The Best Blade Putters in 2024

Using a blade putter is considered the traditional way of putting. Although mallet putters have started to steal the show over the last few years, the blade is still a reliable choice for many golfers.

If you look at the golfers on tour, many of them are still standing by their blade putters. As technology in the blade putters has improved, they have become an excellent choice for golfers of all handicap levels.

If you ask us, blade putters will always lead the way in feel on fast greens. We have put together a list of the best blade putters and broken them down into several relevant categories.

If you are a high handicapper or a low handicapper, we have options for you.

Best Blade Putters 2024

Best Blade Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa


  • Stroke lab shaft
  • Perfect weight distribution
  • Micro hinge face technology
  • Softer feel
  • Higher MOI


  • Expensive
  • Only one blade model

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa putter claims the top spot as the best overall blade putter. This putter is not only just the best blade, but it is also one of the best putters you will find on the market.

The Versa has some incredible technological advances that have changed the world of putting.

Odyssey realized that every single golf company was focusing on the club head of the putter. How can they incorporate more speed, better roll, better weight distribution, etc.?

What they found was that many of these dilemmas regarding making putters more user friendly could be solved by changing the shaft.

Shaft options in putters have always been rather bland. Ninety-nine percent of putter shafts are just traditional steel with a few graphite models found on beginner sets or junior club. Odyssey developed an innovative new shaft called the Stroke Lab Shaft.

The Stroke Lab shaft is part graphite and part steel. With the graphite addition to the standard steel shaft, Odyssey was able to relocate forty grams of weight that was redistributed into the head and the grip of the club.

This new weight distribution helps to improve the feel and performance of this putter.

The head of the Versa putter is slightly heavier than other Odyssey putters. The extra weight helps improve MOI, and it helps to decrease face twisting at impact.

Lightweight putter heads tend to turn when not hit directly in the center of the clubhead.

The face on the Stroke Lab putters is an improved version of the Odyssey white-hot face. The new model has dozens of micro hinges embedded into the insert. The micro hinges help to promote topspin and a very smooth roll.

The only downside that we can find on the Stroke Lab putters is the fact that they are going to be quite a bit more expensive than some other blade putters.

Odyssey has always been a front runner in putter technology, and with the new Stroke Lab putters, they are keeping their spot at the top.

Read our Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters review.

S7K Standing

Best Blade Putter For Mid Handicappers


  • Amazing alignment system
  • Nice looking club head
  • Good feel
  • Very consistent


  • Still priced a bit high
  • Face is not as responsive as some would like it to be

This blade putter is probably different than any putter you have seen before. Before we start explaining what makes this putter an exciting and unique option for the mid handicapper, we will tell you that it is tournament legal.

The S7K Standing putter does precisely what it’s product title says it stands. Yes, this putter is capable of standing entirely on its own. So how does this technology help the mid handicapper?

Most mid-handicap players struggle with alignment more than speed. As mid handicappers tend to play more than beginners or high handicappers, they have plenty of time and enough feel to narrow down the speed of their putts.

Unfortunately, even if your speed is perfect, you will miss the putt if your club is not aligned correctly. Aiming, with irons and drivers or the putter, is a challenging thing to master in the game of golf. It takes time and patience to get it down.

With the S7K, a player can set their putter up on the line that they believe to be accurate and then step back and see if they are, in fact, heading towards the target.

As soon as you get used to this putter and this extra alignment step, you will feel much more confident in your putting stroke. Trusting your line is incredibly important.

The S7K is capable of standing on sloping lies, and it can also stand in light wind conditions. Players have not been complaining about the putter falling over. One thing you will want to make sure of with this putter is that you don’t let it slow your game down.

Checking your line one time will be more than sufficient. Think how much better off you are than before you had the S7K? You don’t need to realign yourself 12 times.

Sometimes these kinds of putters tend to have less feel than a brand name that you have come to know and trust. The S7K has a surprisingly good feel. Some of this is created because of a very lightweight grip that allowed for some weight distribution throughout the putter.

The S7K brand claims that “fewer than 10% of golfers aim correctly on putts less than ten feet.” We believe them! Aiming short putts is the downfall of so many players, regardless of their handicap level. With the S7K, your alignment should never be off.

The S7K comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The standard size available for this club is 34.5 inches, and that cannot be customized.

As far as pricing is concerned, the S7K will fall in the middle of the price range. It is not a bargain putter, but it won’t cost you what a new Scotty will cost.

Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0

Best Blade Putter For A High Handicapper


  • Works for a wide variety of players
  • Forward weights for more speed
  • Very consistent 
  • It comes in a few lengths


  • Not as streamlined of a look as something like the Scotty Cameron

The best blade putter for a high handicapper is the Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 putter. This is an interesting design that stems from the Huntington Beach series of putters that Cleveland has had on the market for some time.

The Frontline 4.0 features forward weights and a center of gravity that is very close to the face. The result is a straight, more consistent roll. 

