Best Arm Lock Putters in 2022

For those who struggle with inconsistency in putting, the arm lock putter is the perfect solution. The arm lock putting style is unique, yet it has proven to work for many players. For those that need to create a more consistent stroke, this is an option that can really work. As a former Class A PGA Professional, I would suggest using a putter that allows your putting technique to feel comfortable, even if it is unconventional. Not all putters can be used for arm lock putting. Here are some of the best options on the market to consider for arm lock putters in 2021.

Our Best Arm Lock Putters in 2022

Best Overall: Odyssey Golf Two Ball Lined Arm Lock Putter


  • Great looking now putter design
  • One of the best feel arm lock putters on the market
  • High-performance Microhinge insert
  • Impressive two ball shape for better alignment and performance


  • Very large club head takes some time to get used to

Finding an arm lock putter that is a good fit for your game can be a bit of a challenge. There are many great putter options on the market, but they must don’t come in the arm lock length. Most of the time, for a golfer’s left arm to sit correctly on the club, the putter needs to be about 40 inches in length.

Of course, as the heights of golfers change, this number will change as well. The Odyssey Golf Two Ball Lined Arm Lock Putter is explicitly designed to be used for players that enjoy a consistent stroke with a good amount of head eight.

The Two Ball line is one of the largest armlock putter choices on the market, yet it has a lightweight and stiff golf shaft in place. The stiffer shaft helps to increase the consistency that golfers can get at impact with this putter in play.

In addition, the two balls lined arm lock putters are some of the best putters on the market for alignment. You will have no trouble getting this putter to line up to the hole and then keeping it on that track as you play.

Best Premium: Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Putters Grandsport Arm Lock


  • It comes with a Cobra Connect Grip
  • SIK Aluminum Face Insert
  • Clean looking blade style arm lock putter
  • Will work for a wide range of handicaps


Cobra Golf has not always been known for its putter technology. However, this is continuing to change as more options are released to the market. Cobra Golf has made some impressive strides in its availability of unique putter models and things that we haven’t seen in the past.

The brand new Cobra King 3D Printer Grandsport Arm Lock Putter is a very unique model with some high MOI. The black shape of the head is clean-looking and easy to focus on. One of the best things about the arm lock putting technique is that it provides stability at impact. Combine that with the shape of this Grandsport, and the overall benefits of the Cobra King 3D only improve.

Cobra used several different materials to make the new Grandsport Arm lock. However, the most significant increase in technology was the addition of 3D printing in the putter design. The 3D-printed nylon lattice insert will increase MOI and improve the feel of the club.

The head weight on the King 3D Printed Gransport is relatively high, but this is something that is considered a positive in an arm lock putter.

Best For Low Handicappers: Evnroll ER5v MidLock Hatchback Mallet Putter Golf Clubs


  • Great looking mallet-style head design
  • High MOI putter
  • CNC milled face
  • Great feeling arm lock putter


  • Does not go through the enMay need to know your specs to get the proper arm lock models putter

The arm lock putters are not just for those that want pure stability at impact; even golfers that have a very good and consistent putting stroke will enjoy the benefits of the Arm lock putters. The Evnroll ER5V Midlock Hatchback Mallet is the perfect choice for a golfer with a lower handicap looking for an armlock putter.

The Evnroll putters are all about feel and proper fitting. When purchasing one of these putters, you will want to ensure that the lie angle, loft, and length are exact, as that is what Evnroll prides itself on. The new Sweet Face technology from Evnroll ensures that even if you miss the center of the face just a bit, you will get a great feel and a solid roll on the ball.

In addition, the Evnroll has some of the best visual technology for the lower handicap player. When looking down at the golf club at the address, there are unpainted dots to help a player line up. Most lower handicap golfers enjoy having a very subtle alignment reminder as opposed to something glaring. The Evnroll has everything that the lower handicap player will want to see in an arm lock putter.

Although the Evnroll putter won’t feel heavy, it has plenty of head weight to allow for better distance control and overall speed.

Best Cheap Arm Lock Putter: Bionik 105 Red Golf Putter Right Handed Semi Mallet Style with Alignment Line Up Hand Tool


  • Tour head weight
  • Comes standard loft
  • Stable golf shaft
  • Very low pricing


  • Not specifically made for the armlock putting technique

If you have noticed from our top three choices, the arm lock putter tends to be a bit expensive. This has to do with the technology being a bit rarer, and people are interested in what the arm lock putters can do to help their golf game.

