Best Fairway Woods for Women in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Fairway woods for women is a topic that means a great deal to me as a former golf teaching professional. Fairway woods are a crucial piece of a Women’s golf bag setup.

Where I think Men can get away with using a fairway wood once or twice in a round, for a female, it’s a much different situation.

Distance is generally not the strength in the game of most female golfers. As every golf article and tip will tell you, you can make up for this with the short game.

Although it is entirely possible to make up for an extra shot or two around the green, wouldn’t it be nice to just hit more greens in regulation?

Most women should be carrying both a three wood and five wood in their bag. In this review, we will give you the rundown on the best fairway woods available, the best options for different player types, and some overall great deals on best fairway woods for women.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Best Fairway Woods For Women In 2023
Callaway Mavrik
  • Lower loft on these clubs
  • Get lots of distance
  • Forgiveness is critical
TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood
  • Twist face technology
  • Low center of gravity
  • Improved technology for turn interaction
Cobra F8 Fairway Wood
  • Baffler rail system
  • Reliable distance
  • Lot of forgiveness
TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Fairway Wood
  • Speed Pocket technology
  • Lower profile
  • Extremely lightweight
Callaway Rogue
  • High-quality construction
  • Synergy Graphite Shafts
  • Low Price
Honma Be Zeal 535
  • Very low center of gravity
  • High-end graphite shaft
  • Tight dispersion

Best Fairway Woods for Women: Callaway Mavrik & Mavrik Max

The brand new Callaway Mavrik fairway wood has won out the top spot for best fairway wood for the women golfers.

Indeed, the fact that this club is packed with all of the latest and greatest technology can’t hurt. There are a few other reasons why this Mavrik stands out.

The Callaway Mavrik fairway woods come in both a Mavrik version and a Mavrik Max version.

The standard Mavrik is a very high performing club using flash face, face cup, and jailbreak technology to create a tremendous amount of ball speed.

The Mavrik Max has all of these same features but also adjustable weights and a wider clubface and sole. The Mavrik Max is more substantial when you set up to hit; in fact, it’s enormous. At first glance, it can look like a driver.

Both of these Callaway fairway woods come with a 50 Gram Helium shaft, perfect for giving that ball and mid to high launch and sending it down the fairway.

As far as forgiveness is concerned, you won’t find a much larger sweet spot than the one on this club. When it comes to fairway woods, forgiveness is critical.

With the lower loft on these clubs, it can help you to get lots of distance, but what good is the distance in the wrong direction. Lady golfers need a club that they can feel confident with when it comes to this crucial shot in the bag.

The Mavrik woods retail for a mid to high price. We believe that with a good distance, great feel, and incredible forgiveness, you can’t make a wrong decision going with the Mavrik or the Max.

If you are someone who struggles with their fairway wood, it probably makes the most sense to go with the Max and have the adjustability with launch angle, spin rates and draw or fade bias.

Read our Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods review.

Alternative #1: TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

The M6 Fairway wood is not the latest release from TaylorMade. In February, they released the newest SIM MAX model, but this M6 still holds steady as one of the best fairway woods available for women.

The M6 features TaylorMade’s revolutionary twist face technology. This technology performs almost exactly as it sounds; the face will move a little at impact to send the ball in the correct direction. Anytime we can get a little help squaring up that clubface, we will take it.

The M6 has a low center of gravity, improved technology for turn interaction, and it is a pleasing club to both look at and hear. It is not as large as the Mavrik or the Mavrik max. More of a classic looking golf club with a 45-gram shaft.

Initially retailing for a high number, you can find some leftover M6 right at a much lower mark at this point. If your swing speed can vary or is improving slightly, this may be the club you need to get you the distance you have been looking for in your fairway woods.

Alternative #2: Cobra F8 Fairway Wood

Again, not the newest release here. The reason this Cobra F8 Women’s Fairway Wood wins a top spot is for both price and quality. In our opinion, this F8 was better than the F9.

The new Speedzone woods just recently released also look to be providing good distance and ball speed, but this F8 was a winner that we wish Cobra never stopped manufacturing.

The F8 women’s fairway woods use the Baffler rail system to help players cut through any kind of grass and send the ball flying. The Rail system does a great job handling turn interaction, especially out of difficult lies.

The F8 was initially offered in three different adjustable lofts, 3/4 wood, 5/6 wood, and a 7/8 wood. This is an excellent option for someone who wants to carry more than one wood in their bag and maybe even replace hybrids with fairway woods.

The ball jumps off this clubface but not in the same way that it will with the new Mavrik. Cobra provides reliable distance and a lot of forgiveness. This is a reliable club that you will pull from your bag with confidence, even on an awkward lie.

Even with the lightweight graphite shafts, the distance on the F8 will not be as strong as some of the newer models.

Initially retailing for quite a bit of money, you can find some deals on these F8 Fairways for less than other comparable options. Pretty easy to justify the expense of the level of technology you would be putting into your bag.

TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Fairway Wood

Best Bargain Fairway Woods for Women

Although a single fairway wood may not seem like it is all that expensive, the pricing starts to increase quite a bit when you add several fairway woods to the bag. Since women tend to play with more fairway woods and hybrids, the club setups can get relatively expensive. 

If you are looking to add a new fairway wood to your golf bag, but you don’t want to break the bank, the RBZ Fairway Black is a perfect choice. This fairway wood is not the newest option on the market, yet it has outstanding ball speed and distance. 

The original Speed Pocket technology that TaylorMade created was started with the RBZ series. One of our favorite things about the RBZ fairway is the fact that it has a lower profile. Whether you are hitting out of the rough or playing from a clean fairway lie, the low profile is a nice feature to have. 

Another great benefit for the female golfer is that these fairway woods are very extremely lightweight. With lighter golf clubs, female golfers can get the ball speed and swing speed that they need to perform.

You will be quite impressed with the functionality you get from this club, considering the price that you pay.

Callaway Rogue

Best Women’s Fairway Wood Of 2019

Even with the Mavrik winning our overall best fairways competition, it is worth mentioning the Rogue Fairway woods from 2019. If you are working on your swing speed, this Rogue can be a perfect choice.

The high-quality Synergy Graphite Shafts provide high launch and great spin rates. The Rogue head overall is a bit smaller than the Mavrik but offers very comparable distance.

When the Mavirk fairway woods for women were released, the pricing on the Rogue finally dropped.

Last year these clubs were leaders in ball speed and dispersion, and if you can pick one up now for a little less than last year, it’s certainly worth a shot!

Honma Be Zeal 535

Best Women’s Fairway Wood You Never Heard Of

Honma is a brand that you won’t be seeing in the bags of your playing partners. Although they have been around the game for many years, the popularity has not begun to rival Callaway or TaylorMade.

This Be Zeal 535 Fairway wood offers a very low center of gravity. The center of gravity, combined with a high-end graphite shaft, gives this golf club incredible launch, little spin, and very tight dispersion.

This club is a very reasonable price for the technology that it packs in. Do a little homework on Honma as a brand we think you may like what you see, especially if you are a feel player.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Fairway Wood for a Female Golfer?

As we mentioned earlier, fairway woods are an essential part of a women’s golf bag. Those longer shots can make or break the scoring in your round. Having confidence while standing over a fairway shot is crucial.

Here are the things you need to consider when purchasing a new fairway wood for your bag.


If you want newer technology (within the last two years), expect to pay quite a bit per fairway. For the number of times in a round that you use a fairway wood, this can be an excellent investment into your scoring.

The best time to find deals on new golf clubs is right after the new releases come out in the early Spring.

When a company like TaylorMade, Callaway, or Cobra releases the newest version of their club, they lower the price on the “older” models. Older is, really, just a day older but likely still the very latest technology that could help your game.


Some fairway woods will have an adjustable loft or clubface. Most of the time, the clubface will adjust from being open to square to closed. If you are someone who tends to hit the ball either left or right consistently, this can be a great feature.

In 2024, we see a lot of releases without adjustability. We think that women are looking for a solid club head set to the optimal conditions, and they do not need to worry about adjusting settings before teeing it up.

Shaft Options

Most of the standard women’s fairway woods are going to come with a lightweight graphite shaft. If you are a young or strong (or both) female that has some faster swing speeds it may be worth looking into a heavier shaft.

If you are continually hitting your fairway woods too high and not getting maximum distance from them, you should probably be looking at a heavier shaft or a men’s club cut to length.


As clubs get more forgiving and longer the club head tends to get quite a bit larger. This makes sense when you think of the club face and sweet spot taking up more room.

Most women are fine with this adjustment and gain confidence by looking at these larger club heads. However, if you are not one of these lady golfers and you are looking for something more compact, make sure to see a few different fairway woods in person before purchasing.


Does the brand matter?

This depends a great deal on what your goals are in your game. If you are looking to improve your game, play in tournaments, compete in a friendly match with your playing partner, then the brand does matter. The better the technology you have, the better your chance to score lower.

If, however, you are just learning or playing for fun once a month with friends, it makes the most sense to look for a bargain-priced fairway wood that fits your needs.

There are several models that we recommended that are less than average cost but will absolutely help propel your game and send the ball a much greater distance.


Shopping for a new fairway wood is essential, but it’s more important for female golfers.

This club is going to mean the difference between putting for birdie or chipping for birdie. Distance from the fairway is one of the number one complaints from female players.

If you struggle to square up that clubface and send the ball flying towards the green, the options we provided will most certainly make it that much easier.

As far as the Callaway Mavrik fairway woods are concerned, even if you are not a struggling golfer, also if fairway woods are the strong point in your game, these clubs are top of the line in every capacity.

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