Our Pine Meadows Golf Clubs Review (Worth it In 2023?)

One of the things that golfers have come to accept about golf clubs is that they will be expensive. To find fairly priced golf clubs can be quite a challenge. In fact, when a set is available for a lower price, most people are worried that it is not a good quality set.

In this Pinemeadow golf club review, we will let you know if the Pinemeadow golf set is a good purchase, who should play with it and whether or not it has a good value. As a former Class A PGA Professional, I can tell you that the price of the golf clubs is not nearly as important as the fit of the clubs to your golf game.

Pinemeadow Golf Clubs Set: At A Glance

Pinemeadow Golf Club Set: What Is Included?

The Pinemeadow golf club set includes a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, and 5-PW. The putter and golf bag are not included as part of the set. You will get three headcovers to protect the driver, 3 wood, and a hybrid. Remember that the Pinemeadow complete set is not truly a complete set with everything necessary to get out and play a round of golf.

Features and Benefits of Pinemeadow Golf Clubs

The Pinemeadow golf clubs don’t include a putter or a golf bag, so it is hard to call them a complete set of clubs. However, when you are looking for value and fair pricing in a set, the Pinemeadow clubs are a great place to start. Even when you have to add in a putter and a golf bag, you will likely save yourself quite a bit of money.

Player Handicap

The Pinemeadow woods and Pinemeadow irons are built for the higher handicap to beginner golfers. The club heads are forgiving; they don’t offer much room for workability and are not the purest feeling golf clubs on the market.

Golfers with a twenty or higher handicap that have not upgraded their clubs in quite some time will likely see a benefit with adding the Pinemeadow golf clubs to their bag. The club’s wider sole helps players get a higher launch and see even more distance than they may have in the past.

In addition, the clubs are rather lightweight, which can help golfers that have a slower swing speed. Slower swing speeds tend to struggle to create ball speed, but the Pinemeadow makes this process a little bit easier.

The Pinemeadow irons and clubs are not available to customers, so you will have to fit into a men’s standard length to be able to use these golf clubs properly. Keep that in mind when considering both handicap and overall performance.


Most golfers are looking to maximize distance in their golf game. Many players have made changes to their golf swing that can help to increase distance, but some changes can be made to the equipment to get more launch and distance.

The Pinemeadow golf clubs are going to have an average distance. You certainly shouldn’t lose distance by going to this set of clubs; however, you also will have a hard time gaining any significant distance. If you compare something like a TaylorMade SIM Max irons to a Pinemeadow, the distances and ball speeds will be quite a bit different.

However, the pricing for SIM Max is also probably about three times as high, if not more.

If your primary concern in your golf game is distance, this is probably not the best set for your game.


Overall the look of the Pinemeadow set of clubs is quite clean looking. They have a unique color pattern that helps with visibility and a square setup. Overall when looking down at the clubs, expect to see a game improvement type look where the club heads are thicker from the top and on the bottom as part of a wider sole.

The feel is going to be similar to any game improvement, lower-priced golf club set. You cannot expect that Pinemeadow golf clubs to feel like a TaylorMade P790 because they will not. The clubhead is not forged, so, therefore, the feel is a little more vibration than you would get with a higher-end club head.

However, for new handicappers and beginners that are looking for a good value, the feel of this Pinemeadow club is not bad.

As far as sound is concerned, there is nothing out of the ordinary with the Pinemeadow set. You can expect that the driver will have a bit of a tin type sound to it, but this is standard with any type of lower-priced golf driver.


Where the distance lacked a bit, the forgiveness in the Pinemeadow golf clubs is actually quite impressive. Many amateur golfers forget that when you add forgiveness to your golf game, you also increase the distance that you can hit the ball. The more forgiving club heads are, the easier it is to get the performance that you need.

The Pinemeadow PGX golf clubs actually have excellent forgiveness. The larger sweet spot in the long irons and the satisfying feel help higher handicappers and beginners to get some extra help on the golf course, all at a great price.

