Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid: Detailed Review & Comparison

The Cobra Baffler Rails technology just will not go away. As the years go on the Cobra hybrids still feature this fantastic and easy to use rail system that allows the ball to skyrocket out of almost any lie.

The Cobra F9 is no exception; this club will provide a tremendous amount of distance out of a variety of lies.

The Cobra F9 Hybrid is a significant improvement from the F8, and it features a head that is almost 10 percent larger.

cobra f9 hybrid review

Overall the F9 is a great hybrid.

In this Cobra F9 hybrid review, we will help you determine if this is the right hybrid for your game.

cobra king f9 hybrid

Features and Benefits

Player Handicap

The great thing about the Speedback hybrid is that it will work for a mid handicapper, a low handicapper, and a high handicapper. The King F9 Speedback has a larger clubhead that may scare some of the lower handicap players away until they feel the Cobra F9 hybrid strike the ball.

For a forgiving club, Cobra knows how to maintain the feel and create unbeatable turf interaction. If you are playing with the Cobra F9 Irons or Cobra F9 Fairway Wood currently, the King F9 Speedback Hybrid is a natural addition to the bag.

Shaft Options

The F9 Speedback is not the most recent release from Cobra, so you will likely be looking at the stock shaft option that the King F9 Speedback hybrid initially offered.

The stock shack for this Cobra F9 Hybrid is a Fujikura Atmos Shaft available in stiff, regular, or senior flex.

The Cobra King is offered in a two, three, four or five hybrid. These lofts work great when combined with the Cobra iron set.


The Cobra F9 Hybrid has a 10% larger clubhead than the previous hybrid Cobra released, the F8. The larger clubhead was made to look a bit more straightforward on the Cobra F9 hybrid.

The rails are carefully hidden on the bottom of the club, and the leading edge of the Cobra F9 hybrid is very clean. You will notice the top-down look makes the club appear smaller than it is.

The sound of the King F9 Hybrid is going to be standard; you will not have any trouble with the noise on this one.


The center of gravity on the F9 Speedback Hybrid is low and in the center. If you happen to miss a ball just a bit while using this hybrid Cobra designed, you will likely still leave yourself in a good position.

There are no moveable weights on the F9 Speedback Hybrid, but you will notice this on many of the more forgiving clubs.

Adjustable weights make the club heavier overall, and Cobra wanted to keep the overall weight down on the F9 Speedback Hybrid.


One of the things we love most about the King F9 Speedback Hybrid is that it is very reasonably priced.

Cobra does a great job of providing incredible turf interaction, high ball speed, and forgiveness, all at a very fair price for the average golfer.


If for some reason, you don’t feel as though the Cobra King F9 Speedback Hybrid is the right choice for you, there are a few other options that you may want to consider.

Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid One Length


  • Great for the more inconsistent player
  • Similar pricing to the King F9 Speedback Hybrid
  • Very forgiving with plenty of ball speed


  • One length is not ideal for all players

Yes, the King F9 Speedback One length hybrid will be quite similar to the King F9 Speedback that we are featuring in this Cobra F9 hybrid review; however, it is worth bringing up as an alternative. The F9 Speedback One Length Hybrid is offered in several different degrees, but all of these clubs will be the same length as your seven iron.

Keeping the length the same on the hybrids as it is on the irons provides a considerable amount of consistency in your golf game. You will not sacrifice distance by going to the non-traditional length.

If you struggle to keep the golf ball in the fairway with the longer clubs, the Cobra F9 One Length Hybrid is an option that you must consider.

Callaway Super Hybrid


  • Incredible distance
  • Very forgiving
  • A good amount of forgiveness for the average golfer


  • Much more expensive than the King F9 Speedback Hybrid

The Callaway Super Hybrid is a brand new release from Callaway that will help to get you the distance. If your main issue with your hybrids is lack of distance, the Callaway Super Hybrid will likely fix that for you.

This club is designed to have fairway wood-like distance from an easy to hit and forgiving hybrid club. The only real problem with the Callaway is that along with its super distance comes a super price.

Sometimes distance is worth paying for, and if you are one of those golfers, the Super Hybrid will likely be a bit longer than any hybrid Cobra has on the market.

Read our Callaway Super Hybrid review.

TaylorMade M6 Hybrid


  • Good distance and forgiveness for mid handicapper
  • Great ball speed


  • More money than the F9

Released the same year as the Cobra F9 Hybrid, the TaylorMade M6 is another long and forgiving option. The clubhead of the M6 is a bit smaller than the Cobra F9 Hybrid, and it has a very clean leading edge.

TaylorMade is very involved in increasing ball speed, and the M6 shows a solid increase from the previous models that TaylorMade offered. Again, the M6 is going to be priced higher than the Cobra King F9.


The Cobra King F9 is not just a great club because it is long and forgiving; it is also affordable! The Cobra rails offer every player a tremendous amount of help when it comes to hitting out of the long grass.

If your shot lands perfectly in the middle of the fairway, the rails will provide better interaction with the turf. This is a perfect hybrid for a mid handicapper that may be looking to improve on their hybrid game.

If you have not already hit the F9 hybrid, now is the time to do so before this model is no longer available.

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