Best Mallet Putters in 2021

If you are more of a mallet type putter person, you are in luck. The mallet putter has only continued to increase in popularity throughout the years.

Just as Drivers and Irons have gotten larger and more forgiving sweet spots, so have putters.

Alignment and forgiveness are two of the biggest reasons that people make the switch to a mallet putter. Blade putters offer some great feel, but they can’t compete when it comes to alignment.

With the new weighting that companies are offering combined with the face inserts and milling processes, mallet putter heads have a better feel than they ever have in the past.

We have put together some of our favorite mallet putters for all golfers, our favorite for a bargain, our preference for a mid handicapper, and more.

Keep reading to find your next mallet putter.

Best Mallet Putters In 2021

Best Mallet Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Black of Prey


  • Easy to see alignment lines
  • High performing face insert
  • Forgiving on off-center hits


  • Higher priced model

If you are a fan of the game of golf, it probably will come as no surprise that the Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putters are at the top of our list.

Odyssey has led the way for putters for many years and not to ruin any surprises, but they will show up a few more times on our list of the best mallet putters.

The stroke lab putters are unique because of the lab shaft technology that went into these designs. For the first time in golf history, Odyssey started working on and developing the perfect golf shaft to pair up with their fantastic club heads.

The result is a partial graphite partial steel shaft that saved a tremendous amount of weight and allowed it to be redistributed accordingly in the golf club. The weight distribution allows for much more forgiveness, speed control, and feel.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Bird of Prey putter is a new option from Odyssey, and it is designed for players of all handicap levels.

This is a very sleek looking black putter, and it is considered to be a premium-priced model. The pricing is hard to complain about after you sink a few easy eight footers with this putter.

Another thing we love about this Birds of Prey putter is the stability. While all putter heads like this offer some excellent stability than a blade putter will, the stroke lab seems to lead the way.

If you happen to hit this club slightly off center, the multi-material construction seems to make your misses quite a bit better.

Odyssey is famous for its soft feel face inserts. The Stroke Lab Birds of Prey is no exception. This new Micro Hinge Star insert provides an incredible sound at impact and a slightly firmer feel than previous models that Odyssey has put out.

This putter has a very distinct alignment line across the top of the club, and it will, without a doubt, help to make sure you are lined up to your spot.

Although the stroke lab putters can be custom ordered, this option comes in a 33, 34, and 35 inch length. You also have the choice of both an oversized and a standard size grip.

Read our Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters review.

Runner Up: TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter


  • Interchangeable weights
  • Incredible feel
  • Heavier club head
  • Perimeter weighting


  • Expensive

When we refer to the TaylorMade Spider as a runner up, please understand it is a very close second place. This putter can outperform any other putter on the market, depending on the day. This is one of the best mallet putters ever made.

The only thing that kept this putter out of the number one spot is the price tag. We had to determine if it was indeed that much better to justify the extra spending, and ultimately we felt like the Stroke Lab series won.

The Spider X is the latest version of the prevalent Spider model that TaylorMade released just a few short years ago. When you talk about stability and alignment in a putter, this is probably the best option you can find.

The newly engineered True Path Alignment System helps players of all levels get on line and stay on track.

So much of putting is visualization. TaylorMade worked long and hard on developing a club that helps players visualize what it is they need to do to sink a putt. The Spider makes putts look makeable.

The head of the TaylorMade Spider was redesigned to be about thirty percent heavier. The benefit of having a heavier clubhead will minimize twisting at impact. Putting is all about consistency, and you want to feel a stable and consistent hit when you get the face to the ball.

The TaylorMade spider utilizes a 320 gram frame and perimeter weighting. Even with all of these fantastic advancements, we still haven’t reached our favorite part about the Spider.

This putter comes equipped with weight ports and a 2g, 6g, and a 12g weight. The ability to move these weights around will help golfers to get the exact feel and personalization you want in your putter.

Spider X is available in several different colors and styles, depending on the alignment system that works best for you. If you are tired of your golf ball wavering on off-center hits, a stable heavier head mallet putter is likely the best option for you.

Read our TaylorMade Spider Putter X review.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #6

Best Value Mallet Putter


  • Milled face
  • Great pricing considering the quality


  • Smaller size club head
  • Alignment lines not as distinct

If you are looking for one of the best mallet putters on the market, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, Cleveland Golf has you covered.

This Huntington Beach putter is more of a traditional looking mallet design. It is not quite as large or unique as some of the other models on the market today.

This club head may look simple, but there are some unique details about the putter head that make it stand out. The face is a precision milled to help give it some softer feel and a more consistent roll.

If the number six model does not appeal to you, it may be best to look into one of the other Cleveland Huntington Beach models. There are six different tour proven designs making these some of the best putters on the market.

The Cleveland Huntington Beach is available in a 33, 34, or 35 inch length, and it comes with a headcover. If you don’t want to break the bank but still demand high quality take a good look at the Cleveland putters.

