Best Forged Irons in 2021

A forged iron goes through a different manufacturing process than a cavity back iron.

Forged irons are known for having a great feel while still maintaining some forgiveness. The forged iron is an excellent option for the mid to low handicap golfer.

Since there are so many options for the best forged irons on the market to choose from, we helped narrow things down for you a bit.

Best Forged Irons in 2021

Best Forged Iron Set: Callaway Apex Iron Set


  • Great feel
  • Players distance irons
  • Low center of gravity


  • All forged irons are a bit expensive

The Callaway Golf Apex Irons was a very strong release from Callaway. Since these irons hit the market, they have remained a top seller.

This is a player distance iron, with a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body

What makes the Apex forged irons unique is the fact that Callaway was able to incorporate the Urethane Microspheres into the clubhead.

Traditionally these have only been used in cavity back irons to help the impact position feel more solid and have less vibration.

Incorporating these Urethane Microspheres into a forged golf club gives them an incredible feel

The Apex comes with the 360 Face Cup technology that helps players who need that extra ball speed.

You will get plenty of spin control and workability with this iron as well. Even though this is a forged set of irons, the center of gravity is low to help with really great launch and ball flight as well. 

These irons come stock with a True Temper Elevate 95 Shaft, perfect for the mid swing speed player. Overall this is a set of irons that will earn a spot in your golf bag for a very long time.

Read our Callaway Apex Irons review.

Best Alternative #1: TaylorMade P760 Iron Set


  • Very consistent
  • Thing top line
  • Soft feel
  • Speedform technology


  • Not as forgiving as some other choices

The TaylorMade P760 is a forged iron that has an incredibly soft feel. The P760 is built more for the lower handicapper that want to be able to work their shots. 

The P760 has a speed foam injected club head. The SpeedFoam technology helps to increase feel and lessen any kind of vibration at impact.

The SpeedFoam is used in the TaylorMade p790 irons as well, which are quite a bit more forgiving than the P760. 

One of the things that makes the P760 irons stand out so much is the fact that they have such a nice thin top line.

A top-line like this will appeal to golfers with lower handicappers that want to control their ball flight. 

The P760 irons come stock with a Dynamic Golf 120 Shaft. This shaft is a little heavier than some other options on the market and it will help for the faster swinging players to be able to control their ball flight. 

Best Alternative #2: Honma Golf TW-747X Iron Set


  • High launch 
  • Able to stop and spin
  • Wide cambered sole
  • Great feel


  • Honma irons are generally priced quite high

The Honma golf brand is really starting to make a name for itself, especially when it comes to forged golf irons. The new T/World line of golf clubs is created with an incredible feel and consistent performance in mind.

If you are a great player looking for a forged iron that can make golf feel more natural and accessible, the TW-747X is the way to go. 

The Honma Golf TW 747X is hand shaped in the factor in Japan. The concept is that precision is going to help players be able to take their game to the next level.

The forged hollow construction is a muscle back design that allows for plenty of distance yet the ultimate amount of control on golf shots. 

The high strength MS300 forged face is what allows players to have the speed that they need from their shots while still keeping the precision. The Honma irons are known for high launch and very good spin around the greens.

If you are looking to get more precise in the shots that you hit, the Honma TW 747X is the way to go. 

Best Forged Irons for Low Handicapper: Cobra King Forged CB/MB Iron Set


  • Combo set
  • Classic players looking design
  • Lots of distance


  • Set comes in a 3-PW, not all golfers need a three iron

For the lower handicapper, most of the options on the market are a blade type golf iron.

Some players don’t want something that is a blade because of the extreme lack of forgiveness on a blade iron. This is where the idea of a forged combo set has come into place. 

We love the quality of construction and attention to detail on the Cobra Golf King Forged CB/MB Iron Set. All of the clubs in this set are a forged type design. The 3-6 iron is a little more forgiving than the 7-PW that is a blade type setup. 

The combination set allows a player to have the feel and precision they need in the short irons and the distance and forgiveness in the long irons.

The face on the Cobra King Forged is a CNC milled face that helps make the grooves more precise.

Best Value Forged Irons: Wilson Staff D7 Golf Irons


  • Very fairly priced
  • Uses power hole technology to increase the distance
  • Still has plenty of forgiveness


  • Ball speed may not be as high as something like the Apex

As we mentioned, the forged golf irons are almost always more expensive than a cavity back.

