Best Golf Irons For Women 2022

One of my biggest pet peeves when reading a review for women’s golf irons is that women golfers are put in one general category.

Any female golfer knows that there are lots of different categories of women golfers.

Some are new to the game, some are scratch golfers, some have fast swing speeds and others will do anything to get that club moving a little quicker.

Regardless of where you stand, I’m going to try and break down for you some of the best irons for women and who should be using them.

Best Golf Irons For Women In 2022

Best Irons for Women: TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Women’s Combo Irons


  • Very high ball speeds
  • ECHO Damping system
  • Transitions nicely into the hybrid irons


  • The overall look of the iron is a bit chunky

The best women’s irons 2022 are the SIM 2 Max combo irons. These are brand new technology, and they will help the female golfer with both distance and forgiveness.

The TaylorMade fast and forgiving clubface has been getting faster and longer for the last few years. The technology used in this club allows for a shot anywhere near the sweet spot to travel towards the target. 

The brand new ECHO damping system allows the feel of the club to be much softer and have less vibration at impact. In turn, this leads to the club feeling a bit more like a forged iron than a cavity back iron

The SIM 2 MAX women’s combo set has a great combination of clubs as well. Women golfers do not need to have long irons in their bags.

It is rare to find a woman with a clubhead speed fast enough to support a four and sometimes even a five iron. Instead, choose a combo set that replaces hybrids with the long irons. 

With the improved feel and sound and tremendous ball speed of the SIM 2 Max golf clubs, you are going to notice some big changes in your golf game this season. 

Runner Up 1: Cleveland Women’s Launcher HB Turbo Irons


  • Very easy to launch
  • Higher club head speed
  • Hollow construction


  • Short irons will take a while to get used to

The Cleveland Women’s Launch HB Turbo Irons are an excellent choice for the woman golfer that loves hybrids.

Each of the clubs in this set is a hybrid iron that is easy to hit out of the rough or the fairway. Hybrid irons also tend to launch quite a bit higher than a traditional cavity back iron. 

If you are a player that struggles to get their golf shots up off the ground, this technology could make a real difference in your game.

The Turbocharged Face on the Cleveland HB Turbo iron also helps give women golfers more club head speed than ever before. We know that with more club head speed, we will see a lot more distance as well. 

The hollow construction helps to make the irons extremely forgiving. Even if you are new to the game of golf, you will have no issues getting this set of irons to perform the way you need it to.

With a low center of gravity and lots of ball speed, this Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron is a perfect choice for the woman golfer. 

Runner Up 2: XXIO Women Eleven Iron Set


  • Premium feel and technology
  • Smooth feeling golf irons
  • Great for those that need lightweight golf clubs


  • Premium pricing

The XXIO brand is starting to grow across the world; however, the players that are benefiting from this club seem to mostly be ladies. The entire concept behind the XXIO irons is that they are built to be as lightweight as possible while still providing feel and distance

The double undercut cavity of this design allows for some of the higher ball speeds that you are going to find coming from a woman’s golf iron. In the butt end of the club, there are brass and rubber weights. These help the female golfer who needs a bit more launch on her iron shots. 

Getting that extra ball flight certainly helps to make sure that a shot can land properly on the green and stop where it should. Although hitting line drives may feel as though it is getting you more distance, it is not. 

One of the ways that women golfers describe the XXIO irons is that they are smooth. You will find that the feel and the ability to pick up club head speed make them a perfect match for the female golfer.

If the major brand names are not impressing you with their latest releases, give XXIO a try. 

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

Best New Released Golf Irons for Women


  • Created using artificial intelligence
  • Carefully positioned center of gravity
  • Higher launching, yet longer distance


  • Not made specifically for a woman golfer

The brand new Callaway Mavrik Irons are now available. This highly anticipated set of irons was released in February 2020.

The Mavrik is the update of the Rogue iron. Callaway releases a new game improvement iron almost every year. Each is said to increase accuracy and distance.

According to our initial tests and early feedback, we think these irons will quickly become the top golf irons for women in 2020.

The Flash Face technology that Callaway has been using in their driver has now been transferred to an iron.

For the first time in golf history, Callaway has used artificial intelligence to craft every iron in the set individually, to increase performance. They also made this set specifically for women, gone are the days of sticking a light shaft in a man’s clubhead.

As always Callaway uses top of the line materials in all of their clubs. They stuck with the urethane microspheres in this iron to help increase feel without sacrificing distance. The ball speeds coming off of these new irons are fast.

