Can Pinhawk Single Length Irons Make You a Better Golfer? In-Depth Review

The idea of a single-length golf club is not new. Bobby Jones won all four majors in the same year using single length irons. Moe Norman, universally regarded as one of the best strikers in golf, used single-length irons as well. Today, we have Bryson DeChambeau making waves on tour for both his use of single-length irons and his prodigious distance.

DeChambeau, a player with a scientific bent, who always experiments to improve his game, says that single-length irons keep him in the same posture, which promotes consistency and, therefore, purer strikes.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons have single-length shafts with single-weight clubheads. The company aims to improve consistency and accuracy, which is a central goal for golfers of all skill levels.  

If the Pinhawk Single Length Irons can improve your game simply by being the same length, why are we all not using them? In this review, we find out what the benefits are and what the drawbacks are.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons Review

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

The idea

Pinhawk Golf believes clubs with one length and one weight simplify the game by removing the variables standard irons have – namely, different shaft lengths and clubhead weights. Removing these variables promotes a single swing path and plane.

Jack Nicklaus’s key golfing tip is to use one swing for all the clubs in your bag. To achieve this, Nicklaus said, a golfer should always try to have the same posture, ball position, and rhythm. Club lengths, however, vary, making you naturally stand further away from the ball with the longer clubs and closer with the short irons. Altering your distance from the ball changes your swing path, affecting the consistency.

The goal of single length irons is to eliminate these variables. Pinhawk Single Length Irons do this and more, as their irons incorporate the latest game improvement technology into the club heads.

The result

The Pinhawk’s look great. They have a sculpted, clean appearance with a neat clubhead that’s more forged-like than oversized. The club’s cavity back with the black shaped Pinhawk logo insert feels like a high-end sports car in shape and finish.

Pinhawk has found the right balance between forgiveness and feel. The clubs have maximum perimeter weighting, increasing MOI and lessening impact twisting. Mis-hits or even fluffed shots still produce acceptable distances. An undercut sole adds to the stability and creates a higher launch angle which helps you get the ball up.

The key to the Pinhawk Single Length Irons is the identical shaft lengths, weighting, and lies. The standard shaft is the equivalent of a 7-iron. Taking the same stance when every iron is the same length makes things easier. 

Every professional emphasizes the importance of a proper, repeatable routine at address. The single length irons make it a lot simpler to repeat your set-up as there is no variation in your spine angle or your distance from the ball, making it physically more likely to repeat your swing.

With Pinhawk Single Length Irons, simplicity is effective.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons Test

Pinhawk Single Length Irons Test

The clubs all feel the same, which they are, except for the lofts. This helps you reproduce the same swing time after time which should be the goal of every good golfer. The result is better contact, straighter shots, and more distance control.

Single length clubs noticeably improve your ability to play long irons. Most club golfers struggle to hit long because of their longer shafts. They often hit these irons fat or thin, which drains their confidence. Overall, the Pinhawks don’t have this same issue and instead improve the accuracy of all irons. 

The downside is a flatter ball descent due to the stronger lofts of the 4/5/6 irons. The ball runs out further on landing, making holding the green with the mid and long irons harder. 

Pick your favorite shaft and grip

You can customize both the shafts and the grips on your Pinhawk Single Length Irons. Pinhawk supplies high-quality 431 stainless steel shafts, but you can personalize your set with shafts of your choosing. You might prefer the Apollo Shadow FL Graphite shafts or the FST Pro 115 Steel shafts. These would add $18 and $10 to your purchase price.

With grips, the choices are even wider. If you prefer a thicker grip, you can fit the JumboMax Tour Series, or if you like the Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 because you used them before, go for it.

Pinhawk single length irons specs

As mentioned, Pinhawk recommends a 7-iron length (37 inches), but they make them both 5-iron length (38 inches) or as short as an 8-iron (36.5 inches)

Here are the specs for the standard length irons:

  • Lie – 62.5 degrees
  • Weight – 272 grams
  • Bounce – 3 degrees
  • Offset – 3mm 

The lofts on the Pinhawk Single Length Irons are stronger than most irons. Less loft is needed to compensate for the shorter-length clubs. A longer shaft normally hits the ball further than a short one, so to get proper distance on each iron, Pinhawk has strengthened the lofts accordingly.

Do Single Length Irons Create Good Distance Gaps?

Yes, they do. Depending on your clubhead speed, the irons produce a 10 – 15 yard gap between clubs. 

Hitting the irons solidly produces consistent numbers, allowing you to calculate your distance to the green accurately and be confident that if you hit a solid shot, your ball will land at pretty much the correct length.

Is clubhead speed constant?

Yes, the clubhead speed is relatively constant as the length and weight of the clubs are the same. Each golfer creates their clubhead speed according to their ability. As a player, you should consider your clubhead speed when choosing which Pinhawk Single Length Irons length is best for you.

Generally, if you choose a shorter shaft, say an 8 iron length, you need to have a naturally high swing speed to hit the 4 and 5 irons high and far enough. If your swing speed is lower, you will probably need 6 iron length shafts to hit the 4 and 5 irons competently.

Examining spin rates

Spin rates will vary according to the amount of clubhead speed you generate and the angle of attack at impact. As a rule, you don’t want your clubs producing too high of a spin rate since that prevents distance, and too low  of a spin rate lessens your ability to stop the ball on the green. Pinhawk has got the balance right with the spin rate their irons produce.

The Pinhawk Single Length Irons create approximately 1,000 times the club’s number in ball revolutions. A 9-iron, for example, will produce a spin rate of 9,000. These numbers should give you a good balance between distance and check. If you hit your 9-iron a carry distance of 134 yards and your total length is 138 yards, your ball will stop within four yards of landing.

The lower spin rates of the long irons do help with distance but will have less check when landing and roll out more.

How Do Longer Irons Perform in a Single Length Set?

The longer irons are where single-length clubs make a big difference. The shorter shafts make it easier to hit the long irons better and more consistently. The shafts feel like short clubs, increasing your confidence to make good swings.

There is no better sensation in golf than a purely struck long iron. Playing these clubs well will dramatically improve your scoring.

The Pinhawk Single Length Irons increase the club golfers’ capability to hit longer irons consistently, which should bring your handicap down.


Are Pinhawk irons good?

Yes, Pinhawk irons are good. They are viable for golfers of all abilities to get more consistency and hit more accurate shots. 

The combination of up-to-date game improvement technology with equal weighting and lies gives the Pinhawk’s excellent all-around performance.

Do Any Pros Use One-Length Irons?

Yes. Currently, Bryson DeChambeau is the only professional golfer using one-length irons on tour. He is also the first professional to win on the US PGA Tour with only one-length irons.

How Long Are Single Length Irons?

Single-length irons vary in length. Pinhawk Single Length Irons come standard at 37 inches. You can order a length that suits you individually – the club lengths could be as long as a 5-iron or as short as an 8-iron.

Wrapping Up

Single Length Irons provide the opportunity to be more consistent than ever.

The irons are designed to be consistent by making the shaft lengths and head weights the same. Eliminating club variations which simplifies the game.
Pinhawk Single Length Irons are very accessible as the irons are almost half the price of their competitors.

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