The Wilson Staff D7 is an excellent set of clubs for the golfer looking to get into the forged feel but not spend a ton of money on the set. 

The D7 is built with power holes to help increase both ball speed and get more distance.

The forged carbon steel is actually combined with perimeter weighting to give this club game improvement type distance but the feel of forged.

Overall this is a golf club that you will feel is worth every penny you pay for it.

Best Premium forged Irons: Callaway Epic Star Iron Set


  • Very forgiving
  • Extremely lightweight shaft
  • Larger sweet spot


  • One of the most expensive irons available

When we say that this is a premium golf club we are not exaggerating. The Callaway Epic Forged Star Iron Set is one of the most expensive iron sets available.

These clubs are built for maximum distance. Many senior golfers like the Epic Forged Star because of the premium lightweight graphite shafts

The Epic Forged Star is a thicker looking iron, and they are generally not available in the longer irons.

This is a club built for players that need the most help with distance and forgiveness but they still want the forged feel

Just like the Apex at the top of our list, the Epic Star uses the 360 Face Cup Technology.

The Epic irons have plenty of launch and they have been very well received by both women and senior golfers.

Forged Irons Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea as to which clubs are the best on the market, it makes sense to understand exactly what a forged iron is and why purchasing one may be a good thing for your golf game. 

What Is The Difference Between A Forged And A Cavity Back Iron? 

The main difference between the forged and cavity back iron is how they are manufactured. The forged iron is made from one piece of metal and poured into a cast. That is why some people will call a forged iron a cast iron. 

A cavity back iron has a hollow back. The main difference you will see with a forged and cavity back iron is that the cavity back has a little more vibration at impact than the top forged irons.

This is why golfers are known for saying that the forged irons feel better. 

Since the forged clubs usually come from one piece of carbon steel, they have a more solid feel with less vibration and movement and impact. 

What Handicap Golfer Should Use A Forged Iron? 

A golfer of any handicap can use a forged golf club.

There are many models of forged clubs on the market, and as long as you find one that matches the strength of your golf game, you will be very happy with the results that it provides. 

Lower handicap golfers should look at irons that are similar to forged blades.

Higher handicap golfers should look at something like the Epic Forged Star that has the forged feel but a larger clubhead that will accommodate shots that miss the center a bit. 

What Are The Advantages To A Forged Iron?

The major advantage of forged iron is that it has a better feel and better control. If you are a player that likes to hit draws and fades or play with different ball flights, the forged iron is the way to go. 

A cavity back iron is going to be so forgiving sometimes that it won’t allow you to manipulate your golf shots the way you would like to. 

As far as distance is concerned, some people will say that a forged iron is not quite as long as a cavity back.

This really has more to do with the overall forgiveness. Since the cavity back is more forgiving, you don’t have to hit it precisely in the center to get a good distance from your shot. 

What Are The Disadvantages To A Forged Iron? 

There are two main disadvantages to the forged iron. The first is the cost, and the second is forgiveness. In some cases, forged irons can be about 25 to 30 percent more than the price of a cavity back. 

Lower handicappers will tell you that when you buy clubs that feel good, you will pay for it. The shorter irons in the forged sets are not all that less forgiving than the cavity back.

When you get to the long irons, you will notice that you have to hit the sweet spot to get the ball speed that you are looking for. 

If you are interested in forged irons but don’t want to pay over $1,000 for a set, the Wilson Staff clubs that we reviewed are a great choice. You can get the performance without having to spend so much money on it. 

Are Forged Irons Better? 

Forged irons have a better feel, but they are not better golf clubs. Golf equipment is all about finding the clubs that work best for your golf game.

Most of the game improvement irons on the market are not going to be forged, but that does not mean they are not good. 

Try to test some irons out and see which have the most carry distance and least dispersion. Regardless of what this club looks like, it is likely the best fit for you. 


We hope that our guide to the best-forged irons helped you narrow down the market’s overwhelming choices.

Out top pick, the Callaway Apex Forged are some of the best irons that Callaway has ever put out.

They have incredible feel mixed with just enough forgiveness to make the mid handicapper feel like they are swinging a players club.

The Callaway Apex Forged are a perfect transition from cavity back to forged.

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