Best Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2022

A hybrid is an essential golf club in a ladies’ golf bag. Without a hybrid, you are missing a piece of equipment that can save you from the rough and get you back into play.

You are also missing a go-to club that can put you on the green from a yardage you could never reach with an individual iron.

Hybrids have changed the game of golf and have golfers everywhere, getting the ball in the hole much faster than ever before.

In this review, we took some of the best women’s hybrid golf clubs that we could find and broke them down for you to help you decide if they are the correct choice for you.

Our Best Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs in 2022

Best Ladies Hybrid Golf Club Overall: TaylorMade Ladies M6 Hybrid


  • Speed Pocket provides tons of distance
  • Very forgiving
  • Available in four lofts
  • Works well for all handicaps


  • A bit expensive

The best women’s hybrid on the market is the TaylorMade Ladies M6 Hybrid. This is a club that was released in 2019, and it is still sitting at the top of the chart.

The M6 has the revolutionary twist face technology. This technology allows you to have so much stability at impact. If you ever feel as though the club turns a bit when you make contact, you will notice a huge difference with the M6.

In addition to the incredible forgiveness, the M6 also has a very low center of gravity to promote a higher ball flight. The speed pocket technology helps women golfers get a ton of extra distance with this club.

If you are looking for a great mix of forgiveness and distance, the M6 really can provide that. The club is available in the 4H, 5H, 6H, and 7H.

If you end up having some success with this women’s hybrid, you can add quite a few of them to your golf bag.

Alternative #1: Callaway Golf Women’s Rogue


  • Easy to hit high
  • Available in several lofts
  • Pricing has dropped since the release


  • Feel is not as great as some other options

Very much like the TaylorMade M6, the Callaway Rogue women’s hybrid comes in the 4H, 5H, 6H, and 7H. The Rogue focuses on ball speed and distance and utilizes some technology that has never been used in hybrids to date.

Jailbreak technology is a new concept for Callaway, and it has been used in woods but not yet in hybrids, until the release of the Rogue.

The Jailbreak technology creates a spring-like effect off the clubface of this hybrid. If you feel as though your current hybrid leaves a little distance behind, the Rogue will be a much different feeling.

The Rogue comes with the Adila Quaranta 40gram graphite shaft. This is the perfect weight for a hybrid golf club.

The sweet spot on the Rogue hybrid is huge and features the Face Cup technology to help with forgiveness.

If you struggle with getting longer irons or fairway wood to have the correct launch angle, then you will enjoy the Rogue and its ability to promote higher and longer shots.

Alternative #2: Cobra Golf F9 Speedback


  • Amazing feel
  • Available in several lofts
  • Larger more forgiving golf club hybrids


  • Not as long as the M6 hybrid from a distance perspective

The Cobra F9 Speedback is one of the best women’s hybrid golf clubs that Cobra has put out. If you are looking for a hybrid that was designed with the women golfer in mind, this is the one.

Cobra has been using its baffler rail technology in their golf clubs for many years. The baffler rails help turf interaction and allow for a very low center of gravity.

The high performing and lightweight graphite shaft in the F9 only add to its capabilities. If you have a swing speed that is a bit slower and you want to get your distance up, this is the best hybrid on the market for you.

Cobra knows how to provide an incredible feel for their players while still packing in a ton of forgiveness in the clubs. This hybrid is a rather large clubhead that will give ladies the confidence they need to succeed with this game.

The F9 Speedback is available in the 4H,5H, 6H, and 7H. If you like this club, you can easily pair it with a set of the ladies’ F9 irons that have dropped considerably in price since their release.

Cobra F8 Ladies Hybrid

Top Cheap Golf Hybrid For Women


  • Uses Baffler rails technology
  • The best hybrid choice for forgiveness


  • Not the longest hybrid club golf
  • May launch the ball too high for some players

The Women’s Cobra F8 Hybrid is undoubtedly not a new release; however, this is a great golf club to consider if you are looking for a women’s hybrid that has a ton of forgiveness.

