Callaway XR OS Irons Review: Who Should Use It?

In this Callaway XR OS Irons review, we take a look at what makes these ultra-forgiving irons so unique. In particular, we’ll learn why these irons were awarded gold in Golf Digest’s 2016 Hot List and who will benefit the most from using them.

The Callaway XR OS has the components of super improvement irons. For that reason and more, they’re thought to be suitable for beginners and high handicappers.

Stick around to learn all you need to know about these irons, including their main features, advantages, disadvantages, and whether they’re the right choice for you, whatever your handicap and playing level.

Callaway XR OS Irons Review

Callaway XR OS Irons

How do the Callaway XR OS Irons look, sound, and feel? Let’s take a look at these irons in more detail, shall we?


Looks-wise, the XR OS Irons have all the physical features you’d expect to see on a super game improvement iron aimed at beginners and high handicappers: offset in spades, a huge face, and a very thick top line. However, to the more seasoned eye, it’s easy to tell that these irons are more forgiving than the ones of their predecessor, the Callaway XR.

Aesthetically, the XR OS is quite the looker too. Callaway’s logo is placed at the bottom left corner of the club’s head, beneath a colorful “XR” that takes up the center of the face. These irons are beautiful, whether in the bag or at address.

Feel & Sound

The XR OS Irons feel great on impact, no matter what part of the face connects with the ball. That solidity can be reassuring to high handicappers. It also makes these irons very stable.

In terms of sound, the XR OS Irons provide golfers with a lot of feedback. For example, you’re able to distinguish between perfect shots and mishit easily. With the latter type of shot, you’ll hear a distinct click, signifying the ball’s collision with the center of the face. In contrast, mishits sound more muted.

Features Callaway XR OS Iron

XR OS Irons share similarities with the XR, including 360 Face Cup technology, progressive lofts and lengths, and an easy launch process.

360 Face Cup Technology

Callaway’s heat-treated 360 Face Cup technology is designed to increase ball speeds. In addition, its multi-piece construction and soft heat treatment on the body mean impact with the ball feels softer.

Easier Launch

With the irons’ center of gravity located low and to the back, high launches and MIO are achieved relatively easily. Also, mishits can still send the ball flying, thanks to the clubs’ wide sole, making these irons great for the beginner’s self-confidence.

Progressive Lofts & Lengths

As you move through sets and continue to optimize for distance, the length and loft of the irons become progressively shorter and longer.

Stock Info

You can replace XR OS Irons with XR OS hybrids if you want. These hybrids are a lot longer than their equivalent numbered irons. They’re also much easier to get up in the air.

How Do These Irons Perform?

You’re probably wondering how these irons are in practice? Let’s find out.

Distance & Control

The XR OS Irons are pretty good at sending the ball flying with speed and at a height, courtesy of the irons’ 360 Face Cup technology. Also, as you groove in your swing, your distances get easier to control, making consistent hits possible.


XR OS Irons are incredibly forgiving. For example, if you hit with the club’s heel and toe, the ball loses minimal speed. Slices and hooks are also straightened out, preventing the ball from going too far over the line. This is why these irons are recommended for beginners and high handicappers.


You can expect to send the ball flying on a high and straight trajectory on a typical day. However, with a little more effort on the golfer’s part, they can alter this flight path. Additionally, these irons are fantastic at getting the ball off the ground from different lies, whether they’re fairway, rough, bunker, or others.

Who Should Use Callaway XR OS Irons?

If you’re a beginner golfer or a high handicapper, the Callaway XR OS Irons are right for you. These irons have a generous amount of offset and forgiveness and can launch the ball high up in the air, even from more difficult lies.

Essentially, they help improve accuracy and distance, even when your shot isn’t perfect, allowing you to have fun while improving. That’s what makes these clubs so great for beginners and high handicappers.

In addition, they provide a good amount of stability and feedback, which improves the golfer’s accuracy, as they’re able to distinguish between a perfect strike and a mishit easily. Developing an ear for such things enhances the golfer’s play style immensely.

Pros & Cons of Callaway XR OS Iron

There’s a lot to love about the Callaway XR OS, but these irons aren’t without their drawbacks, so let’s evaluate them:


  • Incredibly forgiving irons
  • Very stable and solid
  • Able to send the ball flying at impressive speeds and heights
  • Lifts the ball into the air from different lies
  • Provides audible distinction between strikes and mishits
  • Beautifully designed


  • The club head may be a bit too large for some

What Are the Easiest Callaway Irons to Hit?

The XR OS Irons aren’t the only improvement irons that are so accessible. So, let’s take a look at some of the easiest Callaway Irons to hit.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons

Big Bertha B21 irons make mishits fly almost as far as perfect shots. They’re game improvement irons that look like low-handicap irons, while offering beginners, high-handicappers, and even mid-handicappers an easy and fun golfing session.

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

Callaway Mavrik Max Irons

These are confidence-boosting irons that are incredibly forgiving, keeping bad shots to a minimum. In addition, they provide large distance and accuracy to both mid and high handicappers alike.

Callaway X Hot Irons

Callaway X Hot Irons

X Hot irons are easy to use and are the most forgiving irons for slow swingers. In addition, they let the golfer hit the ball straight, which makes them great for both beginners and high handicappers.

Callaway Rogue Irons

Callaway Rogue Irons

These irons are aimed at mid handicappers, which makes them game improvement irons (not super improvement ones). In addition, urethane is added into their club heads, improving the feel of mishits.

Callaway Apex DCB

Callaway Apex DCB

Callaway Apex DCB irons sport strong lofts that provide a significant increase in distance. In Callaway’s Apex series, these irons are the largest and most forgiving. With a deep cavity back and an enhanced sole, you can play a forged iron (regardless of your level).


Wrapping Up

If you’re a high handicapper or new to golfing, the Callaway XR OS Irons are aimed at you. They’re designed specifically for maximum speed and launch and provide a lot of forgiveness needed for a golfer’s growth.

In addition, they’re also good at sending the ball flying over great distances, even from different lies. Minimal mishits will have you feeling like a pro. Give the irons a try if you’ve got the budget and want a super improvement iron that’ll let you have fun while improving your game.

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