Best Blade Irons in 2021

Nothing beats the feel of a blade iron that is perfectly hit.

A golf shot hit well with a blade iron is something that every golfer strives for. Mostly lower handicapper players are the ones that will be hitting these types of shots. 

The blade iron can be a difficult club to hit as it lacks forgiveness and a large sweet spot.

We have put together our favorite best blade irons for the low handicappers that want the ultimate golf has to offer when it comes to performance and playability. 

Our Best Blade Irons in 2021

Best Blade Irons: Mizuno MP 20 Iron Set


  • Anti-glare finish
  • High-quality carbon steel
  • Very thin and clean top line
  • One of the most well-known blade irons ever created


  • Not very forgiving

The Mizuno irons have always let the way when it comes to the best blade irons on the market.

Although Mizuno offers golf clubs for other handicap levels, they set themselves apart with the equipment they put out for low handicappers. 

The Mizuno MP 20 is made of a 1025E mild carbon steel. The stock irons come with the True Temper Dynamic Golf that is a bit heavy and will help keep ball flight down a bit.

Mizuno incorporated their Impact Pure technology for an even softer feel than in years past. 

As beautiful as these irons appear, they are made with a Satin and Mirror combo finish.

They look shiny, higher-performing, but when out in the sun, they are designed to reduce glare.

As with most players blades, this set does come in the 3-PW option.

Runner Up: Wilson Staff Model Blade Irons


  • Classic shaping and design
  • Lower center of gravity than other blades
  • Wider sole


  • The iron head is a litter larger than some other options

The Wilson Staff irons are one of the best-kept secrets in golf. People think that Wilson makes beginners clubs or perimeter-weighted cavity back irons only.

This is not at all the case and you can see with this set of irons that Wilson Staff can make golf equipment to satisfy any player. 

The Wilson Staff blades have a fluid feel hosel that helps keep some weight from the hosel.

This also allows for a slightly larger head and a wider sole. If you are switching from a more forgiving set of irons to a blade, this is the best option out there to go with. 

The Wilson comes with a stock True Temper Dynamic Gold that you will see in many iron sets for the better golfers.

For a classic and beautifully shaped iron, this is a great choice.

Best Premium Blade Irons: TaylorMade P7TW


  • Top of the line feel and performance
  • Unbeatable ball control
  • Beautiful styling


  • One of the more expensive irons available

If you think that you should be playing with a set of clubs that Tiger Woods approves of, then the P7TW are the irons for you.

This is our top premium choice because the pricing on these irons will be nothing short of premium. 

The P7TW has a bit of a longer blade length than other irons, the top line is incredibly thin and they have progressive face height as well.

These are all things that Tiger requests in a perfectly built set of irons. 

The Tungsten Weighting in these clubs has been strategically placed to help get better ball flight and trajectory.

If you like to control the flight of your golf ball and feel the difference between a good shot and a bad, this is a great choice. 

The only real problem you will see with the P7TW irons is that they are very expensive. In fact, you will spend about twice the price of some other irons on the market. 

When you receive these irons, they come in a beautiful box that should be kept should you ever sell the clubs.

You can order the P7TW in your own specs or order them exactly how Tiger plays with them. If nothing else, this is undoubtedly a collector set of irons to get your hands on.

Best Value Blade Irons: Cobra MB Forged Irons


  • Great deal
  • Combo set
  • Black finish for better vision


  • Not all golfers want the combo option

If you are looking for an amazing deal on some blade irons, the Cobra MB Forged is a great choice.

This is a set that has the 4-6 iron in a cavity back design and the 7-PW in the muscle back. If you want some versatility in your game, this is a great choice. 

We love the black finish on the Cobra MB Forged; they are not going to give you any issues with glare, and they look clean and easy to hit.

These irons are configured to match Rickie Fowler’s irons that he has played so successfully with. 

If you want some high-quality blade irons, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, this is a set for you.

Best Blade Look A Like Irons: TaylorMade P790 Irons


  • Offers much more forgiveness than a traditional blade
  • Great feel
  • Lots of distance


  • Thicker top line
  • Not as pure feeling as a something like the P7TW

If you are looking for blade irons because you like the look and the feel, then the TaylorMade P790 Irons may be worth looking into.

These irons are a forged hollow body iron that is not a traditional blade. 

However, they have the same characteristics that many blades have.

