5 Best Innova Putters in 2022

The five best Innova putters for 2021 are, beyond a doubt, the Aviar, Nova, Rhyno, Dart, and Pig putters. We take a look at these tried and tested putters, and advise you on choosing the best one. 

We tested the putters under different conditions, and we’re confident that we can give you the best advice. The review will give you a more in-depth understanding of the factors we consider essential and help you select the putter that will boost your disc golf game. 


Our Picks For Best Innova Putters

The following five putters are our top choices for 2021:

Innova Putters are one of four kinds of golf discs. They have the thinnest rims and can fly for short distances in a straight line. These discs can help players develop and learn the game faster. 

What is Disc Golf?

For those of you who are new to the sport, disc golf is played with similar rules to traditional golf. The main difference is that players use flying plastic discs instead of a ball and clubs. The goal of disc golf is to complete the course by using the least number of throws. 

1. Aviar





  • Accurate approaches
  • Putter is stable
  • Distance putts


  • Color options are limited

The Innova Aviar is probably the most popular disc today and is a dependable and versatile disc. It has won several world championships. The Aviar flies consistently with only a slight fade at the end of its flight. The Aviar comes in different plastics, so you should find one that suits your needs and style. 

The Aviar is also recommended for beginner players, as you can use it for many of the shorter holes. It feels right in your hand, and you can use it as your primary putter, but it also makes a great approach disk. 

Aviar Statistics

Speed 2
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 1
Skill level All
Beadless Yes
Weight 150-175g



2. Nova





  • It will land flat
  • Pinpoint the upshots
  • A technical approach to shots


  • Fewer options available for disc weight
  • Could turn over slightly
  • Players learning backhand could struggle



We recommend the Nova disk especially for new players since it flies straight. It’s regarded as the straightest flying Innova putter. It feels similar to the Aviar, but overmold technology is used for this disk. The Nova’s features make it easy for players to improve their backhand techniques. 

The Nova also has a unique design that makes it easy to use. The use of overmold technology means that components are molded over one another. A second layer is molded onto the first layer, creating a single, solid piece. 

The Nova disc is made from two different plastics – one soft and grippy and one tacky and firm. The soft rim absorbs impact, while the firmness of the flight plate allows you to make powerful throws. 

The grippy outside ring also allows this ring to stay low on the ground during approach shots. You’ll feel confident with the Nova, as it’s an accurate disk. 

Nova Statistics

Speed 2
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 0
Skill level All
Beadless Yes
Weight 165- 175g

3. Rhyno





  • Can withstand incredible wind speeds
  • Great upshot putter


  • It can be tough to master for newbies
  • Fade is more aggressive



The Rhyno is an overstable slow-flying, putt approach disc. This putter can handle strong winds, which is helpful because you won’t overshoot the basket. The Rhyno stops well when landing and many players use it for approach shots. 

The disc has a Thumbtack groove that gives you an excellent grip and helps you control your shots. The Rhyno’s soft and grippy plastic lets you throw it in any direction. 

Rhyno Statistics

Speed 2
Glide 1
Turn 0
Fade 3
Skill level Intermediate
Beadless Yes
Weight 150-175g

4. Dart





  • Has a fantastic glide
  • Flies straight


  • Can turn over if too much power is used
  • Tough to use for shorter putt



The Dart is a stable putter that is excellent for straight approaches and works well for long-range putts. 

With a glide of 4 and a fade of 0, little power is needed to make it go far and straight. The Dart is ideal for backhand or forehand players. You may find that you need to get used to the glide and that your first throws go right past the basket. 

Dart Statistics

Speed 3
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 0
Skill level All
Beadless Yes
Weight 150-175g






  • Excellent at all-speed
  • Fast and aggressive
  • Upshot putter


  • Less glide
  • Difficult to use inside circle putts



Innova has modified the Aviar3 putter to be flat-topped.  It can also fly faster than the Aviar, as it has less glide. It’s also more overstable than the Aviar. 

