TaylorMade Speedblade HL Review – Detailed Overview

TaylorMade produces irons that have withstood the test of time with the TaylorMade Speedblade HL clubs. It is a testament to their quality that it has been a number of years since the Speedblade came out in 2013, yet we are still talking about them. In this TaylorMade Speedblade HL review, we look at the features that make this set of irons good for your game. 

In making the Speedblade irons, TaylorMade went against the grain, focusing primarily on improving launch and trajectory. Golfers improve their launch and  trajectory to get more distance and height on iron shots. Normally, manufacturers put more focus on getting more forgiveness and distance. The Speedblade HL improves the Speedblade, adding higher launching to the arsenal.  

Most high handicappers tend to hit iron shots too low on the face or too thin. The Speedblade HL irons have Speed Pocket technology to correct this trait which is also found in mid-handicappers.  

Speedblade HL irons have been optimized to shorten the gap between the longest iron and the shortest woods. Taylormade engineers gave each iron special attention to ensure a more balanced distance gap. The distance gap was a notable flaw in the TaylorMade Speedblade irons that preceded the Speedblade HL.

TaylorMade Speedblade Performance With Higher Launch     

The TaylorMade Speedblade HL irons offer great playability, combining higher loft, a low center of gravity, and a thinner face. The Speedblade HL has Speed Pocket technology at the rear of the clubface, which allows the face to flex and rebound faster. You will get a big boost to distance with the change in launch angle and ball speed thanks to this Speed Pocket engineering in the Speedblade HL. 

TaylorMade Men’s Speedblade HL Iron Features:

TaylorMade Golf Speedblade HL

The TaylorMade Men’s Speedblade HL has a dark, matte finish to reduce the glare and give it a sleek look. Advanced sound management improves the feel of the irons that run from the 4-iron right through to the Approach Wedge. Each iron is individually designed for distance optimization.

The wedges in this set of clubs are specifically designed for better performance around the greens. All the irons have the Speed Pocket technology that gives increased ball speeds. 

Specifications: TaylorMade HL Iron Set

TaylorMade Speedblade HL irons have the Uniflex shafts that increase stiffness with increased speed while becoming flexible with a slower swing. The irons use the Golf Pride grip. All the specifications of the Speedblade HL are specifically directed at getting a high launch, as evident in the loft angles.  

NameLoft (degrees)Lie (degrees)Offset(mm)LengthSwing Weight

What Lofts are TaylorMade Speedblade irons?

Lofts for TaylorMade Speedblade irons are:17.0°, 20.0°, 23.0°, 26.5°, 30.5°, 34.5°, 39.5°, 45.0°, 50.0°, 55.0°, and 60.0°.

TaylorMade Speedblade HL Performance 

The Speedblade HL irons are game-improvement clubs made to get higher trajectory and launch. TaylorMade managed to sustain the forgiveness, even after getting a higher trajectory with the Speedblade HL. 


The Speedblade HL irons are game-improvers, so the forgiveness is exceptional. With its low center of gravity, off-center shots will more often than not land on the fairways. The Speedblade HL gives you powerful hits that travel higher and faster while remaining soft and comfortable in your hands. 


TaylorMade Speedblade HL Performance 

The designers of the Speedblade HL worked on reducing the distance gap between Speedblade irons and achieved this admirably. There is a balanced gap between each iron and a consistent distance. Each iron in the set was individually engineered to achieve the optimum distance.  



The Speedblade HL irons are long with a large topline which enables greater distances while still keeping a soft feel. The higher loft plus the low center of gravity make the playability of the Speedblade HL very good to excellent. It was designed for a higher launch and even higher trajectory with a thinner face and loft angle.  

The Look, Sound, and Feel of the TaylorMade Speedblade HL  

TaylorMade kept all the features from the Speedblade regarding looks, sound, and feel. The improvements made on the Speedblade HL were mainly for performance rather than cosmetics. 

The Looks

The dark, matte finish almost completely wipes out any glare, and there is the same sleek look from the TaylorMade Speedblade. The top line is thin, giving the irons a more blade-like appearance TaylorMade kept a look that is not over the top, there are better-looking clubs on the market, but the Speedblade HL is not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. 

The Sound and Feel

The irons in the Speedblade HL club set give out a soft, crisp sound at impact with a feel that has been touted as addictive by several reviewers and testers. 

TaylorMade Speedblade HL Pros and Cons

The Speedblade HL set of clubs is a high launching improvement of the TaylorMade Speedblade set, making it an even better game-improving option for beginners and high handicappers. 

Pros and Cons


  • Great ball flight on launch from any lie.
  • Gives tremendous ball speed and consistent distance. 
  • Plenty of forgiveness with a large hitting area.


  • Not suited to those who hit shots higher on the clubface.

TaylorMade Speedblades HL vs. Speedblades

The most obvious difference between the Speedblade HL and Speedblade irons is the higher launch feature of the HL set, which is the reasoning behind the HL at the end of the name. 

The Speedblade HL irons have a more balanced distance gap because each was individually optimized. The Speedblade irons do not match the distance of the HL irons because of the engineering tweaks on each club in the HL set.  

The sound and feel are largely the same, although the irons in the Speedblade HL set have a slightly muted feel, albeit with that crisp, solid sound that comes with speed pocket technology by TaylorMade.  

The forgiveness in each set is exceptional as both sets of irons treat mis-hits with almost the same mercy. Only the very worst of shots will end up in no man’s land on a golf course.    


Before investing in a set of club clubs, there are certain factors that you should consider and questions that you should put to yourself to make the best decision for your game. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions regarding the TaylorMade Speedblade HL irons. 

Are TaylorMade Speedblade Irons Forgiving?

The TaylorMade Speedblade irons are extremely forgiving. Almost every mis-hit will land soft on the fairway or green. The irons are designed for improving your game, so the technology used only increases forgiveness. The Speedblade irons have a large hitting area, and the Pocket Speed technology of TaylorMade gives more ball speed, adding to the higher trajectory and ball flight. 

What Loft Is The TaylorMade Speedblade Pitching Wedge?

The TaylorMade Superblade pitching wedge has a loft of 45 degrees, making it a high-lofted club that gets very good distance. The combination of Pocket Speed technology and a large hitting area give Speedblade pitching wedges a slight advantage over similar wedges in the game-improvement class.  


TaylorMade technology and innovation in the golf industry have remained high in quality. The Speedblade HL was designed to improve the Speedblade set of irons, and true to form, the set goes higher and further while still giving generous forgiveness. 

The looks of the Speedblade HL set might not be to everyone’s taste, but if we judge the clubs on what they are supposed to be doing, improving your game, then TaylorMade pulled off a masterclass. This set of irons has all the right attributes needed by a beginner, mid, and high handicapper. The large hitting area of the face means less severe mis-hits, and you get solid, powerful hits on almost every shot. 

Golfers who strike balls higher on the clubface will not enjoy using the TaylorMade Speedblade HL set of clubs. The Speedblade HL improves the game of those who strike it low and thin, consistently giving high loft, trajectory, and distance. 

There is very little wrong with the Speedblade set of irons as far as game-improvement irons go. We would gladly recommend it to beginners and those who want to see their golf balls more on the fairways and greens than in the rough.

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