Best Cheap Putters in 2022

If you are tired of every piece of golf equipment being more than your weekly paycheck, we can understand. Golf equipment seems to get more and more expensive every year.

Although companies are getting more advanced in their technology, some golfers just want a simple and classic design for a great price.

There is no question that putters are an important club in the bag. They are used more often than any of your other golf clubs, but do they need to cost hundreds of dollars?

In our best cheap golf putters review, we have put together not only what we think are the best options but also some helpful advice as to what to look for when choosing an affordable putter.

If you choose carefully, sometimes the best putters for your game will be less money than you ever imagined.

Our Best Cheap Putters Of 2022

Best Cheap Golf Putter: Tour Edge Hp Series Red 11 Putter


  • Looks similar to Spider putter
  • Very fair cost
  • Contrasting red color makes it stand out
  • Long alignment lines
  • Large jumbo grip
  • Softer feeling face insert
  • Available in 33, 34 and 35-inch length


  • Can seem a bit light for some players
  • Will not hold up if not properly cared for

Our pick for the best overall cheap golf putter is the Tour Edge HP Series Red 11 Putter. Tour Edge is a lesser-known brand that makes very high-quality products.

Even though their name may not be widely recognized on the PGA Tour, this is not a company that makes golf clubs that perform poorly.

The main reason we like this Tour Edge Hp is the clean look and the shape that very closely resembles the TaylorMade spider.

The Spider is one of the best putters on the PGA tour currently, and although this Tour Edge won’t have the feel of the TaylorMade, it will undoubtedly be useful in helping you gain some consistency with your putter.

This Tour Edge comes at only a fraction of the price of the Spider putter.

This putter features a face insert that provides a very soft feel. The insert is equipped with micro-grooves that will help the ball get a much more authentic roll.

Although red may not be your favorite color, there are some performance benefits to going with a putter that contrasts with the green color of the putting surface. The red putter and the white alignment lines with the white putter face will help you see if you are on track or not.

This Tour Edge comes with a jumbo putter grip that will help eliminate hand movements. Although it will be essential to make sure your hand size and grip size match on the woods and irons, with a putter, you can use a jumbo grip even if you have small hands.

Many people are purchasing clubs and having them regripped with jumbo grips. It’s amazing that for this price, you also get a more substantial grip on this putter.

Lastly, this putter comes with a headcover, so the only thing you will need to get going with this putter is a golf ball!

Alternative 1: Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400


  • Heavier club head weight 
  • Great for mid to high handicappers
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Available in a few colors and sizes


  • Paint on finish will chip easily if you don’t use the headcover

Ray Cook golf putters are known for being cheap yet effective. In fact, the Ray Cook brand actually has some PGA Tour Victories under their belt. This is not something that you typically see when it comes to the cheaper golf putter brands. 

One of the things that really stands out with the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400 is that it has a premium putter design, yet it does not cost nearly as much. When you look down at the Ray Cook design, you get plenty of great alignment lines and a large sweet spot to work with. 

The charcoal color gray finish will help reduce glare and give you those excellent sightlines to the hole. Another great feature is the slightly heavier putter head that you get with the Silver Ray.

Sometimes with a cheap putter, you have to watch that the putter head is not going to be too light. This could lead to the putts being very inconsistent. 

Overall most players are going to be pleasantly surprised by the performance they get from this putter, especially considering the price. With the midsize grip and large clubhead, this is a great option for any player struggling with their putting game. 

Alternative 2: Pinemeadow PGX Putter


  • White finish
  • Mallet design
  • Long alignment lines


  • Need to keep putter cover on not to let it chip

Pinemeadow is similar to Tour Edge in the fact that they make quality clubs that last without getting recognition for them. Pinemeadow does not have as full of a range of products as Tour Edge does, but their putters are very high quality.

This Pinemeadow Golf PGX putter is a mallet putter offered in a white finish. The white putter body and black putter face will help it contract with the putting green. This type of coloring mixed with the long alignment lines will help you make sure you put is headed towards the target.

