Best Counterbalanced Putters in 2022

The idea behind the counterbalanced putter started when people started using putters that are longer than standard length.

As longer putters started to get ruled out by the USGA, the idea of a counterbalanced putter with more weight in the butt end of the club increased tremendously in popularity.

If you have never tried a counterbalanced putter and think it could be a good fit for your game, here are five of the best ones to try. 

Our Best Counterbalanced Putters in 2022

Best Counter Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter


  • Incredible feel
  • Unique shaft design
  • High performing club head


  • Expensive putter

It should come as no surprise that Odyssey is at the top of this list.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter is a very high performing club with extra weight in the butt end of the club to help give players a much better feel and performance and impact. 

With the weight in the butt end and the fact that this shaft is partially graphite, the MOI is quite high. A high MOI on a putt will help increase the consistency of the putts as they come off the clubface. 

The shaft on the Odyssey being partially graphite has allowed for weight to be distributed both in the head and in the butt, and it gives this putter a very unique and slightly stiffer feel than other golf putters on the market.

That still feeling equates to stability, and it is an essential factor. 

The feel on the Odyssey putters is always second to not, and the White Hot combined with the micro hinges make this one of the best feeling putters that Odyssey has ever put out.

Runner Up 1: Cleveland 2135 Satin 8.0 Counter Balance Putter


  • Fairly priced
  • Optimized face milling
  • Easy to align


  • The oversized grip is not ideal for all golfers

The Cleveland Golf 2135 is a fairly priced counterbalanced putter with a large oversized grip.

This 2135 is an excellent option if you are struggling with alignment in your putting game. As you set up to hit with this putter, you will see how the ball should line up, and it is a very visually pleasing setup. 

Of course, counterbalanced putters are more about feel and consistency than they are about alignment but making sure you are aimed at the proper location is, of course, important.

The Cleveland 2135 has optimal face milling that will make sure you get the roll coming off the clubface that you want. 

The face milling combined with the higher MOI from the counterbalanced putter is what makes Cleveland jump up towards the top of our list.

The Polymer TPU insert will also help make sure that weight is correctly distributed, and the putter is capable of giving your consistency.

Runner Up 2: Counter Balanced Putter Claw Putter


  • Naturally higher MOI
  • Great for taller golfers
  • Unique club head shape for stability


  • Not great for the shorter golfer

The Claw Style counter balanced golf putter is not a name brand or a traditional option by any means, but it certainly does the trick.

This is a forty-inch putter that works well for tall golfers and those who want more weight in the butt end of the golf club.

The longer length is going to increase the MOI naturally, and the weight of the heavier club head will help balance that out. There are aiming channels on this putter that will allow golfers an easier time when it comes to alignment.

The Claw putter has a surprisingly good feel, and the unique shape helps golfers to game some stability at impact.

This is a reasonably priced and effective putter for any golfer thinking that a counterbalanced design may help their game.

Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Putter

Best Budget Putter


  • High MOI
  • Unique shape, easy to align
  • Jumbo grip to keep hands from breaking down


  • The putter head is quite large and takes a bit of getting used to

Golf equipment is expensive, and if you want to make a change in your game like switching to a counterbalanced putter, you may not be up for a three or four hundred dollar upgrade.

Luckily there are options like this Tour Edge Counter Balance N2 Putter

With the Tour Edge CounterBalance, you will get a very soft feel while at the same time experiencing a high MOI.

There are micro-grooves on the face of the Tour Edge Counter Balance that help to enhance the roll coming off the club head. Golfers will especially notice the ability for the ball to turn end over end after impact. 

The Tour Edge Hp has a jumbo grip, which helps with the weight in the butt end of the club and also decreases the likelihood of the player’s wrists breaking down at impact or before.

Overall this is a great deal on a counterbalanced putter that could make a big difference in your game.

Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Blade putter

Best Blade Style Putter


  • Blade style design
  • More traditional look
  • Great feel from a high performing insert


  • Longer than standard takes a bit to get used to

Tour Edge makes our list yet again with another putter from their N2 series. This option is a blade face putter that is a great choice for a more traditional golfer.

The putter heads in golf have all gotten very large, and that is partially what helps create this perfect balance point, but it becomes a visual problem for some golfers. 

The Tour Edge N2 Blade is a more traditional look; it has a great roll and incredible feel.

You will notice the ball comes off the clubface fast, but it is very consistent, and it rolls well towards the hole.

This particular model is also a little longer than standard. You will see that quite often with counterbalanced putters. 

The extra weight, in the end, helps get the feel and the consistency more accurate with these putters.

Counterbalance Putter Buying Guide

Now that you know the best-counterbalanced putters on the market, you may have a few questions about the counterbalance putter itself.

Here are a few of the important things to consider before choosing which putter is best for your putting stroke. 

What Is A Counterbalanced Putter? 

A standard putter has weight in the club head and is relatively light in the rest of the club. This makes the balance points on the putter very close to the head of the club.

A counterbalance putter has extra weight in the butt end of the club to make the balance point quite a bit higher up. 

This increase in weight in the butt end allows the golfer a bit more feel at impact and a higher MOI. MOI, or moment of inertia, is how fast the ball comes off the clubface at impact.

With a high MOI putter, there is very little chance that a golf ball will waiver from its line or skid on the putting surface. 

The better the ball comes off the clubface, the better the roll, and the better your chances are of making that putt.

A counterbalanced design will not work for every golfer, but the science behind them is certainly interesting, and some players have found great success with this method. 

What Is A Counterbalanced Putter Grip? 

A counterbalanced putter grip is a heavy grip that you can put on your non-counterbalanced putters to try and give it that same sort of feel and raise the balance point. 

The putter grips are useful, but it is important to have some golf club fitting knowledge to make sure you understand the proper weight and how it will affect your putting game.

Using a scale when making alterations to a putter is quite important. 

Can you Cut Down a Counter Balanced Putter? 

You can cut down a counterbalanced putter, but it may no longer be counterbalanced! When you make any type of alteration to your counterbalanced putter, you must make sure that you have not changed the balance point or thrown off the club’s weighting. 

If you want ultimate consistency and stability in your putting stroke, you should be consulting a club fitting expert before you make changes to your putters. 

How Long Can A golf Putter Be? 

A putter can be as long as you need it to be. The USGA does not restrict how long putters can be but they must be at least 18 inches in length to be considered legal. 


Hopefully, you are feeling better about what a counterbalanced putter is and how it can help your golf game.

Putting is a fun area of the game to tinker with because a small change could lead to a significant decrease in the strokes you take that day.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab putters have made the top of many of our lists, and that is for a good reason.

When it comes to feel, consistency, and longevity in a putter, you are not going to find a better choice. These putters are an investment but one that is worth making into your golf game.

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