Callaway Edge Iron Review: Features, Benefits & Alternatives

Callaway golf puts out some of the best iron choices on the market each year. The Callaway X Hot irons have been on the market since 2013, buWith all the impressive options that Callaway has on the market, the Edge is one of the lesser-known of golf sets available. With the release of the new Apex and Mavrik series, the Edge is certainly not the newest option on the market. However, it is one of the more affordable Callaway golf irons around. If you are curious as to whether or not the Callaway Edge irons are going to be a good fit for your game, we have all the information you need. As a former Class A PGA Professional, I have tried the Callaway Edge set and can give you an excellent idea as to what to expect from this set of golf irons.

Features & Benefits: Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right Handed

The Callaway Edge irons come as part of the Callaway Edge golf set. There are the 6-9 irons and then the pitching wedge and sand wedge that match the set. In our review, we will give you a complete run down of the entire Callaway Edge set from the Callaway Edge driver to the included putter.

One of the things that make the Callaway Edge golf set so unique is that it comes with a titanium Callaway Edge driver, Callaway Edge 3 wood, Callaway Edge hybrid, Callaway Edge 5-9 irons, Callaway pitching wedge, Callaway sand wedge, and an Odyssey White Hot Putter.

The individual components of the set are all high quality. When Callaway combines them together into the complete set, the player ends up getting an excellent value and plenty of performance.

Player Handicap

The Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Club set is built for the mid to high handicapper golfer. In addition, this would be a good set for a golfer that is just starting out. The Titanium driver, forgiving irons, and overall feel of the clubs are much better suited for the player who is looking for an easy-to-hit golf club.

As you look for better performing clubs with top ball speeds and performance, you have to consider something more like the Callaway Mavrik or Callaway Apex irons.

Shaft Options

The shaft options are not the best for the Callaway Edge set. The reason behind this is that the Callaway Edge set is a value set so that you don’t get much selection when it comes to the shaft choices. When you purchase a new set of Apex golf clubs, you will easily be able to purchase the set in any shaft combination you would like.

The Callaway Edge golf clubs come with a stock graphite shaft that is a great choice, but it does not offer the option for customization in any way.

If you are a player that is taller than 6’1 or shorter than 5’5″, you will be better off choosing a golf club set that can be ordered to fit your golf swing. Initially, you will spend more money, but in the long run, the pricing will probably be a bit lower.


Overall the Callaway Edge irons are a cavity back design built to be easy to hit. In addition, each of the clubs has a thin face to that the feel is quite hot coming off the club face. The top down look of the Callaway edge irons has kind of a thick look to it, which helps to improve player confidence.

The Callaway Edge hybrid is a five hybrid that blends quite well with the rest of the irons in the set. You will have no issues with the transition from the irons to the hybrid in this golf club set.

When it comes to the Callaway Edge driver, the head is a 460cc clubhead, with a similar large and rounded-off look to it that you will get with other Callaway golf clubs on the market.

Feel is so important when it comes to the wedges and the putter of the Callaway edge golf clubs as well. We are impressed with the overall feel of the Odyssey White Hot Pro putter; the insert makes it comes off the club face quite softly.

The Callaway Edge club set wedges to include both the pitching wedge and sand wedge. The clubs have a lower center of gravity and are forgiving, but probably not the best feeling wedge available to golfers. If you are looking for the best spin and feel on the market, look for a Callaway jaws wedge instead.


Anytime you consider a discount set of golf clubs or a combo set like this, you can expect to lose a bit of distance. Distance in the world of golf goes hand in hand with price at this point. The most expensive golf clubs on the market are going to travel the furthest.

The Callaway Edge golf clubs do not have the same ball speed that many of the other Callaway golf club sets have. Beginner golfers are going to find that they can hit the ball plenty far enough with the Callaway Edge clubs.

When you are looking for distance in a set of longest distance irons the forgiving clubs are a great choice to consider. When clubs are forgiving they will typically fly a bit further and higher as well.


Callaway Edge clubs are very forgiving. They all come with a graphite shaft, have good ball speed, and will do a great job of straightening out any of the golf shots that seem to go off track. The entire club set is considered to be a game improvement option.

If you have a hard time making it around a golf course without a hole or two that results in a double or triple bogey, the Callaway Edge irons are a good combination for your game. The forgiving irons have plenty of lofts to get golfers out of difficult lies.

