Best Super Game Improvement Irons in 2021

A super game improvement iron is a club that is going to appeal to the golfers that know that their game needs all the help it can get.

If you are struggling with slicing, hooking, ball flight, and more, the super game improvement iron is going to be best for your game.

We have put together a list of the best super game improvement irons of all time.

These irons are going to help you fall in love with your irons and the game of golf all over again.

Best Super Game Improvement Irons in 2021

Best Super Game Improvement Irons: Callaway Mavrik Max Iron Set


  • More loft
  • Oversized club head
  • Lots of distance
  • Great forgiveness


  • Faster swing speed golfers may hit the ball too high

The Callaway Mavrik is a brand new set of clubs that was released in 2020. The Mavrik came in three different models, the Mavrik Pro, Mavrik, and Mavrik Max.

The Mavrik Max game improvement irons are the best for a golfer looking for a very low center of gravity and optimum launch

The Mavrik Max has more loft than some other clubs on the market, which makes it easier for golfers to launch. The longer that the ball stays in the air, the further it is going to travel.

These clubs were created using artificial intelligence, and you can see the difference when you hit them. 

This is truly one of the most forgiving and long sets of irons that have ever been released, and they are surprising people with their abilities.

When you combine the 360 Cup face with a Flash Face, the distance will naturally follow.

Read our Callaway Mavrik Irons review.

Best Alternative #1: TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons


  • Great feel for a super game improvement iron
  • High ball speed
  • Echo Damping system
  • Low center of gravity
  • Higher ball flight


  • Expensive newer release

The TaylorMade SIM Max was some of the best irons that were released in 2020. Luckily TaylorMade kept the super game improvement customer in mind with the SIM Max OS.

These are oversized irons that feature many of the same benefits that the standard SIM Max irons feature. 

The SIM Max OS comes with the revolutionary Speed Pocket technology. The stronger lofts on these irons are balanced by an extra-low center of gravity to help make sure that you still have plenty of loft. 

The head of the SIM Max OS has a very large sweet spot. These super game improvement irons are going to have some of the highest ball speeds of any other golf club on the market.

When you combine that with the Echo Damping system used to create incredible feel, this is one of the best sets of irons that you can find.

Best Alternative #2: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set


  • Hybrid style
  • Easy to hit long irons
  • Higher ball flight


  • It takes some time to adjust to hybrid wedges

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons are a hybrid set of irons that are considered to be super game improvement irons. These golf clubs keep their hybrid style all the way down to the wedges.

The concept behind the Cleveland HB Turbo game improvement irons is that they are easy to launch and extremely easy to hit out of a variety of lies.

In fact, the more difficult the lie, the better these super game improvement irons are going to help you perform.

It takes a bit of getting used to a hybrid style iron, but once you do, you will likely never go back to the traditional irons.

The progressive shaping of the Cleveland HB Turbo super game improvement irons will help you get the ball into the air regardless of what golf club you have in your hand.

Cobra F-Max Superlite Iron Set

Best Value


  • Great pricing
  • Low center of gravity
  • Easy to launch
  • Lightweight


  • Will not be a great fit for faster swing speeds

Sometimes with all the performance, golf manufacturers pack in a super game improvement iron can get quite expensive.

Luckily there are options out there like this Cobra F-Max Superlite that can give you tremendous performance at a great price. 

The F-Max Superlite is very lightweight. The shaft, grip, and club head are lighter than the majority of the irons on the market. If you feel as though you need a lightweight golf club to improve, this is a great choice. 

The center of gravity on these irons is quite low, and the irons are offset as well. These are a great option for golfers that tend to slice their iron shots.

The F-Max Superlite is easy to launch and are geared mostly towards the higher handicappers and beginners.

Callaway Rogue X Combo Set

Best Combo Set


  • 360 Face Cup
  • Lots of ball speed
  • Urethane microspheres for feel


  • If you struggle with the launch, this is not the club for you

The Rogue X are some of the more forgiving golf clubs that Callaway has ever released.

Golfers found that these irons were going on average 7-10 yards further than golf irons they have played in the past. 

The 360 Face Cup technology combined with variable face thickness led to very high levels of ball speed and control as well.

Inside the club head Callaway installed their urethane microspheres that allowed for great feel and less vibration at impact. 

This is a lightweight set of clubs that has very strong lofts. If you struggle with distance and wouldn’t mind if your ball flight was a bit more penetrating, this is a great set to consider.

Cobra F9 Speedback One Length Iron Set

Best One Length Irons


  • Forgiving
  • One length, easy setup
  • Plenty of distance
  • Consistency


  • Take a while to get used to one length irons

If you struggle with consistency and performance in your golf game, the Cobra One Length irons set is a set you may want to consider.

All of the clubs in this set are the same length, and because of that, your setup can remain the same for each iron shot. 

With all the variables in the game, the higher handicappers tend to struggle with how much they need to remember and change from one hole to the next. With the F9 Speedback One Length you won’t have to change much at all. 

The face on these irons is the new Forged E9 Powershell. This is a very thin fave that gives the ball a real jump off the club head.

You will also notice that the co-molded medallion helps to give the club a great feel. The CNC milled face allows for a forged like feel that you will not find in a cavity back iron.

Buyers Guide for Best Super Game Improvement Irons

Now that you have an idea of the top clubs on the market, it’s time to narrow down which one makes the most sense for you.

Here are a few things to remember when purchasing your new clubs. 

What Handicap Golfer Should Use Super Game Improvement Irons? 

Any golfer can use a game improvement golf club as long as they think it is good for them. There are, however, a few issues with these clubs that will push the lower handicappers away.

The feel, the sound, and the workability of the more forgiving irons are not quite the same as a forged blade. This keeps some lower handicappers away from this type of equipment. 

If your handicap is above twenty, then any equipment that will help your score and get you below a fifteen handicap should be welcomed with open arms. If this technology is available and legal to use, it certainly makes sense to take advantage of it. 

Should High Handicappers Use Graphite Shafts? 

Graphite shafts tend to help players get more distance and launch, but they may not always help when it comes to accuracy. Steel shafts are heavier, so naturally, it is harder to swing them as fast, and therefore they won’t go quite as far. 

If the distance is the main reason that you are looking for a change in clubs, then a graphite shaft makes a lot of sense.

If you tend to hit the ball quite high and you are worried about the flight being too high, you can always choose a heavier graphite shaft. The weight will help lower the flight, and it may help you stay more accurate. 

Should High Handicappers Play With Long Irons? 

There is really no reason for high handicappers to play with long irons. Hybrids are much more forgiving and can be played out of a variety of lies.

If you can hit a hybrid out of the rough perfectly, why not add one to your bag and remove the three or four or five iron you have been carrying around. 

These clubs are not making golf any easier on you. If you want forgiveness and distance from your clubs, you need to play with a set that fits you well, and that is the correct make up. 


You should now have all the info you need to arm yourself with a brand new set of irons this year. The Callaway Mavrik Max sits at the top of our list because of the technology that they bring to the table.

Using artificial intelligence to create golf clubs has really changed the game. If you want to make sure that your clubs are working for and not against you, this is the set to choose.

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