The Best Blade Putters For 2020

Why do so many professional golfers still use the blade putter? Hasn’t the mallet putter made the blade putter obsolete, just like the World Wide Web made all bricks-and-mortar businesses obsolete? Here is our review of the best blade putters for [currentyrar].

We have tried to gather a range of different putters from the top brands. Here is a sneak preview of the 5 best blade putters for 2020 (listed alphabetically):

Our Top Blade Putters for 2020

We will rate them on the 5 F’s of good putters: face, features, feel, forgiveness and functionality (scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best).

Five Best 2020 Blade Putters

Success in golf requires many skills, including calculating wind speeds, measuring hole distances and reading the greens. While your equipment is very important, it cannot totally compensate for a lack of skills or sensibilities. The top professional golfers know how to make their clubs do great things.

Who Likes Blade Putters?

For some professional golfers, the mallet putter might feel like they are cheating. Most mallet putters are very heavy, with a lower Momentum of Inertia (MOI) than a blade putter. The top mallets are also very forgiving for “mishits.” Still, they seem like a wheelchair to the “scratch” golfer.

Even with the most advanced mallet, you still must read the green, line up the putt and strike the ball. The blade putter is lighter and better for players with a faster pace to their stroke. Ping calls this faster stroke, a faster “cadence.” The blade putter is more of a precision tool, like a scalpel, while the mallet is more like a sledgehammer.

Golf Blade Putter Tip: “Reading Greens

The top golf professional have all developed an uncanny ability to properly read a green. Others might struggle to read greens.

If you struggle with reading a green, you might want to break it down into smaller, more manageable stages. Golf Magazine has reported that the average American golfer, under-reads his putts by 65%. Golf Coach Mark Sweeney has developed a little trick to reading the greens, which might be called the “Five Finger” tilt technique.

Instead of simply eyeballing the green, why don’t you take a walk half way to the flag? There, you can assess how much your body is leaning and which way (this is the “tilt” of the green). Then give the “tilt” a numeric rating by holding up a number of fingers.

If both feet are flush, then the answer is “0,” while if you are falling down a hill sideways, the answer would be “5.” Put the “tilt” of the green up in fingers, then walk back to your ball. Based on the number of fingers – adjust your aim to the hill-side by that degree of lean. This gives you a simple way to measure “green angles.”

Golfer reading green

Ping’s Gold Golf Club Vault

Did you know that Ping makes a gold putter for every major tour victory? It has constructed a Ping Gold-Plated Putter Vault carrying more than 2,800 of these treasures. They are all in alphabetical order.

Ping Gold Vault Door: “For those who want to play their best.”

Ping’s founder Karsten Solheim started this tradition in the 1970s – whenever anyone using one of the Ping putters wins a major event, a gold-plated replica built to the exact specifications of that model is made. One is given to the winner and one is placed in the vault.

Rating System of 5 F’s for Best 2020 Blade Putter

We will use the 5 F’s to rate the best 2017 blade putter: face, features, feel, forgiveness and functionality.


Does the putter have a special textured face? Does it get the ball rolling quickly?


Our feature assessment will include alignment.


This is one of the most subjective, but most important categories. Our ratings will include the weight balance, Momentum of Inertia (MOI) and construction material.


The best blade putter can still add “forgiveness” properties.


This is kind of a miscellaneous category, including lie angle and technology.

Mini Review of Each 2020 Blade Putter

What we discovered is that the top golf club manufacturers are issuing collections with a few blade and mallet putters, in them. Here are the best blade putters for 2020:

Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection #4

Cleveland is primarily known for their wedges, but they are starting to expand their product line. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection #4 blade putter has a stylish look and feel to it. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection has 3 x putters: #1 and #4 are blades and the #6 is a mallet.

The Huntington Beach Collection #4 is made of a softer 304 Stainless Steel. Cleveland Golf Senior Product Manager Brian Shielke said that the softer material and face’s precision-milled, “diamond-cut” pattern “reduces surface area contact between the golf ball and face,” delivering a softer impact. The new face is 4 x deeper than previous Cleveland putters.

This Cleveland #4 blade putter has both horizontal and vertical sight lines. Unfortunately, they do not extend to the front of the face.

During testing, players said that the putter made a “click” sound when it hit the ball. It felt like a “true” hit due to the increased friction on the putter face. The softer impact increased the feel. These new putters have received many favorable reviews.


  • Diamond Milled Face
  • Nice Ball Roll


  • Toe Hits
  • Logo on Toe Face
  • Sight Lines Don’t Extend To Face

Honma Tour World TW-PT

Each nation might have a slightly different design for its golf putters. The Japanese Honma Tour World TW-PT blade putter offers a new way to create a “toe hang.” This Honma Tour World line includes both a blade and mallet putter.

