Callaway X Hot Iron Review 2024

Callaway golf puts out some of the best iron choices on the market each year. The Callaway X Hot irons have been on the market since 2013, but you can still find many of these game improvement irons around. One thing to keep in mind about the X Hot irons is that even though they are a bit older in technology, they have some of the more well-known features that have continued into the golf clubs offered today. As a former PGA Professional, I have hit these irons and know how they feel and perform. If you want the inside scoop on what to expect from the Callaway X Hot golf irons, we have everything you need.


  • Very easy to hit
  • Accurate and forgiving
  • Lower spin, especially on the longer irons
  • High quality Project X golf shafts
  • Good distance control
  • Fair value


  • Not quite as longOlder Callaway technology
  • X Hot irons do not have the higher ball speeds of modern Callaway irons
  • Not much feedback

Player Type

When you choose a golf iron, you must make sure that it is something built specifically to fit the needs of your golf game. The Callaway X Hot Irons are for high handicappers and beginners. Although the irons feature the feel management technology, it is still not enough to offer the performance and feel that lower handicap golfers need.

In addition, the club comes with a generous offset hosel giving it the game improvement look that golfers with higher handicaps will need. If you are a better player looking for a more pure feel and workability in the clubs, it may make sense to consider some of the newer Callaway Apex iron choices.

Shaft Options

Callaway is no longer producing the Callaway X Hot Irons, so the shaft option that you find on the club will be the choice that you have. Of course, you can always replace the golf shafts with something that works better for your needs, but for the most part, you will find these with a Project X Steel shaft in place.

The Project X tends to be a mid weight shaft that allows for high launch and plenty of distance. Most average golfers will have no issues using this golf shaft in their game. Although the Project X is a great shaft, it would be nice to have some ability to choose a custom option in your Callaway X Hot irons.

Make sure you price out the options for having the shaft material changed once you purchase your X Hot golf clubs. The pricing may not be worth the extra money, and you may be better off choosing a different golf set entirely.


There is no denying the fact that the Callaway X Hot is a game improvement irons type of golf club. These are some of the more forgiving irons that Callaway has put on the market. Expect to see a thick top line, large sweet spot, and a consistent feel when you make contact.

The large sweet spots help golfers hit straight shots, even if they miss the center of the club face a bit. The feel of the club is not the best that Callaway has put out. The Callaway X Hot irons were produced before the invention of the urethane microspheres technology featured in today’s golf irons.


All game improvement clubs do a good job with their distance technology. If you have a set of irons that is considerably older and difficult to hit, the Callaway X Hot irons could very likely help you improve the distances that you can hit the ball.

Most sets of the Callaway X Hot irons that are left on the market will have the Project X steel shaft, but if you can find a set with the X hot Graphite Shaft, you may find that you can get even more distance.

The speed frame face technology allows for a dynamic feel and explosive distance from the face. At the time these clubs were released, they offered considerably more distance than the previous model. The only problem is that now golf technology has changed yet again to offer even more consistent distance.


The Callaway X Hot golf irons feature a deep undercut cavity and speed frame technology. This means that you can miss the center of the clubface and still get a tremendous amount of ball speed and distance from your golf shot.

Although forgiveness is typically a positive, just be aware that you won’t have all that much ability to work the ball with the X Hot in your hands. Most shots will be corrected to go straight, even when trying to hit a draw or a fade.


Callaway irons have only gotten more expensive since the release of the Callaway X Hot. If you can find a great deal on an X hot iron set, take advantage of it as soon as you can. The pricing of these irons is considerably less than the new Apex or Mavrik irons in the Callaway golf line up.

callaway X Hot Iron review

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As we have mentioned, the Callaway X Hot irons are not the newest on the market. This means that quite a bit has happened in the world of golf technology since their release. Therefore, if you think that there are some great features in the Callaway X Hot iron sets and would like something with similar functionality, we have some great alternatives for you to consider.

Callaway Golf Mavrik Iron Set

The best alternative to the Callaway X Hot irons is the Callaway Mavrik golf set. The Mavrik irons have been on the market for just about two years, and they have some of the best ball speeds around. These clubs are still being produced, so you can find them in stiff and regular flex shafts of all different types.

The great thing about the Callaway Golf Mavrik Irons is that they have more forgiveness and more ball speed than the Callaway X Hot. The deeper cavity and improvement related to artificial intelligence have really helped change the performance that Callaway can offer in a set of irons.

TaylorMadeCallaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron Set

The Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB irons are the best feeling and more forgiving Apex iron that they have ever released. This may be the longest iron you ever swing with. Callaway Apex DCB irons are known for their low center of gravity, high launch, and perfect spin rates.

The problem with this iron, when compared to the X Hot, is the pricing. Although the performance of the DCB iron is quite a bit more advanced than the Callaway X Hot, the overall pricing is going to be almost double.

However, if you are serious about taking your golf game to the next level and want to see what a set of new golf irons can do for you, this is a great choice to consider.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max OS

Even though we are switching brands a bit here, it is a good idea to consider the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max OS when looking for alternatives to the Callaway X Hot golf irons. Although the Sim 2 Max is a bit newer in technology and has some unique and expensive benefits as compared to the X Hot, it is worth considering.

TaylorMade is all about speed. They use their Speed Pocket technology and impressive turf interaction improvements to give golfers performance they have never seen before. We are impressed with what the SIM 2 MAX OS can do and the graphite shafts that you can get in these clubs if you so choose.

Overall, TaylorMade and Callaway often appeal to the same type of player. They both offer lots of distance, increased overall forgiveness, and a great feel. If you have never strayed away from Callaway, this golf iron could be a great place to explore what else is out there.

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We hope that at this point, you know whether or not the Callaway X Hot irons would be a good choice for your game. If you find a great deal, have much older technology, and are ready for a forgiving and high performing upgrade, the X Hot irons could be a great choice to consider. Remember that Callaway has recently released a great deal of new technology, and it may make sense to consider the other Callaway options on the market as you do your shopping. At some point, golf technology does get quite advanced, and you will need to stay with the times.


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