LAZRUS Golf Clubs Review: Features, Pros & Cons

Are you a first-time golfer or an experienced professional doing some last-minute shopping for next season? If you are, you’ve probably realized that choosing a suitable club can be a daunting task. However, selecting the right club is one of the most important things to do before playing golf. Utilizing the correct clubs can dramatically alter how you play on the golf course and reduce your handicap.

LAZRUS is a company that manufactures some extremely high-quality golf clubs at fair prices. Golf clubs made by LAZRUS are typically designed to be long-lasting and allow you to take your game performance to new levels without breaking the bank.

LAZRUS Golf Clubs Review

LAZRUS golf clubs

LAZRUS has a trusted presence on the biggest online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and other big online retailers. LAZRUS golf clubs are manufactured and distributed directly to the consumer. This means that LAZRUS provides high-quality clubs at low costs compared to other big mainstream golfing brands. 

LAZRUS golf clubs are some of the most extensive and forgiving clubs on the market. LAZRUS golf clubs benefit from evolved hi-tech innovations, including the high-grade materials used to manufacture them. LAZRUS Golf Clubs provide the finest combination of distance and trajectory for each individually-designed golf club.

What Are the Features of LAZRUS Golf Clubs?

Micro Milled Face

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men

A great feature of a good golf club is a micro-milled face. Milled faces, such as those on LAZRUS sets, instigates easy spin on the ball and provides an increase in overall control and accuracy. LAZRUS Golf Clubs’ micro-milled face can gain a lot of spin for the perfect shot. Whether you are simply practicing or playing a high stakes game, rest assured your spin will be under your control.

The better the spin Lazarus clubs can induce, the better control you have over your shots. In a sport like this, the margins are so small you almost certainly need all the help and power you can obtain. 

Stunning Design

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men

LAZRUS golf clubs are designed in a very unique way,the irons have been built to give you a straightforward ball flight and excellent distance. These clubs are forgiving on off-center shots.

However, the LAZRUS hybrids have been designed for distance and precision over forgiveness. 

Forged Head

Forged Head

 If you hold a lumpy club, you’ll find it difficult to perform certain shots. Forged clubs have plenty of versatility, as they can be used in bunkers, for trick shots, and for low spinning pitch shots. A forged head distinguishes these LAZRUS golf clubs apart from other brands. 

Rubberized Grip

Grips on a golf club are an extremely individual part of golfing, and everyone has their preference. The good thing about grips is that they are easy to change and customize to everyone. LAZRUS offers plenty of choices on grips for their golf clubs.

LAZRUS makes their own premium brand of rubber grips. These grips are comfy and effortless to hold and certainly good enough for the average golfer.  

Bounce Angle

 LAZRUS golf clubs offer much-needed bounce to your play. Professionals use the advantage of the unique shape of the golf club to hit the ball accurately and fully control the trajectory of the ball.

The bounce angle on the bottom of the clubs can make shots easier by affecting how much your club is digging into the turf below. LAZRUS clubs are available at 60, 56, and 53 degrees of loft angles.  


The LAZRUS golf club has a stepped steel shaft. This stable and durable alternative is suitable for any golfer, including mid and high handicappers.

 The velocity at which the LAZRUS golf clubs are swung isn’t typically very fast. Shafts tend to be on the more rigid flank because of their shorter length and the purpose of use. 

LAZRUS clubs are very durable due to their design. The clubs incorporate straight ball flight with a practical drawback and more contemporary stainless steel materials for shafts.

Pros and Cons of LAZRUS Golf clubs

LAZRUS clubs deliver superb bounce and carry; however,  there are also some downsides as well. So let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of LAZRUS golf clubs, listed below.   


  • LAZRUS produces some of the cheapest premium quality clubs available to buy.
  • The golf club has a nice weight, so you should have no problems getting up and down with it.
  • Interchangeable rubberized grips you can change or take off.
  • Always great reviews online from satisfied customers.
  • You can order all the golf clubs online easily.
  • Especially when ordered in black, the LAZRUS hybrids look incredibly modern and stylish. 


  • Some customers have stated that the new LAZRUS Sand Wedges are too flexible, especially compared to past sand LAZRUS golf wedges.
  • The LAZRUS brand is not one of the most recognizable brands, which might deter potential new customers who pay attention to brands.