The F8 is a very easy to hit golf club with a lower center of gravity. You will find that this is a smaller clubhead than the more modern options, but it is a golf hybrid club that looks like a true hybrid.

A golfer should remember that a hybrid was designed to be a cross between fairway woods and irons. As time goes on, the hybrid golf club tends to look more and more like the fairway woods.

The F8 is available in the 4H, 5H, 6H, and 7H. When we say that this is the best cheap golf hybrid, it is only because this hybrid golf club has dropped in price since it was released.

There is nothing cheap about the performance or the quality of this club, and it will likely earn a spot in your golf bag for years to come.

TaylorMade Ladies M4 Rescue Hybrid

Top Hybrid Golf Club for Beginner


  • Priced affordably
  • Easy to launch
  • Great distance


  • Older technology

The beginner golf club for women should be a combination of both forgiveness and value. Very often, the technology that you need will change rather quickly as a beginner, and it does not always make sense to invest in a costly club.

At the same time, it is essential to get something that is not that difficult to hit. The M4 was released just before our top choice, the M6, and it provides a ton of technology for a women’s hybrid.

You will find that the M4 has a very traditional size club head design but a rather large sweet spot. The M4 also utilizes the speed pocket technology to help increase ball speed.

Many women golfers that are new to the game struggle with a fairway wood. The hybrid golf clubs will be easier to hit because of their length.

If you are new to the game and need a go-to club to get the ball down the fairway, the M4 by Taylormade is an excellent option.

Best Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Buyers Guide

Now that you know the best ladies hybrid golf clubs on the market, you will have to narrow down which one is right for you. That can be easier said than down.

We have a few tips that will help you choose the golf clubs that are specifically designed for your golf game.


Luckily most women’s golf hybrid clubs come with a standard or stock graphite shaft. You will not want a hybrid golf club that does not have a graphite shaft in it.

These clubs should be light and easy to help you launch the golf ball. Most of the graphite shafts will weigh around 40grams.


Most women’s hybrid golf clubs are offered in the 4H, 5H, 6H, and sometimes the 7H. These clubs will replace the irons that have the same lofts. The thing that can confuse many players is that the 7H seems to go much further than a seven iron.

This is a common problem and something that many golfers will run into. The fact of the matter is a women’s hybrid golf club is easier to hit than a seven iron. Since it is easier and has a larger sweet spot, most golfers will have more confidence when it comes to hitting the ball.

If you end up with a 7H and a 7ion in your golf bag, that is entirely acceptable.


If you want to make sure you get a women’s hybrid that is forgiving, you must choose something with a low center of gravity. When the center is low, and in the back, it will help you launch the ball into the air even if your swing speed is on the lower side.


If you are a woman golfer that lacks distance in her game, you are not alone. Women golfers do not have swing speeds that are nearly as high as the male golfer. This is just a fact of nature and means nothing when it comes to the actual quality of a person’s golf game.

The main things you will want to look for if you need more distance are a very hot club face that has a spring-like effect. A clubface like the Rogue with the Jailbreak bars is something that will help the ball fly off the club head.

Another distance-enhancing technology is anything that talks about speed. Clubhead speed and ball speeds are huge factors when it comes to distance. If you choose a hybrid that was developed in the last three to four years, you will automatically be getting plenty of distance-enhancing technology.


You should expect to pay between $120-$300 for a hybrid golf club. Women’s hybrids are priced the same as men’s hybrids, and they usually start quite high and then reduce in price over a year or so.

Hybrid golf clubs are more expensive than individual irons but often not as high priced as fairway woods.


Hopefully, our review and buyers guide have made this process a bit easier on you as a female golfer. There are many choices out there, and we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming.

If you want to be pleasantly surprised by a quality golf club that will help you compete at a much higher level than you must consider the TaylorMade M6 Women’s hybrid. This club is a fantastic hybrid golf club that will help you with both forgiveness and distance.

Considering it has dropped in price since it’s initial release, now is the time to grab this women’s hybrid before it is too late.

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