Using SUS303 Stainless Steel, the Honma Tour World TW-PT blade putter has a good stability to it. This Japanese Honma “crank neck” putter is a bit heavier than most American models at 530 grams. The steel shaft is also shorter at 24 inches with a 71-degree lie and 2.5-degree loft angle.

Honma Golf Motto: “A wide range of perfection”

Do you remember the old time Gatling guns with the holes in the barrels? The Honma TW-PT blade putter has a drilled (ported) hosel. This decreases the weight on the heel side of your club to create “toe hang.”

There are two x 14 gram tungsten weights in the sole of this Honma putter for increased MOI. Unfortunately, these weights are not adjustable. This blade putter has a lower Center of Gravity (COG) for a more stable stroke. There is a white sight line, but it does not extend to the face edge. The putter has a Matte Black finish.


  • Superior Drilled Hosel
  • Very Precise


  • Not Adjustable
  • Rather Bland Face

Odyssey Stroke Lab 1

Some golf companies are experimenting with putter designs overseas. One example of this is the Odyssey Works putter line. In Japan, there are rumors of a new 2017 blade putter from Odyssey Works, debuted in Japan, called the Odyssey Stroke Lab 1 Putter.

The design is actually quite simple and rather bland for this gray putter, whose textured face uses both straight lines and circles. There are two screws on the bottom. Callaway Golf carries the Odyssey Works line of putters.


  • Larger Face


  • Odd Shape
  • Logo On Face

Ping Vault Anser 2

The new 2017 Ping Vault Limited Edition putter line is based on the Ping Gold Putter Vault. This Ping Vault Putter line includes 2 x blades (Anser 2 and Voss) and 2 x mallets (Bergen and Oslo). The Ping Vault Anser 2 blade putter also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand.

Has the Anser 2 remained faithful to the Anser 1 legacy?

The original Anser 1 patent was issued in 1967 and expired in 1984. Back in 1967, they did not have heavy putters or the modern technology – the Ping Vault Anser 2 blade putter is “precision-milled to perfection.”

Did the Ping Anser 2 designers remain faithful to the original design of the Anser 1? The Ping answer was to return to the original designs and modernize them: “We took a couple of our original models and 3D scanned them,” said Ping’s Senior Design Engineer Marty Jertson. Key areas of interest were the face shape radii, top rail thickness and top rail bevel.

This Ping Vault Anser 2 blade putter could be a collector’s item. Made of 303 Stainless Steel with a 350 gram headweight, the Anser 2 Vault putter incorporates Ping’s “slight arc” stroke design.

The individually-milled, textured, “True Roll” (TR) face technology creates depth and pitch variations for better distance control. The Anser 2 face is actually a textured pattern, not grooves. This “TR” textured pattern is deeper in the middle; it is shallower in heel and toe to provide forgiveness.

These Ping Anser putters keep the speed high during the ball roll. You have both vertical and horizontal sight lines on this iconic putter, but they do not extend to the face. Choose from two finishes: Slate or Platinum. Golf Coach Mark Crossfield states that “every detail is to the finest top end” on the Ping Vault Anser 2 blade putter.


  • Smooth Lines
  • Classic Neck
  • “True Roll” Face


  • Longer Head

Piretti Potenza EXT Limited Edition

or the high-end golfer, you might like the Piretti Potenza EXT Limited Edition blade putter. You can choose from either milled or workshop (customized) putters – the Potenza EXT is a workshop model. The Piretti putters are milled from a single block of steel to create a more durable golf club.

Made of face-balanced 303 Stainless Steel, this 33-inch milled putter has a beautiful Silver finish. These Piretti putters have a lower loft than other brands. These beautiful Pirettis deliver a smoother stroke, solid distance control and better accuracy. There is a “fighting lion” design on the bottom.

The Piretti Potenza EXT is slightly heavier than most putters, weighing 365 grams. The Potenza EXT putter has a double bend shaft with horizontal and vertical lines for alignment. One negative is the logo on the club face.


  • Beautiful Finish
  • Solid Feel


  • Logo On Face Front
  • Not Technologically Advanced

Roundup Winner as Best 2020 Blade Putter

And the clear WINNER is the …

Ping Vault Anser 2

This Ping Anser club line has revolutionized the golf industry. The stylish look, feel and performance are all quite amazing and superb. The Ping Anser 2 has a special place in the vault and in your golf bag.

Now, you can optimize ball roll, speed and precision. Tour players will appreciate the Ping Vault Anser 2, the most. Only Ping creates putters with this beauty, precision and craftsmanship.

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