Best Heavy Putters in 2022

Golf equipment seems to get lighter each year. Lightweight golf equipment helps players who have slower swing speeds get more speed and a lot more distance. However, there are areas of the golf game where lighter equipment is not always better. Not all players are going to putt well with a lightweight putter. As a former PGA Professional, I can tell you that I would much rather have a more compact stroke with a heavy putter than a lightweight club that requires more effort and precision when putting on fast greens. There are several different heavy putter options on the market, and narrowing them down can be difficult. Here are the best heavy putters on the market across a few different categories.

Best Overall: Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Putter


  • High performing Microhinge insert for better feel
  • Very easy alignment and large clubface for forgiveness
  • Stroke Lab shaft for better feel and overall performance


  • A very large putter head can be difficult to adjust to initially

The best heavy putter is the Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Putter. There are a few different models with this new Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Putter, but they all have a heavier club head. When you look at the size of this putter, you will quickly understand why it has plenty of weight to it; the overall size is quite large.

However, for as big of a club head as this is, the look of the mallet putter is aesthetically pleasing. When your head is lined up over the ball, the putter helps give easy alignment targets and allows you to take a shorter putting stroke that is fully in control.

Golfers of all handicap levels are going to benefit from the forgiveness and feel that the Microhinge face offers. The insert allows for a forward roll that happens immediately after impact. one thing that I continually find amazing about golf is how much happens at the impact position.

Every once in a while, take a video of your putting stroke and play it back in slow motion. Look at what happens to the ball when you putt it, is the roll forward, does it skip, does it jump? All of these things will impact your ability to make a putt.

Best Premium Heavy Putter: Spider Tour Black Putter #3


  • Heavy weight putter with a modern mallet design
  • Almost no vibration at impact
  • The face stays square to the path the entire time


Although the Odyssey is also considered a premium type golf putter, there are other options on the market in this category. One of the most popular putters in the game and for golfers on the PGA Tour is the TaylorMade Spider Tour putter. The Spider putters are a larger mallet head design known for their heavy weight and high MOI.

If you are switching from a blade putter to a mallet putter, the first thing you will notice about the Spider is that it is extremely stable at impact. Even if you tend to rotate the club in your hands or you struggle to gain control of the ball when you putt, the Spider Tour can really help to make things better.

We like that both lightweight and heavy materials were used in the Spider Tour to give this club a unique performance. Players that want a great feel from a mallet putter will notice the vibration damping technology that the Spider Tour comes equipped with.

In addition, there is a large Super Stroke putting grip that helps decrease the ability to get a little too handsy in the putting stroke.

Best Value: Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter


  • Heavy putter head for more control over putting stroke
  • High MOI at impact
  • Plenty of forgiveness from mallet head putter design
  • High contrast colors for better look and alignment


  • It won’t feel quite as soft as a White Hot putter when the golf ball comes off the clubface

Who says heavy putters have to be expensive? If you are looking for a great mallet putter at a very fair value, the Pinemeadow PGX Putter is a perfect choice. This is one of the best putters on the market for forgiveness and distance control. The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX tends to be a great choice for higher handicap golfers and beginners.

The putter head is 380g which is considered to be a tour, weighted putter. Pinemeadow was kind of tired of the more affordable putters having that lightweight or flimsy feel. Instead, the Pinemeadow PGX will feel like a high end putter; it will just have a lower-end price.

I really like the white finish on the PGX putter as it helps the club stand out and make alignment on the greens quite a bit easier. When you see the contrast between the putter head and the turf, it somehow makes it easier to control what you are doing.

Best Blade Heavy Putter: New Evnroll ER2 Black 35″ 355g Mid-Blade Putter


  • Black putter head for better visibility
  • Impressive feel
  • Heavier weight than most blade style putters


  • It can be a little more expensive than other blade style putters

One of the great things about shopping for new putters is that you can learn about several different golf brands. Although Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and Cleveland are among some of the top names, many smaller companies are working their way up in the world of putters. One of those companies is Evnroll.

