Best Callaway Irons Ever

Callaway is probably the biggest name in the world of golf. Their Big Bertha irons put them on the map years ago, and they have gained a very large following.

Every year Callaway releases new golf irons that are more impressive than the year prior.

If you are looking for an upgrade and you are brand loyal to Callaway, you are in the right place.

Here are the best Callaway irons available on the market.

Our Best Callaway Irons Ever

Best Callaway Irons: Callaway Mavrik Irons


  • Artificial Intelligence for the first time in an iron
  • 360 Face Cup
  • Optimum launch


  • Short irons still have thick top line

The Callaway Golf Mavrik Irons has been one of the best releases that Callaway has ever put on the market. This set of irons is one of the most technologically advanced irons ever to hit the market.

The center of gravity for each of these clubs is strategically placed to give them tons of performance and launch.

The center of gravity on the Mavrik irons is very low, and even though the lofts are strong you can still get lots of ball flight. The Mavrik irons have lots of ball speed, and golfers love the feel of them.

The one weakness in the Rogue irons was the fact that they didn’t have the best sound, and the feel was not perfect.

With the Mavrik, Callaway has really made some strides, and these cavity backs almost feel like forged irons.

Callaway 2019 Apex Pro Irons

Best for Low Handicapper


  • Thin top-down look
  • Clean looking iron
  • Players distance iron
  • Great feel


  • Not forgiving

Although Callaway is known for making high performing golf clubs for the average golfer, they always release a few players type irons each year.

The Apex Pro Irons are a very clean forged iron, made with a 1025 mild carbon steel body. 

Don’t ask us how it happened, but Callaway was able to get their Urethane Microspheres inside a forged iron.

What you thought was a pure feel from a forged iron in the past, you will be completely surprised by how much better an iron can feel. 

The Apex Pro 19 is a player’s iron, so it is known more for feel and control than it is for distance and forgiveness. The Apex Pro is a surprisingly long iron considering it is a player’s choice.

The stock shafts available in the Apex Pro are going to be a little bit heavier and stiffer than something offered in a Mavrik. 

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

Most Forgiving Callaway Irons


  • High launching
  • Very forgiving
  • Fairly priced for the technology you get


  • Hard to work the ball and control trajectory

The most forgiving irons that Callaway has on the market right now are the Mavrik Max.

These are very similar in technology to the Mavrik, but the lofts and the sweet spot are just bigger than they are on the Mavrik. 

Mavrik Max irons have a much higher launch than the standard Mavrik, and they are certainly game improvement irons.

You can get lots of distance from these golf clubs, and the sweet spot on the face is quite large. They feature the same 360 face that the other Callaway cavity back irons have. 

If you are above a 20 handicap, these are the irons that you should seriously consider from Callaway.

Callaway 2019 Big Bertha Iron/Hybrid Combo Set

Best Callaway Irons for High Handicap


  • Easy to hit high
  • Great feel
  • Pricing has dropped
  • Long and consistent


Higher handicappers need game improvement irons. Irons built for the high handicappers will be easy to launch, plenty long, and give plenty of forgiveness.

The Big Bertha Iron Hybrid Combo set is not only one of the best looking Callaway iron options on the market; it is also very functional. 

Since this is a combo set, you will have hybrids for the long irons and traditional irons in the short irons. This is partly what makes this set one of the best for players with higher handicaps. 

The smoked PVD finish on the Callaway Big Bertha will last for years to come, and it will stand out from the crowd. Although this is technically a cavity back iron, it does have the feel of a forged golf club. 

Callaway 2020 Rogue X Iron

Best Value Callaway Irons


  • Lots of distance
  • Forgiveness
  • 360 Face Cup Technology
  • Large sweet spot
  • Easy to launch long irons


  • Sound is not great

The Callaway Rogue irons have been around for a few years now, but they still offer a ton of great performance benefits. The pricing has also dropped on these clubs, making them a great value. 

The Rogue X irons are very strong lofted clubs with a 360 Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness for lots of ball speed.

The Face Cup technology makes it easier for players to get distance and forgiveness even when they miss the golf club’s center. 

One of the things that really set the Rogue X apart was the Urethane Microspheres. The microspheres are designed to give players a great feel while still allowing lots of ball speed.

The Rogue X are lightweight irons designed to help high handicappers get some better accuracy and control with their clubs. 

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

Best New Release


  • Urethane microspheres
  • Flash cup face
  • Wide sole
  • Gives players lots of confidence
  • Fast ball speeds


  • Brand new release, so the pricing is high
  • A little thicker than some may like

The Big Bertha B-21 is a brand new release from Callaway. When Callaway comes out with a new iron, everyone wants to check out what it might do.

With the new B21, they once again used Artificial Intelligence and the Flash Cup Face

The Big Bertha irons have been such a staple in the golf world for so many years. Bringing them back brings a level of comfort to the golfers that know the Big Bertha name and what it can do for their game. 

This is a game-improvement iron with lots of ball speed and a face architecture that is different for every club head.

The B-21 has very wide soles, low spin, and very straight shots. Another way to see that these are more of a game improvement iron is that the clubhead is quite a bit offset as well.

Callaway Irons Buying Guide

Golfers have trusted Callaway golf clubs for many years. There is no question that you will get quality and performance from a Callaway club; the harder part is narrowing down which one will be the best choice for you.

Here are a few questions that will hopefully help you narrow things down. 

Does Callaway Make Irons For Low Handicappers? 

Callaway always puts out a line of clubs for the lower handicapper golfers. These clubs are always going to have a thinner top line and look vastly different than the traditional thick look of the Big Bertha. 

If you want a low profile, scoring club from Callaway look for the irons labeled, “Pro”.  

Which Callaway Irons Are Best For Beginners? 

Beginners need to make sure that they choose a club with the best shaft for their game. This is potentially more important than the club head.

If a beginner stays away from the pro models of the clubs, then they should have plenty of distance, forgiveness, and performance. 

Beginners will very likely enjoy the oversized models like the Mavrik Max because it gives extra launch and distance when a player is trying to learn the strength of their game. 

Which Are The Best Callaway Irons For High Handicapper? 

Most Callaway golf clubs are going to appeal to higher handicappers. They offer the performance benefits that higher handicappers need. Higher handicappers should also be considering hybrids as a part of their set makeup.

There is no reason for a slower swinging golfer that struggles with club head speed to play with a four or even five iron. 

Are Callaway Irons Better Than TaylorMade Irons? 

Callaway and TaylorMade are both very reputable golf companies that have very similar goals.

Overall, Callaway will be more about giving the average golfer an overall solution to the struggles they run into on the golf course.

TaylorMade irons seem to be mainly focused on speed and distance at the moment. 


Callaway makes some of the best golf clubs on the market. There are six or seven different sets of Callaway irons for golfers to choose from at any given time.

We believe that right now, the Mavrik stands out as the best possible choice. 

The wide range of players that can benefit from this set of clubs is pretty incredible. For a company to make a cavity back club with this much feel and performance is quite impressive.

For the golfers who need a bit more help in their game, the Mavrik Max is a great choice. You can’t go wrong with any of the golf clubs on our list, its just a matter of finding a match that is the right fit for your game.

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