The Aviar3 is an excellent driving putter. It has a comfortable grip and feels fast. The putter feels similar to the Aviar, but the top is flatter.  If you throw the Aviar3 hard, with backhand or forehand, it will definitely drop on the target.

Innova has designed the Aviar3 to be a faster-moving disc, and it stands out on upshots since it has less glide than the other putters. When you have a medium distance shot, you can usually throw it with precision to the basket without worrying about an overthrow. 

It also works well in strong winds and for those players who have a more aggressive approach. 

Aviar3 Statistics

Speed 3
Glide 2
Turn 0
Fade 2
Skill level All
Beadless Yes
Weight 165-175g






  • Great for hyper putts
  • Can throw into headwinds


  • Has little glide



The Pig is an excellent putter for hyper putts and backhand spike shots. It’s great for any shot though, and you can use it in any weather conditions, including on windy courses. 

The Pig is a predictable and reliable disk with a slower flight pattern, which can help you improve your upshot and approach game. 

Pig Statistics

Speed 3
Glide 1
Turn 0
Fade 3
Skill level All
Beadless Yes
Weight 170-175g

Buying Guide

If you’re a newbie disc golf player, you might find yourself confused when it comes to the many different discs available.  It can be a challenge to select the right one.  We’ll explain how to choose the most suitable disc for your game playing needs.

How to Choose the Best Innova Putter

Getting the best putter can help you be successful at your game. It’s essential that the putter should fit your hand well, and you need to test the shape and firmness. Only buy one when you’re comfortable with the grip and the launch. 

Below are other things you need to consider when choosing a golf disc putter. 

Putting Types

Carefully consider what type of putter you need, especially if you’re buying your first one. There are four basic putting kinds – Spin putt, Straddle putt, Turbo putt, and Push putt. Make sure that you’re comfortable with using your putter for all the putting types. It’s also an excellent idea to get comfortable with different kinds of putting putters as this will help you improve your game quicker. 

Weight of Putter

Consider the weight of the putter you need for your purposes. The heavier putters of around 175g usually fare better in heavy winds. If you can’t decide immediately, choose a putter with a range of at least 10g. 

Putter Stability

When it comes to stability, most of the available putters are either overstable or very overstable. Your choice will need to depend on what you’re planning to use the putter for. If you’re going to putt with the disc, it would be best to get an overstable putter, as your disc uses won’t be limited. 

Type of Plastic

Choose the type of plastic after selecting your disk. The plastic can determine how well your disk flies and performs in strong wind. Innova putters can come in 13 types of plastic: Echo, Star, GStar, Starlite, XT, Champion, Metal Flake, Driver Pro, Blizzard, JK Pro, KC Pro, R-Pro, and DX. 

Try out different molds without affecting your putting game by choosing a putter with at least three different plastic options. 

Chain Contact

When choosing a putter, it’s also essential to consider chain contact (the way the putters hit the chain and hold on to it). The putters made of softer material sometimes bounce out, while harder putters are more likely to stay within the basket. 

Glide Quantity

Glide is vital to fly long distances, but you may also overshoot the basket when using putters. You should do well with a putter that falls within the midrange. 


Innova has some of the best available putters today. Their putters are also affordable, and we hope that we’ve helped you decide on which is the right one for you, or that we’ve at least encouraged you to compare the details and narrow down your available choices. 

The Aviar is our preferred Innova putter, but you will find that all the putters in this article offer you good value for money and benefit your game. 


The Rhyno offers great value on short to medium distance drives. Great grip that allows for power shots. This stable putter works great for straight approaches.

  1. Aviar. Check Today’s Price (on Amazon) …
  2. Innova Nova. Check Today’s Price (on Amazon) …
  3. Rhyno. Check Today’s Price (on Amazon) …
  4. Dart. …
  5. Avair3. …
  6. Pig.
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