5 Best Putters for Alignment (2024) + Mallet Vs Blade

Two factors make putting difficult, and they are distance control and alignment. If you strike a perfect putt, but your golf ball is not lined up to the hole, it will never go in. Alignment is a piece of the puzzle that so many golfers ignore and underestimate. As a former PGA Professional, I saw so many golfers set up to hit without taking the proper time or effort to line up their shots. Alignment in putting is hard, but some of the best putters on the market can make it so much easier. We have pulled together five of the best putters for alignment to help you find the perfect match for your game.

Best Overall Putter For Alignment: Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Triple Track Putter


  • Alignment lines are clear and easy to see
  • White hot face technology for improved feel
  • Alignment system can be combined with Callaway Triple Track golf balls
  • PGA Tour proven design


  • Mallet style club head is large and will take a bit of time to get used to

The Odyssey Golf Ten Triple Track Putter is the best overall putter for alignment. The alignment aid on the top of these mallet putters is larger and more apparent than any other putter on the market. Truly the Triple Track putter combines a golf training aid with a putter, and it is all legal under the USGA rules of golf.

The Odyssey Triple Track is very similar to the two ball mallet putter that helped golfers see the importance of easy to align golf putters. However, with this solid block putter head and three clear lines, the Triple Track really stands out from other putters on the market.

The Odyssey White Hot Stroke Lab technology is also incorporated into the Triple Track putters. This means you will get the benefits of a steel and graphite shaft, as well as the easy to align club head. Even with the large size of the putter, the Triple Track putter has a soft feel, high MOI, and will work on any green speed.

Our favorite thing about the Odyssey Triple Track putter is that it works for high handicappers, low handicappers, and everyone in between. If you need help from your putter line up your golf putts, this is one of the best alignment aids you will find.

Best Value Putter For Alignment: Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11


  • Easy alignment
  • Toe hang putter
  • Impressive CNC milling on the face
  • Great looking PVD finish to help perfect the visual experience


  • Does not have any special golf shaft technology like the Odyssey Stroke Lab putters

The Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11 is not only one of the best putters for alignment; it is a putter that gives you tremendous value for money. Putters are continuing to get more expensive, but the Cleveland GOlf company continues to put out options that are fairly priced while still offering impressive technology.

The new HB (Huntington Beach) Soft Premier #11 is one of the best putter choices if you are working on alignment. This large mallet head style of putter will naturally help you get the ball rolling towards your target each time. In addition, the new gray satin PVD finish helps players have a better overall visual experience.

The brand new speed-optimized face technology will help increase MOI and keep the ball on a straight path as well. One thing you will notice about the sweet spot on this putter is that it is not a face insert. Face insert putters have an extra piece attached to the front of the putter, but Cleveland has largely stayed away from that for the last few years.

Instead, the putter has a precision milled face with a CNC milling pattern. The result is more friction, pure roll, and a putter face that is extremely consistent. If you are like me and want to make sure that the feel at impact is extremely stable, the Cleveland HB Soft is the right putter for your game and budget.

Best Premium Putter for Alignment: TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter #7, Single Bend


  • Adjustable sole weights on this mallet putter for a better feel
  • More technology than the original Spider X golf putter
  • The top of the putter is effortless to look at and line up
  • Face balanced design


  • One of the more expensive mallet putter options on the market

The TaylorMade Golf Spider putters have taken over the PGA Tour and amateur golf scene over the last few years. There is no question that the TaylorMade golf putters bring some unique and impressive technology to the market. The new FCG series has a forwards center of gravity placement that helps the putter feel like a blade with the MOI of a mallet. This means that you can get much more precision, but your putts will stay on their line.

When TaylorMade puts a new putter like this on the market, you can guarantee that it will be packed with brand new technology and benefits. The heel and toe tungsten weighting in the putter head is designed to give higher moi in golf clubs and more consistency.

There are several different shaft options to choose from, ensuring that you will get the best putter style for your arc stroke or straight back straight through putting style.

The most important part of the TaylorMade FCG technology for those looking to improve alignment is the True path alignment system. The True Path has been featured in a few of the previous putters, and it makes a world of difference when trying to line up your golf shot. Even when you are standing parallel to your target, you can get the putter head, golf stance, and stroke on the proper line.

