Best Face Balanced Putters in 2022

Face balanced putters are the perfect fit for a golfer who has a straight back and straight through putting stroke.

The face balanced putter will keep the putter more stable at impact and make sure that you are getting the proper roll when the ball starts rolling towards the hole.

If you are having trouble picking out which face balanced putter is the right for your game, you are in luck.

Here are our top five best face balanced putters.

Our Best Face Balanced Putters in 2022

Best Face Balanced Putter: Odyssey O Works Marxman


  • Great look
  • Soft insert
  • Easy to align
  • Very stable feel


  • Putter head is very large; take a bit to get used to

At the top of our list is the Odyssey O Works Marxman putter. The O Works putters have been known for their high performance and incredible feel.

They also have a look that is an unmatched look and will give you the confidence you need to start rolling more putts into the hole. 

The new face insert on the O Works putter is the Microhinge Face Insert. This is a bit of an upgrade from the White Hot face insert, and players are loving the soft, but consistent feel that it provides.

In addition to this high performing insert, the all black head on the O Works gives it a great look as well. 

One of the things that set the Marxman apart is the alignment technology on the clubhead’s top. This club is so easy to line up; it almost feels like cheating.

If you have struggled to get a stable putter that you can rely on, the O Works line is a great place to start. 

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade TP Patina Ardmore Putter 2 SB


  • Adjustable sole weights
  • Premium finish
  • The face is screwed on for maximum stability
  • Fairly priced


  • Not everyone likes the oxidized finish on the putter

The TP Patina Collection by TaylorMade is an entire series of great putters. However, the Ardmore is one of the best if you want something face balanced.

This putter has some unique features that set it apart as a high-quality option for those that want the face balanced technology.

For starters, we love the low profile of this putter. Although the club head is a bit large, it sits low to the ground and has real players look to it. The Ardmore is a forgiving putter because of its blade design, and it is quite easy to align as well.

The finish on the TaylorMade Ardmore is stunning. It is a patina that combines black nickel and copper.

If you want something unique looking in your golf back, this Ardmore will do it. The Patina finish will oxidize over time, and that is to be expected.

Lastly, the TP Sole weights can be changed to give players the custom fit they are looking for.

This is a nice feature to have if you one day decide that your putter’s weighting feels a little off.

Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter

Best Face Balanced Putter for High Handicappers


  • Fairly priced
  • Smooth roll insert
  • Clean looking design
  • Easy alignment


  • Some will say the feel is not as good as Odyssey

The straight back, straight through simple putting stroke, is a smart choice for the higher handicapper golfer.

With this putting stroke, you will be able to keep things simple and stick to the basics a bit more. 

The Cleveland Frontline Elevado putter is a great choice for the new golfer that needs some extra help and guidance when it comes to consistency, alignment, and stability at impact.

We are impressed with the Cleveland 2135 technology that helps golfers line up every putt regardless of where their eyes are over the ball. 

The Frontline has forward weighting and a center of gravity closer to the face. This helps to make sure that the putter does not move at all when you get to impact.

The stability is so essential on a face balanced putter, and the Frontline does a great job of it. 

Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter

Best Value Face Balanced Putter


  • Speed optimized face
  • Diamond CNC Milling pattern
  • Optimized center of gravity


  • Not as smooth feeling at impact as some other putters

Since the Face Balanced putters are some of the higher performing on the market, the pricing is often quite a bit higher than other types of putters. One of the best valued putters for a golfer looking for face balanced technology is the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter. 

With six tour proven shapes, the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter is a design that many golfers can make work for their game. The #11 is one of the best face balanced designs and allows for much stability at impact. 

A Cleveland Huntington Beach putter has the new CNC Milling that helsp ensure a more pure roll coming from the center of the clubface as opposed to the inconsistency that you see from other brands.

Odyssey Two Ball Ten Putter

Best Premium Face Balanced Putter


  • Brand new shape
  • Triple Track design for better alignment
  • Impressive two ball shape


  • Expensive new technology

The Odyssey Two Ball Ten Putter is an excellent option for those that are looking for better alignment and for an impressive overall feel. The Odyssey Two Ball Ten combines some of the best Odyssey technology through the years and puts it into this design that stands out among others on the market. 

The Odyssey Two Ball Ten comes with the option of the stroke lab shaft to help ensure that golfers are getting the feel and consistency they need in their stroke. In addition, the new putter head has the Microhinge technology that produces improved speed and control. 

Odyssey tries to make putters that work for a wide range of handicaps. It doesn’t matter if you are a low handicapper looking to break 70 or a high handicapper trying to get the ball somewhat near the hole; there is an Odyssey that can work for you. 

