Callaway Apex 19 & Apex Pro 19 Irons Review: Expert Analysis

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callaway apex and apex pro irons

The Callaway Apex 19 Irons are a beautiful forged set put out by Callaway to improve upon previous Apex models.

The Apex is a large step up from the Rogue and some would say a step down from the Epic line. There is no doubt that there are some serious improvements in performance, sound and feel on this set of irons.

Similar to the Rogue the Callaway Apex Irons have the 360 Face cup technology. This allows the clubface to flex quite a bit at impact and provide a very high and consistent ball speed.

Perhaps the best part of the Apex 19 and Apex Pro 19 irons by Callaway is the feel. The clubhead is designed with the same urethane microspheres that Callaway has been using in other models.

These help to absorb unwanted vibration and make the hit feel extremely smooth, even if it’s missed slightly.

Not that you ever miss it!

Callaway Apex Irons Review

In this Callaway Apex Irons review, I will discuss not only the best features of the Callaway Apex 19 Irons but also who will benefit from these clubs.

Features and Benefits

Player Handicap

The low to mid handicapper will do best with this forged iron. It has the feel that better players are looking for as well as they look.

True low handicap players may be turned off slightly by the size of the clubhead and they can then look into the Apex Pro model, available in the Smoke finish as well.

Shaft Options

The Callaway Apex Irons come stock with the True Temper Elevate 95 shaft. This option is universally good for most players.

Medium weight and medium spin. The combination of the adjusted lofts on the clubhead with this shaft leads to a very solid ball flight.

Luckily the Callaway Apex Irons are still being produced so they are still readily available to purchase custom.


It’s no secret that most people in the market for new golf clubs want something longer, more forgiving, and with a better feel. It can be difficult to check all these boxes with a single set of irons from a single manufacturer.

These irons look good to me. The Pro is thinner and more of a player’s look but the Apex in no way looks like a game improvement iron.

The sound (likely because of the urethane microspheres) is very pleasing and the feel is hard to match.

Only a few other irons felt as soft as this club while stiff offering the same level of performance. There is something to be said for paying the difference for a forged club.


The lofts are adjusted as almost all modern iron sets are but they are not quite as strong as the Rogue. If you want a set with traditional lofts, look at the Apex Pro. On average the Apex 19 are about 10-15 yards longer than the Apex Pro (as they were designed to be).

Another important factor when considering the distance is the consistency of distance. It’s not all that helpful to hit a club 175 yards on one swing and 145 on the next.

The 360 Face Cup Technology helps to provide a very consistent and accurate distance on the clubface.


The Apex Irons are moderately forgiving. They will not allow you to miss it the way the Rogue Iron does but you also will not be punished for being slightly off-center.

The Callaway Apex irons are not necessarily high spin irons. Players with very slow swing and ball speed may need something with more spin.


The price point for Apex irons is good for recently released forged clubs.

callaway apex irons review

Check out the review video of Apex 19 & Apex Pro 19 irons


TaylorMade P790

  • Look is cleaner although about the same thickness as the apex
  • Price point is slightly higher than the Apex
  • Apex may be a little softer while the P790 is a touch longer.

Read our TaylorMade P790 irons review.

Mizuno JPX Series

  • Available in the Tour, Forged and Hot Metal. Similar to the Apex and Apex Pro Models.
  • The Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro are not as soft as the Apex but distance, ball flight and forgiveness will be similar.
  • Price varies between models, Hot Metal sets will be lower than the Apex.

Titleist T Series

  • Available in a few different models for a range of players.
  • More traditionally lofted.
  • The T300 is a bit thicker than the Apex so the most comparable model would be the T200.

Titleist T Series

  • Introduction of Artificial Intelligence to increase overall distance 
  • Impressive feel from the forged golf club head 
  • Increases overall forgiveness from the original Callaway Apex 19 irons

Callaway Apex 19 Pros and Cons 

As with all great golf irons, it is important to know the positive and the negatives of the golf irons capabilities. Here are the pros and cons of the Apex 19 and all that you should know. 


  • Forged players distance iron
  • Made with a soft 1025 carbon steel 
  • Urethane microspheres inside a forged iron
  • Consistent distance
  • Spin control
  • Shot making golf iron 
  • Players shape, great looking golf club 
  • Premium shaft offerings


  • Not as forgiving as the Big Bertha line from Callaway 
  • Price can be a bit high as this is considered a premium golf iron

Buyers Guide: Is The Callaway Apex 19 For Me? 