In addition, the driver is a 460cc model, so the club head is quite large and makes it easier for players looking to make more consistent contact.

The pitching wedge is a great addition to the set; the only problem is that the pitching wedge is the only Pinemeadow wedge available in the set. If you want the Pinemeadow sand wedge, you will have to purchase it separately.


You won’t be able to beat the pricing on the Pinemeadow golf club set. With all the expensive drivers on the market costing more than $500 per club, this set comes in at a really great price point. Regardless of your skill level, it is hard to pass up a deal on new clubs offered at this price.

Although golfers need to be aware that the Pinemeadow set is a very forgiving and easy to use set built for high handicappers and slower swing speeds, it still comes at an excellent initial value.

Different Types of PineMeadow Golf Clubs Available

The Pinemeadow golf club complete set is a great alternative to other complete sets on the market when you don’t need a putter or a golf bag. Some golfers have their own bag; they just need the gear to fill it. However, if you find that you don’t need the entire set of clubs, there are other ways to purchase the Pinemeadow golf clubs. Here are some of the other Pinemeadow golf club choices available.

Pinemeadow Wedge

You won’t find a cheaper golf wedge in the game of golf. However, this wedge also has a great feel. It comes in a 52, 56, and 60-degree loft. If you currently don’t have a golf bag full of wedges, this is a cheap and easy way to upgrade.

Pinemeadow One Length Iron Sets

One-length iron sets are designed to give golfers much better forgiveness and consistency in their golf game. One-length irons sets are all the same length as a single club (typically the 7 iron). Most one-length irons are offered by Cobra and come at a much higher price tag; this is a nice alternative from Pinemeadow.

Pinemeadow PGX TX Putter

Pinemeadow offers a wide range of golf putters that you can pair with your complete golf set. The PGX putters have a large sweet spot, come in both the mallet and the blade style, and can be a good fit regardless of your handicap. We also like that the Pinemeadow putters are tour-weighted so that they have a better feel on both fast and slow greens.


If the complete set from Pinemeadow is not the best fit for you, then you may want to look at a few other complete set options that are similar. Luckily, a few other brands put out good options, although Pinemeadow tends to be one of the fairest priced and best value golf club sets on the market.

Wilson Complete Set

Wilson Golf is known for making a fairly priced golf set for high handicappers, beginners, and young swings. If you are interested in a Wilson golf set, chances are your tee shots are a bit erratic, and you may need a little help to be able to increase to the fastest golf swing speed.

The great forgiveness and wide sole of the Wilson golf clubs make them one of the best options on the market.

Nitro Golf Blaster 13 Piece Complete Set

The Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 is built very similarly to the XL. You will notice that it comes with a combination of both graphite and steel shafts, and it has a somewhat similar set makeup as well. 

The Palm Springs Golf set works well for those that enjoy hitting irons. With this set you will get a three and four hybrid and the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Pitching wedge.

So if you find irons to be a strong point in your game, go with the Palm Springs.

Ram Golf EZ3 Right Hand Iron Set

The Ram Golf EZ3 Right Hand Irons Set is not going to include fairway woods or a driver, but it does have all of the other clubs you will need to play a round of golf. We love the progressive style of this set and the way the hybrid flows into the iron set.

The Ram Golf clubs are easy to hit, have plenty of forgiveness with their cavity back design, and come with really high-quality materials. Ram Golf is a trusted golf brand that is worth considering. When you purchase this set, you will notice that the value is quite good.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you have a bit more of an idea if this Pinemeadow golf set is the right choice for your game. If you are looking for a great set for the money, this is a smart choice. There is plenty of forgiveness, average distance, and an overall solid ball flight that you will get with the Pinemeadow golf clubs. We suggest adding in a Pinemeadow wedge, another hybrid, and a putter. Then you will have everything you need to start lowering your golf scores and making the contact that you want while on the golf course. Don’t let “cheap” golf clubs scare you; many of them have a good value associated with them.

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