Best Milled Putters in 2022

A lot of hard work and high-quality manufacturing goes into creating a milled putter. If you are in the market for one of these putters, it is probably because you value feel and performance in your short game.

Finding the best milled putters on the market can be a bit challenging, but luckily we have put together some great choices for you.

Here are our favorite milled putters available today. 

Our Best Milled Putters in 2022

Best Milled Putter: Evnroll ER5B Putter


  • Similar to Scotty Cameron, feel
  • High performing putter face
  • Better feel than insert putters


  • Evnroll are usually a bit expensive

If you are a serious fan of golf and you keep up to date on the latest and greatest golf companies on the market, then chances are you know about the Evnroll putters and their incredible technology. 

Evenroll has quickly made a name for themselves and started to compete with Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi for something some of the best milled putter head designs on the market.

We love the variety of choices you get with the Evnroll putters, but this ER5B Mallet is truly our favorite design. 

With the ER5B, you get a soft feel milled putter with incredible alignment lines and feel. The ball comes off the ER5B with a strong and forward roll, yet this club will feel soft when the ball comes off the putter face. 

The ER5B is a black putter head, so you won’t have to worry about glare, and the lines make it very easy to line up.

This is a great putter for a golfer with a straight back and straight through stroke that wants the golf ball to come off the face the same every single time.

Runner Up 1: Bettinardi BB39 Putter


  • Bettinardi makes some of the best milled putters
  • The black stealth look holds up well over time
  • Great feel from the soft carbon steel


  • Some golfers don’t like the extended mallet shape

Many golf putters claim to be milled. The truth is some of them a precision milled face, but they are not milled from one piece of steel.

The best milled putters on the market are going to be those that go through the entire milling process. 

The Bettinardi putters are made in the US, and they are milled from one piece of a soft carbon steel. This particular model, the BB39, is a classic mallet shape with a ton of performance.

The back of this is a little longer than a standard mallet to help golfers that need some extra alignment work. 

The black finish on the Bettinardi helps to reduce glare, but it also makes it look great. This is one of those impressive-looking putters that will have your playing partners turning their head. 

The Bettinardi comes with a premium Lamkin grip, and it is available in standard or jumbo size.

The Bettinardi is great milled putters for the lower handicap players that demand performance, technology, and feel all at the same time. 

Runner Up 2: Cleveland HB Soft Premier #4 Putter


  • Priced affordably
  • Gray satin PVD finish
  • CNC milling patter for softer feel but pure roll


  • Does not go through the entire milling process

The Cleveland Huntington Beach collection of putters have been quite popular with the average golfer.

In the last few years, Cleveland has brought some very high performing milled putters to the market that help average golfers with forgiveness and pricing as well. 

This new series is the Huntington Beach Soft. The face on the HB Soft is CNC milled, and the putter head is a classic blade style design.

There are other putter head styles for those that don’t like the mallet design

What we love most about the HB Soft premier is the speed optimized face.

It is essential for putters to have both a soft feel and lots of speed transferring to the golf ball.

When a golf ball has speed just after leaving the milled putters face, it will have a much truer roll. 

Read our Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter review.

Mizuno M Craft Type I Putter

Best Milled Putter for Arc Style Putting Stroke


  • Available in several finishes
  • Soft carbon steel
  • Best suited for arc style stroke
  • Longer blade design


  • Not great for straight back and straight through, not all that forgiving

Mizuno is well known for creating golf clubs that appeal to the best players in the world.

The Mizuno putters are not as well known as their irons and wedges, but this M Craft series of putters is a great choice for someone who wants a precision milled putter with lots of feel and performance

This particular model is the Type 1, which is a blade-style with a larger back to it. The larger back is great for golfers with an exaggerated arc style stroke. The M Craft is designed from a 10-25 mild carbon steel and then CNC milled. 

The M Craft Type 1 is built for easy alignment, and you get the putter in three different unique finishes.

We personally like the black finish as it is easy to line up and provides almost no glare however; however, the blue Ion always seems to be quite popular among Mizuno fans.

CĀG 33FIVE BD Putter

Best Value Milled Putter


  • CNC milling on the face
  • Great feel
  • Lower pricing


  • Won’t have the same performance as a true milled putter design

When you start looking at milled putters, you will quickly see that they are not cheap.

The CAG Golf putter is a great, fairly priced option that comes with a face balanced CNC milled face. This is a blade style putter good for those with an arc style putting stroke. 

One of the things that make the CAG putter stand out is its feel. Generally speaking, the cheaper putters do not always have the best feel, but feel was kept a priority with this putter.

The initial roll that develops after you make contact with the CAG is quite impressive. 

The CAG putter is a stainless steel material, so that it will hold up for quite some time.

When it comes to fully milled putters you will notice that there is a lot of stability at impact.

When the ball comes into contact with the putter, there is very little vibration or movement and the CAG does a great job of this even though it is not a fully milled putter. 

Rife Barbados 2.0 Putter

Best Milled Putter for Mid Handicappers


  • Completely milled putters
  • Similar feel to Scotty Cameron for much less money
  • Puts a superior roll on the golf ball
  • Heavier in weight


  • Can be harder to find to try out before purchasing

Mid handicappers sometimes don’t know the importance of a high performing golf putter and how it can affect your game.

This Guerin Rife Barbados 2.0 goes through the entire milling process and comes out with a very high-quality feel.

The Barbados has a slightly thicker face, technology and it is a bit heavier than the previous designs.

The Barbados is a face balanced putter that works well for the straight back and straight through putting stroke.

The Roll Groove Technology helps make Barbados produce a very true roll when coming off the clubface. We like that this putter is a 34-inch design that helps the average height player get more center hits.

Milled Putter Buying Guide

If you think that milled putters are a great fit for your game, there are a few things that you should know how milled putters are made and why they may or may not be a good fit for you. 

What Are Milled Putters? 

Milled putters are simply made out of one piece of material. Similar to how a forged or a blade iron is made out of one piece of metal, so are the milled putters.

Since the milled putters are not made up of many different pieces, they tend to have a more solid and true feel at impact. 

Most of the time, milled putters are made with stainless or carbon steel. Different manufacturers will have varying opinions about the best type of material to use to achieve proper performance and results. 

What Is A CNC Milled Face? 

The CNC milled face putters are those that have their face made of one piece of metal. These are not insert putters that have a face insert in place.

The great thing about the putters with the milled face is that they are generally quite a bit less expensive but still provide some really great performance benefits. 

Milled vs. Insert Putters 

A milled putter is made from one piece of steel that goes through a complex milling process. An insert putter has an insert made of a variety of different materials in the face of the putter.

Many people like the milled putter because it feels as though it has a more stable impact. 

Other golfers feel that the insert putters give them more feel and a softer hit. The difference between most milled and insert putters is going to be relatively minimal.

As we have mentioned before, choosing the proper putter for your game will come down to personal preference at times.

Who Should Play With A Milled Putter? 

Any golfer could benefit from the use of milled putters. Golfers who appreciate feel and consistency will be the ones that will benefit the most and see the greatest benefit.

If you have a tendency to hit putts that get an inconsistent roll off the clubface the milled putters could help your game quite a bit. 


Now that you are an expert on the best milled putters that golf has to offer, it’s time to go get one in your golf bag.

The Evnroll putters are the best around when you want a true roll, plenty of golf ball speed at impact, and a soft feel.

The Evnroll putters give a very consistent performance from one shot to the next. After all they don’t call these Evnroll for no reason. 

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