Evnroll Golf ER8 Tour

Best Premium Mallet Putter


  • Classic and simple look
  • CNC milled face made in the USA


  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy

For starters, we would like to announce that we did not make a typo, Evnroll is spelled exactly as it should be. The Evnroll brand makes high end premium putters. If price is not a consideration for you than this Evnroll ER8 Tour Mallet Putter could be for you.

The Evnroll ER8 is CNC milled in California. This brand is similar to a Scotty Cameron or a Bettinardi when it comes to quality of production and a design.

The ER8 is available in a 33, 34, and 35 inch length. Make sure to choose the length that fits you precisely as this putter is balanced correctly for the length.

This putter has one single and straightforward alignment line but also two small dots on the club head to help make sure your ball is positioned where it should be.

This putter is not the most forgiving club on the market, and the club head is a bit heavy.

If you are a good putter, this putter can make you better. If you are a brand new golfer and looking for your first putter, the Evnroll may not be something you need.

Evnroll is very serious about putter fitting, and you can go and have a putter fitting done to make sure this putter is ordered custom to your needs.

The putter fitting will give you an idea of the loft and lie you may need on your putter. If you are a new golfer, it makes more sense to develop a consistent stroke before being fitted for putters.

Cleveland Golf Frontline Cero

Best Mallet Putter For A High Handicapper


  • Great aiming technology
  • Very stable
  • Will help a high handicapper develop consistency


  • Not the cheapest on the market
  • Has several lines on the top, not good for the player looking for one solid line

When it comes to high handicappers or beginner golfers, sometimes, a cheap putter is chosen just to fill the golf bag.

We know that the expense of the game can be a lot when you first start, but for this review, we wanted a medium-priced putter that you will keep in your bag even as your handicap continues to go down.

The Cleveland Frontline Cero is a brand new putter just released, and it is proving to be one of the leading designs at the moment.

Although this is not as traditional of a mallet shape than some others, we love the design and the forgiveness that Cleveland was able to incorporate.

This putter has tungsten forward weighting and center of gravity positioned closer to the face than other previous models. We all know that the mallet putters are known for their stability and the ability to produce more accurate putts. The Cero is very stable with its size and weighting.

Cleveland put a speed optimized face in this putter to help regulate ball speed. The best way for a beginner to improve (or any golfer for that matter) is to continue to develop a consistent stroke.

This Cero model is all about giving you consistent results and performance, allowing higher handicappers to build both speed and distance control.

When it comes to aiming the Cero offers a very short alignment line similar to a blade. However, in addition to this alignment line there are two other lines creating almost a visible tunnel on top of the putter head.

This helps you see where the whole ball should travel, not just the center of the golf ball. Cleveland calls this their 2135 technology, and they believe that even if your eyes are not over the ball, you can get the results you are looking for.

The Cero comes in a 33, 34, and 35 inch length, and it is also offered in two different shaft types. The two shaft attachments are the slant and the single bend.

Each will appeal to different players depending on the stroke and the variety of putts you struggle with.

Although this is not the cheapest putter on the market, it is also not the most expensive. The Cleveland Cero is a club that will help a high handicapper, but there is no reason a mid to low handicapper won’t enjoy using this putter as well.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX

Best Cheap Mallet Putter


  • Very low price
  • Nice white finish to help line up putts
  • Comes with headcover


  • Paint tends to chip if not well cared for
  • Low handicap golfers will be looking for better feel

If you are looking for a cheap putter, this Pinemeadow PGX putter is an incredible deal for the cost. This putter is priced at about a tenth of the cost of a TaylorMade Spider X putter.

This is not going to be as high performing and consistent as some of the best mallet putters we reviewed, but it is certainly adequate if you have budget constraints.

Some of our favorite things about this mallet putter include its white finish and the tour weighting they incorporated. The white finish gives a perfect contrast against the green of the putting surface and the black lines on the top of the putter.

Although this is a cheaper putter, it has the feel of a tour weighted putter that golfers love. If you play on faster greens, this putter will be fine to get the ball rolling at the speed you want.

If you are currently playing a blade putter and missing putts because of alignment issues, this putter is a cheap way to see if a mallet can help you.

The PGX does come with a putter cover, and you are going to want to make sure you use it. Since this putter is not made with the same quality material that other high-end manufacturers produce, the paint tends to chip easily.

The paint chipping issue is truly one of the only problems that golfers have with this well balanced face insert mallet putter.

Beginner golfers looking to increase consistency in their putting stroke will do well with this putter compared to a blade.

If you are a low handicap player looking for ultimate feel and performance coming off the club face, you may have to spend a little more and look at a Cleveland or Odyssey model.

Read our Pinemeadow PGX Putter review.

Odyssey Red O-Works

Best Mallet Putter For Mid Handicapper Players


  • High MOI putter
  • Micro Hinge face
  • Red and White face helps with contrast


  • Not the cheapest model out there
  • Technology is a few years old
  • No shaft advancements like the new Stroke lab putters

The Odyssey Red O-Works putters from 2018 are a great option to consider if you want some variety when it comes to putter shape and head designs.

These putters were released before the Stroke Lab series, so you won’t see the same shaft technology, but the Odyssey Red series has its own long list of advantages.