The P790 has been a great addition for golfers with mid handicappers that appreciate great design and great feel, but they still need that added forgiveness

As with all the TaylorMade irons, this set is heavily focused on speed. If you lack any type of ball speed, the P790 will help you get some of it back.

This is not the latest release from TaylorMade, but each year they keep making little tweaks to these to make them some of the best forged irons out there.

Read our in-depth TaylorMade P790 Irons review.

Best Blade Irons For Lower Handicapper: Honma TW747


  • Unique technology
  • Great looking irons, very clean
  • Fair pricing for blades
  • Top of the line turf interaction


  • Not a very well known brand among golfers

Lower handicap players sometimes like to look outside the box when it comes to a new set of irons.

These Honma are not the most well known name out there, but when you hit them, you will wonder why. These are made using a Japanese file and grind process

The process of creating these irons gives them a unique feel and the ability to control your golf shots. If you like a very thin and clean looking iron, this golf club will appeal to you. 

The Honma set of forged irons offer some unique technology that other companies don’t have.

Some lower handicappers want a club that looks like you can pick a ball cleanly from the turf, this Honma is built for that. 

Best Blade Combo: Srixon Combo Irons


  • Golfers from mid to low handicaps will love the playability
  • Made with soft Carbon steel
  • Excellent turf interaction


  • May not be the best if you are solely seeking distance

Another great option for some blade irons is these Srixon Z785’s.

This is a combo set where you get a few utility irons to help get the distance and forgiving feel in the four and five irons.

If you feel as though you can handle blades, but you want a little extra launch in the longer clubs, this set is a great choice. 

The Srixon is a players club; they offer a very compact design, and they are forged. The Z785 is not a full blade, but it will give you the feel and performance that you need if you are accustomed to a blade type iron. 

Overall the Srixon irons are going to have a slightly lower center of gravity than other high-end irons similar to this. 

The clubhead is made with a soft 1020 carbon steel that significantly helps to improve feel at impact.

With cavity back irons, there is quite a bit of vibration at impact, and luckily with this club, you will not have that.

Blade Irons Buying Guide

Now that you know which clubs are the best on the market, it makes sense to understand exactly what a blade iron is and what to look for when purchasing one.

What Are The Advantages of Blade Irons? 

Blade irons are much easier to control when it comes to ball flight and path. If you like to hit draws and fades, then the blade is the best iron for you.

Cavity back irons are so forgiving that they don’t allow players to hit the same types of golf shots. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Blade Irons? 

Blade irons are not nearly as forgiving as cavity back irons. In the short irons, the difference does not seem to be as extreme.

When you look at the long irons’ performance, this is when you will see how hard the blade type clubs are to hit.

The sweet spot is much smaller in the blades, and the overall iron is a much thinner and smaller profile. 

Do Pros Use Blade Irons Or Cavity Backs?

Professionals almost always use a blade. A professional golf swing is very consistent and very efficient.

Since they know where the ball is going and how it should react, they can play with a club with less forgiveness.

The blades also have much better feel, and the better players look for perfect feel with very little vibration at impact. 

What Are The Advantages To A Blade Combo Set? 

Golf club manufacturers are making combo sets where there are cavity back type irons in the long irons, and then the short irons are blades.

This is done so that golfers with mid handicaps can play with higher-performing iron and still get the forgiveness they need in the long irons.

The combo set is something that even very low handicappers are starting to use just to get that extra distance and forgiveness with the 5, 4, and 3 iron. 

Who Should Use Blade Irons? 

Any golfer that appreciates feel in a golf club can use a blade. Most of the time, golfers with more than a ten handicap should look at a cavity back or a forged/cavity back combo.

New golfers that are still learning the fundamentals of the game are not going to find the blades to be the best choice. 

If you have found yourself unable to play the types of shots you want because your irons prevent you, then it is time to look at blades. 


Blade irons are a significant investment. They cost more money than cavity back irons, and if you can’t hit them well, it will be an expensive mistake.

If your handicap is below a ten, it may be time to start looking at making the switch. 

We hope our list of the best blade irons has helped you narrow down your choices. The Mizuno MP20 sits at the top of our list because of the beautiful clubhead design, the impressive ball speeds, and the fantastic feel.

If you want a set of clubs to last you a long time, the Mizuno are a great choice.

If your also looking for a driving iron, we have put together our list of the best driving irons currently on the market.

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