The Bionik 105 Red Golf Putter is a long putter about 40 inches in length that is very low in price. The putter is technically made for a taller golfer, yet it is the exact length needed for an arm lock putter. If you want to try out this technology but are afraid of spending hundreds of dollars only to find out it is not the right fit, the Bionik 105 Red could be a perfect choice.

Overall the head weight is tour weighted, so you won’t have a hard time controlling the speed even when playing on faster greens. The overall feel of these arm lock putters is quite good, yet not as impressive as an Odyssey or a King Cobra putter head.

Best For Beginner: Ping Heppler Floki


  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Excellent feel on shorter putts
  • It helps to adjust the length for golfers left arm
  • Adjustable grip end lets you change the length of the putter


  • It does not get quite as long as other arm lock putter options

New golfers tend to struggle the most with inconsistency in their putting stroke. If you have ever looked at Bryson Dechambeau and thought he looked a bit silly yet consistent with his putting stroke, then you may want to give this type of golf putting stroke a try.

The thing that is great about the Ping Heppler Floki is that it comes with an adjustable length. On the long end, you will only get this armlock putter up to about 36 inches, so it’s going to be a bit shorter than some of the other options on our list. However, for those that aren’t sure yet which putting stroke will be best for their game, this is a great option.

The overall look, putter face, and feel of the Heppler Floki are premium, yet the pricing is a bit more fair than other putter head options from Ping. You will find that your accuracy and consistency improve with the Heppler in your golf bag.

Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you feel a bit better about the armlock putter choices on the market. Although the list of choices is a bit smaller than traditional length putters, there are still some great options on the market. Overall you will be impressed with any of these putters, but here are a few ways to help decide which is best for you.


The shaft technology on putters is continuing to change and improve. Players are now finding that the stiffer shaft in the putter ends up being the best choice because of the stability it offers at impact. In addition, the shaft has to be long enough that the arm lock style putter grip can fit on the club properly.

Putter Head Style 

The two basic types of golf putter head styles are the mallet and the blade. Since the arm lock putting technique is typically best suited for a golfer that needs weight, stability, and consistency in the head, the mallet-style is the more popular choice.

The larger putter head options help golfers to have more control over what the putter head is doing and how it reacts. You will even see players on the PGA Tour using these larger putter in their game. Golfers like Matt Kuchar and Bryson DeChambeau both enjoy the arm lock style.

Overall Length 

Most arm lock putters are going to be around 40 inches in length. When you switch to an armlock putter, it is going to be quite an adjustment from the feel of a standard putter. For those golfers that are a bit shorter when it comes to height, the length can be as low as 36 or 38 inches and still be a really good fit. As long as the golfer’s left arm can be extended and locked, the length and grip size can change.

Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of arm lock putters tends to bring up a lot of questions. The reason behind this is that the armlock putter is quite unique. Here are a few questions that we are asked most often about arm lock putters.

How Long Should An Arm Lock Putter Be?

Most arm lock putters are going to be between 40 and 42 inches in length. For a golfer that is a bit taller or shorter, the length will be adjusted accordingly. However, most companies will keep the standard at 40 or 42 inches.

Can Any Putter Be Arm Lock?

You can purchase arm lock putter grips and add them to any putter that you are already using. When you do this, it is best if your putter is a bit longer, but you can always change the shaft out on your putter if you feel it to be necessary. Arm lock putter grips are a cheap and easy way to find out if the arm lock putter is an excellent long term option for you.

Are Arm Lock Putter Worth It?

Some players struggle with the yips when they are playing golf. This means that when they start to get close to the hole, the short putts make it quite difficult for them. Most golfers are capable of making a three-foot putt; the question becomes whether or not golfers are capable of doing this under pressure. If you really struggle with this concept, the arm lock putter will be very well worth the price.


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more educated on the best arm lock putters on the market. The Odyssey Golf Two Ball Lined is the best arm lock putter in 2021. This is a putter you will want to consider with the impressive head weight, white hot micro hinge insert, and impressive feel. Overall, Odyssey makes some of the best golf putters in the game, and the new Odyssey Two-Ball Lined is no exception.

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