12 Best 2 Iron Driving Irons for 2024: Reviews & Buying Tips

Every golfer wants the skills and ability to make a notorious stinger shot like Tiger Woods. The shot is famous and has helped Woods win multiple tournaments. To get this legendary shot you need to have the best golf clubs in 2022

Unfortunately most golfers get into the game equipped with the wrong golf clubs. While the majority of golfers prefer hybrids, some still prefer using long irons. With the best 2 iron driving irons you can improve your game. 

Finding the right two iron can be slightly tricky because there are so many on the market, and each one has its own function and many two irons have been altered to suit certain needs, such as gaining speed on shots.

I have been playing golf since I was a teenager and have managed to get plenty of professional experience in the game. I took some time to do research and compile this list of the best two irons. I discovered many things along the way, which I’ve included. 

You’ll also find a guide on how to purchase your two iron, whether you’re a new buyer or a returning buyer. You’ll also see an FAQ section answering a few of the burning questions you may have. 

Our Top 2 Iron Driving Irons Include:

1LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set
2TaylorMade Golf P790 UDI Utility Club
3Callaway X Forged Utility Individual Iron
4TaylorMade GAPR MID Golf Club
5TaylorMade SIM UDI Iron
6Srixon Golf ZX Utility Iron
7Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club
8Wilson Staff Model Utility Men’s Golf Iron
9Callaway 2020 X-Forged Utility Iron
10Cobra King Utility Iron

Best 2 Iron Driving Irons Reviews- Tried & Tested

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Set


  • High quality
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed players
  • Can be ordered as an individual or as a set
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Custom-made LAZRUS grip
  • Deep grooves


  • Heavy shaft

LAZRUS golf clubs are meant to offer clubs of the highest quality yet at affordable prices, and they achieved that with their Premium Golf Irons Set. This set is available for both left and right-handed players, which we found to be unique. Clubs can be ordered individually or as a set. 

This set of golf clubs is made from alloy steel which is very strong but doesn’t compromise the golf club flex, which is normal. It also comes with a custom-made LAZRUS grip. Additionally, the golf clubs have deep grooves, which help achieve great spin, consistency, and control in any situation that you might find yourself in.  

TaylorMade Golf P790 UDI Utility Club


  • It plays like a hybrid
  • Graphite shaft
  • Increased club head speed
  • The balance between distance and precision


  • Available for right-handed players only

One of the things we found inconvenient about this set of 2 iron clubs was that it only came for right-handed players. However, it’s a good set of clubs nonetheless. This set of golf clubs has the look of a long iron but plays like a hybrid. 

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The beautiful thing about the P790 is that its shaft is made from graphite. This means that the P790 is lighter, andthat you’ll have an increased clubhead speed. The entire purpose of this club is to create a balance between distance and precision. 

Callaway X Forged Utility Individual Iron


  • Flexible
  • Deep grooves
  • Modest clubhead speed


  • Only available for left-handed players

Callaway is a sports equipment manufacturing company specializing in clubs, balls, bags, gloves, and caps. Today we’re going to be looking at their Callaway X Forged Utility Individual Iron. Unfortunately, this golf club is only for left-handed players and has a regular club reflex. 

The shaft is made from alloy steel which is fantastic for durability but still allows a slight bend. The set also comes with a golf club loft of 21 degrees which was great because it gave it a 4-hybrid effect. This club also offers a lot of forgiveness and control, which is excellent for beginners.  The Callaway X Forged Utility Individual Iron reaches a longer average distance than other 2 iron golf clubs. 

TaylorMade GAPR MID Golf Club


  • Speed Foam technology
  • Easy alignment 
  • Good for extreme distances


  • Less spin

TaylorMade is an American-based company that manufactures balls, clubs, and clothing. A minor downside to this fantastic club is that it was made for left-handed players. It’s made from graphite which means that it’s lighter than its fellow golf clubs. 

