Top Putters for Fast Greens in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

There are quite a few things about the game of golf that are going to make it different and unique. Some of the swing techniques and concepts can seem backward and counterintuitive; one of these that stands out the most is the putters that golfers use on faster greens. When playing on fast greens, you need a heavy putter head. As a former PGA Professional, I always found this seemed like the opposite of what is necessary for a faster green, yet that is not the case. A heavy putter is a perfect match for a speedier green. We have gathered up the best putters for fast greens on the market and categorized them to help you find the ideal match for your game.

Best Overall Putter for Fast Greens: Odyssey Golf 2021 Triple Track Ten


  • Perfect size and weight for fast green speeds
  • Can be purchased with Stroke Lab shaft
  • Tour-proven design
  • Easy to line up


  • Putter head is large and takes time to adjust

If you are looking for a putter head that was truly designed for use on fast greens, look no further than the new 2021 Triple Track Ten. These putters have become extremely popular for amateur and professional golfers in the short time they have been on the market.

The Odyssey 2 Ball putter was one of the best putters ever to be released from this brand. That concept of the two ball and long alignment lines has been put into an even larger club head with added weight. The new Triple Track Ten allows you to line your putter head up and then trust it as you make your stroke.

This putter is available with the Stroke Lab technology giving you a partial graphite and steel shaft in addition to the traditional steel shaft option. Overall the Triple Track Ten is a bit more expensive than a lighter putter, but you will be glad that your stroke needs much less movement on the faster greens.

Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG Putter

Best Blade Putter For Fast Greens: Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot 1 OG Putter


  • Very classic looking putter design
  • More control than light putters
  • Original and impressive Odyssey feel


  • lAlignment lines are not nearly as long for the golfer that struggles with alignment

Most of the time, golfers will find that the mallet putter is a good fit for fast greens because of the weight. However, not all golfers are going to enjoy the look and the feel of the mallet putter as compared to the blade. Many lower handicap golfers think that the blade is the best choice for precision.

Odyssey put out an entire line of White Hot OG putters that feature the original White Hot formulation. These putters have a soft feeling insert, incredible feel, and the perfect sound. If you have an Odyssey in your bag from 20 years ago, the new White Hot OG 1 is going to be very similar.

On downhill putts, this new White Hot OG putter will give you the soft feel that you need off the clubface without having to take a long backswing with your putter. Just like the Ten putters and the Two Ball, you can also get the White Hot 1 OG in a stroke lab shaft option. The only thing to remember is that the putter weight is typically a little lighter with that premium shaft in it.

Best Mallet Putter for Fast Greens: Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11 Slant 35″ RH, Gray Satin


  • Excellent weighting for faster greens
  • Putter head helps with alignment
  • Face balanced putters are great for feel
  • Nice looking PVD finish


Cleveland putters are typically known to be a slightly less expensive alternative to the Odyssey and Scotty Cameron putters on the market. However, the technology from these putters tends to be a great mix for those looking to play better on fast greens. The Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier is a high-performing heavy putter that still maintains a soft feel at impact.

One of the things that helps the Cleveland Golf putters stand out is the speed optimization of the putter face. Even though you are playing on fast greens, you will still need the putter to have a high MOI. A putt’s high MOI helps keep it on the proper line and rolling towards the hole.

The Precision Milled Face on the Cleveland HB Soft premier also helps to improve the roll on the golf ball, even if the stroke was not perfect. With the sleek finish of the Cleveland HB Soft premier, you won’t go wrong on fast or slow greens with this club in your hand.

Best Adjustable Putter for Fast Greens: Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Putters


  • Better roll than the previous version
  • Descending lof technology for consistency
  • Cobra connect technology in the grip


  • Modern looking design that golfers find to be a bit large
  • It can take a little time to get used to adjust the weights of the putter

Not all putting greens are going to be the same speed. Therefore in order to ensure that your distance control on short putts is perfect for the speed of the green you are playing, an adjustable golf club is often a good idea. Modern putters tend to have adjustability in them to ensure that you feel as if you are playing with a custom golf club.

The brand new Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Putters are perfect for very fast greens. The head shape is unique, and this is larger than other heavy putters on the market. However, with the new Sik Aluminum Face Insert, the golf ball and putter head interaction are some of the best on the market.

The sweet spot on the King Vintage putters is quite large allows you to make more putts, regardless of your handicap. This is a mallet-style putter with a modern twist. The adjustable weight system allows for 20g of removable weights. The best putter for fast greens is the one you feel most confident in, and the Cobra putters certainly help to increase confidence.

Best Cheap Putter For Fast Greens: Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB Putter (Right), Black


  • Clean looking design
  • Very low in price
  • Good black finish for different depth perception on the green
  • It helps to increase confidence on a short putt


  • It can be harder for straight back and straight through putting strokes

Most cheap putters are best for slower greens. As you can imagine, when a cheap putter is made less material, and lower quality material is used. However, with the Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB, the Pinemeadow company was sure to add extra weight to the putter head.