The sweet spot on the fairway wood, Callaway Edge hybrid, and the Callaway edge irons is quite large.

If you are a beginner that is thinking about purchasing the Callaway Edge golf set, the clubs definitely have enough forgiveness to make this a good option. For beginners, this set would be a mix between a premium set from Callaway and a beginner’s set like the Strata.


If you spend a lot of time on a golf course, you know that golf clubs are not the cheapest. When you purchase golf clubs from Callaway, you are getting premium quality, and this typically increases the pricing quite a bit.

The Callaway edge club set is designed to be more affordable, and therefore the pricing of this set is pretty impressive for the quality that you get. If you can find your own golf bag, this is one of the highest quality combinations for new golfers getting into the game.


If our Callaway Edge review made you realize that the Callaway Edge golf clubs are not the best set for your game, you could choose from many other options on the market. The Callaway Edge is unique in that they are sold together as an entire set. However, if you are looking for a replacement for the Callaway Edge irons, these three choices could end up

Callaway Mavrik Irons

When it comes to forgiveness and distance, the new Callaway Mavrik irons are a great choice to consider. The Callaway Mavrik is the first Callaway iron to be made using artificial intelligence. The AI helped to improve ball speed and the flex that the face gets at impact. When you make contact with the Callaway Mavrik irons, it almost feels as though you are hitting the ball off of a trampoline.

In addition to the impressive ball speed, the AI has helped to make each club forgiving for the specific loft that it is assigned. This means that when you purchase a set of Mavrik irons, its almost like getting individual irons as opposed to a set. Similar to how a 3 wood is made different from a 3 hybrid, the 8 iron in the Mavrik set is made different from the 7 iron.

The Callaway Mavrik irons have custom tungsten-infused weights that help improve the launch the golfers can get as well. In addition, the new urethane microspheres help to absorb any vibration that may become an issue at impact. The microspheres help to make the Mavrik feel like a forged golf iron.

Cobra Speedzone Irons

The Cobra Speedzone irons are an excellent choice for the golfer that wants to consider another brand instead of Callaway. Cobra is going to fall into the same general category when you consider a forgiving and easy-to-hit iron. The Cobra Speedzone irons are high launching and have a very low center of gravity.

One of the great things about the Cobra Speedzone Irons is that they are available in a one-length set as well. The one length irons are all the same length and can help make it easier for beginner golfers to learn the proper setup and stance.

Slower swing speeds that are looking for more distance will find that it is quite easy to achieve with the Cobra Speedzone. One of the technologies that Cobra worked to perfect in this set is the turf interaction regardless of the lie.

Another impressive feature is the Cobra connect technology that is placed in these irons. The Cobra Connect allows you to track progress and the distance that you are able to hit your golf shots. Cobra Speedzone irons are a slightly more premium golf club set that improves overall performance.

The only problem with golf irons like this is that by the time you put the entire set together with driver, putter, and wedges, the price point is quite a bit higher than the Callaway Edge golf clubs.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron set has been a great addition to the Callaway lineup in 2021. The big Bertha B21 irons were built for complete forgiveness for the high handicapper and beginners. Even Callaway admits to this being the most forgiving golf set that they have ever made.

Luckily with the addition of artificial intelligence technology, the Big Bertha B21 irons allow for a lower center of gravity, higher ball flight, and lower spin than previous top rated golf irons on the market. The lower spin helps to keep the ball straighter.

The B21 irons are not made with traditional long irons as it is intended for you to replace traditional long irons with Big Bertha B21 hybrids. The key that helped make the B21 iron sets a bit more forgiving is the custom tungsten weighting installed in the oversized head. The custom tungsten weighting combined with the urethane microspheres is what helps this extremely forgiving iron also feel great.

Most of the time, golfers that struggle with performance and distance need something like the Callaway edge combo set or the Callaway Big Bertha B21 to help improve the overall performance.

Conclusion : Are the Callaway Edge Irons Worth it ?

If you are thinking of purchasing the Callaway Edge golf clubs sets, the irons are a great addition that high handicappers and beginners will benefit from. For golfers wanting to hit more accurate shots with greater ball flight, the Edge is a great choice. This is a great value considering the number of clubs you get and how these golf clubs perform. If you want to get Callaway golf equipment into your golf bag for a much lower price than other Callaway golf club sets, the Edge irons, and the set is a great option to consider.

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