Golf manufacuteres are really starting to focus on the speed coming from the golf club face. The faster the ball can come off the club face, the better the roll will be.

If a ball does not have enough speed at impact, it will waiver from the line you are trying to hit it on. 

Sometimes blade putters are frowned upon as they can be a bit difficult to line up. If you struggle with alignment, many people will tell you to look more for a mallet type putter.

The great thing about the Frontline blade is that it features the Cleveland Proprietary 2135 technology.

This is essentially an aiming system that helps you have much better sight lines to your hole and the ability to line your putt up properly every time. 

Overall, the Frontline blade is a putter that will work well for newer players, but some single digit handicaps also appreciate the feel and consistency of this blade. 

Pinemeadow Pre 2.0

Best Cheap Blade Putter


  • Very low pricing
  • Classic and simple blade design 
  • Dark color clubhead for less glare
  • Stabilitzed club face for better roll and performance 


  • The club head will chip if not covered after each shot.

The Pinemeadow Pre 2.0 Putter is a great choice if you are on a budget. Sometimes you may not be sure if a blade putter is a good choice for your game; however, switching to this Pinemeadow will not hurt your wallet.

The Pinemeadow Pre 2.0 is a very simple and classic blade design. 

The concept behind the Pinemeadow is to create a very stable surface at impact. A dual weight is built into the face to help eliminate any vibration and give players lots of stability when they hit the ball.

When you impact a ball with a stable club face, you will without a doubt produce a better roll and have a chance of making the putt. 

The Pinemeadow is finished in a very sleek black color to help reduce some glare that you may find on the golf course.

Of course, it is important to protect this finish on the blade putter as it could start to chip at times if the putter is not properly taken care of.

Overall, you are not going to find a better putter for the money; the Pinemeadow is a great choice to consider. 

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

Best Putter For Low Handicap 


  • Original White Hot Formulation
  • Impressive sound and feel
  • PVD Finish


  • The stroke lab shaft is high in price

The new Odyssey White Hot OG Putter is not really a completely new release. With this putter, you are going to get an impressive feel and performance, from a model that was reworked from its original release. If you are a fan of the game and have played for many years you likely know how impressive these Odyssey putters once were. 

The thing that really helps the OG stand out is that it has a consistent and soft feel, yet at the same time the MOI is incredibly high. The club comes in two different shaft options so you can take advantage of the premium stroke lab shaft if you should want to. 

One of the major reasons that this putter has stood out as the best overall is the fact that the two part urethane insert is one of the best formulations that golf has ever seen. If you are particular about the way the ball comes off the club face, this is the putter you need in your golf bag.

Wilson Staff Harmonized

Best Blade Putter For Women 


  • Larger diameter grip
  • Microinjection face
  • Soft feel grip


  • Not the purest feel at impact 

Women golfers tend to like the simplicity and consistency of a blade design. It is no secret that some of these mallet head putters are getting a bit extreme in their design and functionality. Essentially for those classic golfers that just want a simple and higher performing putter, the Wilson Staff Harmonized is an ideal choice. 

The Micro Injection Face on the putter has been proven to be both forgiving and high performing. If you are looking for something with a higher MOI, the Wilson Staff Harmonized can get it done for you. In addition, there is a soft feel grip that helps decrease overall grip pressure. 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this putter is the fair pricing associated with it. If you want something that is not going to break the bank, the Wilson Staff Harmonized is the way to go. 

Cobra King Vantage Putter

Best Blade Putter For Feel


  • Stainless steel body
  • SIK Aluminum Face
  • Adjustable weights


  • Expensive new technology

The Cobra King Vantage Putter is one of the more technologically advanced putter options on the market. This club comes with a stainless steel body, but there are multiple materials used in the design of the Cobra King Vantage. In addition, there is an adjustable weight system to give this a custom feel each time you play. 

The Cobra Connect technology is installed in every club head to always have access to the statistics surrounding your putting game. If you think your stroke is improving, your Cobra Connect app will be able to tell you. 

Our favorite thing about the new classic looking blades from Cobra is the sightline. Cobra has not always been known for the look of their golf clubs, but the sightlines on this are incredibly impressive. If you have the room in your budget, this is a blade style putter to consider. 

Cleveland Golf 2135 Putter

Best Blade Putter For The Money 


  • Optimized face milling
  • Fair pricing
  • Alignment system in place


  • No face insert for improved feel

The Cleveland Golf 2135 Golf Putter is the best blade putter for the money. If you are a budget conscious golfer looking for some of the best technology on the market, the Cleveland Golf 2135 could be the way to go. This putter is great for alignment, and it has optimized face milling to help improve the roll. 

Cleveland Golf ensures that their products are high performing yet reasonably priced, and 2135 is no exception. When you are looking for a new blade putter for your game, you will often find that some are priced well over $300. 

Luckily with the Cleveland products, you won’t have to worry about these higher prices, and you can take advantage of some impressive value. We love the slightly oversized grip and the easy alignment found in this putter head. In the end, you will make more putts playing with a Cleveland golf putter. 