Best Alignment Putter For High Handicappers: S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women


  • Unique alignment aid unline any putter
  • One of the best putters for high handicappers learning how to aim
  • A larger blade-style clubhead helps to ensure consistency of stroke
  • Legal under the USGA rules of golf


  • Unique technology will stand out and have some people questioning the legality

Having great alignment in your putting stroke will take time and effort. Many high handicappers and beginners have no idea where to start. With all the mallet putters and blade putters on the market, it can be impossible to know which ones have the right alignment aid to assist your golf game. Luckily the S7K putter could be the answer to your putting alignment troubles.

The S7K putter is a larger blade-style putter, and it has a rather standard-looking club head. This is a putter that will work for an arc stroke or a straight back straight through. The feel on the S7K is pure, and the high MOI will get the golf ball traveling down the right path; however, the thing that sets the S7K apart is the alignment aid technology.

This putter will stand up on its own.

Yes, the technology is different, and it may seem like a gimmick, yet it is not. You can put this putter down on the green, line it up to your intended market, and then walk back and see if it is correct. Most golfers have to do this by looking at the top of the putter, and they can’t get a down-the-line view. The S7K allows you to see the line from behind the ball and then make adjustments.

Best Blade Putter For Alignment: Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG One Putter


  • Brand new White hot insert
  • More compact and clean looking than mallet style
  • Very easy to align smaller club head


  • Alignment aid is not as pronounced as it would be on a mallet putter

For those that know the world of golf putters, it should come as no surprise that the Odyssey brand has taken two of our top five spots. This is a company that puts an incredible amount of time and effort into its putter designs. Regardless of your putting stroke type or your years in the game, the Odyssey White Hot OG line is a great option to consider.

The original Odyssey White Hot pro putters are gone, but golfers wanted it back. That is where the new OG series came into place. The two part urethane insert on the putter helps expand the sweet spot and allows for a more pure roll.

Unlike the 2 ball or other mallet putters that Odyssey has on the market, the blade putter is a bit more compact. Blade putters are great for fast greens and those looking for more control of their putting stroke.

If you like the Scotty Cameron putters, but the price tag is a bit too high, the White Hot OG One is a great blade putter to consider. Even though the alignment aids on the top are small, the overall look of the putter makes it quite easy to line up.

Buyers Guide

Now that you have five of the best putters for alignment on the market, it can be hard to narrow down the best one for you. Here are a few things to consider to help make this process a little bit easier.

Putter Length

Always ensure that you are choosing a putter length that is built for your height. If you are more than 6″ tall, the putter length should be more than 35 inches. Believe it or not, putter length can have a tremendous impact on your alignment

Mallet Putter vs Blade Putter

Both a mallet putter and a blade putter can be a good choice for alignment. Choose something that fits your visual preferences and will match your putting stroke. Typically a straight back straight through putting stroke will do best with mallet putters. An arc-style stroke will do better with blade putters. Mallet putters have more surface area on the top of the club, allowing for larger alignment aids.


Golf putters are continuing to increase in price. The world of golf is finally catching on to the fact that a putter is the most used club in the bag and holds quite a bit of value. Most of the better putters for alignment are priced around $200 or more. The price will be worth it if your putts finally start dropping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we are asked about the best putters for alignment. Remember that sometimes choosing a putter comes down to personal preference; ensure that there is technology there to back up the quality of the putter.

What Is The Easiest Putter To Line Up?

The brand new Odyssey Triple Track designs are the easiest putters to line up. The three lines on the top of the putter will give you direction for both the golf ball and your putting stroke. If you struggle to get the golf ball on the proper path, this putter will help do it for you.

What Is The Best Putter For An Average Golfer?

An average golfer should highly consider the TaylorMade Spider FCG putter line. Even though these are premium putters, the TaylorMade Spider X putters really revolutionized what players could expect from a golf putter. That technology has been changed and perfected through the years, and now the FCG is a perfect combination of it all. For a soft feel yet high MOI, the TaylorMade putters are a smart choice.

Is A Center Shaft Putter Good For Alignment?

Center shaft golf putters keep the golf club’s shaft going through the middle of the putter head. Many people like the center shaft putter for the stability it provides at impact. In addition, center shaft golf putters can help make it so that the shaft, alignment aid, and putter head are traveling on the same path.


Each putter on our list of the best putters for alignment will offer a unique benefit and feel. However, the Odyssey Triple Track golf putters are specifically engineered to make lining your shots up to the hole quite a bit easier. If you feel like your putting stroke is finally where it needs to be, but the putts are still not falling, look into the Triple Track to get things back on line. Although you will still have to put a great putting stroke on the ball, this is a putter that will bring big changes to your golf game.

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