With the heavy head of the PGX Putter, they will fall into the more tour weighted category, making this a good putter for fast greens. We love the matte black finish that you will find on this putter head and the overall simplicity of the mallet style putter head.

Most putters in this category have poor sound at impact, but the Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB feels and sounds like a premium heavier putter.

Best Women’s Putter For Fast Greens: Odyssey Golf 2021 White Hot OG Putter Rossie


  • It comes in the stroke lab shaft or the standard
  • Classic Odyssey design with plenty of weight in the head
  • Pure roll insert for better feel
  • A putter you can have for many years


  • It tends to be more expensive than other golf putters for women

The great thing about putters for women is that some of the best men’s choices on the market can easily be adapted to work for women golfers. The key features that set a women’s golf putter apart are typically just the length of the putter. As long as you find a great putter around 33 inches, it should be a good choice for you.

The Women’s Rossie Odyssey White Hot OG is our favorite choice for fast greens. The Rossie style has always been known to be one of the heavier putters on the market. The great thing about this style and design is that you can make a confident stroke, especially on the short putts.

Best Premium Putter For Fast Greens: TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter, Copper/White, #7 Hosel


  • Built to be very stable on the shorter putts
  • Adjustable weights
  • Solid feel
  • Heavier putter choice


  • One of the more expensive models on the market

So many golfers are afraid to spend extra money on a premium putter. It seems like people have an easier time spending $500 on a driver than $300 on a putter. However, if you are looking for the best putter for fast greens in the premium category, the TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter is the best overall choice.

A fast green is a place that requires a solid stroke. The best putter for fast greens needs to be stable and easy to line up. With the TaylorMade Golf Spider X technology, this becomes quite simple to do. Although there are different putters available in the Spider X lineup, this is our favorite option to consider.

The 320g frame is perimeter weighted and even has the ability to adjust the weight. Although you pay more money for a Spider X, the technology that you get will be well worth the price.

Buyers Guide

Hopefully, you now feel like you have a general idea of which putters are the best for a faster green. Many private country clubs and excellent golf courses have faster greens. To enjoy your day on the course, you have to pick a putter with the proper key features. Here are some things to look for in the best putter for fast greens.


Faster greens require putters with a heavy head. When you looked at the PGX putter that we recommend, you noticed that extra weight was added to the club to help ensure that it had a tour-like feel. The heavier the putter head, the easier it is going to be to take a simple and controlled putting stroke on a fast green.


Another key factor in putting on fast greens is the stability at impact. The more stable you can keep the club head, the easier it is to get the ball started on the right track. Stability ensures a better golf ball and golf club head interaction. The idea behind this is that your golf ball gets started off with the end-to-end roll that you need. Many of the toe-balanced putters on the market have excellent stability.


Alignment is essential whether you are playing a fast green or a slow green. However, when playing on fast greens, if your alignment is not perfect, you could end up blowing it past the hole. Therefore the best way to ensure proper alignment is to find a putter with a great top-down look. The putter should have extended lines that let you visualize the path from your ball to the hole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a putter can be difficult. It’s important to remember that the putter is the club in your bag that you will use the most. If it takes you a little extra time to choose a putter that specifically meets your needs as a golfer, that is completely fine. In addition, putters don’t tend to go out of style quite as quickly, so you could be buying a club that stays in your bag for many years.

What Is The Best Putter For Fast Greens?

The best putter for faster greens is the new Odyssey 2021 Ten series putters. The head of the putter looks like a large block, yet this is exactly what you need for a faster green. Each of the Odyssey modern mallet designs is toe balanced putters that ensure the golfer with the more arc-type stroke can keep the ball on the proper track.

Should You Use A Light Or Heavy Putter On Fast Greens?

A light putter is best for slower greens. The light putter allows you to take a long putting stroke and feel as though you are really hitting the putt. With a fast green, you will want to feel as though you tap the golf balls and get them started to down the proper line towards the hole. This is considerably easier to do with a heavy putter.

What Is The #1 Putter On PGA Tour?

The best putters on the PGA Tour will change from time to time based on the latest technology releases. However, the #1 putter on the PGA Tour is typically the Spider X. As you likely noticed, this putter also earned a spot in our top putters for fast greens. The Spider X has tremendous stability and a great feel at impact. Lighter putters will move around more when the ball makes contact, which is bad for a fast green.


At this point, you should be ready to head to the golf course and get some putting practice in. The Odyssey Golf 2021 Triple Track Ten is going to stand out as the best putter head for fast greens. With the sleek-looking design, impressive feel, and the pure roll insert, you can’t go wrong with an Odyssey. Remember that heavy putters tend to be the best option for a faster green. Trust your golf stroke and get the ball started on the proper path. When you look up, the ball should be disappearing into the cup.

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