This particular model reminds us of a mallet putter from ten years ago. When mallets first started getting popular, this is the shape that they took on. Although this model is quite a bit larger than those early mallet head putters, it has the same concept.

This is not the only Pinemeadow golf putter on the market, but for a cheaper model with great feel, this is a good option.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men PGX putter comes in a standard 34-inch length, which will fit the majority of golfers without any trouble. This putter is considered to be tour weighted and will work well on faster greens.

Read our Pinemeadow PGX Putter review.

Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter

Best Cheap Golf Putter for Women


  • Perfect option for a female player
  • Available in two models
  • More substantial than standard grip for decreased hand action


  • Only comes in one length
  • Doesn’t have same feel as high-end putter

Many golfers ask what the actual difference is between a man and a women’s putter. This is actually a great question as their design does not differ that much.

The women’s putters are usually shorter in length and painted with different colors. A pink putter and a black putter don’t perform all that much different.

The Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter is actually the cheapest in this review, but it is a great golf club for a female player. This putter comes in two different models, an M1 and an M2. The M1 is more of a blade-style putter, and it has a white softer feeling face.

The M2 model has the same face but resembles more of a mallet design. Many women say the M2 is a bit easier to line up than the M1, but both models will work depending on your putting stroke. These putters resemble the Odyssey White Hot series for a much lower price.

The Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf putters come with a slightly larger than standard grip that is perfect for a woman golfer.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black

Best Cheap Golf Putter for Low Handicap Player


  • Great feel
  • Sleek black club head
  • Nice alignment lines
  • Traditional model


  • More expensive than others

When it comes to finding a cheap putter for a low handicap player, it can be a tough challenge. Most player’s clubs have a highly engineered face and design, making them extremely expensive.

A new Scotty Cameron or even some of the new Cleveland Golf putters will cost you hundreds of dollars. That is why the Odyssey White Hot Pro made our list.

This White Hot Pro is available for a fraction of the cost of a new putter by Odyssey simple because it is a few years old. This was one of the best putter 2018 had to offer, and there is no reason it would not benefit your putting game today.

This putter has a re-engineered white hot insert that has improved both sound and feel coming off the face of the club. The Hot Pro is a blade type putter which is considered to be the best putters for better players.

The heel/toe weight placement on this club makes it forgiving as well. Not that lower handicap players will search for forgiveness; it is nice to have on that off-center hit.

The Hot Pro is priced higher than many of the other models we reviewed, but relatively speaking, this club is a deal. A new Odyssey stroke lab retails for 2.5 times the price.

MacGregor Golf MacTech Extreme

Best Cheap Golf Putter for Beginners


  • ARC Tech Face Milling
  • Easy to line up
  • High MOI
  • Stable at impact


  • The head can feel a little lightweight

The MacGregor Golf MacTech Extreme is an excellent choice for beginners that don’t want to break the bank on a new putter. One of the most important things for a beginner to look for is a forgiving mallet head design. The MacGregor MacTect Extreme offers lots of forgiveness and stability. 

On the face of the Macgregor putter, you will find the ARC Tech Face Milling. This milling pattern helps to give players a better roll and improved distance control.

When beginners first start out, they will have a hard time getting the speed control down. It takes a bit of time and practice, and eventually, it becomes second nature. The Macgregor helps speed this process up a bit. 

It’s also important to consider the MOI on a putter for a beginner. A high MOI helps give golfers more consistency and stability when they are learning to putt. 

Players don’t have to worry about increasing their clubhead speed or hitting the ball hard. Instead, they can simply work on perfecting a more consistent and smooth stroke. 

This putter comes standard at 34” of length. The 34” length is an excellent fit for most beginner golfers. The pricing also makes this a very fair choice while a golfer learns what they prefer in their game. 

What To Look For When Buying a Cheap Putter?

When it comes to choosing the best putter for your game (within a specific price range), there are several things to consider.

Even when you limit your choices to less expensive clubs, there are still several factors that will make this the right or wrong putter for you.

Mallet Putter vs. Blade Putter

Even though we are saying Mallet vs. Blade, we should really add another option for “space ship looking” putters.

