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callaway mavrik irons

The latest and greatest iron series from Callaway has finally hit the market.

Released January 2020, the Mavrik irons have hit the market with lots of chatter.

Will they be better than the Rogue?

Which Mavrik iron is right for my game?

Callaway Mavrik Irons Review

Callaway went above and beyond with their technology in this brand new set.

There are three members of the Mavrik family, the Mavrik, Mavrik Max, and the Mavrik Pro.

In this Callaway Mavrik Irons review, I will break down what makes them all unique and which irons would be the best fit for your game.

When you are finished, you will know more about Mavrik than you ever thought possible!

The pricing on Rogue model has come down in the last few weeks since the release of the new line.

If you are undecided about which set it makes more sense to upgrade to, pay close attention to our analysis of look, feel, and sound.

Features and Benefits

The Callaway Mavrik Irons were designed with ball speed in mind. Sticking with the face cup technology that worked so well on the Rogue Irons, Callaway was able to make these both forgiving and long.

The Flash Face Technology has been introduced in an iron clubface. As with all game improvement irons, the Mavrik do come with strong lofts in the Mavrik model of the club. The lofts on the Pro and Max are not as strong.

Player Handicap

The Mavrik Irons are the mid handicap game improvement irons. If you are shooting above 87 consistently but still keeping the score below 100, this is the perfect option for you.

The Mavrik Max Irons, are the super game-improvement model. The Max has a broader sole, lower center of gravity, and more loft to help get the ball up in the air for the beginner and high handicap golfer.

Don’t confuse Max with more distance; although Max is going to be plenty long, every iron has slightly more loft than the standard Mavrik.

The Mavrik Pro Irons are the players irons. These clubs are ideally suited for the 3-10 handicap player.

Shaft Options

As with all current options by Callaway, you can order the Mavrik irons with a variety of different shafts. The stock shaft for the Steel model will be the True Temper Elevate 95.

The stock shaft in the Graphite will be the Project X Catalyst. The Catalyst is a new option for Callaway this year as last year; they were using the Synergy. The Catalyst is a Mid Torque, Mid Kickpoint, Midweight shaft.

When putting a custom shaft in these clubs, make sure you know the torque, kick point, and weight. The majority of the testing done by golf manufacturers is done with the stock shafts in place.

Don’t be surprised when you put a weighty shaft in the club that the ball flight and distance are not quite as advertised. Anytime you stray from the stock options on a club, fitting is necessary.


It’s not a secret that the Rogue iron performed exceptionally well for Callaway in 2019. It was a tremendous improvement from the XR Irons and left people with all the loft, distance, and favorable spin rates they could ask for.

The one thing that golfers did not love about the Rogue was the feel. After all, it isn’t effortless to get the fantastic feeling of a forged club into a cavity back iron.

With the addition of the urethane microspheres in the clubhead, the feel on the Mavrik irons is improved. The urethane microspheres work hard at impact to eliminate and absorb any vibration.

The black, orange, and silver color scheme brings a change from the Rogue irons of last year as well. They have a sleek look to them and certainly are not as clunky as the Big Bertha Irons of Callaways past.


As with all irons out there today, the lofts on these irons allow for plenty of length. Combine the lofts with the face cup technology and the flash face, and the ball speeds these produce cannot be beaten.

For players that struggle with distance, the Mavrik is going to be your best option. The strong lofts combined with the slightly thinner sole than the Max Irons will give you the combination you need to get the distance you lack in your game.

To give you a general idea of the specs, the Pitching Wedge for the three sets has the following lofts:

  • Mavrik: 41 degrees
  • Mavrik Max: 43 degrees
  • Mavrik Pro: 43 degrees

The reason the Max and the Pro have similar lofts is rather simple. Players that need the super game improvement also need extra launch on their shots.

Players that have very high swing speeds can hit the ball far without the need for adjustments in the makeup of their irons.

Some of the best players are bothered by the fact that they can hit a seven iron two hundred yards. It creates other gaps in their bag.


With the new tungsten energy core, the center of gravity can be moved for each iron. This allows every loft to reach optimal launch angles.

If you have a pitching wedge in your hand or one of your long irons, the difference is no longer just loft, the actual center of gravity has been set specifically for each club.


The pricing for the Callaway Mavrik and Mavrik Max is about average for a great mid handicapper set of irons. The Mavrik Pro are on the lower end for a more premium set of players irons.

Callaway Mavrik Irons Review

Check out the review video below:

Callaway Mavrik Alternatives

TaylorMade SIM MAX

  • SIM MAX is TaylorMades update of the M6 and the comparison to the Mavirk
  • Comes in a SIM MAX and SIM MAX OS
  • Very similar lofts
  • Very similar price point
  • Extremely fast ball speeds
  • Speedbridge technology and low center of gravity

Read our TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons review.

Mizuno JPX Series

  • Great series of irons available in the Tour, Forged and Hot Metal
  • Tour Mizuno has a slightly better feel than Mavrik Pro but are more costly
  • Thinner look to the top line more appealing to a better player than the Callaway
  • Forgiveness on the Callaway series will be higher than the JPX series
  • Still being produced can be ordered with custom shafts, lengths, lie angle

Cobra SpeedZone

  • An option for the medium to higher handicap
  • Better looking than the F9 Speedback irons from last year
  • Large sweet spot and a high launch
  • Pricing is comparable to the Callaway
  • Carbon fiber topline for an extremely low center of gravity in this set
  • Ball speed increased with the weight savings of the Carbon Fiber


The Callaway Mavrik brings a whole new level of technology to the playing field, designing each iron entirely independently of the next, and moving the center of gravity is exceptionally advanced technology.

Using artificial intelligence to create a set of golf clubs is something Ben Hogan could have never seen coming!

Whether you are a Callaway fan or not, the Mavrik is a line of clubs that you are going to want to try out this season.

Irons are longer than they were several years ago; if you are playing with clubs four or more years old, there is a very high likelihood that these Callaway will fly longer and straighter.

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