Best Putters For Beginners &High Handicappers in 2021

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The best putters for high handicappers and beginners are going to be those that combine, feel, and forgiveness. Most beginners and high handicappers are also looking for something affordable as well.

These types of putters are readily available, and part of the problem can be narrowing down your options and choosing the best one for your game.

We have put together a list of what we believe are the best putters for high handicappers and beginners. We took into consideration pricing, technology, and user feedback as well.

Our Best Putters For High Handicappers & Beginners In 2021

Best Putter for High Handicappers: Cleveland Huntington Beach #10


  • Great milling pattern
  • Forgiving
  • Priced very fair


  • Some golfers say they are too light
  • Not as soft as other options

Cleveland makes high-quality golf clubs but does not get the recognition they deserve. While TaylorMade and Callaway are always the well-known leading names, Cleveland hangs in the background.

True golfers and lovers of the game will tell you that Cleveland makes some of the best short game equipment around.

The Cleveland Huntington Beach series of putters is not the newest line out by Cleveland, and this yet another reason it sits at the top of our list. The Huntington Beach is an exceptionally reasonably priced group of putters available in several different tour proven models and designs.

When it comes to the high handicappers and beginners, we recommend going with a mallet shape design that has longer alignment lines.

The longer alignment lines help you to get the ball lined up to the hole and headed along your track. The Cleveland Huntington Beach #10 is a great model for a classic design.

About a year after the Huntington Beach putters were released, Cleveland came out with the Huntington Beach Soft. If you struggle with the ball coming off the clubface too fast, you may want to look into the soft series.

The technology is very much the same, but the face of the club has a softer feel. Feel is a difficult thing to develop, and having a little help from a smooth and responsive club head is not a bad thing.

The Cleveland Huntington Beach putters come with a midsize golf grip. The midsize grip will help high handicappers keep their hands out of their putting strokes. Using arms and shoulders will result in a much more consistent stroke.

Huntington Beach putters were initially made in a 33, 34, and 35 inch length with a standard steel shaft.

Read our Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters review.

Alternative #1: Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 Putter


  • High performing face insert
  • Jumbo grip
  • High MOI


  • Not the same feel as higher end brands
  • Red color may not appeal to all players

The Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 Putter is what we would consider being the best value putter on the market for a beginner or high handicapper. This putter is about half the cost of our number one option, and it still has an excellent mallet design with natural alignment.

Tour Edge golf clubs are similar to Cleveland in that they choose to stay under the radar. Just because they don’t market and promote like the big companies, their products are no less compelling.

The Red ten putter has a face insert with micro grooves. The micro grooves help the putter to have a cleaner hit and a more true roll. If the ball skids off the club face at impact, it will not stay on its line.

The Tour Edge HP Series Red 10 putter comes with a jumbo grip. A jumbo grip is what we recommend all beginners use until they learn to repeat a consistent putting stroke.

If you like all that Tour Edge HP Red 10 mallet putter has to offer but are not crazy about the club head design, there are other Tour Edge options in this series.

Choosing a putter with a high performing face insert and a high MOI will do wonders for your game. Think about how amazing it would be to have one club help you shed five strokes off your round.

Similar to most other putters in this price range and category, you will be able to purchase this putter in the 33, 34, and 35 inch lengths.

Alternative #2: TaylorMade Spider X


  • True path alignment system
  • Customizable
  • Heavy head for better feel
  • Extremely stable


  • Priced high
  • Large club head that does not appeal to everyone

Our second alternative is the TaylorMade Spider X Putter. This putter is absolutely the premium option when it comes to the best putters for high handicappers and beginners. This putter is priced at the top of the market, but you will get some great results with it.

TaylorMade designed this putter to be as stable as any other option on the market. If you look at the top down view of this putter, you will see the X shape head that not only is exceptionally stable, but it helps with alignment as well.

TaylorMade refers to this as their True Path Alignment system.

Available in several color patterns, the X is highly customizable. The putter itself features three weight ports and a 2, 6, and 12 gram weight. You can move these weights around according to get the feeling that you are looking for in a putter.

The Spider has a heavy 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting. The heavy head helps to eliminate twisting that occurs at impact with a lightweight head. If you are currently playing any TaylorMade clubs, you can think of it like the twist face technology that they use.

If you are a high handicapper or beginner looking for design that will last even as your scores lower, the Spider X is a great option.