JamesMilr Topspin Golf Putter

Best Blade Putter For Fast Greens


  • Curved Face putter
  • USGA Conforming
  • No skidding off the club face


  • The brand is not as well known

For serious golfers, the top names in putters are typically those from Odyssey, Cleveland, and even TaylorMade. However, there are thousands of small brands that make unique and high-performing putters. These brands are known for their impressive feel and unique technology. JamesMilr is one of these brands. 

The JamesMilr Topspin putter has a curved face that is designed to get the ball rolling towards the target with no skipping, skidding, or hopping. This will make the roll much more consistent and increase your chances of making a putt. 

WIth a JamesMilr putter, you will also benefit from the impressive black pearl painting that provides contrast and easier alignment. In addition, even though this putter has a unique technology not seen across other brands, it is still legal, according to the USGA. 

If you have seen other options on the market and are looking for something unique, this is the way to go. 

Blade Putters Buying Guide

Now that we gave you an idea of the best blade putters on the market, you will need to make the difficult choice as to which one to purchase.

Luckily there is some information we can provide to help make that choice a bit easier. Our blade putter buying guide will touch on all the factors that should go into purchasing the proper blade putter.

Is a Blade or Mallet better for a High Handicapper?

When it comes to making a decision between a blade or a mallet, the most critical factor for golfers to address is feel. Choose something that helps you roll the ball consistently.

Regardless of the head shape, choose a putter that looks good at address. The best blade putters have plenty of forgiveness and performance to help a high handicapper improve their score.

Our best advice for a high handicapper is to invest in a great putter. We know there are putters out there for just a few dollars or your uncle’s old putter from 1975, but you need something more than this.

High handicappers have a real chance to lower their score on a putting green. Investing in a new putter will not be a decision you will regret.

What is Toe Hang?

Toe hag is a relatively new word when it comes to golf putter technology. You may hear this referred to when you are searching for a putter, so it is best to understand what it means.

Toe hang is a way to describe the angle of the toe of the putter when the putter is balanced on a players finger. The amount of toe hang directly affects the amount the putter will open and close on an arch type putting stroke.

If your stroke is more of an arch, you will want more toe hang. If you have a straight back and straight through stroke, you will want a face-balanced blade and not something with toe hang.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Blade Putter


MOI stands for moment of inertia. This is a fancy way of describing the way the ball comes off the clubface. A club with a high moment of inertia is more likely to stay on it’s line and roll better on the putting surface.

Clubs with low MOI will waver on their line and could cause you to miss putts. Many modern putters are being produced with higher and higher MOI; if you struggle to keep the ball steadily moving on a line, this can help quite a bit.


Blade putters are traditionally less forgiving than mallet putters. Keywords, when you are looking for something forgiving, are things like “sweet spot” and “large impact zone.”

These clues will let you know that the putter will help you out a bit should you not catch the ball quite right.

Just like longer irons and drivers, putters that tend to be the most forgiving also seem to have decreased feeling. It may be better just to start working on hitting the putter in the center of the clubface more often.


Aside from the Odyssey Stroke Lab putters, most of the time, you will be dealing with a standard steel shaft on a blade putter. Shaft flex will not matter nearly as much in putters as it does with the other clubs in your bag.


If we had to pick only one factor to make sure you get right when you choose your next putter, it would be length. If a putter is not the correct length for you, you will struggle to play appropriately.

Getting your eyes over the ball at address is imperative for both distance control and alignment.

Golfers tend to choose putters that are too long for them. The majority of players should be using something that is about 34 inches, all too many players go for the 35-inch putter thinking that it is standard.


Grip size is a bit different when it comes to putters than it is with other golf clubs. The best putter grip for your game is something that feels right.

If you like a thinner grip, that is fine, but most playing professionals and teachers of the game will suggest going with a thicker putting grip. Thick putting grips help golfers to eliminate some of the hand action in their putting stroke.

It is certainly possible to be a ‘handsy” putter, but you will be much less consistent than a player that uses their more substantial muscles. Look for a midsize or jumbo grip if you struggle with consistency in your putting stroke.


There are two options for the face on a blade putter. You will have the choice of something that is milled or something that has a face insert. There are different schools of thought as to which is better.

When face inserts first hit, the market players believed that they changed the feel and the roll of a putt too much.

Many years later, there are some very high performing face inserts that even tour players are keeping in their bag. The classic blade putters were made with a milled face, and many companies still stick to this method today.


Choosing the best blade putter for your game can take a bit of time. You may need to try several models to decide which one will roll and perform the way that you want it to.

There is no single blade putter that stands out as the best blade putter on the market. When all factors are considered, we do feel as though the Stroke Lab sets itself apart from the rest.

The high performing face insert, the upgrades to the white-hot technology, and the revolutionary stainless steel/graphite shaft make this Stroke Lab a solid addition to any player’s bag.

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