Best Golf Irons For Women 2021

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One of my biggest pet peeves when reading a review for women’s golf products is that women golfers are put in one general category.

Any female golfer knows that there are lots of different categories of women golfers.

Some are new to the game, some are scratch golfers, some have fast swing speeds and others will do anything to get that club moving a little quicker.

Regardless of where you stand, I’m going to try and break down for you some of the best golf irons for women and who should be using them.

Our Best Golf Irons For Women In 2021

Best golf Irons for Women: TaylorMade M6 Combo Set

Regardless of the type of player you are, a combo set is extremely important. Even the pro-women golfers are using hybrids in their sets.

The simple truth is that females just do not have enough clubhead speed to hit a 4 iron solid (especially out of a difficult lie).

The TaylorMade M6 Women’s Set is the best all-around option for women. The technology is as good as it gets.

Although this set will fall in the game improvement category many lower handicap women are playing them because of the distance it produces.

Speedbridge allows distance technology to be used in a club that has players feel. TaylorMade is all about ball speed this year and these clubs produce high speeds.

Forgiveness is another key factor to consider. The M6 irons were designed with a low center of gravity to make sure even the mishits are getting in the air.

The trouble with game improvement irons can be the feel. They have a large sweet spot but because of the design can feel a little hollow or hard at impact. TaylorMade worked on that with the M6 series and they have truly improved how these clubs feel at impact.

The price point on this set has dropped in the last year. The combination of technology, improvements upon previous models, pure distance and fair price make this one of the best sets of irons for women.

Runner Up 1: Cobra F8 Combo Set

The Cobra F8 Women’s Combo Set is our first runner up in the best irons for women golfers.

Again this is a combo set.

Keep in mind many of the combo sets can be ordered without the hybrids. I suggest ordering it as a complete set.

It can sometimes be difficult to match the lofts when mixing hybrids and irons between manufacturers. You could unknowingly leave yourself with an unwanted gap in your bag.

The Cobra F8 iron set is a lightweight option designed to improve accuracy and feel. Where the TaylorMade M6 wins on distance the F8 will win for control of the golf ball.

This is the first time an iron set has been developed with a carbon feel that we are so used to in the Cobra driver.

Perhaps one of the best features of the F8 is the progressive spin technology. The 5 and 6 iron are designed with groves to help increase distance and roll. The 7-9 irons are built to optimize spin, so you can stop the ball when you need to.

The wedges are built like high-end wedges with the grooves you need to hit pitch and chip shots all around the green.

Since this set is from 2018 the pricing is really good for the complete set.

Runner Up 2: Callaway Rogue

The Callaway women iron of the year was by far the Rogue. This set of irons is not just long and forgiving but it is lightweight and easy to swing as well.

Callaway has now stopped producing the Rogue iron to focus on the new Mavrik. The good news about this is that these irons will now be going on sale.

The Rogue was designed with the 360 Face Cup technology. Essentially this is going to improve both distance and forgiveness on hits that are outside the sweet spot.

If you have slow to moderate clube head speed these irons were designed to help you get more distance.

The sole of the Callaway Rogue irons can look a wide but from the top down they have a much thinner and cleaner look than some of the previous releases for women.

The stock shaft option is a Synergy Graphite shaft with swing speed increasing technology built-in.

If you are a woman with faster swing speed it’s best to look into the new Mavrik iron and order them custom with a heavier or stiffer shaft, something like a men’s regular shaft.

The Rogue set is sold both with and without the hybrid club. Callaway recognized that some women do not prefer hybrids and so they made these irons up to a four iron. Very rare for a company to do in today’s golf world. Some iron sets are only made up of the 6 iron for women.

Read our Callaway Rogue Irons review.

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

Best New Released Golf Irons for Women

The brand new Callaway Mavrik Irons are now available. This highly anticipated set of irons was released in February 2020.

The Mavrik is the update of the Rogue iron. Callaway releases a new game improvement iron almost every year. Each is said to increase accuracy and distance.

According to our initial tests and early feedback, we think these irons will quickly become the top golf irons for women in 2020.

