Cobra XL Iron – Best Pick For Game Improvement 2022

If you are looking for irons that will give you more forgiveness and improve your game at a reasonable price, then the Cobra XL iron is the one for you. These irons are specifically designed to bring down your scores on the golf course. 

The Cobra XL will not necessarily get you further or faster on the fairways, but you will get good clean strikes of the ball with almost every shot. Forgiveness is the name of the game with the Cobra XL. The design of the XL also helps you to get high loft from any lie. 

The high loft and iron weight does not always work for everyone, but that is expected as there is no set solution for all golfing handicaps. The XL high loft has been known to be uncomfortable for some golfers with a faster swing.  

Those who have used the Cobra XL and placed reviews on various sites speak positively about the irons. Golfers like the generous forgiveness on mishits, reliable distance, and easy flight from even the roughest lie. The XL is a great option for high handicappers and looks to be the beginners’ best choice. 

What are the Features for Cobra XL Iron?

Cobra XL Iron

The features on the Cobra XL iron are geared toward giving the maximum forgiveness possible.

The iron has an oversized face with a progressive offset, producing a higher and more forgiving trajectory. Longer irons have more offset and will be more draw-biased than shorter irons. So the long Cobra XL irons can be less workable because of this offset. 

The XL gives more consistent distances from shot to shot because it has a wide sole with oversized rails that deliver smooth turf interaction. 

There is a high moment of inertia with the XL due to the deep undercut cavity that sits behind the face increasing ball speeds and accuracy across the face. The Cobra XL irons have a low center of gravity, and this helps with launching from any lie.  

Stock Info

The lofts on the Baffler XL are slightly higher than you would find on other irons. Cobra’s mantra of going “extra long” certainly comes to life with the loft of the XL irons. Let us look at the specifications for the stock and shafts in a table format. 

NAMELOFT (in degrees)LIE (in degrees)LENGTH (in degrees)SWING WEIGHT (Steel/Graphite)

Stock shaft specifications:

ModelFlexWeightKickpoint TorqueTip Diameter
Buffler XL True Temper SteelS.R110 – S105 – RMid – SLow – RLow – SMid – R0.370
Buffler XL GraphiteS.R. Lite65 – S55 – R55 – LiteMidLow – SMid – RMid – Lite0.335

How Does the Cobra Iron Perform?

The Cobra XL performance is geared towards giving as much forgiveness as possible. One of the best qualities the Cobra XL irons have is that you can launch the ball from whatever lie you find yourself with.  


There are more expensive irons out there that do not match the XL on forgiveness. By far, the biggest asset of the Cobra XL is its forgiveness. You will get consistent distance, trajectory, and direction on mishits. Hooks and slices are alleviated because the XL has resistance to sidespin.

The shorter irons easily get those shots that are not so well hit to fly high and land on the green. 


The Cobra XL favors golfers with slower swing speeds who hit low with a low spin rate when it comes to distance. Such players are more likely to see distance gains of over 10 yards. The rails on the sole of the club mean the distances you get are consistent and reliable. You also get good ball speed retention on those off-center strikes.  


Workability is limited with the Cobra XL iron, but this is usually the case with all game-improvement clubs. The XL can launch a golf ball from the fairway, bunker, or rough with relative ease. 

Golfers with a strong swing and high spin will not get much joy from the XL as it tends to produce high shots due to the weaker lofts and low center of gravity.    

The Look, Sound, and Feel of the Cobra XL Iron

The Cobra XL iron is a typical game-improvement iron with nothing outstanding in its profile. It still looks good, and the grip is as good as any you will find on the market, even though Cobra did not go overboard with anything on the graphics or style. 

The Look

Cobra did everything in moderation when it came to the look of the XL irons. It has a moderately thick top line and wide sole with a cobra-themed cavity design. Looks are always down to personal taste, but there is a confidence-inspiring look about the Cobra XL that many golfers hoping to improve their game will appreciate. 

The Sound and Feel

The Cobra XL irons generally have a stable, solid, and balanced feel at impact and throughout your swing. There is reduced twisting with the XL because of the sole rails, giving a smoother feel through impact. 

The Cobra XL has a soft and muted feel and sound when compared to other game-improvement irons in its class. It’s still a crisp sound, and if you enjoy the feel of weight behind the ball, then the XL is your type of club.  

Cobra Baffler XL Irons

As far as game-improvement irons go, the Cobra Baffler XL is almost as good as it gets, especially because it has generous forgiveness. The progressive offset design makes it practically impossible to hit a slice. Striking the ball is an effortless task with XL irons. 

Pros and Cons

While lower handicaps will enjoy using the Baffler XL, it was made with high handicappers and beginners in mind. 


  • It has very good forgiveness.
  • You get a consistent and solid distance.
  • It is easy to launch from any lie. 
  • Very well priced for the quality it possesses.


  • The weight of the iron might be uncomfortable for some golfers.
  • The trajectory can be a bit too high for others.


The Cobra Baffler XL comes with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron, gap wedge, pitching wedge, and a sand wedge. 

How Do I Know If My Irons Are Too Short? 

Six signs show that your irons are too short: 

  • You bend too much at the waist before going through with your swing.
  • Your knees have to bend before swinging.
  • You strike the golf ball with the club’s heel.
  • You have an in to out swing path.
  • You have atempo that is too quick.
  • Your golf balls usually veer off to the right.  


Let’s look at some frequently asked questions concerning the Cobra XL irons. The XL should not give too many challenges to beginners with its simple features. 

When Did Cobra XL Irons Come Out?

Cobra launched the Cobra XL irons in 2014 amid much buzz and anticipation in the golfing world. 

What Does XL Mean On Cobra Clubs?

The XL on Cobra irons represents Cobra’s claim that its products travel farther than the ordinary golf ball. It stands for “extra long.”

Who Should Use The XL Golf Clubs?

The Cobra XL irons are made for high handicap golfers that want to improve their game by getting more forgiveness and higher ball flight. It is well priced for those on a tight budget.


The Cobra XL irons are reasonably priced for the improvement and quality they can bring to your game. The irons are so forgiving you will see scores dipping to confidence-boosting levels. High handicappers will enjoy using this game-improvement set of clubs. 

There is the certainty of getting consistency in distance and landing on the fairway even though you will not be hitting it farther than everyone else on the golf course. When you do find yourself in the rough or bunker, the Cobra XL has an excellent launch from any lie. 

The weight of the iron is considered uncomfortable for some, while trajectory is considered too high for others. Still, overall, the Cobra XL irons are a very good game-improvement club set that will do something positive for your game. 

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