With this particular club, you’re getting 19 degrees of golf club loft, making it feel like a 3-hybrid. The black that it comes in is very different from the usual steel look. The CG or center of gravity for the GAPR is low, which means players can reach greater distances, and still have a Mid-High trajectory. Speed Foam technology allows for there to be faster faces while still maintaining excellent sound and feel. 

TaylorMade SIM UDI Iron


  • Great forgiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite shaft


  • Less spin

TaylorMade is one of our favorite golf brands, and another fantastic club that they have in their collection is the SIM UDI Iron. This is an excellent two-iron. Unfortunately, it is only available for right-hand players.

The shaft is made from the Diamana Thump Hybrid Shaft, which helps to promote a stable and consistent trajectory helping with shot control. You can find the SIM UDI Iron in 2 iron and 3 iron. 

Srixon Golf ZX Utility Iron


  • Very forgiving
  • Hollow body
  • Increased ball speed
  • Low CG


  • Narrow profile

Srixon is the owner of Dunlop Sports, which is a trendy sports brand. Srixon is a golfing company that makes clubs and balls and has done a fantastic job with their Golf ZX Utility Iron. The Golf ZX Utility Iron is available for both left-handed and right-handed players. 

On their website, golfers can customize their Golf ZX Utility Iron, which is great if you’re looking for something different. The only thing that isn’t customizable is the shaft. The shaft is made from graphite which is an excellent option because it’s lightweight and helps create clubhead speed. 

Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club


  • More distance
  • Better turf interaction
  • Graphite shaft


  • Available for left-handed players only

Cleveland Golf is a company that produces replicas of good quality clubs, and they did a fantastic job with their Launcher UHX Utility Club.It genuinely is an excellent 2 iron. 

You get a 20-degree golf club loft with these 2 irons, which places it in the 3-hybrid category. The shaft is made of graphite which is very lightweight and contributes to its 4-gram weight. The Launcher UHX has a hollow construction which means that you can deliver more distance while still having the advantage of forgiveness. 

The unique thing about this 2 iron is that it has a variable high strength steel face. This means you’ll get some pretty good ball speed for an increased distance. The v-shaped sole improves the turf interaction, which means that there will be better speed retention upon impact. 

Wilson Staff Model Utility Men’s Golf Irons


  • Very forgiving
  • Hollow body
  • Low center of gravity
  • Graphite shaft


  • Available for right-handed players only

Wilson is a golf brand that makes top-quality golf club sets and has excellent scoring irons. The Staff Model Utility has a regular golf club reflex. The only grievance we have is that the Staff Model Utility is only made for right-handed players. 

Buyers can also order the Wilson Staff Model Utility Men’s Golf Irons to come in different golf club reflexes. The shaft is made from graphite which is excellent because it makes the club easier to handle. 

These clubs are very reliable, and ideal for players who need consistency in their set. The 2 iron has a hollow body with a long iron solution and distance which allows for forgiveness. 

Callaway 2020 X-Forged Utility Iron


  • Very forgiving
  • Length enhanced control
  • Vibrations better


  • Narrow profile

Callaway has proven to be a great brand, and they did a fantastic job with their 2020 X-Forged Utility Iron. The shaft is made of alloy steel The beautiful thing about this golf club is that the golf club loft is adjustable, which allows for adjustments. 

This golf club has extremely precise triple net forging, which means you’ll get an exceptional feel and high performance. The Callaway 2020 X-Forged Utility Iron has 20v grooves built-in to promote a high level of control. 

Cobra King Utility Iron


  • Hollow bodied
  • Forgiving


  • Loft adjustability is hard

The Cobra King is a leading golf club and golf equipment manufacturer. The Cobra King Utility Iron has a loft of 18 degrees. The club is available in the following style options, 3, 2, and 1 iron. 

With the Cobra King Utility, golfers can get distance while still maintaining precision. This club has a low center of gravity, which is excellent. 

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set


  • Muscle back shaping
  • Copper underlay (better feel)
  • Thin top line


  • Available for right-handed players only

Mizuno is a golf club and equipment manufacturing company. They did an excellent job with their MP-20. This iron set has a regular golf club flex and is made of composite materials. 