The Flash Face technology that Callaway has been using in their driver has now been transferred to an iron.

For the first time in golf history, Callaway has used artificial intelligence to craft every iron in the set individually, to increase performance. They also made this set specifically for women, gone are the days of sticking a light shaft in a man’s clubhead.

As always Callaway uses top of the line materials in all of their clubs. They stuck with the urethane microspheres in this iron to help increase feel without sacrificing distance. The ball speeds coming off of these new irons are fast.

The Mavrik Max comes in a standard and a light version. The standard model features the 50 gram UST Helium shaft. The lite irons have a 40-gram shaft. The Mavrik Max Lite is helping even the slowest swinging women get the distance they need.

If you are a lower handicap female golfer looking for a new set of Callaway Irons, they do offer the Epic Forged in a women’s set but I would seriously consider looking into the Apex irons with a woman’s shaft in them.

The new Mavrik Max Irons price is a great value for a newly released product.

Read our Callaway Mavrik Irons review.

TaylorMade R Bladez 2.0 Combo Set

Best Affordable Golf Irons for Women

The R Bladez was a set released several years ago by TaylorMade. The concept was to offer a forgiving and easy to hit set that looked slightly more like a players club.

The results were mixed with this set. They are certainly easy to hit. Not the longest on the market and moderately forgiving.

If you are looking for a set that is going to be a good budget option and an upgrade from a beginner or packaged set the R Bladez could be the perfect option for you.

Will you get the same feel as a brand new set of M6 or Mavrik, certainly not.

Kalea Ultralight Combo Set

Best Golf Irons For Senior Woman

Why is that as men age, they go from swinging a Stiff shaft, to a Regular to a Senior?

When women age they only have the option to go from one women’s set to another.

Golf manufacturers are starting to realize that as women age their swing speed also decreases. Golf irons for women need to be offered in different flexes and this is a change I think you will start to see shortly.

The Kalea Ultralight Combo Set by TaylorMade is a perfect option for seniors. They are a very lightweight golf set that is packed with forgiveness. If you feel as though the game is getting harder, these irons could seriously help.

The goal TaylorMade had in mind when designing this set was to make something that gets the ball up in the air and keeps it up there as long as possible The Kalea set is offered with both hybrids, woods and some sets are even sold with a Driver.

Very high quality and often overlooked option for women who need something light.

What to look for when Picking a great set of Irons for Women?

Certainly choosing the best golf irons for your game is going to be a largely personal decision but there are some key things to keep in mind.

Club Head Size and Weight

  • Choose a club built for women
  • Low center of gravity
  • Tungsten weighting
  • If it is a distance iron, make sure something is done to help increase feel

Shaft Options

  • Most women’s golf irons come with a 50-gram graphite shaft
  • If you are hitting a 7 iron 140 yards or more consider a men’s shaft
  • If you are struggling with swing speed look into a “lite” option (40 gram)

Set Makeup

  • Hybrid clubs in the long irons are easier to hit
  • Check the lofts if you are mixing brands (a 6 iron might be lower lofted than your 5 hybrid, could leave a gap in your bag)
  • Wedges are extremely important, always go with the matching AW when available


  • The look of the club matters
  • Choose something that makes you feel confident when standing over the ball
  • Most game improvement irons will lack slightly in feel, if you are a lower handicap player be sure to consider this


The TaylorMade M6 Women’s Golf Irons stood out this year. They improved upon previous models, they increased distance and improved forgiveness.

In this review, we mentioned how important it is to put a club in your hand that gives you confidence as you stand over the ball. Regardless of your scoring ability and natural talent these irons will help you lower your scores.

If TaylorMade isn’t for you the Rogue and the Cobra F8 come in a close second.

Keep in mind that not all women golfers are the same. Look at the local handicap board at your club.

Do you think the men who are a 15 handicap and the men who are a 30 handicap are playing the same equipment.

No, they are not.

Keep an open mind when purchasing equipment. There are more options on the market for women golfers now than ever before. Take advantage of that, do your research and find something that works specifically for your game.

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