As you can see, both the Callaway Apex 19 and the Callaway Apex Pro 19 have some tremendous benefits. However, this does not always mean that this will be the best club for your game. Understanding what the Apex 19 has to offer and if it is a match is a very smart decision prior to purchasing the club. 

Advanced Distance Technology 

The majority of golfers want more distance from their golf shots. Having a tremendous amount of distance from the irons is great, as long as you can control this distance and hit the shots that you need. 

The great thing about the Callaway Apex 19 is the distance is very consistent. As long as you hit the ball relatively close to the club face you should see your yardages repeat continually. The thin face and the Urethane Microspheres certainly help to ensure this happens. 

Tungsten Infused Club Head 

The Callaway Apex 19 has a tungsten infused club head. The multi material construction allows for the control and better ball flight we see with the Apex 19. Tungsten weighting is getting more and more popular in golf iron development, and even in the new Apex 21 irons, even more, Tungsten weighting is included. 

Straighter Leading Edge

Callaway makes golf clubs for a wide range of players, but the Callaway Apex 21 golf irons are for those that like a clean leading edge and more players like design. With the top down look, you will see the top line is quite thin. 

For the mid to low handicap golfer that can’t get the performance they need from a bulky golf iron, the Apex 19 and especially the Apex 19 pro is a great decision.  


Do you ever feel like you want to hit a golf shot that goes left to right or right to left, but you just can’t make it happen. Sometimes this is not your fault, and it really has to do with the fact that your golf irons are not workable. 

The idea is that you will need to be able to hit a left to right ball flight from time to time and choosing a golf iron that is not quite a game improvement iron can help. 

Some golf clubs are made to be so forgiving that they truly correct your ball flight even when you are intentionally trying to work the ball. We found the Apex 19 and the Apex 19 Pro to be extremely workable golf irons that give control to the golfer.

Are Callaway Apex 21 Better Than Callaway Apex 19? 

The Callaway Apex 19 was released in 2019, and there have been some significant advances in technology since this time. For golfers that are unaware, the Callaway products are almost all now created using artificial intelligence. With the use of AI, golfers can get incredible performance and distance without changing anything about their swing. 

The new Callaway Apex 21 hit the market in 2021, and they are the next update in this impressive Apex line. If you are deciding between the Callaway Apex 19 and the Callaway Apex 21, there are a few things that you should know. 

Tungsten Weighting

The Apex 21 has five times the amount of tungsten weighting than the Apex 19. With the Apex 21, you will find that the Tungsten Energy Core allows for a more precisely positioned center of gravity. In the end, this allows for more forgiveness on off center shots. 

The newest line of Apex irons tends to be more forgiving than the Apex 19, but it does not sacrifice the distance or the workability that you have come to know with the Apex 19. 

AI for Increased Distance

Artificial intelligence has been an impressive improvement in the technology that Callaway has offered. Essentially artificial intelligence allows Callaway to test out a number of different models to ensure the proper center of gravity placement and get the golf club to be a better fit. 

The difference in distance between the Callaway Apex 19 and the Callaway Apex 21 is not going to be extreme, but it will be noticeable. 

New Player Profiles 

The new line of Apex 21 irons is available in a few different styles. One of the most unique of these styles is the Callaway Apex DCB. The DCB is a forged cavity back iron that allows golfers to have the feel of an apex iron with the forgiveness of a Big Bertha iron. 

This is one of the most in demand golf sets on the market right now because of the way it was perfectly developed for the mid handicap player. If you want something that will impress you from a distance and ball flight perspective, this could be the club.


Every time a company released its new irons it is supposed to be the latest and the greatest of everything. This is hard to do year after year.

I think the best improvements we see are when golf manufacturers wait 2-3 years between releases.

This Apex is a much better model than the previous Apex released in 2016. If you are playing with those previous Apex Models and looking for a change I would seriously consider this iron.

Additionally, if you tried out the Rogue Iron that is so highly talked about but just did not feel comfortable with it in your hands.

Give this Apex a shot. Although the price point is higher (it will always be for a forged club), you are getting a product that will not need to be upgraded for quite some time. It is truly one of the best forged irons on the market


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