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR200

Best Beginner Face Balanced Putter


  • Very lightweight
  • Unique finish colors
  • Tour balanced putter


  • Not the best feel on the market

If you are new to the game of golf and need to find some golf putters that will fit your individual needs as a player, the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR200 is a great option. Ray Cook makes golf putters that look quite a bit like the top brands on the market, but they come at a very low price. 

This Silver Ray SR200 has a black finish with some white and red accents. The coloring makes for easier alignment. This is also a tour weighted putter, which means that it will work on both fast and slow greens. If you want something that is consistent and impressive, the Silver Ray SR200 is a good choice. 

In addition, beginner players will love the fact that the Silver Ray SR200 is very low in price. 

Cobra Golf King Vintage Putters Nova

Best Face Balanced Putter For Feel


  • Stainless steel body
  • Adjustable weighting
  • Cobra connect technology


  • It can be difficult to get the right settings at first

The Cobra Golf King Vintage Putters are very high quality and a brand new release from Cobra. It is not often that Cobra puts out a new putter, so this is something that you should consider carefully. When they put out a new release, it typically means they have some technology that is worth checking out. 

There are two adjustable weights on the bottom of this face balanced putter to ensure that players can get the exact feel and stability that works for their game. In addition, all of the Cobra Golf King Vantage putters come with the Cobra Connect technology

The new SIK Aluminum Face Insert allows for a very accurate role and consistent performance. Although the new Cobra Vintage putter comes in a variety of models, the Nova is one of our favorite face balanced options. 

TaylorMade EX Putter Short Slant


  • Deep center of gravity
  • Co Molded Pure Roll Insert
  • Tungsten Back Weights


  • So many models to choose from

There is no questioning the fact that the TaylorMade EX Putter and the entire line of TaylorMade Spider putters is high performing and allow for impressive overall control and stability. This is a putter with a deep center of gravity and some back weighting for increased MOI. 

For those that are putting on faster greens and need that tour weighting, this is a club that can do it for you. In addition, the TaylorMade EX Putter Short slant is known for having one of the best feeling face inserts on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hopefully, you now have a better idea as to what the best face balanced putters are and why they stand out as some of the best overall putters on the market. Essentially a face balanced putter is just one of the many types of putters that golfers now have access to on the market, and you must ensure this is a good choice for you.

Face Balanced Putter Buying Guide

As you can see, the mallet head putters are the best face balanced putters. Although there are options that are blade style, they are certainly not as easy to find.

Choosing which of these great putters is best for your game can be a bit of a project.

Here are a few questions that may help before you make your final decision. 

Do most pros use face balanced putters?

Golf professionals that use mallet putters are mostly using face balanced mallet putters. However, depending on the golfer’s stroke and their preferences, the putter is going to vary. Some players prefer a blade style putter with a lot of toe hang, and therefore they may not go with the face balanced design. 

Overall a golf professional can test out putters using various monitors so that they can find an option that works specifically for their needs.

Are there any face balanced blade putters?

There are a few face balanced blade putters on the market offered by smaller premium companies. However, for the most part, most of the face balanced putters a mallet style designs.

Are face balanced putters better?

Face balanced putters are better for the golfer that has a straight back and straight through putting stroke. With this type of a stroke, golfers can get the stability that they need at impact and the consistency of the strike.

What putters do the pros use in 2021?

Professionals will use any putter that suits their needs; however, the Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and TaylorMade brands stick out as some of the best on the market for professionals.

What Makes A Putter Face Balanced? 

When a putter is face balanced, it will point straight up in the air when the club is balancing at the balance point.

You can test if your putter is face balanced by holding the club with your finger at its balance point when it is parallel to the ground and seeing if the face of the club points up in the air. 

If the putter points towards the ground and not up in the air, you don’t have a face balanced putter; you have a toe balanced putter. You may hear this referred to as toe hang at times. 

Is A Straight Back/Straight Through Putting Stroke Better? 

There are two basic putting strokes and then lots of variations within those strokes. The two strokes are straight back and straight through and the arc type putting stroke.

Arguments can be made for either one, and you should not feel pressured to switch to one or the other; find a stroke that you can repeat consistently and stick with it. 

Who Should Use A Face Balanced Putter? 

Face balanced putters are best for golfers with the straight back straight through putting stroke. When you swing this way, you need a very balanced design that has quite a bit of stability as well. The face balanced putters tend to stay more stable at impact, and they won’t twist or turn. 

Golfers with more of an arc stroke will need the clubhead to turn and the putter to react to this turn in their stroke. The face balanced putters are not the best fit for the arc, putting stroke golfer. 


Hopefully, our list of the best face balanced putter options on the market has helped you find one that will work for your game.

Generally speaking, most face balanced putters are a mallet design, and they will have lots of components to make them more stable. 

The Odyssey O Works Marxman stands out as the best face balanced putter because of its incredible feel, stability, and easy alignment.

This is a putter that will work for any handicap to make the game that much more enjoyable!

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