft
  • Premium shaft options
  • Cobra Connect Technology


  • Unique club head shape takes a bit of getting used to 

The new Cobra Speedzone Fairway is the update to the F9 Speedback fairway woods of last year. Cobra went above and behind with these woods and created an option for every player out there.

Regardless of your handicap and if you are looking for feel or distance or forgiveness, Cobra has you covered between their three models. The three models are the Speedzone Fairway, the Speedzone Tour Fairway, and the Speedzone Big Tour Fairway. Each has its benefits and proper player profiles.

The Speedzone is built for the players with handicaps from five to twenty-five. With the CNC milled face and a more traditional style clubhead, this is the perfect club for the player that needs high launch and low spin.

The Speedzone Tour is a the more compact clubhead for players with 0 to 10 handicap. The Cobra King Speedzone Tour is a lower launching lower spin players model. Although this club will provide plenty of distance, its key features will focus on distance and workability as well.

Lastly, we have the Cobra King Speedzone Big Tour model. This club has an oversized profile but all the features and benefits of the Speedzone and Tour model combined. Cobra states that this is the perfect option for anyone from a 0 to a 25 handicap.

All three models are adjustable as far as the loft is concerned, and they come in a 3/4 version, a 5/6 version, and a 7/8 version. The three woods are adjustable from 13 to 16 degrees, five woods adjust from 17 to 20, and the 7 woods will take care of the 21 to 24-degree spot in your golf bag.

In addition to the versatility, these clubs have for all player types; they have some of the fastest ball speed around and the ability to track both golf ball flight and distance.

The Cobra Connect technology is the perfect way to check how far your woods are traveling and make sure you have them set up in a way that best fits your needs as a player.

As a new release, the Cobra Speedzone Fairway woods have launched at a price that makes them hard to beat.

Considering the technology, feel, distance, and performance, these fairway woods quickly jumped to the top of our best 5 wood list.

Runner Up 1: Callaway Mavrik


  • Flash Face and Face Cup Technology for forgiveness
  • Three models to fit all player types
  • Adjustability in some of the models
  • Improved feel and sound from the Rogue Models
  • Custom shaft options available


  • Club head is very large

Using Artificial Intelligence Callaway has created a club that they say is the longest wood yet. This is a pretty hefty claim considering some of the recent technology put out by Callaway, including the epic flash, and rogue series have been long.

The new Mavrik Fairway Woods comes in three models the Mavrik Max, Mavrik Sub Zero, and Mavrik.

With an option for all player types, the carbon crown, low center of gravity, and incredible ball speeds make this an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new wood.

With face cup technology, this becomes not only the best option when seeking more distance but also forgiveness.

Read our Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods review.

TaylorMade SIM MAX

Best Value Five Wood 2024


  • Available in three models (SIM, SIM MAX, SIM MAX D)
  • Draw bias option for those that slice the golf ball 
  • V Steel technology for better turf interaction
  • Ultra-Low center of gravity 
  • Custom shaft options available


  • Pricing remains a bit high

TaylorMade’s answer to the Mavrik Series is the SIM series. Each option we selected has its own strengths.

Available in three models (SIM, SIM MAX, SIM MAX D).

Where we feel this TaylorMade option will benefit are the people looking to increase turf interaction and distance.

If you feel as though you are not making solid contact with your fairway woods off a tight lie, this wood will help.

With incredible ball speeds, fantastic sound, and feel and that TaylorMade twist face technology to get your face angle as square as possible, the Sim MAX is a club that many players could benefit from putting in their bag.

Read our TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Woods review.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Best Value 5 Wood 2024


  • Priced lower than average this is a great value
  • Only available in 3 or 5 wood 
  • Turbocharged cup face
  • Hibore crown
  • Deep and Low-center of gravity 
  • High MOI and ball speed


  • No adjustability

Cleveland is never known for being a front runner when it comes to an all-around best club. They generally appeal more to the senior players and high handicap golfers.

With this wood, Cleveland made sure to take care of the mid handicappers as well. This is a simple design that we found to be exceptionally forgiving, even when your ball does not land in the short grass.

Cleveland’s primary focus on the Turbo was to increase distance, and they had no problem accomplishing that goal.

A benefit to going with the Cleveland Turbo Launcher is the custom produced Miyazaki shafts. Miyazaki works with Cleveland to individually create and design shafts that work for each new Cleveland release.

This particular club has a counterbalanced shaft design where the center of gravity is relocated towards the grip. This change allows for more mass in the head of the club and overall, a higher moment of inertia.

Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood

Best Premium 5 Wood 2024


  • Higher ball speed from previous models 
  • High ball speeds across the entire face 
  • Low spin for more accuracy 
  • Jailbreak technology


  • High price point for new technology

If you have been watching the Callaway Golf Fairway wood releases over the last few years and waiting for the time to buy, this may be it.

The new Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed combines all of the most recent Callaway technology and performance. 

With the Epic Speed, you still get the Jailbreak technology, yet it has been improved. In addition, the face created using Artificial Intelligence is very high strength. The face gives players incredible speed and very low spin as well. 

With a 5 wood in your bag, you will want to be able to get lots of fairway distance. We like the way this particular fairway wood sits, as it is not too bulky.

The turf interaction is superior to other choices on the market. You will notice the difference in the leading edge almost immediately after setting up to hit one of these best fairway woods. 

Guide to Choosing The Best 5 Wood

Making sure you pick a perfect fairway wood for your golf game can be a difficult battle. Fairway woods can often feel like the forgotten extra club with Drivers and Irons being much more critical.

Depending on how many times in a round you use your fairway wood, they can help to get your game where it needs to be.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when choosing a fairway wood.


It is essential to plan out the loft of each wood carefully. The last you want to do is buy a three wood and a 5 wood with the same loft.

Based on some differences between manufacturers, this could potentially happen, and it will leave a gap in your bag that won’t be the best for lowering scores. If you stay within one brand on your fairway woods, this shouldn’t be an issue.

As far as standard lofts are concerned, a typical 3 wood is usually around 14 or 15 degrees, a 5 wood is about 19, and 7 wood should be about 22. Sometimes your hybrids will overlap with the lofts of your best fairway woods, and that is something to keep in mind as well.

A wood will fly differently and perform out of rough differently, so don’t think you must choose between a 4 hybrid and a 7 wood, it is perfectly acceptable to have both in the bag.

Tour vs. Standard

When a company calls something a tour model, you can expect that they are trying to appeal to players with faster swing speeds and handicaps less than ten. Tour model heads are generally less forgiving and focus more on feel than distance.

Tour model clubs sometimes also come with a stiffer or heavier golf shaft in them, so that is something to be aware of. If you are a mid to high handicapper looking for a wood to be a backup of the tee and to help with distance into a green, a standard model will work better.


If a wood is recently released to the market, there will be the availability of custom shafts. If you haven’t been to a custom fitting, it can be challenging to determine which custom shaft is the best fit for your game.

When choosing a custom shaft, you will want to look for ball speed, swing speed, and dispersion.

If a custom fitting is not something you plan on getting done, rest assured that the stock shaft models offered in these option we recommended on our best 5 woods list are all high quality.

They have been thoroughly tested, and with a quick bit of research, you can see if they are rated for high or low launch, torque, and spin.


A single fairway wood will range in price considerably. Depending on how many clubs you plan to be replacing in your bag, you need to be prepared that these costs will add up.

One of the ways to keep the price down can be to purchase a model that is a year or two old. The technology as far as distance is concerned will likely be better than what you are currently playing.

For players that keep three woods in their bag, there could be a way to lower cost by going with just two woods. Choosing an adjustable 3/4 wood or an adjustable 5/6 wood may be enough to cover the needs in your bag without having to buy three woods for your bag.

A great time of year to find good deals on golf clubs is the spring after all the new fairway wood models are released. Last year’s models will significantly decrease in price, but the technology is technically only one day older.


We have said this before, and we will repeat it. Adjustability adds value to a club. All golfers know that your game can change from one week to the next. You can also change courses from one week to the next.

You may have a round where you use your best fairway woods five times and one where you use them 15 times. With all of these variables, it can help to have a club that will change with you.

Adjustability is the perfect solution for a player looking to improve their game. The wood can be configured to a more forgiving draw bias setting and then adjusted as your handicap lower, and the slice goes away.

Better players who want to tweak their clubs, the really good guys who can feel a difference in a .05 a degree of loft, will appreciate a club with some adjustability.


The best 5 woods of 2024 are all very high performing clubs providing both distance and maximum forgiveness. The golf clubs will end up in your bag for years to come.

Make sure to do your homework when picking which golf club deserves a spot in your golf bag. With all the options out there, there is no question you can find a club that meets your needs exactly.

Let us know what you think of our list of the best 5 woods of 2024. Which one did you end up going with?

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