Evnroll is very set on getting golfers into a putter that will fit their golf style and performance. When you purchase an Evnroll putter, you will want to make sure it is a design that works specifically for your game. This ER2 Black Mid Blade is a great choice for a heavy but classic looking putter.

A mid blade shape is kind of like a cross between a mallet and a blade putter. The larger head gives players better alignment, higher MOI, and more stability. However, you still get the overall look of a clean blade design.

Best Feeling Heavy Putters: Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Putters


  • New face insert for incredible feel
  • It comes in a few different style club head shapes
  • High MOI and adjustable weights


  • Some of the putter shapes are a bit unique and can be tough to get used to

Cobra has not done all that much with its putter technology through the years. However, the way they have expanded into wedges and some advanced technology on their irons, it is no surprise they are trying to make their mark a great putter company. For a heavy weight mallet putter, the new King Vintage putters are certainly worth looking into.

The SIK aluminum face insert is a new golf technology that helps promote a much better roll and a consistent stroke. Perhaps the best thing about this putter is the adjustable weight system. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found golfers playing with the wrong putter, and a simple weight adjustment could have fixed the problem completely.

Cobra also put the Cobra Connect grip in the new King Vintage, and it can help you to track your putting results over time. Overall this King Vintage putter is one of those clubs that you will have in your golf bag for a very long time.

Best Heavy Putters Buying Guide

Now that we gave you five of the best heavy putters on the market, how will you determine which is the right one for your golf game? The good news is that there are certain key characteristics that you can analyze to help you narrow down these putter choices.

Putter Style

There are two basic putter styles a mallet putter and a blade putter. The blade putters tend to be a bit lighter in weight because of their overall size. The mallet putter is a heavier and larger putter head that is best suited for the straight back straight through putting style.

Mallet putters are continuing to get larger and larger. Even though companies are using lightweight materials, these putter heads are still quite heavy. One way to ensure your putter head is heavy enough is to go with the larger mallet style design.


The top of a golf putter will have certain technology that allows for better alignment. The alignment lines will benefit players looking to try and hit the ball in the center of the clubface and keep the golf ball on track. Alignment lines are slightly longer on a mallet putter as compared to a traditional blade.


Heavy putters should be no more expensive than lightweight golf putters. In comparison, the heavy putter may have a larger club head, but it will still be in the same general price range because the benefits and advantages are the same as the lighter weight putters. Remember that a golf putter is a club that you will use the most during your round of golf. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars extra on something that will give you consistent results on putting green.

Frequently Asked Questions

Putting is such a large part of the game for a golfer that it can be hard to fully cover everything that needs to be figured out. PLayers ask plenty of questions about heavy putters and whether or not they could help improve your golf game. Here are some important things to know.

Is A Heavy Putter Better For Fast Greens?

Heavy putters are typically better for fast greens. With a heavy putter, you can get a smooth stroke and quality roll because you won’t need to take a lengthy putting stroke. The high MOI of a heavy putter helps to keep a golf ball on line and heading towards the target. Overall you will find that heavy putters offer better feedback, a soft feel, and consistent performance.

Should A High Handicapper Use A Heavy Putter?

Some high handicappers struggle with distance control. There is quite a bit of detail involved in being a great putter, and a high handicapper sometimes loses track of these details and consistencies. Therefore a heavy putter could be a smart choice for high handicapper golfers looking to develop a smooth putting stroke. If your putting stroke improves, you will move into the average or mid handicapper range rather quickly.

Do Heavy Putters Have Higher MOI?

Heavy putters tend to have a high moment of inertia. The high MOI in a putter helps get the ball started out on the proper line and stay on that line throughout the entire stroke. Heavy putters still allow golfers to control the length of their putts and the speed of the roll.


Finding a heavy putter is not the hard part; it can be difficult to narrow down which putters will be the best feel for your golf game. The Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Putter series are the best heavy putters on the market. The unique design, custom graphite/steel shaft, and large sweet spot make these putters are a great choice for any handicap range. In addition, the Ten Putters also have alignment aids in place that will help you get both the stroke and the roll figured out. If you have not yet investigated this new putter option from Odyssey, now is the time to do so.

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