Anybody that has spend time in the game of golf over the last few years knows that putter designs have gotten stranger and stranger. As they get stranger, they also get even more forgiving and capable.

Can you imagine Ben Hogan seeing a TaylorMade Spider or a Scotty Cameron Futura series. I’m not sure he would even know what to do with it. The shape of the putter head is partly a preference thing and somewhat a performance thing.

Blade putters are the most traditional putters available. They are classic and straightforward and generally appeal to the better player.

Blade putters do not have long alignment lines, and they are not quite as forgiving as a mallet putter. Blade putters do well on fast greens as they tend to have a bit more of a soft feel.

Mallet putters and not traditional putters tend to work best for newer players or those who have a hard time repeating the same stroke. If you play on slower greens and want something with longer alignment lines, the mallet putter may be a better choice for you.

As far as your putting stroke is concerned, a blade or mallet can work for several different stroke types. However, if you tend to take the club straight back and straight through, you will want a face balanced putter.

So much of putting comes down to feel, and one of the best ways to knows if a mallet or a blade would be better for you is to try them out at the same time.

Length of Putter

One of the most common issues for players who struggle with their putter is the length of the putter itself. The majority of golfers are playing with a putter that is too long for them.

Golf manufacturers tend to sell putters in standard 33, 34, and 35-inch lengths. Just because a putter is offered in a 35-inch length does not mean it is the right size for you.

Most tour players are using a putter that is between 32 and 34 inches. The better the putter fits you, the easier it is to get your eyes over the ball and keep the putting stroke on track. If your putter is too long, you will struggle to stay consistent, and the golf ball will roll differently than you expect.

If you are uncertain about the putter length that best fits your game, many local retailers offer putter fittings. This is a new concept in golf and will likely not result in a recommendation of a cheap putter, but it may be something to consider if putting is a weak spot in your game.

Face Insert or One Piece

A putter will either be made of one complete milled piece of steel, or it will have a face insert made of a variety of materials. Inserts tend to give a soft feel that some golfers are looking for.

Other players don’t like the insert as it sometimes can feel less consistent than putting with something that is just one piece. Putters come in a variety of price ranges regardless of if they have an insert or not.

Putters and Handicaps

When it comes to putters and handicaps, it is a much different ball game than it is with something like a driver or a set of irons. A putter is an equalizer in the game of golf.

High handicappers can play with high end, and expensive putters, and low handicappers can play with low-end cheap putters. The most important thing with putting is your stroke and its consistency.

Lower handicap players demand feel and a perfect sound when they strike the ball. Higher handicap players look more for forgiveness when they choose a putter. Make sure that when you select a putter, it fits the needs of your game. Don’t let your handicap limit the putters you can choose from.

New vs. Old Putter

One of the best ways to find a cheap putter is to choose a model that is a few years old. Plenty of brand new putters become leftovers and take a few years to sell.

We are not talking about getting used equipment, instead entirely new equipment with technology that is a few years old.

When it comes to a new putter and technology, there will be changes in design from year to year, but something within the last few years will not be considered outdated.

Choosing a putter with the feel, length, and design that you want or need for your stroke is much more important than getting something that is the latest and greatest release. Some of the best putters 2019, 2018, are still available new today.


It should come as no surprise that golfers struggle with alignment. Even when you pick the perfect spot to putt to, it is difficult to line the ball up and get it to go to that spot. Golfers struggle with alignment on all clubs, not just the putter.

One of the best ways to make sure you are correctly setup is when you have the help of some lines. Mallet putter heads tend to offer the best lines. If you use these lines and the spot that you are putting towards to square up the putter face, your chance of making the putt is significantly increased.


Finding golf equipment priced reasonably could be its own sport. For some reason, each year the clubs continue to get more and more expensive. Our review gave you some great options for both blade and mallet putters.

The Ray Cook model still is our favorite because of its similarity to the famous and successful TaylorMade Spider.

If you can learn to love a less expensive putter, it may save some room in your budget for a few new golf balls that will feel great coming off the face of the club.

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