Why Do I Recommend LAZRUS Golf Clubs?

LAZRUS golf clubs are some of the most comprehensive, vast, and forgiving clubs available on the market today. LAZRUS golf clubs benefit from matured hi-tech innovation, implementing high-grade materials to manufacture them.   

The LAZRUS golf club hybrids are constructed from durable composite material, which makes them very lightweight and strong. The LAZRUS Premium Forged golf club collection is highly inexpensive and unlike any of its rivals in the affordable price bracket.

The LAZRUS clubs are the weightiest golf clubs on the market. These clubs come with a stunning design, well-constructed bounce angles that are built for accuracy with every shot, and a flex rating of 25-degrees to 60-degrees depending on the LAZRUS model.  . The swing weight is also smaller than on other clubs in the market. Featured on the LAZRUS Premium Forged clubs are LAZRUS’s very own tactical rubber grips. 

LAZRUS golf club hybrids are produced with durable materials. Customers claim that you can honestly tell the distinction between both hybrid models. The clubs have been developed to give the player a straight flying ball with a great distance. They can also be very forgiving on off-center hits. Furthermore, the hybrid’s material makes them lightweight as well as long-lasting.

LAZRUS golf clubs are available in four to 10-inch lengths depending on your preference. This offers players plenty of flexibility to identify a golf club that fits you right and helps you to enhance your game.

LAZRUS golf clubs are extremely forgiving compared to many other premium golf club manufacturers. They are heavier than other high-end market clubs because of the materials used to manufacture them. Despite the small price tags, LAZRUS Golf Clubs perform incredibly well and are loved by many customers around the world.


Are LAZRUS Golf Clubs Any Good?

At a low cost, LAZRUS golf clubs are manufactured with high-quality standards. They are ideal for golfers seeking more control and accuracy in their performance. They are impressive based on thousands of good reviews from different websites. These clubs are manufactured with the customer’s abilities in mind.

If you are a first-time golfer, or a seasoned professional doing some last-minute shopping, LAZRUS golf clubs can and do dramatically alter how you play on the golf course and reduce your handicap. LAZRUS is known and trusted on the biggest online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and AliExpress. LAZRUS provides high-quality clubs at low costs compared to other big mainstream golfing brands.

Are LAZRUS Golf Clubs Easy To Use?

Yes, LAZRUS golf clubs are relatively easy to use and are recommended for beginner golfers aswell. 

Are LAZRUS Golf Clubs Forgiving?

Indeed they are. You have to deliver a pretty decent swing to make it work well in your favor, although you should be able to do that with most products on the market. LAZRUS clubs are designed to be used by golfers of all skills and types. So whether you are a pro or a beginner, LAZRUS golf clubs are a great choice.

Overall Verdict on LAZRUS Golf Clubs

LAZRUS Golf clubs are of excellent value and manufactured to high standards. Chances are you won’t see LAZRUS golf clubs tour on the television anytime soon however, these clubs are undoubtedly a fantastic selection for mid-high handicap golfers seeking to buy new decent equipment without breaking the bank.

For less than $300 for a set of amazing LAZRUS golf clubs, and with under $50 individual LAZRUS hybrids, you will find it difficult to find comparable quality clubs for such an attractive price.

You can purchase a LAZRUS golf club with confidence and the knowledge that these play clubs will no doubt improve your accuracy and overall performance. 

Furthermore, the list of pros is far bigger than the cons for these LAZRUS golf clubs. There are no pressing problems with the design or performance, and there aren’t any significant drawbacks in terms of durability. If you’re looking for great value products that will help your performance and won’t make a hole in your pocket. Then these clubs are a perfect choice.

Also, the LAZRUS company didn’t hold back on funds, as the materials used to manufacture these golf clubs will last longer than most models out on the market. This product is a great value for money and a healthy investment to improve your game.

Lastly, if you are someone like me who likes to play on the weekends and occasionally play a tournament with friends. Then I would recommend purchasing LAZRUS golf clubs, as they are affordable and deliver consistent amazing quality. My performance has  definitely been enhanced since I have started using LAZRUS golf clubs on the golf course.

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