The Mavrik Max comes in a standard and a light version. The standard model features the 50 gram UST Helium shaft. The lite irons have a 40-gram shaft. The Mavrik Max Lite is helping even the slowest swinging women get the distance they need.

If you are a lower handicap female golfer looking for a new set of Callaway Irons, they do offer the Epic Forged in a women’s set but I would seriously consider looking into the Apex irons with a woman’s shaft in them.

The new Mavrik Max Irons price is a great value for a newly released product.

Read our Callaway Mavrik Irons review.

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Golf Iron Set

Best Affordable Golf Irons for Women


  • Easy to hit the ball high
  • Similar to a hybrid technology
  • Great set makeup for women


  • Unique shaping is initially difficult to get used to

There can sometimes be a fine line between affordable golf clubs and golf clubs that are just cheap and poorly made.

Wilson Staff knows how to produce high performing iron sets that are also very fairly priced. One such set is the Wilson Staff Launch Pad Golf Irons set

These LaunchPad irons are a bit like a hybrid type iron. The hollow construction club head and thin face make these a great choice for increased distance and launch. If you are a player that struggles with getting the ball in the air, the LaunchPad will have no issues fixing that issue. 

In addition to the higher launch and forgiving sole, the Launch, Pad irons have a great feel when you make contact with the ball. You will not feel as though you are hitting with a hybrid on the short game shots. The wedges and shorter irons have plenty of feel and spin as well. 

The higher handicap to beginner ladies will have the most luck with these irons. Their lightweight construction certainly helps increase the distance that you can get. If you happen to lack some confidence in your current golf game, these are the irons to start using. 

Cobra F Max Airspeed Hybrid Irons

Best Golf Irons For Senior Woman


  • Fair pricing
  • Low profile irons
  • More of a traditional look


  • Can be difficult to order custom

As women get older, their swing speeds start to slow down a bit. Unfortunately, if you are already playing with a woman’s golf shaft, there is no senior women’s golf shaft.

This leaves women golfers having to find a way to accommodate their game with a lightweight and more forgiving golf club

Luckily with the help of Cobra, that should not be too hard. The Cobra F Max Airspeed Hybrid Irons set is extremely lightweight and forgiving. The club has a lighter shaft, grip, and clubhead from previous releases. 

The low profile and deep undercut cavity back iron help to increase the launch from almost any lie. Most players struggle with hitting high lofted shots out of a poor lie, but with the F Max Airspeed, it seems to be quite a bit simpler. 

The progressive construction of the F Max irons allows for more offset and forgiveness as the club decreases in loft. This is exactly what a senior woman golfer needs in their game.

A club that gets easier to hit as it gets longer. Cobra knows how to make the game more fun for the players that need the most help.

Cobra Radspeed Women’s Golf Irons

Best Lightweight Golf Irons For Women 


  • Radial weighting technology
  • 10g weight for improved center of gravity
  • 3D Medallion for saving weight


  • Higher priced new irons

The Cobra Radspeed women’s golf irons are a great choice for those that want lightweight, long-distance performance. Golfers that are serious about getting higher ball speed without sacrificing forgiveness will enjoy what the Radspeed irons have to offer. 

Cobra Radspeed has a Forged PowerShell Face that will increase the flex in the club head and help players get faster ball speed and higher launch. This all comes naturally without the golfer having to do anything out of the ordinary. 

While many companies are starting to use AI in their golf club development, Cobra was the first to use 3D printing to enhance the technology of these clubs. The new 3D printed medallion helps to save weight while still fine tuning the performance of the club. 

women’s golf irons buying Guide

Certainly choosing the best golf irons for your game is going to be a largely personal decision but there are some key things to keep in mind.

Club Head Size and Weight

  • Choose a club built for women
  • Low center of gravity
  • Tungsten weighting
  • If it is a distance iron, make sure something is done to help increase feel

Shaft Options

  • Most women’s golf irons come with a 50-gram graphite shaft
  • If you are hitting a 7 iron 140 yards or more consider a men’s shaft
  • If you are struggling with swing speed look into a “lite” option (40 gram)

Set Makeup

  • Hybrid clubs in the long irons are easier to hit
  • Check the lofts if you are mixing brands (a 6 iron might be lower lofted than your 5 hybrid, could leave a gap in your bag)
  • Wedges are extremely important, always go with the matching AW when available


  • The look of the club matters
  • Choose something that makes you feel confident when standing over the ball
  • Most game improvement irons will lack slightly in feel, if you are a lower handicap player be sure to consider this

Keep in mind that not all women golfers are the same. Look at the local handicap board at your club.