With the research and technology that went into the design of the weighting on this putter, make sure to purchase one in the correct length. Buying a Spider X putter and then cutting it down to the length that you need will take away from its design and benefits.

Although this TaylorMade Spider putter will cost you more money upfront, it is not something that you will need to replace for a very long time.

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Pinemeadow PGX

Best Cheap Putter for High Handicappers


  • Lowest priced model
  • Classic mallet putter
  • Soft feel face insert


  • Will chip easily
  • Standard size grip

Now that we have discussed our favorite value option and our ideal premium option, we have to address the real deal. This Pinemadow PGX putter is one of the cheapest golf putters on the market.

The reason the Pinemeadow PGX is one of the best putters for high handicappers is it’s contrasting colors and alignment system.

The PGX is a mallet putter with a face insert. This putter is a white design with clear black alignment lines. If you are one of those players that feels they have a decent stroke but can’t line up, this is a great putter to try.

The white and black on the PGX putter will stand out very well on the green of the putting surface, making the alignment process easier on your eyes.

The Pinemeadow PGX is 380 grams making it a tour weighted option. Better players tend to like some extra weight in the club head, and this putter has that. This is a design that will last year for years to come even as your handicap starts to lower.

Since the PGX is not a premium option, it will not come in a variety of customizable options. This putter is sold standard in a 34 inch length. The 34 inch length should work well for most players of average height.

Since this is not a counterbalanced putter design, if you were to cut the shaft down to accommodate your height, it would not completely ruin the performance of the putter.

The PGX putter comes with a head cover, and you are going to want to use it. Unfortunately, with the white paint and the lower cost of this design, it tends to chip easily if it is not adequately cared for.

Read our Pinemeadow PGX Putter review.

Cleveland Frontline Cero

Best Putter for High Handicap Senior Player


  • Large and easy to see clubhead
  • Easy alignment
  • Speed optimized club head
  • Black club head


  • More expensive than other Cleveland models
  • More modern design that may not appeal to some

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters stole the show as the best overall putters for high handicappers and beginners.

Not too far behind the Huntington Beach series is the brand new Frontline series from Cleveland. The reason these putters didn’t make it to the top of the list is their pricing makes them not as good of a value as the Huntington Beach.

As far as technology is concerned, the Frontline is leading the way, and that is why we felt this was such a good option for the senior player. There are several different models and configurations of the Frontline putters, but our best choice for the senior golfer is the Cero model.

The Cero Frontline putter features forward weights to get the center of gravity moved closer to the face of the putter.

This weight movement helps to provide better stability for straighter and more accurate putts. Center of gravity positioned correctly will always lead to more forgiveness, be it a putter, an iron, or a driver.

The Frontline comes with a face insert that has been speed optimized by Cleveland. They used their proprietary technology to help keep ball speed consistent across the entire club head. If you hit this putter slightly off-center, it should still move towards the target with some consistent ball speed and roll.

The size of the club head on this putter makes it quite appealing for the senior player. As vision starts to go, it can be harder to make sure that things are correctly aligned. The Cero putter makes it very easy to see if you are lined up, and it gives players confidence in their putting stroke.

Ray Cook Ladies RC PT 04

Best Putter for High Handicap Women’s Golfer


  • Easy to hit
  • Alignment lines
  • Nice color scheme


  • Will chip if not cared for
  • A little light for the preferences of some players

Last but certainly not least, we have decided on the Ray Cook Ladies RC PT 04 putter as the best option for high MOI, soft feel, and effortless alignment in a women’s golf putter.

The Ray Cook putter are some of the most affordable on the market, yet they have had great success on the PGA Tour. This is a heel/toe weighted putter in more of a modern mallet type design.

This putter comes standard at 33 inches, which is an excellent length for the majority of lady golfers.

The Ray Cook Ladies RC PT04 is a great looking putter with its black white and pick design. If you are looking for an option to make alignment and a reliable roll of the golf ball easier, this is a great one to consider.

If your game were to improve rapidly, you might feel the need to upgrade from the Ray Cook putter, but this is a design that could last in your golf bag for years to come.

All Ray Cook putters come with a headcover, and just as we discussed with the Pinemeadow PGX, it is essential to maintain these lower-priced putters as they will chip a bit easier than premium models.