These Red O-Works putters come in a variety of tour proven head shapes. These shapes will appeal to golfers of all types.

Many of the styles are mallet types with distinct white lines on the top of the club. The combination of the red with the white will stand out very well on the putting green.

The Micro Hinge face featured on this putter was a breakthrough for Odyssey that they continued using on future models. The forward roll created by this putter is solid and will stay on the intended line.

This high MOI putter comes with a midsize grip, a perfect match for the mid handicapper who tends to get their hands a little too involved in their putting stroke.

If you really struggle with alignment in your putting, take a look at the Marxman style club head. The Marxman line has been around for a little while within the Odyssey brand, and it is effortless to align the face of this putter.

Best Mallet Putters Buying Guide

Now that we gave you a solid rundown on our favorite choices for the best mallet putter out there, you have the difficult task of choosing just one!

Here are some of the most important things you need to know prior to purchasing a mallet putter.

Let’s make sure you end up with something that gets a permanent spot in your golf bag.

What Is The Difference Between A Mallet And A Blade Putter?

Visually it is very easy to see the difference between a mallet and a blade. A mallet is a much larger club head that extends outwards much further than the blade putter.

Mallets tend to have much longer alignment lines than blade putters, and they are usually more forgiving.

Traditionally speaking, blade putters were always the go-to option for the lower handicap players. Through the years, the mallet putters have improved their technology, and now the face on a mallet is just as reactive and stable feeling as a blade.

Choosing a putter for your game has become more and more a preference based decision than a technology based decision.

If you are a person who swings the club straight back and straight through, you may enjoy the mallet even more.

This putting stroke works well for a mallet putter, and the best mallet putter heads will have long alignment lines that help you stay on your path.

Who Should Use A Mallet Putter?

Any handicap player can use a mallet putter. If you are playing on speedy greens day in and day out, you may find better luck with a blade putter where it can be easier to control your speed.

If, however, you are playing a variety of golf courses, a mallet will be just fine.

Plenty of PGA Tour players like Jason Day and Dustin Johnson have had a mallet putter in their bag. The most important thing to these types of golfers is the feel and the fact that the putter is custom fit to their needs.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mallet Putter


Not just when looking into a mallet putter, but when looking into any putter, you should very carefully consider the length of the club. If a putter is too long for you, there will be negative repercussions in your golf game.

Most players are playing with a golf club that is too long for them, making it difficult to square up the club face continually. Have yourself measured to see if your golf clubs fit you properly.

Sometimes a very tall player will use a short putter because of their particular stroke and setup. Just because you are tall, don’t assume you need a long putter.

Size of Head

When mallet putters first hit the market, they were mostly a rounded off blade putter. This has changed tremendously throughout the years.

Some of the best putters out there extend four or five inches behind the club head. If you are someone that is bothered by a larger putter than be aware of the size of the club head when purchasing.

Just because a club head is large does not mean that it will be heavy or awkward to control the speed.

Perimeter weighting and adjustments to the weight of the grip and shaft have made these larger club heads just as effective as the smaller ones.

Alignment Lines

Potentially, the best thing about these mallet putters is their long alignment lines. When you can use these lines to swing your club back and then again through the ball, you will be helping your golf game quite a bit.

If you are going to go for a mallet type putter head on your next putter purchase, choose something that takes advantage of the extra space and gives you some great lines.

Make sure you pick something that you can see well, there are lots of color combinations out there, and some people don’t see the black or white lines as well.

Insert or No Insert

In the past, the only way to get a great feel off of a club face was a face insert. This has changed, and now there are some milled club head designs with exceptionally soft feel. Deciding to go with a face insert or not is ultimately a personal decision.

Some better players just want a one piece putter milled from the same piece of material, and others will look for the advantages made possible by the latest and greatest face insert.

What About Putters and Grip Size?

When it comes to your irons or driver and grip size, your grip size must match your hand size. If you don’t have the perfect match, you will have a hard time squaring up the club face at impact.

With putters, things are a little different. Even if you have small hands, you can absolutely use a jumbo or midsize putter grip.

Midsize and jumbo putter grips are used to help players keep their hands out of their putting stroke. The more you can used of your shoulders as opposed to your hands, the easier it is to get the golf ball rolling towards the target, consistently.

The larger the muscle, the easier it is to repeat what you are doing.


Choosing the best mallet putters for our list was a complicated process because of all the fantastic choices available in today’s golf world.

If you don’t currently play a mallet and have been afraid of some of these larger club heads that move so far away from a traditional blade, get over your fears!

There is a reason golf club manufacturers are making more and more of these mallet putters every year. With each new release, they get more forgiving, more stable, and more consistent.

Our overall best mallet putter, the Odyssey Stroke Lab, is a putter that we think the majority of golfers would be happy with. The Stroke Lab is not the cheapest putter on the market, but you are getting a high level of quality and performance for the price.

Odyssey offers incredible feel and consistency with their face insert. With the advancements in the shaft technology, this putter really does set itself apart from the rest.

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