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Unfortunately, it’s only available for right-handed players. The gold club loft is 21 degrees, and the shaft material is made Nippon Modus 105. This material is lightweight and is of excellent quality. The grip material is made of rubber which can be very good for grip. 

SMT Golf MB-3 Forged Blade Iron Set


  • Classic looking irons
  • Designed for those with a handicap
  • Lightweight material


  • It doesn’t allow much forgiveness

SMT is a company dedicated to supplying good quality golf products, and the MB-3 is no different. Unfortunately, this set is only for right-handed players. These clubs are made of steel and have a regular club flex. 

It has a standard grip size and the shaft is also made from steel. The beautiful thing about this set of clubs is that the center of gravity is placed strategically in one place to give the player the perfect spot for shot-making. We also found that the club’s design was very classic, which was good. 

Things To Consider When Buying the Best 2 Iron Driving Iron:

When looking for the best 2-iron driving iron, 

The average two iron clubs often worked perfectly fine, but this isn’t true for everyone. Some do need the custom fit, which is entirely okay. Sometimes you may like a particular two iron club but find it difficult in height, which may be an issue.

Another thing to remember is that two iron clubs come with many features and options, but I found a few generic things, such as low CG, increased speed, and many others. I took a look at what I needed and what I liked in the two iron clubs that helped me clear my list and reduce my options.

The more features and options something has, the more expensive it’ll become. I also noticed that I didn’t need certain features and options.

Some different features and options are required for other people. The elderly would need a more lightweight two iron club. It’s best to go for what you need and like. 

Always try to test your two iron clubs before purchase. I found that I liked a lot of clubs, but when I tested them out, I discovered that they didn’t feel as good. An excellent tip that I learned while looking for two new iron clubs was to bring my old set along. It helps the assistant get a feel of what you’re looking for and allows you to compare. 

Also, try your best to purchase a two-iron that you used or have used the brand in the past. If you are buying from a second-hand dealer, then please ensure that they are in the suitable condition to be used. Don’t pay for two irons clubs before seeing or assessing the condition of your 2- iron clubs. 

How to hit a two-iron

It’s very important to know how to hit a two-iron. I’m going to be getting into five tips that I think could work for everyone. 

  • Firstly, you’d need to have a specific target in mind. It’s very easy to get lost in translation when playing golf. Golf is about precision, target, and power. 

It’s important to find a type of landmark to aim towards. This gives your mind a clear view of where you need to aim for. When using a two-iron, you need to trust your abilities to aim because hitting the two-iron takes a great deal of focus and concentration. 

  • Secondly, ensure that you hit the ground consistently in the same spot. It’s very important to control where your club is striking the ground. If there’s any inconsistency within this sphere, you might find it inconsistent with distance and accuracy. 

To be the best, you need to have control over your swing. To reach greater ball speeds, distances, and spin control, you need to be consistent in how you strike the ball. 

  • Thirdly, you need to control the curvature of the ball. To do this, you need to control your clubface and try to control your path. 

To control this, you need to remember two things: where the ball is going to start and that your ball is going to curve in relation to its swing path direction. These things are very important and will help you greatly with the two iron. 

  • Fourthly, it would help if you swung with enough clubhead speed. If you’re struggling to generate a speed of at least 240 yards, then you would need to go for a hybrid, but the good news is that there are ways to increase your clubhead speed. 

You could focus on your Overspeed training. You could also look at swinging at higher speeds with different swing sticks. These could help greatly with your clubhead speed. 

  • Lastly, you need to be strategic in your game management. It would be best if you were smart about using your two iron and remember that it is only a tool meant to help you; the control is within your power. 

You need to use the right approach if you plan to make a birdie. It’s also an excellent choice if you want to make birdies on 4s par or on a 5s par. You could also use it to make larger shots of up to 3s par. 



Choosing the best 2 iron driving iron isn’t an easy task, but can become easy with the correct information, tips, and tricks. It’s important to know what you are looking for and have a clear understanding of what the 2 iron is actually used for and what you need them for. Look into what’s best for you.

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