Best Putters for High Handicappers and Beginners – Buying Guide

For many beginners and high handicappers, putting can be such a frustrating part of the game that golfers start to believe that any old putter will do. That old miniature golf putter that you can use as a lefty or a righty is really not doing anything to help you game.

As a beginner and a high handicapper, you have a real chance to save strokes on your score by becoming a great putter. All great teachers will express the importance of putting right from the start.

There is no reason a forty handicapper can’t sink an eight-footer. Now that eight footer might be for a six or a seven but it’s certainly better than picking up an extra stroke when it is not necessary.

So, get rid of the mindset that you are going to three putt every green. Start believing that just because your handicap is high it has no indication of how you will perform on a putting green. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best putter for your game.

Is A Mallet Or A Blade Better For A Beginner?

This is a question that golfers have been asking for years. Many years ago, when the first mallet putters started to increase in popularity, a significant reason behind this was their forgiveness. Mallet putters were traditionally known for being the more forgiving putter for a higher handicap player. Part of this has to do with their large club head.

As face inserts became accessible and putter technology evolved, blade putters were made to have the same advantages that the mallet putter had. Some of the best putters for beginners are blades, and others are mallets. There is no one right or wrong answer when it comes to this decision.

If you ask our opinion on this, we will tell you that choosing a larger club head, with a big sweet spot and long alignment lines can really help a beginner or high handicapper get some confidence in their putting stroke. This little bit of confidence in putting can lead to chipping and so on.

What Length Putter Do I Need?

The exact length putter that you need will depend on your setup. You want the putter to be short enough to allow you to get your eyes over the golf ball.

Many beginners and high handicappers are using a putter that is too long for them. When you can not correctly get your eyes over the ball, you will struggle with alignment and distance control as well.

On the PGA Tour players are using putters that are mostly 33 and 34 inches long. Although you will see plenty of 35 inch putters in your local golf stores, make sure that something that long will work for your game.

Does Brand Name Matter When Choosing A Putter?

No, brand name does not matter. The most important things to consider when choosing a putter are length and feel. If something fits you properly and it feels good when you putt with it, then you have found a great match.

Choosing a putter based solely on the brand is not a decision that will help you in the long run. Try out several options across a few different brands and see which one makes the most sense for your game.

Are There Putters Only Low Handicapper Should Use?

As we mentioned earlier, putting is an equalizer. There is no reason a golfer who slices every single tee shot cannot have the least number of putts for the day. With that being said, putters are fair game for any handicap level.

You will often see higher end, more expensive putters marketed to better players, but that is because they demand performance. Better players can feel very subtle differences from one putter to the next. These differences can lead to a miss hit that they can’t afford when it comes to tournament play or very low rounds of golf.

High handicappers are less likely to feel the difference between these putters. That is why large golf manufacturers do not market their high end putters to the higher handicappers quite as often.

However, if you pick up a premium Scotty Cameron and start rolling down everything within fifteen feet, there is not a single thing that says that putter is only for the better player.

How Long Do Putters Last?

A putter will potentially last you a lifetime, but the question really is how long until the technology is outdated. There are some putter made fifty years ago that still feel and look as good as some models today. This can’t really be said for drivers and irons. Putters have a much longer life than most other clubs.

When wedges change in technology, people tend to grab them, when a driver changes everybody races but putters keep their spot in a bag for a while.

This is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing a putter for your game. If it comes down to spending a few extra dollars on a putter you love, it may be worth it considering the life of the putter.

What Should I Spend On A Putter?

Putters can range in price from thirty dollars to four hundred dollars and more. People seem to have a harder time spending money on a putter than they do on a driver. This confuses us a bit when you consider how many of your shots come from the putter.

Performance is not always tied directly to price. If you are looking for a putter at a great value, choose something that was a best putter 2018 or 2019 and take advantage of the fact that technology is a year or two old.

The putter will still be brand new and capable of functioning at very high levels, but you will pay much less for this club.


The best putters for high handicappers and beginners will be putters that provide assistance with alignment, forgiveness, and feel. It takes time to learn these things, and a putter that can guide a high handicapper on their way is a winner in our book.

The Cleveland Huntington Beach putter still stands out as the number one choice because of its milled design and fair value. This is a putter offering the weighting and feel of a premium putter for a much lower cost.

The way the golf ball comes off the club face of this putter is impressive. With a midsize grip and included headcover, the Cleveland Huntington Beach putter should easily earn a spot as one of the best putters you have ever hit.

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