Do you think the men who are a 15 handicap and the men who are a 30 handicap are playing the same equipment. No, they are not.

Keep an open mind when purchasing equipment. There are more options on the market for women golfers now than ever before. Take advantage of that, do your research, and find something that works specifically for your game. 

How To Choose The Best Golf Irons For Women 

Choosing the best irons for women golfers can be a bit time consuming. It is essential to consider what the options are and how to tell them apart. Prior to purchasing your next set of golf irons for women, make sure you consider the following information. 

Types of Golf Irons

Women’s golf irons are typically going to be game improvement type golf irons. Although there are some player’s type clubs that can be ordered specifically for women with the right shaft and specifications, they are not as easy to find. 

In fact, great women golfers are typically going to use men’s clubs because of the greater access to technology that they can find. 


There are two different types of golf club construction that women golfers will be exposed to. The two types are cast and forged golf irons. The difference between these irons is in the construction, but the construction will lead to differences in overall performance. 


Cast irons are cast in a mold with several different components combined. These are going to be the most forgiving golf irons and offer players quite a bit of versatility. 


Forged golf irons are a bit more high-end in the materials that they are made with. Forged irons are made from one piece of metal, and they are forged to have incredible feel and workability. Although it is harder to find forged irons for women golfers, they do exist. 


Almost all golf irons for women golfers will come in graphite shafts. The graphite shaft is lighter and easier to carry than the steel shafts. 

For women golfers with higher swing speeds, it is a good idea to consider a steel golf shaft as that may be a better fit. Once women can hit the ball more than 220 yards, they are likely going to need a steel shaft in some of the irons and wedges. 


Almost all golf irons intended for women are going to come with a ladies flex shaft. The ladies’ shaft is more forgiving, easier to launch, and allows players to stay strong throughout an entire round. When you don’t have the proper flex in your golf clubs, the results are going to be very bad for your game. 

Look/ Feel

The look and feel of golf irons are more of a personal preference, but it is a very important consideration to make. When you look at great golf irons the top down look is often impressive, and the overall feel is going to help when you need to get the ball close to the hole. 


A women’s golf iron is typically quite forgiving. The sweet spot will be large, and players will be able to hit the ball much further than they would with a less forgiving golf club. Forgiveness is very important when swing speeds are not all that fast. 

Center of Gravity

The center of gravity of a golf iron should be lower and in the center of the iron. With a lower center of gravity, the launch should be higher, resulting in a much greater chance of a successful approach shot to the green. Women golfers tend to struggle with getting the ball to stop and land properly on the green; with the low center of gravity, this won’t be as much of an issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get about the best golf irons for women. Asking questions and getting answers prior to your purchase will ensure that you are happy with the end results you get. Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

What height are women’s golf clubs designed for?

The standard women’s golf iron will work best for a woman golfer around 5’5-5’7. Remember that all golf club lengths are not simply related to the height of the player. You must also ensure that you are taking into consideration the arm length as well. Getting a custom fitting is the best way to tell if a club is going to be a fit for your needs.

Do Women Golfers Need A Custom Fitting?

Women golfers should consider a custom fitting if they have never had one in the past. Once you have had a custom fitting and you understand all that is involved with it and what your specifications are, you may not need one each time you purchase golf clubs.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

The difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs comes down to the fact that the clubs are built for different swing speeds. The higher swing speed players (typically men) need heavier golf clubs that are lower launching and longer flying. 

Slower swing speed players need lightweight golf clubs that allow golfers to launch the ball quite high and hit shots that they need some extra forgiveness with. Ladies’ golf clubs are typically lighter and more forgiving than men.

What is the best brand of golf clubs for ladies?

The best brand of golf clubs for ladies will be a tie between Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra. These three companies have invested a lot of time and money into their golf irons for women, and it has made some major impacts on the world of golf.


The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max stands out as the best overall choice for a set of women’s golf irons. With the SIM 2 Max, you will get a very high launch, long-distance, and plenty of forgiveness.

The fact that this is a combo set that will make long irons even easier to hit is another significant benefit for women.

If the SIM 2 Max is not the right fit, the brand new Cleveland Launcher Turbo or XXIO irons are also excellent choices. Women’s golf technology has come a long way, and it makes sense to take advantage of it. For low handicappers, we would also recommend looking at the Mizuno Irons.

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